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Rosetta Stone Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Rosetta Stone Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Uplifting
  • Around 19% THC euphoria
  • Citrus and pine aromas with a hint of ginger and a berry taste
  • The Rosetta Stone, found in 1799 in Egypt, attested to young ruler Ptolemy V’s “generosity and devoutness” in three different languages. Carved into the rock, it provided the codex that led to the deciphering of hieroglyphics, revolutionizing our understanding of Egyptology. Rosetta Stone feminized seeds may not convert you quite so dramatically, but the effects of this balance...Show more

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    6-8 Weeks
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    Rosetta Stone Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    The Rosetta Stone, found in 1799 in Egypt, attested to young ruler Ptolemy V’s “generosity and devoutness” in three different languages. Carved into the rock, it provided the codex that led to the deciphering of hieroglyphics, revolutionizing our understanding of Egyptology. Rosetta Stone feminized seeds may not convert you quite so dramatically, but the effects of this balanced hybrid are potent, various, practical, and irrefutable.


    This cultivar is liberally generous in yield and devoutly balanced in style, with slight indica dominance and stunningly voluminous colas. This marijuana provides benefits that have been deciphered by many in the cannabis community already. Join us to take a closer look at this unique and spectacular strain.


    What are Rosetta Stone feminized cannabis seeds?


    Breeders first combined a robust female Ginger Ale plant with a White Widow male. Then, they blended the result with legendary Northern Lights to create Rosetta Stone feminized seeds. The resultant lime green buds with bright yellow pistils drowned in a snow of trichomes that gives away their White Widow heritage. A short to medium plant, feminized Rosetta Stone seeds are excellent for growing indoors. Outdoor grow success depends heavily on having the right climate.


    The sweet and fruity smell also has some pine and earth tones. Breeders created these feminized cannabis seeds using agronomic techniques. Essentially, females are forced to produce pollen, which is then used to pollinate other females, meaning no male x-chromosomes are passed on to the eventual seeds. As a result, 99% of the marijuana seeds can only grow into female plants and end up producing the sought-after, branch-bending buds this strain is famed for. 


    What are the Rosetta Stone feminized seeds effects?


    This hybrid has an almost equal share of indica and sativa, and the effects of the strain reflect the balance. Boasting a THC content of 15–20%, Rosetta Stone feminized seeds are moderate to highly potent, so newbies would be prudent to consume small doses, to begin with. The first few tokes preempt a cerebral euphoria that elevates your mood and clears your mind. The indica element meanwhile brings relaxation to the muscles and eases general tension.


    The upshot is a notable mental focus and clarity, combined with an energizing, uplifting, simultaneously relaxing charge. Fem Rosetta Stone seeds motivate the user to get stuff done, no matter how menial the task. The attention and enthusiasm calm the body despite encouraging action. The energetic buzz also appeals to artists and creative types, who love the positive push towards taking on and completing projects.


    While the indica mellows the muscles, it doesn’t hinder the mind, and couchlock is very unlikely to incapacitate you. Lack of restraint and moderation may change that. Novice tokers should always beware of overindulging, as mild symptoms of dizziness or stress might ensue. Paranoia is unlikely, making it useful for those who suffer from anxiety. You may experience common side effects, including cottonmouth and dry eyes. Arrange some water or a healthy beverage to slake your thirst. Eye drops easily whiten bloodshot eyes.


    What does the Rosetta Stone feminized smell like?


    The aroma of a crop from Rosetta Stone feminized seeds has a combination of sweet, citrus, and fruity tones. The flowers reveal earthy scents and herbal hints too. The major terpenes that combine to give this cultivar its unmistakable aroma are:


    - Farnesene

    - Linalool

    - Caryophyllene Oxide

    - Myrcene

    - Beta Pinene


    The dried, cured buds flaunt the full flavor profile. The sticky nugs are incredibly resinous and break apart to unleash scents of citrus, pine, and a hint of ginger that’ll make you salivate. Upon combustion and inhalation, fruity berry flavors swamp the taste buds. Later, they get replaced by more herbal, woody, and earthy tastes. Some spicy notes highlight the exhale.


    How to germinate Rosetta Stone feminized seeds


    Once your Rosetta Stone feminized seeds have arrived, getting your crop off to a strong start to life is crucial to your future harvest. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to give your cannabis seeds the best opportunity for germination:


    - First, collect all the items you need to germinate your cannabis seeds. You’ll need two dinner plates, two pieces of paper towel, a pair of tweezers, purified or bottled water, and your Rosetta Stone feminized seeds.


    - Next, use the purified water to make the first paper towel damp. Expel any excess water. Lay the cloth down in the middle of the first plate. 


    - Grab the tweezers and use them to station the cannabis seeds on top of the paper towel. Ensure separation of at least an inch between your seeds.


    - Pick up the second paper towel, wet it with purified water, and squeeze out any surplus liquid.


    - Cover the marijuana seeds with the second paper towel. Make sure there is no standing water on the plate.


    - Use the second dinner plate as a lid to enclose the cannabis seeds.


    - Place the plates in a dark, warm, convenient place like a drawer. If the plates match cleanly and let in no light, you can even rest them on top of the refrigerator.


    - Check your feminized Rosetta Stone seeds regularly, ensuring the towels don’t dry out completely. 


    - Your marijuana seeds push out a half-inch white taproot within the next 24–120 hours, or one to five days.


    If your cannabis seeds do not germinate within five days, they are unviable, and you can throw them out. Homegrown provides a like-for-like replacement guarantee for germination—if you follow our simple process above. Document your germination process to back up a claim. There are several reasons why cannabis seeds fail to germinate. Among these are:


    - Too much/not enough water

    - Too hot/cold—70–77 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal

    - Too much light—growing requires light, germination does not

    - The genetics of your marijuana seeds 

    - Seeds planted too deep don’t get access to oxygen; 1–2cm deep is good

    - Improper storage can kill your seeds

    - Handling cannabis seeds may introduce bacteria or other pathogens

    - Allowing seeds to germinate too long may rot the root

    - Poor water quality and chemicals like chlorine may affect germination

    - Insects or even birds could be getting at your cannabis seeds


    If you’re still unsure of the germination process, have a look at our germination guide. It has an accompanying video presentation.


    Rosetta Stone feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    These Rosetta Stone feminized seeds were born to be grown indoors. They produce short trees that barely venture above four feet in height—the same height as the original Rosetta Stone. These marijuana seeds are feminized, thereby removing the need for wasteful sexing and expulsion of males to avoid pollination. This essentially means that most growers can take on cultivating these feminized Rosetta Stone seeds. Be sure to follow our germination method to kickstart your grow successfully.


    Though slightly indica leaning, these plants have the wide internodal spacing of sativas, reducing the potential for mold. The leaves are long and narrow. Even with these aiding the air movement and circulation around your crop, you’ll likely need to commit to some minor pruning, shaping, and training. 


    While the engorged, tubular colas are enormous and dense, this can also be their downfall. The epic flowers can retain water if crowded, so bud rot is possible with this strain. To avoid this happening, reduce the relative humidity (RH) to 40–50% when flowering begins. Reduce RH further if you fear the onset of mold, mildew, or bud rot. 


    Temperatures should remain between 70–90 degrees Fahrenheit, with the optimum being 78 degrees. The Rosetta Stone weighs 1,680 lbs, and while your harvest is never going to approach that, the massive, bulky buds that may leave your plants needing assistance keeping it up. Flowering takes 55–65 days indoors. When it’s time to cash out, you should be able to add 14–17.5 oz. per m² to your stash.


    Growing Rosetta Stone feminized seeds outdoors is possible in suitable conditions. A Mediterranean climate is best with warm, dry, sunny conditions. Optimally, you can expect to reap a lavish 21–25 ounces per plant outdoors. Harvest no later than mid-October.


    What are the Rosetta Stone feminized strain genetics?


    Rosetta Stone feminized seeds are a combination of three fantastic cultivars. First, the breeders chose a female Ginger Ale plant and merged it with a White Widow male. Then they paired the result with Northern Lights. Ginger Ale is a rare 50/50 balanced indica-sativa hybrid. It’s a potent mix of Cafe Girl and Cinderella 88 that results in a high-THC cultivar with powerful sedative effects.


    White Widow has become one of the most popular strains globally since winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 1995. A 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, its upbeat, invigorating effects are anything but typical. Northern Lights is another wildly popular strain. The almost pure indica is a mix of Thai and Afghan landraces to add another influential, genetically impressive cultivar.


    Wellness and Rosetta Stone feminized seeds


    The sativa effects of these marijuana seeds create a cloud of euphoria that allows users to flop down and cruise along for the ride. Rosetta Stone cannabis reduces stress and combats depression by elevating your mood. Users report uplifting effects from a jolt of happiness that helps fight stress, anxiety, and other psychological conditions. 


    Some smokers report clarity of mind and a focus that allows them to maintain concentration despite an ADHD or ADD diagnosis. Feminized Rosetta Stone seeds don’t show their indica-dominant characteristics clearly until much later when tiredness sets in. This can be helpful for insomniacs. This cultivar reportedly provides muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Rosetta Stone feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Rosetta Stone feminized seeds produce marijuana that has various members of the cannabis community clamoring for more information. We shine a light on some of the most common questions below: 


    Where can I get free cannabis Rosetta Stone feminized seeds?


    Getting free Rosetta Stone fem seeds is difficult, if not downright impossible. Unless a friend slings a few your way, your best bet may be searching through our cheap cannabis seeds section in the Homegrown store. There are also Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) and cheap cannabis seeds offers, which often change, not to mention mix packs that combine three different complementary strains.


    Can a beginner grow Rosetta Stone feminized?


    While novices can manage growing Rosetta Stone feminized seeds, there are a few things to consider. Some trimming and pruning are required. These cannabis plants are liable to succumb to bud rot if the plants are kept too close together with insufficient space, light, and aeration. Growers must carefully monitor RH. While it’s undoubtedly possible, we recommend beginners start with a less complicated strain. 


    Should I grow Rosetta Stone feminized, regular, or autoflower seeds?


    Regular seeds are natural. They have both XY and XX chromosomes and can produce male and female plants. Users prefer female plants because they produce consumable buds. Farmers use males to pollinate other female strains to breed. They genetically engineer new strains with particular traits. 


    Rosetta Stone feminized seeds are female plants pollinated by females, meaning the resulting seeds still only have XX chromosomes. The seeds result in feminized plants at a rate of over 99%, making them great for growers who covet the massive buds female plants produce. 


    Autoflower seeds are created by mixing in the genetics of ruderalis Cannabis plants, a subspecies famous for its short stature and quick-flowering capacity. The seeds that eventuate need only 2–4 weeks of vegetative growth before they begin to flower, irrespective of light regimes. While these cannabis seeds sound simplified, minor errors can be lethal. We don’t recommend beginners attempt autoflower varieties until they have some experience. 


    What is the Rosetta Stone feminized flower time?


    Indoors, feminized Rosetta Stone seeds need 55–65 days to complete the flowering phase fully. At this time, growers can harvest an abundant crop of up to 17.5 oz/m2 of top-grade, trichome-coated buds. Switch the lights to 12/12 to commence flowering. Blooming occurs naturally outdoors, so it begins when days become shorter than the nights. 


    Climate is key for this strain. Dry, warm, and sunny conditions and nutrient-rich soil mean outdoor growers can collect up to 25 ounces of bud per plant. Harvest by mid-October. Pay your experience forward by documenting your Rosetta Stone feminized seeds experience in our dedicated Homegrown Diaries section. 


    How long do Rosetta Stone feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Cannabis seeds take one to five days (24–120 hours) to germinate. If yours do not produce a short white taproot by this time, they are not going to, and you can toss them. Follow our elementary step-by-step germination guide to guarantee the best results. Our replacement guarantee kicks in, provided you’ve followed and documented our method.


    How long does it take Rosetta Stone feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Germination takes 1–5 days, and the plants become sexually mature in 6–8 weeks indoors. Flowering takes 8–10 weeks. In just 15–18 weeks, you can take Rosetta Stone feminized seeds all the way from seed to harvest. Only autoflower strains can go from seed to harvest quicker. Many outdoor growers would extend the vegetative stage so that the plant structure can carry heavy loads. The colas on these plants are something to behold, thick and engorged and coated in glistening trichomes. Imagine if you took as much as seven months to grow a true Rosetta Stone feminized seed beast.


    Grow medium for Rosetta Stone feminized: hydro or soil?


    This question doesn’t have a satisfactory, definitive answer as yet. Some expert growers believe the natural organic soil medium gives cannabis flowers their sensational flavor profile. For them, your feminized Rosetta Stone seeds belong in soil.


    Other soil medium pros:

    - It’s much simpler to grow in soil, and most people have some experience.

    - You can grow outdoors.

    - It’s much cheaper.

    - Less effort and time.


    Soil cons:

    - Pests and pathogens are more likely to trouble your crop.

    - Growing outdoors takes longer as natural light is limited to daytime.


    Other cultivators point to hydroponic systems’ ability to produce greater yields in a sterile environment. They insist your cannabis seeds should be hydroponically grown.


    Hydro pros: 

    - Faster growth as the growers direct the nutrients and light to where they need to be.

    - Greater, maximized yields are possible with hydro.

    - Pests are less of a problem.

    - Some hydro methods require very little maintenance. 


    Hydro cons:

    - Hydro set-up costs are not cheap and may require DIY skills, too.

    - Novice hydro growers may have problems with the roots of the plants.

    - Understanding and perfecting nutrient combinations is difficult and takes experience.

    - Most hydro methods need regular maintenance.


    This choice comes down to what you want and what you can afford.


    What is the average Rosetta Stone feminized height?


    These cannabis seeds sprout to form fairly short bushes that max out at around four feet, mostly because people grow them rapidly indoors. These plants can grow considerably taller outdoors, under optimum conditions, and longer vegetative stages.


    Where can I find pictures of Rosetta Stone feminized marijuana?


    Google should be the best place to find many pictures of cannabis. Unfortunately, the vast number of resources means some are incorrectly named, so misinformation is rife. To be certain you’re seeing what you’re going to get, head to the Homegrown site. We present each cultivar clearly in a handful of high-quality pictures. There’s even a brief video overview of fem Rosetta Stone seeds, along with another 400 plus strains.


    Where is the best place to buy Rosetta Stone feminized seeds in the USA?


    If you live in the USA, and it’s legal in your state, getting hold of your Rosetta Stone feminized seeds may be as simple as strolling down to the nearest legal dispensary. Others aren’t yet so lucky, and for them, the internet and online seed banks are the obvious answer. Be careful to choose a trusted distributor like Homegrown Cannabis Co. to ensure you get what you pay for. With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we deliver seeds with impeccable, stabilized genetics to your door.


    Are there any other names for Rosetta Stone feminized?


    No, but there is another very similar strain called Rosetta Stone XX. It pairs Cannabis Cup-winner Jack Herer and Cinderella 99 and attempts to improve on the original. The jury is still out on whether it succeeds.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Rosetta Stone feminized pics, and any Rosetta Stone feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Rosetta Stone feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!


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