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Powerplant Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Powerplant Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 4
  • Heavy yields
  • Mid range THC gets you jumping out of bed and tackling the day
  • Sweet
  • Take your cannabis garden to the next level with Powerplant fast version crops and the award-winning marijuana they produce. This sativa-heavy hybrid has its landrace parents to thank for its uplifting and energizing qualities. These cannabis seeds flew under the radar for years until they stole the show at a competition in 2008. Their ability to flower quickly and produce heav...Show more

    Powerplant Fast Version Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 600
    Height indoor
    50 - 70
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Powerplant Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

    Take your cannabis garden to the next level with Powerplant fast version crops and the award-winning marijuana they produce. This sativa-heavy hybrid has its landrace parents to thank for its uplifting and energizing qualities.


    These cannabis seeds flew under the radar for years until they stole the show at a competition in 2008. Their ability to flower quickly and produce heavy harvests with medium THC levels made them a hit in our fast version section.


    Buy Powerplant fast version seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and experience this spicy strain in all its glory. Read on to learn about the effects and aromas, germination and grow tips, and answers to frequently asked questions.


    What are Powerplant fast version cannabis seeds?


    Powerplant fast version seeds are a product of combining the feminized version of this popular cultivar with a mysterious autoflowering strain. The unique blend gives this cannabis cultivar the ability to grow in record time while still producing big yields.


    Crops remain a manageable size no matter where you raise them, making these marijuana seeds perfect for guerilla grows. Pinecone-shaped flowers emerge along the branches giving off a vibrant green hue. As they reach maturity, the hairs turn a light brown color, and a thick coat of silver trichomes forms around each nug.


    Cannabis from fast version Powerplant seeds releases a pungent aroma that smells like spicy wood. The peppery flavor becomes stronger each time you take a toke of this mesmerizing cultivar, along with hints of licorice.


    Smoking these popular buds stimulates your mind and body, allowing you to get out of bed and take on your day confidently. Expect your focus and creativity levels to skyrocket and the occasional bout of laughter to brighten up your day.


    Anyone can grow Powerplant fast version crops at home without any prior experience. These seeds thrive indoors and outside in your garden and produce heavy yields within a few weeks.


    What are the effects of Powerplant fast version cannabis?


    Once you’ve smoked Powerplant fast version marijuana, there’s no looking back as it propels your mind into euphoria. These stimulating buds kick in within seconds of entering your system and don’t have any sleepy effects, making them a fantastic all-day option.


    These resinous nugs help you get out of bed by lifting your spirits and wiping away negative thoughts. They also fill you with energy and confidence, motivating you to tackle any tasks you’ve planned for the day.


    Your mind becomes clear after the initial cerebral rush as cannabis from fast version Powerplant seeds increases focus. You’re able to assign your full attention to any task at hand, completing it in record time.


    Many fans of this marijuana cultivar also claim to experience a significant increase in creativity levels. These effects make these succulent buds a brilliant option for any form of arts and craft.


    It’s common to laugh at the slightest hint of comedy after enjoying Powerplant fast version cannabis. They also pair exceptionally well in social circles, allowing you to have deep conversations about any topic. After a few hours, the energizing effects fade away, revealing a more relaxed sensation. They don't make you tired or drowsy but instead leave you feeling refreshed and calm.


    It’s worth noting that marijuana from fast version Powerplant seeds contains potent THC levels. It’s best to enjoy these mouth-watering buds in small amounts until you’re familiar with their effects. Consuming more than you planned might lead to mild anxiety and paranoia for those with low weed tolerances.


    What does Powerplant fast version marijuana smell like?


    Marijuana from Powerplant fast version plants has an enchanting spicy fragrance, unlike anything you’ve experienced. Each whiff of the pungent air around you fills your nostrils with rich woody tones and subtle hints of sweetness.


    Lighting up a joint only enhances these strong aromas, giving you a taste of what’s to come. Each puff brings a montage of earthy flavors that wrap around your tongue as if you just ate a spoonful of pepper sauce. You may also notice traces of licorice in Powerplant fast version buds passed down by the original version.


    As you release the cough-inducing smoke from your lungs, the taste of spices continues on your tongue. This sharp flavor stains your pallet, constantly reminding you of its delicious taste every time you lick your lips.


    The exquisite blend of herbs and spices results from the amazing mix of aromatic terpenes within each flower. There’s an overwhelming percentage of myrcene in Powerplant fast version cannabis, similar to mangos, lemongrass, and thyme.


    How to germinate Powerplant fast version seeds


    Germinating fast version Powerplant seeds marks the beginning of your cannabis cultivating adventure. The process involves exposing marijuana seeds to moisture, triggering the production of enzymes that allows them to grow roots.


    The best way to achieve successful germination is by using a procedure known as the paper towel method. It’s incredibly simple to perform, making it perfect for cultivators of every skill level, and promises results in up to five days.


    We ask all our customers to use this technique alongside our Powerplant fast version seeds in accordance with our guarantee. If you’re not familiar with the procedure, we recommend visiting our comprehensive germination guide.


    There’s no need for any expensive equipment to complete the paper towel method, requiring only a few common items. These tools include:


    - Tweezers

    - Two paper towel sheets

    - One ceramic bowl

    - Two ceramic plates

    - A bottle of mineral water


    Once you’ve received your Powerplant fast version order, follow these easy instructions to begin germinating your seeds:


    - Fill a bowl with mineral water. (Tip: Add a couple of drops of our Germ Genie to enrich your solution with organic nutrients.)


    - Take two paper towel sheets and soak them in your bowl of water.


    - Remove both pieces and gently squeeze them to remove any excess moisture.


    - Lay one moist sheet flat on a ceramic plate.


    - Use tweezers to place fast version Powerplant seeds on the wet paper towel.


    - Cover the marijuana seeds with the second moist sheet, followed by a second plate to block out light.


    - Put your plate of seeds in a cool, dark cupboard for up to five days. Your seeds could sprout in as little as 24 hours.


    - Keep an eye on Powerplant fast version seeds, ensuring the sheets remain moist.


    - Only once your marijuana seeds have opened up and produced a white taproot can you transfer them to your growing medium.


    After five days, in the unlikely event that any of our seeds haven’t popped, we’ll replace them under our guarantee. Provided that you’ve followed the steps above and can provide photo/video evidence.


    Powerplant fast version cannabis seeds grow guide


    Most new cannabis cultivators assume Powerplant fast version seeds are difficult to grow due to their complex name. In reality, this marijuana strain is one of the easiest crops to raise, teaching you a thing or two along the way.


    These cannabis seeds are direct descendants of a rugged landrace, giving them the strength to survive any environment. Even beginners can expect incredibly generous yields when grown indoors or outdoors. Plus, crops can resist pests, mold, and pathogens, ensuring you don't need to stress about their health consistently.


    We recommend growing fast version Powerplant seeds in a soil-based medium if you’re a beginner or want to enhance your bud’s flavor. It’s the easiest substrate to manage and contains essential minerals to keep your plant strong and healthy.


    Experienced cultivators looking for more control over their crops should opt for a hydroponics setup. This type of medium lets you manage the nutrient intake of your plants, accelerating their growth and slightly increasing yields.


    The trick to cultivating Powerplant fast version crops is paying attention to your soil's moisture. Overfeeding happens when you water too often, not too much, so check your substrate with a digital meter or your finger. Only water your plants when you don't feel any moisture until your knuckle.


    Powerplant fast version plants stop growing once they reach around 2.3 feet tall. Their small size makes them a brilliant option for cultivators with limited space. It also means you don’t need to top your crops to keep their height manageable. If you want to eliminate apical dominance, the low-stress training method encourages a wider canopy and large colas.


    Using the Sea of Green technique to raise multiple fast version Powerplant seeds at once will maximize your available space. It’s also a brilliant way of improving potential yields. Keep your lights on for 18 hours a day throughout vegging and change to 12 hours once flowering begins.


    Indoor cultivators need to maintain temperatures between 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit for the best conditions. Maintaining relative humidity of around 50% is important, stopping any moisture issues like bud rot ruining harvests.


    Powerplant fast version crops have a flowering time of 6–8 weeks. During this period, change your fertilizer to one without nitrogen to assist with fattening up buds. It's also good to regularly prune older leaves to maintain sufficient ventilation. Start harvesting your plants at the end of the flowering phase, potentially collecting indoor yields measuring 14–19 oz./m².


    A Mediterranean or tropical climate is best if you decide to raise fast version Powerplant seeds outside. Use fabric pots for each of your cannabis seeds as the material allows roots to breathe. They also aren't heavy to pick up, making it easy to move them undercover.


    Outdoor cultivators can begin germinating these marijuana seeds anytime between April and May. Crops will have plenty of time to soak in the Summer sun before producing yields of 14–21 oz./plant by early October.


    What are the genetics of the fast version Powerplant strain?


    To fully understand the creation of Powerplant fast version seeds, you need to go back to the beginning. The original version of this cannabis strain got largely ignored when it first entered the market in 1997.


    This regular version comes directly from an African landrace with high THC and energizing buds. Breeders eventually stabilized the genetics and altered them to ensure all cannabis seeds became female plants.


    They mixed this high-yielding feminized version with a secret male autoflower strain to create fast version Powerplant seeds. This new variety of cannabis maintained the delicious flavors from the original variation, along with the mysterious parent's speed.


    These cannabis seeds also have a 99% chance of producing female crops, ensuring big yields come harvest season. Plants are still photoperiodic, meaning they depend on the change in light to trigger their flowering phase.


    Powerplant fast version marijuana has since amassed a massive following, winning the HighLife Cup in 2008 and 2009. Our in-house testing reveals potent THC levels between 13–18% and an average CBD content of around 2%.


    Wellness and Powerplant fast version seeds


    There’s a lot of evidence suggesting Powerplant fast version cannabis could help medical patients in various applications. These buds alleviate physical and mental stress but don't leave you sedated, making them a dependable all-day option. They may also fight off feelings of fatigue brought on by some treatments.


    One of the most noticeable effects of marijuana from fast version Powerplant seeds is its uplifting qualities. They could offer a way to change negative thoughts and see yourself in a positive light, potentially combating depression and anxiety.


    Many fans of this cannabis strain claim to experience a sudden desire for food after ingesting these herbs. Patients may utilize these side effects to fix a poor appetite and consume needed nutrients. Powerplant fast version buds also assist with easing your stomach and fending off nausea.


    Another potential use of this cannabis cultivar for medicinal patients relies on its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe pain. Anyone could use these buds to reduce swelling and ease chronic migraines, cramps, muscle spasms, and arthritis.


    While Powerplant fast version marijuana doesn’t make you drowsy, the eventual calm could help in the evening. Some suggest a few drags an hour before going to bed could assist with going to sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Powerplant fast version seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Is there anything you’re not 100% sure about and need more information to make your decision? Here are some brief answers to the most commonly asked questions about Powerplant fast version seeds to make your choice easier.


    What variations of Powerplant cannabis are there?


    There are four different versions of this energizing strain, including the popular Powerplant fast version seeds. These variations require something different to thrive and offer unique traits to attract all cultivators.


    Below is a quick explanation of each of these versions to make sure you order the right option for your needs:


    - Regular seeds: This version has a 50% chance of producing flower-bearing plants. While subtable for beginners, you’ll need to remove males from your garden to maintain bud quality and optimize yields.


    - Feminized seeds: These popular marijuana seeds offer a 99% chance of becoming female crops. They are perfect for anyone new to raising marijuana and producing the biggest harvests.


    - Autoflower seeds: This variation grows quicker than any other, but their fragile nature makes them a better option for experienced cultivators. By adding ruderalis genetics, plants don't require a shift in light to begin flowering.


    - Fast version seeds: Powerplant fast version seeds are a mixture of feminized and autoflowering varieties, producing generous yields in record time. Crops still rely on light to start producing buds, allowing beginners to enjoy quicker yields.


    Where can I get free Powerplant fast version seeds?


    We have limited-time deals giving away fast version Powerplant seeds for free in our BOGOs section. Buy 4, 8, 12, or 24 cannabis seeds during one of these promotions, and you’ll receive double your order at no extra charge.


    Can a beginner grow Powerplant fast version seeds?


    Yes, even a first-time cannabis cultivator can raise Powerplant fast version seeds from home without any fuss. These crops can survive fluctuating temps, amateur mistakes, pests, and mold, allowing you to grow them outdoors.


    These marijuana seeds are also all feminized, meaning that they have a 99% chance of turning into flower-bearing plants. Cultivators don’t need to worry about removing males from their garden and can expect consistently generous yields.


    What is the flowering time of Powerplant fast version plants?


    Powerplant fast version crops take 6–8 weeks to complete their entire flowering phase, over two weeks quicker than their feminized counterpart. This stage marks the point in your plant’s life that it stops putting effort into growing and begins working on bud production.


    Unlike autoflowering varieties, these crops still require a change in light schedule to enter this phase. Indoor growers need to account for this shift by keeping the lights on for only 12 hours a day.


    How long do Powerplant fast version seeds take to germinate?


    It takes 1–5 days for fast version Powerplant seeds to germinate. Keep an eye on them from as early as 12 hours, and remove any popped seeds. Ensure the paper towel is damp (not soaking) at all times to speed up the process.


    We ask all our customers to follow the necessary steps for this procedure to comply with your germination guarantee. If any of our cannabis seeds don’t sprout, we’ll replace them free of charge.


    How long does it take Powerplant fast version to go from seed to harvest?


    It takes an average of 21-25 weeks for fast version Powerplant seeds to germinate and produce a harvest. Many factors influence this growing period, such as the cultivating technique, climate conditions, and the type of medium used.


    These plants still rely on light to transform and produce nugs, so you'll want to start cultivating outdoors by May. When Fall begins, the crops will proceed to flower, allowing you to harvest them around early October.


    Grow medium: Powerplant fast version hydro or soil?


    Picking the best growing medium for your Powerplant fast version seeds is easier than you think. These crops will flourish in all types of soil-based substrates as well as in a hydroponics setup.


    Choose soil if you're new to cultivating cannabis or if you want to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your buds. This growing medium is easy to manage and contains minerals to keep plants strong and healthy.


    Cultivating Powerplant fast version plants in a hydro setup is best suited to experienced cultivators. You’re fully responsible for giving plants nutrients, allowing you to control the speed of their growth and potentially improve yields.


    What is the average height of Powerplant fast version plants?


    Crops from fast version Powerplant seeds can grow over 2.3 feet tall when raised in an optimal environment. The complex genetics of this cannabis cultivar keep the size of plants small while still producing generous yields.


    Due to their small frame, it’s unnecessary to top your crops when raised in a confined area. If you want to eliminate apical dominance, use a low-stress training method and shape your plant to your liking.


    Where can I find pictures of Powerplant fast version marijuana?


    Examine this majestic strain by looking at pictures of these crops on a Powerplant fast version Homegrown Diary. You'll find a collection of photographs showing this cannabis cultivar in every stage of its life and its flowers.


    All the Powerplant fast version images get uploaded by our customers raising these marijuana seeds at home. Start your own diary to track the progress of your crops, get advice, and compare results with others in our community.


    Where is the best place to buy Powerplant fast version seeds in the USA?


    Purchase premium quality fast version Powerplant seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. We offer tracked shipping and a discreet delivery to ensure your package arrives at your doorstep safely.


    There are over 400 other amazing marijuana strains for sale, each providing something to excite your senses. Plus, we have free growing guides containing over 20 years of cultivating experience to ensure quality buds.


    Are there any other names for Powerplant fast version seeds?


    There are no accepted nicknames for Powerplant fast version marijuana. You’re welcome to call these exhilarating buds whatever you like. Remember to use the correct name when ordering these cannabis seeds from our store to avoid mix-ups.


    Spelling errors


    We all make mistakes from time to time, pressing search without double-checking our spelling of Powerplant fast version. Some of the most common typing errors surrounding this particular cannabis strain include:


    - Power Plant fast fem

    - Diesel Power

    - Powaplant fast version

    - Pawerplant

    - Powerlant fast seeds


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