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Panama Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Panama Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A pure bred sativa with potent effects
  • Around 18% THC kicks off happy cerebral effects
  • Vanilla
  • Increase your tempo with the electrifying cannabis buds from Panama seeds. This sativa hybrid defies expectation at every turn, delivering mouth-watering flavors and a heavenly fragrance that’ll lift your spirit. You don’t find a pure sativa hybrid every day, making these marijuana seeds an incredibly special addition to our feminized category. It’s even harder to believe how e...Show more

    Panama Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 400
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Panama Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Increase your tempo with the electrifying cannabis buds from Panama seeds. This sativa hybrid defies expectation at every turn, delivering mouth-watering flavors and a heavenly fragrance that’ll lift your spirit.


    You don’t find a pure sativa hybrid every day, making these marijuana seeds an incredibly special addition to our feminized category. It’s even harder to believe how easy it is to raise them from home.


    Read on to discover the aroma and effects plants harvested from feminized Panama seeds can offer. You’ll also get germination and growing advice, your questions answered, and learn the best place to buy the seeds. 


    What are Panama feminized cannabis seeds?


    Panama seeds first entered the marijuana market in the 70s and quickly gained popularity thanks to their intoxicating buds. They come from breeders fusing two popular landrace strains to create an energizing cultivar that pleases your senses.


    As these plants reach maturity, their green buds develop a silver trichome coat that sparkles in the light. Eventually, the clear hairs surrounding the flowers change to a reddish color as if on fire. A fully grown Panama weed plant displays lengthy clusters covered in thick trichomes, complemented by reddish-pink pistils.


    Marijuana from feminized Panama seeds continues to seduce your senses by releasing a sweet citrus fragrance into the air. Smoking these resinous nugs enhances the flavors on your tongue and leaves you with an unforgettable herbal spice in your mouth.


    Consuming these tasty buds fills your mind with energy, giving you all the confidence and motivation to take on the day. You’ll also notice your mood significantly improve along with complete mental clarity.


    Cultivating Panama feminized seeds is relatively straightforward, as their rugged genetics keeps crops strong. Their ability to grow indoors and outdoors means that you can enjoy their generous rewards no matter your skill level.


    What are the effects of Panama feminized cannabis?


    The effects experienced after consuming cannabis grown from Panama seeds present themselves immediately. This pure sativa hybrid brings with it a massive energizing wave that’ll have you flying through tasks and feeling fantastic.


    As you take your first toke, a powerful cerebral buzz takes hold and propels your mind into a world of euphoria. Your body receives a pleasurable jolt of energy, invigorating your senses while easing your muscles. 


    Many fans of feminized Panama seeds use the buds to start the day in a confident and motivated mindset. Your thoughts also remain clear and focused at all times, guaranteeing you stay on your toes mentally too.


    Some users claim to experience a significant increase in creativity levels, allowing them to find new solutions to old challenges. These buds also pair well with arts and crafts, leaving you to explore ideas and express your true feelings.


    There’s no need to worry about becoming sedated when you enjoy cannabis from Panama feminized seeds. Rather than becoming drowsy as the effects wear off, this cannabis cultivar leaves you in a calm and composed state.


    While more potent marijuana strains are available, the medium THC levels within these buds pack a punch. It’s best to keep your dosage low and slow until you're familiar with this cultivar. Overindulging may lead to mild cases of anxiety, dizziness, and couch-lock.


    What does Panama feminized marijuana smell like?


    Cannabis from Panama seeds produces a sweet fragrance that’s impossible to resist after curing it. Cracking open a jar of these buds fills the air with a mouth-watering vanilla and lemon aroma. Notes of incense breakthrough as you take in the delectable odor, complementing the dominant sugary tones.


    Igniting the buds from feminized Panama seeds plants produces a thick cloud of smoke that has a peppery tang. Each inhalation of the smoke brings with it a herbal flavor that coats your tongue in spicy goodness. There are also subtle traces of succulent fruit to please your palate. 


    As you release the dense smoke from your lungs, a mild hash-like aftertaste lingers in your mouth. The strong smell caused by lighting up buds from Panama feminized seeds is easily detected; keep that in mind if discretion is your aim.


    These flowers smell so good due to the incredible collection of terpenes within each bud. The most dominant of these fragrant chemicals is called linalool, a floral-smelling compound found in lavender and Birch Bark.


    How to germinate Panama feminized seeds


    Germinating Panama seeds is a fun and easy process, provided you use the paper towel technique. This method introduces moisture to your marijuana seeds, activating enzymes within them to start growing a root.


    Anyone can perform the paper towel method, regardless of experience level. It’s also a key part of our germination guarantee. Not using it voids your option of a refund in the unlikely event that some feminized Panama seeds don't sprout.


    The entire procedure takes less than ten minutes to complete and promises results in less than five days. If you’ve never heard of this technique before, we recommend following our germination guide to sprouting Panama seeds.


    To perform this method successfully, you’ll need to grab a few everyday items from your kitchen, such as:


    - A bottle of purified water

    - One small bowl

    - Two ceramic plates

    - A pair of tweezers

    - Two paper towel sheets.


    Once you’ve got all the items mentioned above, get your pack of Panama feminized seeds and follow these steps:


    - Pour purified water into a small bowl. (Tip: Adding a few drops of our Germ Genie will enrich your liquid solution with beneficial nutrients)


    - Soak two paper towel sheets in the bowl of water until completely wet.


    - Remove both pieces and gently squeeze out the majority of moisture from each.


    - Lay one moist paper towel sheet flat on a ceramic plate.


    - Use tweezers to place your feminized Panama seeds on the sheet, ensuring each has suitable space.


    - Place the second moist paper towel over your cannabis seeds.


    - Cover everything with another plate to ensure all the light is blocked out.


    - Place the plates of marijuana seeds in a cool, dark cupboard and leave them there for five days.


    - Monitor their progress every day and ensure the paper towels don’t become dry over time. You should see results in as little as 24 hours.


    - Once your Panama seeds develop white taproots around a quarter inch in length, move them into your chosen growing medium.


    Panama feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Cultivating Panama feminized seeds is an incredibly rewarding process that anyone can master, regardless of their skill level. These crops tend to forgive amateur mistakes and produce generous yields without much convincing.


    Plants have the ability to resist common pathogens, pests, mildew, and mold, making them a fantastic outdoor option. If you have a large grow tent or room, an indoor setup will allow you to raise quality cannabis year-round.


    Panama seeds can flourish in most soil-based growing mediums thanks to their landrace parents. We suggest using a mixture of coco coir and perlite to enhance flavor and maintain good aeration.


    If you plan on using pots, containers made from fabric are the best option. The material ensures roots can breathe and prevents them from overheating. Another tip is to plant feminized Panama seeds in their final pot rather than a small one, helping to avoid damaging roots during transplanting.


    Experienced cultivators can also propagate these marijuana crops using a hydroponic setup. This method allows you to control the nutrient intake of plants and promotes accelerated growth and potentially bigger yields.


    If you raise Panama seeds indoors, make sure your temperature remains in the range of 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep humidity levels below 55%, especially during flowering, to prevent bud rot and maintain optimal conditions.


    Since these plants reach over six feet tall, growers can use a combination of topping and low-stress training to manage their size. Another option is to utilize the Screen of Green technique to encourage lateral growth and bolster potential yields.


    Crops from Panama feminized seeds don’t require much maintenance as they have a low leaf to bud ratio. Occasional pruning is still a good idea as it maintains sufficient ventilation and forces nutrients to newer sections.


    Getting your feeding schedule right is imperative, as overwatering can easily create a toxic environment for plants. Use your finger or a digital device to test the moisture level in the soil and see if it’s dry enough to water your crops.


    Don’t give your germinating feminized Panama seeds any nutrients until the fifth pair of leaves appears on your seedling. Make sure you provide the right type of fertilizer for crops depending on their growth phase. It’s also important to keep your growing medium’s pH between 5.8 and 6.2 to ensure proper mineral intake.


    Depending on your light schedule, the flowering period for plants from Panama seeds is 9–12 weeks long. We suggest following an 18/6 cycle throughout vegging, transitioning into a 12/12 routine as crops begin to develop buds.


    Indoor setups tend to produce the largest yields when cultivating this marijuana strain, netting around 14–18 oz./m². Outdoor crops won’t disappoint, reaping a harvest that weighs on average 11–14 oz./plant.


    If you choose to raise feminized Panama seeds outdoors, a tropical or Mediterranean climate will suit them best. Cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere should start germinating their crops in April and begin harvesting in October.


    What are the genetics of the feminized Panama strain?


    Few hybrids can claim the level of pure genetics that Panama seeds can, making this cultivar incredibly special. They entered the market in the 70s when breeders combined two sativa landraces from neighboring countries—Colombia and Panama.


    Hailing from the Santa Marta mountain range, this Colombian strain is the queen of sativas responsible for cultivars like Skunk. It passes down its legendary uplifting effects and ability to leave you feeling focused. It’s also from this parent that the buds from Panama feminized seeds taste like lemons.


    The original Panama landrace is also said to offer mental stimulation, waves of euphoria, and a delicious plum flavor. These rugged genetics are mainly responsible for how feminized Panama seeds grow and produce cannabis with medium THC levels.


    Breeders altered the genes of these sought-after plants to ensure no male crops would germinate. The change allowed cultivators to raise these marijuana seeds from home, even if it’s their first time. Not only does this variety offer bigger yields, but it also means easier maintenance.


    After cultivating multiple Panama seeds, our in-house tests reveal an average THC content of 11–15% within each flower. There’s also around 2% CBD present, making these cannabis seeds a potential option for medicinal users.


    Wellness and Panama feminized seeds


    Panama feminized seeds and their glorious buds are far more than a mere recreational delight. This marijuana strain has the power to stimulate your mind and ease stress in your body, giving you plenty to smile about.


    Some fans of this cannabis cultivar believe its uplifting effects can change their negative mindsets into positive ones. This ability to reduce mental stress makes it a potential tool for patients to manage their anxiety and depression. Plus, the presence of myrcene in these nugs adds to their calming capabilities.


    Many users claim to experience a surge in energy after enjoying cannabis from feminized Panama seeds. These stimulating effects allow medicinal patients to use these buds all day without getting drowsy and to combat feelings of fatigue.


    Another one of this marijuana strain’s potential therapeutic benefits is the ability to soothe any pain or physical discomfort. Anyone experiencing arthritis, chronic migraines, muscle spasms, or cramps may find relief thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities.


    Panama seeds and their irresistible flowers have a tendency to reignite your love of food by telling your brain you’re hungry. Medicinal patients could utilize these buds to beat a poor appetite and repel nausea.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Panama feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Is there anything you’re confused about or need additional clarity on? Below is a comprehensive list of questions to determine if Panama feminized seeds are the right choice for your next cannabis grow.


    What variations of Panama cannabis are there?


    There are three unique versions of cannabis seeds cultivators can raise at home. Picking the best option for your marijuana garden depends on your skill level and whether you value time over yield size.


    Here’s a quick overview of each of these seed variations to ensure you order the right type:


    - Regular seeds: These cannabis seeds have a 50% chance of producing a female plant. Beginners need to throw away male crops early, or pheno-hunters can use them to produce new hybrids.


    - Feminized seeds: This popular version removes the risk of males by promising female plants 99% of the time. Cultivators can expect heavier harvests from feminized Panama seeds and more tolerant crops.


    - Autoflower seeds: This specialized variation contains ruderalis genes allowing plants to flower regardless of light. While these marijuana seeds grow in half the time, they require a skilled hand to guide them and provide smaller yields.


    Where can I get free Panama feminized seeds?


    It’s possible to get your hands on some free feminized Panama seeds by visiting our BOGOs section. You’ll find a variety of promotions valid for a limited time, offering a buy one get one free deal for specific strains. If this cultivar is part of our monthly special, you’ll get double your order when you buy 4, 8, 12, or 24 cannabis seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Panama feminized seeds?


    Beginners can cultivate Panama seeds as long as they do some research beforehand. These cannabis crops require your full attention but have the ability to resist pests, mold, and pathogens with ease.


    Cultivators also don’t need to worry about removing males from their garden in time. These feminized marijuana seeds promise to produce plants with flowers 99% of the time, meaning bigger yields.


    What is the flowering time of Panama feminized plants?


    The flowering phase of plants from Panama feminized seeds tends to last for around 9–12 weeks. At this stage of a crop’s life, buds begin emerging along the stems, swelling up and changing color every day.


    As these plants are photoperiodic, it’s important that you slowly decrease your light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12. The change stops crops from becoming stressed during this transition as it mimics the natural evolution of seasons.


    How long do Panama feminized seeds take to germinate?


    It takes up to five days for feminized Panama seeds to germinate if you use the paper towel method. We ask all our customers to utilize this technique as it’s quick, promises a 99% success rate, and is beginner-friendly.


    This method is also a vital part of our germination guarantee, covering the cost of non-sprouting cannabis seeds. Remember to document the process by taking photos of each step as evidence. 


    How long does it take Panama feminized to go from seed to harvest?


    When you take everything into account, you need to wait around 26 weeks for Panama seeds to produce a harvest. This time frame depends on various factors, like the length of light crops receive, the surrounding temperature, and the growing medium used.


    In April, outdoor cultivators should begin germinating marijuana seeds to utilize the warm summer months. Expect to start harvesting your crops in October and begin the drying and curing process.


    Grow medium: Panama feminized hydro or soil?


    Feminized Panama seeds can grow in most mediums, so either a hydro setup or soil will work. Picking the best option for your cannabis crops comes down to what you have in mind for the end product and your level of expertise.


    Beginners and epicureans should stick to the soil as it’s easily managed and offers to enhance the sumptuous taste of your buds. Experienced cultivators may use a hydroponic setup to control nutrient intake for bigger yields.


    What is the average height of Panama feminized plants?


    Plants from Panama feminized seeds can reach up to six feet tall once fully grown. Like their pure sativa parents, these crops focus most of their energy on stretching towards the sun. Make sure you adjust the lights in your setup to account for their towering structure and avoid burning them.


    Where can I find pictures of Panama feminized marijuana?


    Discover a collection of photographs depicting this cannabis cultivar by checking out a Panama feminized Homegrown Diary. You’ll find pictures showing every stage of this strain’s life, as well as the dazzling flowers they produce.


    Each diary contains helpful notes left by the cultivator allowing you to improve your crops. Why not start your own one and track the progress of your Panama seeds and compare results with others in our community?


    Where is the best place to buy Panama feminized seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy Panama seeds in the US. Pick from pack sizes containing 4, 8, 12, or 24 cannabis seeds and get fast shipping you can track to your door.


    Our online store also features over 400 other alluring marijuana strains to suit any mood or pallet. Need more help? We have 24/7 customer service to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.


    Are there any other names for Panama feminized?


    Some fans of this majestic marijuana strain refer to it as Panama Gold. The nickname helps differentiate these particular genetics from another cultivar with “red” in its title. Always double-check your order when you buy Panama seeds to get the right product.


    Spelling errors


    Confusing one strain for another is easily avoided by making sure you use the right spelling when searching for Panama seeds. Here are a few common typos and spelling mistakes of this cannabis cultivar:


    - Pannama fem

    - Panamma marijuana seeds

    - Panama Red feminized

    - Panema cannabis seeds

    - Panimer fem


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