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Northern Skunk Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Northern Skunk Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 6
  • A wind-tunnel of a high
  • Euphoria and a clear mind in record time - around 18% THC
  • Like walking through a pine forest then a skunky-sweet flavor
  • If ever there was a cultivar worthy of praise for its effects, ease of growing, and generous yields, it's the Northern Skunk fast version cannabis strain. Developed by breeders from two legendary marijuana plants, Early Skunk and Northern Lights, it's a potent hybrid that delivers satisfaction in all areas.  The indica dominant weed lures users into an early boost in mood and f...Show more

    Northern Skunk Fast Version Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 600
    Height indoor
    120 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Northern Skunk Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

    If ever there was a cultivar worthy of praise for its effects, ease of growing, and generous yields, it's the Northern Skunk fast version cannabis strain. Developed by breeders from two legendary marijuana plants, Early Skunk and Northern Lights, it's a potent hybrid that delivers satisfaction in all areas. 


    The indica dominant weed lures users into an early boost in mood and focus. This initial sensation of control fools many only to find themselves lying on the couch after a mere 20 minutes. Total relaxation and easing of tension are the strain's main traits, improving mood and inducing better sleep. 


    Northern Skunk fast version seeds are a pleasure to cultivate. It's a strain with a short flowering time that doesn't sacrifice the yield. The bushes require very little pampering, and novice growers will find themselves harvesting juicy buds with ease. 


    Hardy and stout, the plants grow well indoors and outside, giving gardening enthusiasts plenty of cultivating options. If you want to find out everything there is to know about these fast version seeds, keep reading.    


    What are Northern Skunk fast version cannabis seeds?


    The Northern Skunk fast version seeds grow into hardy, short, and adaptable plants. Beginner growers will delight in bringing these beauties to full maturity indoors or outside if the climate is temperate. The cultivar requires minimal care, with only some light pruning needed to improve air circulation in thicker areas. 


    The plants mature into striking emerald green bushes filled with glistening trichomes. Resistant to most molds, pests, and disease makes for easy care crops that enjoy organic soil or hydroponics.


    Northern Skunk fast version is an indica dominant strain that packs a punch while providing total relaxation. It's known to delight users with a cerebral boost that intensifies clarity of thought before subduing the body into couch-lock mode. The overall experience is enjoyable, and the cannabis’ flavors leave a pungent taste lurking on the tongue.


    What are the Northern Skunk fast version seeds effects?


    Indica dominant strains, like the Northern Skunk fast version, usually take longer for you to experience the effects. However, this particular hybrid acts faster than you'd expect. After only a few minutes, euphoria takes hold. A sense of happiness and well-being enhances the mood, making for a pleasant experience.


    Your creativity levels soar, but your head stays clear, and your focus is sharp. Now’s the time to get ahead of any tasks you need to finish, but be quick because the mental stimulation doesn't last long. 


    It's also the perfect time to pick up a paintbrush or finish that book you've been writing as your imagination flares. Even though your thoughts are steady, this doesn't mean you should use Northern Skunk fast version during the day.


    After 20–40 minutes, your body becomes heavy, and your muscles ease of tension. Soothing sensations overwhelm your limbs with a sense of calm settling in. The initial mental buzz transforms into a dreamlike state while the body is rendered useless and you succumb to couch-lock. 


    The indica cultivar may help people who have insomnia. After you've enjoyed the mental and physical buzz, your body and mind are heading for slumberland. You won't have any problems falling asleep and will wake the next day feeling refreshed.  


    As with most marijuana variants, the strain does have some mild side effects. These include dry eyes and cottonmouth. Mitigate the symptoms by drinking plenty of water and using eye drops to soothe the redness. 


    You might also have a slight headache with mild dizziness. using a little too much Northern Skunk fast version could lead to paranoia or anxiousness. 


    What do the Northern Skunk fast version seeds smell like?


    You might think you're standing in a forest when you light up a Northern Skunk fast version strain joint. Aromas of earthy pine permeate the immediate surroundings. The odor is quite pungent, and as it dissipates, you notice a tinge of spicy herbs. 


    The aromatic notes carry through to the flavor profile. On inhale, you get the earthy pine tantalizing the back of your throat. As you exhale, a touch of sweet skunk rolls over your tongue. It joins the aroma in the room to complete a bouquet of pleasant woody notes.


    How to germinate Northern Skunk fast version seeds


    After you buy Northern Skunk fast version seeds, it's time to start the germination process. The easiest way of getting your seeds to sprout is to use the simple but effective paper towel and plate method. 


    This technique is easy to follow, even if you’re a beginner grower. The steps listed below are simple, and you can increase the number of plates and towels to match the number of seeds you want to grow. If you prefer visual instructions, check out our online germination guide.


    What you need:


    - Thick paper towels 

    - Purified water (room temperature)

    - Plates of the same size

    - Tweezers

    - Northern Skunk fast version marijuana seeds




    - Dampen a paper towel and place it on one of the plates. 

    - Use the tweezers to position the Northern Skunk fast seeds on the towel about 1" apart.

    - Moisten another towel and lay it over the first, covering the seeds.

    - Use a second plate to cover the seeds and towels.

    - Keep the plates in a dark environment with temperatures between 70–85°F.

    - Check the plates daily to ensure that the towels remain damp. If the seeds get too dry, they won't sprout.

    - Within 24 hours, you might start to see the tap roots appear. However, it can sometimes take up to ten days for the Northern Skunk seeds, fast version, to pop. 

    - Move your seedlings to their permanent grow area as soon as the taproots appear.


    Here at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we pride ourselves on stocking only the best quality products. We’re so confident in our premium seeds that we offer a germination guarantee on all strains. 


    If you follow the above instructions carefully and don't get the best results, you could claim Northern Skunk fast version replacement seeds. Make sure you document your progress with photographs and videos to have supporting material if you should need to claim. 


    Northern Skunk fast version seeds grow guide


    Our Northern Skunk fast version seeds are ideal for beginner growers. It's a hardy strain that can flourish indoors or outside. The bushes are short and easily accommodated inside small grow rooms or makeshift greenhouses. This medium-sized hybrid is excellent for anyone starting their garden in a limited space.


    The indica dominant cultivar is adaptable and can be grown successfully in various mediums. You can plant the Northern Skunk fast version cannabis seeds directly into organic soil or use a hydroponics setup.

    Try the Sea of Green method (SOG) to boost harvest size further. It's perfect for indoor crops as it maximizes space while ensuring generous yields. 


    SOG is a method of clustering several plants about one foot apart. It's economical since you don't have to invest in many grow lamps. A single fixture lamp of 600-watt HPS is enough to keep up with this strain's rapid growth. 


    A disadvantage to using SOG is that once the Northern Skunk fast version seeds grow, the foliage becomes thick because the bushes are so close. It causes the area to become more humid and increases the chances of pathogens—fix this issue with regular trimming and pruning. 


    It would be best to keep the temperature inside your grow room at 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum results. The humidity levels indoors should be around 50% and can be checked using a moisture meter.


    If you live in a temperate Mediterranean climate, you can plant your Northern Skunk fast version marijuana seeds outside. Ensure you place them in an area that’s sunny and warm. Fortunately, its heritage has boosted hardiness, increasing resistance to most molds, diseases, and pests. 


    It's best if your crops are in a space with some protection from the elements such as wind or heavy downpours. In a Mediterranean climate, the bushes can flourish and reach their full height of 5 feet. Anticipate yields of 21 oz./plant from your Northern Skunk fast version crops if the conditions are ideal. 


    What are the Northern Skunk fast version seeds strain genetics?


    This pungent cultivar has an impressive lineage. The combination of Early Skunk and Northern Lights makes for a potent yet enjoyable strain. Both parents are known worldwide for producing an intense relaxing body high, which they've passed on to their Northern Skunk fast version hybrid. 


    The Northern Lights would have been a pure indica if it wasn't for some Thai genes that made their way into the Afghani descendant. Breeders from all over the world use this strain to create new hybrids or improve on existing ones. It offers a stimulating cerebral boost followed by a deep body rooting, leading in most cases to couch-lock. 


    On the other hand, the skunky counterpart is better known for its energetic rush and distinct, intense aroma. It's mostly derived from the landraces of Colombia, Afghanistan, and Mexico. The one common factor shared with the Northern Lights is the Afghani genes.  


    Not only has the impressive combination created a strain that's packed with mental and physical effects, but it's also robust. The Northern Skunk fast version plant is hardy, adaptable, and has developed a resistance to most pests and molds. Traits that are shared by both parental lines.  


    Wellness and Northern Skunk fast version seeds


    The indica dominant cultivar boosts mood and increases happiness by tapping into its heritage. Northern Strain fast version cannabis is a therapeutic hybrid that can help decrease stress and negativity. 


    Users claim it alleviates various psychological symptoms and bolsters low morale to abolish depression and anxiety. These sensations are mainly due to the strains' psychedelic effect and potent anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. 


    Crops grown from Northern Skunk fast version seeds contain a high THC level of 24–28%, with CBD at 0.3%. This potency helps relax muscles, decreasing spasms in patients who suffer from illnesses such as cerebral palsy. 


    Additionally, the strain functions as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory and could act as a substitute for prescribed medication to control aches. Sufferers of migraines or other pain-related afflictions may find the Northern Skunk fast version offers some relief.  


    The cultivar isn't a recommended daytime indulgence, but it could be a cure for insomnia. Its sedating and tranquilizing effects lead to drowsiness, luring users to a restful sleep. The medical marijuana community (MMJ) approves using the Northern Skunk fast version to treat sleeplessness. 


    Many of the benefits listed above come from users' personal experiences and haven't been confirmed by medical studies. Any strain you use may give you different effects than those listed above. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Northern Skunk fast version seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Although we've covered the Northern Skunk fast version in detail, you may still have some questions. Take a look below at the most common queries and answers. 


    What's the difference between regular, autoflower, and feminized seeds?


    Marijuana seeds are available in three main variants; regular, feminized, and autoflower. Our Northern Skunk fast version seeds are a feminized variant and produce only female buds—ideal for home growers looking to consume. 


    Regular seeds produce a random mix of female and male plants. They and feminized seeds are dependent on changing light to flower. Autoflower cannabis types progress into the flowering stage when they reach a certain age without you changing the light. They also have a quicker growth cycle but are more challenging to raise.  


    Where can I get free cannabis Northern Skunk fast version seeds?


    It's very unlikely you'll get any Northern Skunk fast version marijuana seeds for free anywhere. The best option is to purchase them online at a reputable supplier such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. 


    We often have specials that run throughout the year, and our most popular promotion is the buy one get one free (BOGO). Keep an eye on our cheap cannabis seeds page, and you might get lucky to find Northern Skunk fast version seeds for sale. 


    Can a beginner grow Northern Skunk fast version seeds?


    Fast version Northern Skunk seeds are excellent for novice growers. Their appeal lies in the fact that they're resistant to pests, molds, and disease due to their genetic heritage. The plant has a short flowering period, but it doesn't affect its yields; perfect for beginners. 


    What is the Northern Skunk fast version flowering time?


    The flowering time of Northern Skunk fast version seeds is a short 55–60 days. If you're an experienced cannabis cultivator, you can try reducing this time even further by manipulating the light exposure for indoor crops. 


    How long do Northern Skunk fast version seeds take to germinate?


    Most cannabis seeds germinate within 24–120 hours. The appearance of taproots signals success, which can take up to five days to show. Once that happens, keep the seedlings warm and moist, and you'll soon see them developing into full-grown bushes. Don’t forget to keep photos and video evidence in case you need to make use of our germination guarantee. 


    How long does it take Northern Skunk fast version seeds from seeds to harvest?


    Northern Lights fast version cannabis seeds can take 10–28 weeks to reach maturity. The time taken depends greatly on the type of environment the plants are in. More experienced growers can shorten the cycle by playing around with the lights or trying various mediums. 


    The growth cycle has four stages. 


    - Germination takes 2–10 days

    - The seedling stage lasts 2–3 weeks

    - The vegetative phase follows for 3–16 weeks

    - The flowering stage takes 7–8 weeks


    Grow medium: Northern Skunk fast version seeds hydro or soil?


    The hardy Northern Skunk fast version seeds are suited for direct soil planting and hydroponics setups. Using organic matter helps growers reach an abundant harvest of dense buds with cheap startup costs. 


    Hydroponics develops seedlings into strong, robust plants that mature into healthy crops, thanks to the plentiful nutrients. What you choose should be based on your environment, capabilities, and personal preference. 


    What is the average Northern Skunk fast version seed height?


    The Northern Skunk fast version is a short plant, reaching a maximum height of 5 feet. It's ideal for indoor setups planted in pots or hydroponic containers. Even outdoors, it rarely grows taller, keeping to its stocky structure. 


    Where can I find pictures of Northern Skunk fast version marijuana?


    Even though there are several online sites you can go to to find pictures of Northern Skunk fast version seeds, the most reliable source is right here on this page. You can also visit Northern Skunk Fast Version Homegrown Diaries. You'll find advice on how to grow your strain and can view images from fellow growers. 


    Where is the best place to buy Northern Skunk fast version seeds in the USA?


    As soon as you're ready to purchase your Northern Skunk fast version seeds, go to the Homegrown Cannabis Co. website. We stock a wide range of premium products, including fast version Northern Skunk seeds. You'll find numerous payment options available, and deliveries are made quickly and discreetly directly to your door.


    Are there any other names for Northern Skunk fast version seeds?


    Northern Skunk fast version is a unique strain with no known alias. However, it's often described using its genetic breakdown of Skunk x Northern Lights instead of its actual name. It becomes even more confusing when people use abbreviations to describe the parent strains. Take a look at some of the common misspellings below.


    Spelling errors


    It's important to note that you need to spell the name precisely when searching for a specific cannabis seed variant. Some common misspellings of Northern Skunk fast version seeds include:


    - Skunk x Northern Lights x Ruderalis

    - Original Skunk x Northern Lights (aka NL or NL #5)

    - Northern Skunk #1 fast 


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