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Monkey OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Monkey OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Instantly stimulates a blissful state of mind.
  • 26% THC sparks cerebral euphoria and a snoozy body calm.
  • Thick smoke endorsed with banana
  • Everyone's going bananas for Monkey OG feminized seeds—from beginner growers and veteran breeders to recreational tokers and medical marijuana patients. This ultra-potent cultivar boasts a tremendous amount of THC and promises out-of-this-world effects that transform the state of your mind and body. Monkey OG feminized seeds are a breeze to grow and only need minimal care and a...Show more

    Monkey OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Monkey OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Everyone's going bananas for Monkey OG feminized seeds—from beginner growers and veteran breeders to recreational tokers and medical marijuana patients. This ultra-potent cultivar boasts a tremendous amount of THC and promises out-of-this-world effects that transform the state of your mind and body.


    Monkey OG feminized seeds are a breeze to grow and only need minimal care and attention to thrive. Regular foliage maintenance is a top priority with these bushy plants, along with adequate airflow and light exposure. Ready to go bananas with this high THC cannabis cultivar? Keep reading for the full scoop on feminized Monkey OG seeds.


    What are Monkey OG feminized cannabis seeds?


    Monkey OG is an indica-dominant hybrid with up to 26% THC. This highly sought-after member of the OG Kush family boasts top-grade genetics from two tropical delights: OG Banana and Banana Kush. Monkey OG is one of the strongest cannabis hybrids on the current market, making it ideal for seasoned users and those with high tolerance levels.


    Monkey OG fem seeds produce buds with fast-acting, hard-hitting mind and body effects. The first part of the trip delivers a pleasant blast of euphoria and cerebral bliss that leaves you happy, smiling, carefree, and a little creative. The next part of the journey largely depends on your tolerance level and dosage, resulting in either heavy limb-locking sensations or intense physical relaxation.


    The plants grown from fem Monkey OG seeds have a tropical aroma that’s impossible to dislike. It bears a pronounced banana scent with grassy, earthy, and herbal undertones. Igniting these buds releases a more musky and woody flavor with a distinctly old-school hash taste. The smoke is somewhat thick and harsh, so take shorter drags.


    Monkey OG feminized cannabis seeds grow into medium-sized plants with an average height of 3–5 feet. They produce sturdy lateral branches that effortlessly hold the weight of their chunky flowers. These nugs boast a neon green hue with bright orange pistils and a generous coating of sugary trichomes—ideal for making hash and concentrates.


    A fantastic calyx-to-leaf ratio makes trimming and pruning easier, essential for these bushy specimens. Monkey OG feminized seeds are easy to grow indoors and outside, producing fruitful results with basic cannabis care and setup optimization.


    If you’re a recreational breeder that’s only interested in high yields of smokable nugs, these feminized marijuana seeds are your solution to fuss-free cultivation. With a 99% chance of growing into all-female crops, you get more buds with fem Monkey OG seeds.


    What are the Monkey OG feminized effects?


    Monkey OG fem seeds grow into hybrid marijuana crops with about 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics. These potent buds contain 23–26% THC and 0.3% CBD, promising a hefty dose of physical effects along with a strong dose of psychedelic sensations.


    After a handful of puffs, the journey begins with a swift euphoric kick that leaves you blissfully happy and mentally energized. You may feel more creatively inclined, particularly with artistic pursuits like writing, painting, or drawing. 


    The physical part of the trip sets in rapidly, with the effects largely depending on your tolerance level and dosage. Inexperienced users with low tolerance levels should take it slow. The buds grown from fem Monkey OG seeds usually result in heavy couch-lock that makes it impossible to move around. Seasoned tokers with higher tolerance levels typically have slightly more mobility, although the sensations remain intensely relaxing and somewhat sedating.


    These powerful effects linger for around three hours. After that, you can look forward to a night of peaceful sleep that leaves you refreshed and revitalized. This indica-heavy cultivar is best suited to evening consumption. Pair it with lazy activities that allow you to unwind, destress, and forget about the day’s worries.


    Monkey OG feminized seeds produce potent buds with considerable levels of THC. If you smoke too much in a short time, you may encounter some unwanted reactions, like slight paranoia, dizziness, or anxiety. Always toke in moderation and wait a while before lighting up again. Keep common side effects like dry mouth and red eyes at bay by drinking water and using eye drops.


    What does Monkey OG feminized smell like?


    With two fruit-infused strains as parents, it’s no surprise the buds grown from Monkey OG fem seeds share the same banana-like scent as their ancestors. This delightful aroma is at the center of the bouquet, with undertones of grass, herbs, and earthiness in the background.


    Once you grind, roll, and light these nugs, a more musky flavor hits your palate. Expect a blend of hash, incense, earth, and tropical fruits. This cultivar produces a thick cloud of smoke with every exhale, so toke slowly to avoid coughing.


    How to germinate Monkey OG feminized seeds


    Germination is an essential part of the cultivation process that sets the tone for the rest of your cannabis plant’s life. As a result, it’s vital to pop your fem Monkey OG seeds the right way to ensure healthy, happy, and flourishing crops.


    Always start your cannabis seeds indoors to keep them safe from external influences like pests and rough weather conditions. Our Homegrown experts recommend following the paper towel method, which you can find in our germination guide. Aside from being cheap and user-friendly, this technique is super reliable and ensures taproot formation within five days.


    Gather the following things to germinate your Monkey OG feminized cannabis seeds:


    - A bowl of purified water

    - Two large plates

    - Some paper towel sheets

    - Tweezers

    - Your cannabis seeds


    Then, follow our easy step-by-step guide:


    - Wet one paper towel in a bowl of purified water, gently wring out the extra moisture, and spread it out evenly on top of a plate.

    - Use tweezers to set your fem Monkey OG seeds on top of the damp towel, ensuring there’s at least an inch of space between them. Avoid starting more than three seeds at a time.

    - Spray more water over your cannabis seeds, but don’t drown them. Soak up excess moisture with extra paper towels and lift the bottom to check for freestanding water.

    - Repeat step one with another paper towel and lay it over your marijuana seeds as a cover.

    - Grab another plate and flip it over to create a lid for your germination station.

    - Move your plates to a warm, dark, and secure area with plenty of humidity, like a spare cupboard. Check the moisture levels of your Monkey OG feminized seeds daily and mist water over them to prevent dryness.

    - A taproot will appear from each of your cannabis seeds over the next five days. Move them to an appropriate pot when the taproots are about a quarter-inch long.


    In the unlikely event of non-germination, you can take advantage of our germination guarantee and get a free replacement for any dud seeds. Remember to send us photo or video evidence that shows you following our recommended paper towel technique to process the claim faster.


    Monkey OG feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Due to their indica-dominant genetics, growing feminized Monkey OG seeds is a seamless and straightforward process. Beginners can confidently cultivate this popular hybrid, which only needs regular foliage maintenance paired with optimal light, temperature, water, and humidity levels to thrive. Plus, the versatile nature of these crops allows them to adapt to controlled setups and outdoor gardens.


    Monkey OG fem seeds produce compact plants that easily fit into tight indoor spaces. Without any training, they only reach a maximum height of five feet. Keep the lamps away from the upper foliage to prevent leaf burn and install high-intensity lights on either side to give every part of your plant adequate illumination.


    If you’d prefer to leverage the size of your indoor crops, consider using the Sea of Green training technique. Place 7–10 plants a foot apart to create a canopy of consistent crops and make the most of your small grow room.


    The plants grown from Monkey OG feminized seeds are thick and bushy, making them prone to mold and trapped moisture. As a result, it’s crucial to get the relative humidity, foliage maintenance, and temperature under control. Always keep your environment as dry as possible and maintain a temperature around 70–79℉.


    In an outdoor setting, these plants prefer Mediterranean-like climates with lots of warm sunshine and gentle winds. Plant your feminized Monkey OG seeds in pots to make it easier to move them inside when there’s too much rainfall.

    If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, expect harvest to roll around by October when more than half the trichomes are milky white. These plants flower for 8–10 weeks, delivering an average yield of 14 oz./m² indoors and 16 oz. per outdoor crop.


    What are the Monkey OG feminized strain genetics?


    The Monkey OG strain is the product of OG Banana x Banana Kush. Breeders encouraged the best female plants from each parent cultivar to pollinate, resulting in these feminized Monkey OG seeds.


    Here’s what these two fruity delights passed on to Monkey OG:


    - Banana Kush: This indica-leaning hybrid was created in the US and is a cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. It emits a strong banana-like flavor along with a mellow buzz and uplifting euphoria.


    - OG Banana: This indica-dominant cultivar comes straight from the USA and boasts OG Kush genetics. It delivers a ripe smell of bananas and offers plenty of physical benefits for medical marijuana patients.


    Wellness and Monkey OG feminized seeds


    Monkey OG fem seeds produce plants with sky-high levels of THC, making them an ideal option for medical marijuana patients. Many users claim this strain offers relief from various physical and mental conditions. Why not create your own oils and edibles from these resinous buds for a smoke-free alternative?


    This powerful cultivar is a popular choice among users seeking pain relief. The buds grown from fem Monkey OG seeds boast anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that could significantly reduce pain related to joint, muscle, neuropathic, or skin damage. It may also assist those with acute or chronic pain.


    The indica-laden qualities of this cultivar make it a go-to for people with insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Its psychedelic effects may radically alter the mental state of those with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Monkey OG feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Looking for more information about this popular marijuana strain? Check out our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Monkey OG feminized seeds below:


    Can I get other types of Monkey OG marijuana seeds?


    Most cultivars are available in one of three distinct variants: feminized, autoflower, or regular cannabis seeds. Each option has unique pros and cons, allowing growers to customize their cultivation experience to their specific preferences. Here’s a rundown of the different types of marijuana seeds:


    - Feminized seeds: These marijuana seeds are photoperiod and don’t contain any male chromosomes, which means they grow into female-only plants 99% of the time.


    - Autoflower seeds: These cannabis seeds are non-photoperiod and flower automatically at a predetermined age. Auto seeds can also be feminized.


    - Regular seeds: These marijuana seeds are photoperiod and naturally occur in the wild. They have a 50/50 chance of producing male or female crops.


    The Monkey OG strain is only available in the form of feminized seeds. Autoflower and regular variants are currently not on the market. Buy Monkey OG feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co and enjoy high-quality and stable genetics.


    Where can I get free Monkey OG feminized seeds?


    Our Homegrown store features plenty of promotional offers that reward you with free cannabis seeds. Choose from classic 420 strain deals, new cultivar discounts, 12 pack deals for $99, or our popular Buy One Get One Free offers. Get the following BOGO deals on selected cannabis cultivars:


    - 4 pack: Receive a total of 8 seeds from the strain of your choice

    - 8 pack: Receive a total of 16 seeds from the strain of your choice

    - 12 mix pack: Receive a total of 24 randomly chosen seeds from the current selection

    - 24 mix pack: Receive a total of 48 randomly chosen seeds from the current selection


    We frequently feature different cultivars in our BOGO section, so check back regularly to snatch up a fabulous promo on feminized Monkey OG seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Monkey OG feminized seeds?


    Growing these indica-laden plants is a walk in the park, both indoors and outside. Aside from regular maintenance like trimming and pruning, these cannabis crops only need basic care to reach their optimum potential.

    Indoor breeders can implement the Sea of Green training technique, but it’s not essential. Outdoor cultivators need to watch out for unfavorable weather conditions that attract mold, like excess rainfall.


    What is the Monkey OG feminized flower time?


    The crops grown from Monkey OG feminized seeds have a flowering time of 8–10 weeks. After that, expect to collect around 14 oz./m² indoors and up to 16 oz. per outdoor plant.


    How long do Monkey OG feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Monkey OG fem seeds typically pop in less than a week, but the exact time depends on how you start your marijuana seeds. Our recommended paper towel germination technique promises a visible taproot within five days, but most growers see results in 24 hours. 


    Don’t forget to take advantage of our germination guarantee if you happen to encounter a rare scenario of dud seeds that won’t start. We’ll happily send you a free replacement, but remember to send us photos or videos of the germination process to process your claim faster.


    How long does it take Monkey OG feminized from seeds to harvest?


    After germination, feminized Monkey OG seeds become harvest-ready within 6–8 months, but the precise time varies with each grower. Every part of your setup influences the life cycle period. Factors like specific plant training methods, the length of the vegging stage, and whether you optimize the temperature, light, water, and humidity levels. 


    Forcing your crops to flower earlier than usual by giving them less light is a popular way of shortening the vegging phase. Flip the light schedule when your plants are around 1–2 feet tall. Don’t try this technique if you’re still a beginner—it could backfire and leave your crops stressed.


    Grow medium: Monkey OG feminized hydro or soil?


    Like most marijuana strains, Monkey OG feminized seeds flourish in organic, aerated, and nutrient-rich soil. This growing medium significantly enhances the plants’ terpene profile, leading to more pronounced flavors and fragrances.


    A hydroponics setup is an excellent alternative to soil, but it’s more complicated to work with and comes with higher setup costs. If you have the necessary budget and experience, you can enjoy better nutrient feeding, faster growing times, and increased yields.


    What is the average Monkey OG feminized height?


    Feminized Monkey OG seeds produce medium-sized cannabis plants that stretch to about 3–5 feet. Thanks to their indica-heavy genetics, these compact crops boast thick and bushy foliage that ensures hefty bud production.


    Where can I find pictures of Monkey OG feminized marijuana?


    If you’re getting unreliable image results from online searches, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve got a wide range of Monkey OG pictures on this product page. Scroll up to find crystal-clear snaps of these ladies in various stages of life, including germinated seedlings, flowering buds, and freshly-cured nugs.


    Check out Monkey OG Feminized Homegrown Diaries and get acquainted with some of our customer’s own at-home grows. Peruse their weekly progress journal and inspect pictures of each cultivation stage to get some insight on what these fem Monkey OG seeds can do. When you’re done, why not start a diary of your own?


    Where is the best place to buy Monkey OG feminized seeds in the USA?


    Our Homegrown store is a one-stop shop for all your cannabis seed needs. Buy Monkey OG feminized seeds and choose from 4, 8, 12, and 24 pack variants with premium genetics that keep you coming back for more. Take advantage of these perks every time you shop with us:


    - A comprehensive selection of regular, autoflower, and feminized marijuana seeds

    - A germination guarantee with every purchase

    - A friendly, efficient, and responsive customer support team

    - Easy, secure, and convenient payment options

    - Discreet, safe, and fast deliveries

    - Exclusive promotions and discounts

    - Free educational resources on growing marijuana

    - Access to a free online community of like-minded cannabis growers, consumers, and enthusiasts that support your cultivation journey


    Are there any other names for Monkey OG feminized?


    No. Monkey OG is a uniquely named cultivar with no other monikers. Don’t get it mixed up with Grease Monkey, though—that’s an entirely separate strain. When searching for strains online, consider adding the words ‘cannabis’ or ‘seeds’ to your query for more specific results. Otherwise, the lone term Monkey OG might lead you to animal-related websites. Correct spelling is also essential, so avoid these common typos:


    Monky OGOG MonkeyMunkey OG


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