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Maxigom Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Maxigom Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Ease of transition from buzzy to calm.
  • 17% THC provides a clear-headed buzz joined by calming effects.
  • A smooth creamy smoke of citrus and earthy notes.
  • Maxigom autoflower is a balanced hybrid, perfect for recreational users looking for weed with a mild buzz. The resulting buds flaunt a delectable aroma and flavor, making it tough to resist another toke.  The strain is ideal for those who want an uplifting start to their day and a productivity boost. Expect to go about your daily tasks with a cheerful outlook.  Beginners can gr...Show more

    Maxigom Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    60 - 80
    Height indoor
    70 - 100
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Maxigom Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Maxigom autoflower is a balanced hybrid, perfect for recreational users looking for weed with a mild buzz. The resulting buds flaunt a delectable aroma and flavor, making it tough to resist another toke. 


    The strain is ideal for those who want an uplifting start to their day and a productivity boost. Expect to go about your daily tasks with a cheerful outlook. 


    Beginners can grow these autoflower seeds—they produce plants that thrive under most conditions and are resistant to pests and disease. Maxi Gom autoflower is rare due to its shorter life cycle of 10 to 12 weeks.


    Read on to explore the herb’s origins, traits, and the benefits it offers to both casual and medical marijuana patients. Find out where to get high-quality seeds and learn to germinate and grow them to maximize your yield of delicious buds. 


    What are Maxigom autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Growers refer to Maxigom autoflower as one of the first “super autoflower” cultivars because of its creation at the beginning of the era. It gets its genetics from two highly popular hybrids—the indica-dominant auto Critical Mass and the Sativa-dominant auto AK-47. 


    Maxigom autoflower’s average 10% THC level and the perfect blend of indica and sativa effects offer users a mild psychoactive toking experience. Those seeking therapeutic benefits can potentially find relief for psychological and mild physical ailments.


    Maxi Gom autoflower is unique because it goes against the common perception that auto strains are less potent, fragrant, and flavorful. Its buds offer users a tasty and aromatic session, accompanied by a gentle euphoria.


    New growers can cultivate Maxigom autoflower cannabis seeds as the ruderalis genetics allow the plants to thrive in most climates. They’re easy to manage and don’t grow taller than 3.5 feet, although supporting their branches, weighed down by dense colas, is an advantage. 


    You don’t have to wait long to reap your bountiful reward as it only takes 10–11 weeks from seed to harvest. As Maxi Gom autoflower plants flourish in any environment, it’s possible to grow them all year round, allowing for multiple harvests. 


    Before we discuss each aspect of the strain, here’s a summary of its attributes:


    - Type: Hybrid

    - THC: 14–17%

    - CBD: 1%

    - Top reported effects: Relaxing, energizing, uplifting 

    - Top reported flavors: Citrusy, earthy

    - Dominant terpene: Limonene

    - Flowering time: 8–9 weeks

    - Difficulty: Beginner

    - Yield: Indoors 18 oz./m2, outdoors 4 oz. per plant


    What are the Maxigom autoflower seeds’ effects?


    Auto Maxigom is a well-balanced hybrid that brings users a gentle euphoric buzz that subtly leads to sheer bliss. The strain’s psychoactive hit is mild, much like its parent, AK-47. You won’t feel overwhelmed when you consume it in moderation.


    Maxigom autoflower buds are ideal for daytime use as they clear your mind and uplift your spirit, leaving you feeling happy and cheerful. The effects won’t hinder you from going about your daily activities.


    You barely notice the indica sensation setting in as there’s no sudden kick. The transition from a cerebral buzz to a physical relaxation is subtle. 


    Maxi Gom autoflower doesn’t make you feel lazy or lethargic, so don’t worry about being couch-locked. Instead, you experience a pleasant sense of calm and well-being for a couple of hours, allowing you to be productive.


    The fruity aroma and delicious taste may entice you to have another toke, but we suggest consuming Maxi Gom autoflower moderately. Start low and work yourself up to higher doses when you’re accustomed to its effects.


    If you experience dry, irritated eyes or cottonmouth, that’s normal when using weed. Drinking lots of water and applying eye drops if necessary bring quick relief.


    What does the Maxigom autoflower smell like?


    Breaking apart the buds of Maxi Gom autoflower fills your nose with a unique aroma—a blend of pineapple, mango, and anise. The alluring scent makes it irresistible to light one up.


    The fragrance transfers to the taste, offering users who love fruity tokes a mild mix of the same flavors. Dry and cure the buds properly after harvest, and you get a smooth smoke that doesn’t irritate your throat. When you exhale, expect a trail of anise and flowers to linger.


    How to germinate Maxigom autoflower seeds


    Give your crops an excellent start in their life cycle by germinating your Maxi Gom autoflower cannabis seeds before planting them. During this vital process, your seeds sprout taproots, forming a strong structure for their development.


    We’ve prepared a germination guide to assist you with the important procedure, including a pictorial section and an instructional video. 


    Buy Maxigom autoflower seeds from us and take advantage of our germination guarantee. If you follow the steps in our guide and any seeds don’t pop, you get free replacements. Send us the video and pictures of your process to qualify.


    Although there are many germination techniques, our paper towel method is proven to deliver results within five days. You may see taproots in as little as 24 hours.


    Gather the following items to begin:


    - Your Maxigom autoflower cannabis seeds

    - Two sheets of paper towels

    - Two dinner plates

    - Distilled water

    - A pair of tweezers

    - A spray bottle 


    Then, follow these steps:


    - Spray one of the paper towels to moisten it, being careful not to soak it. Too much water can cause your marijuana seeds to rot. Squeeze out any excess liquid. 


    - Place the damp towel on a dinner plate. Use the tweezers to arrange your Maxi Gom autoflower cannabis seeds about an inch apart.


    - Repeat the first step for the second paper towel and use it to cover the marijuana seeds. Ensure they’re not wet before covering them with the other dinner plate.


    - Store the cannabis seeds somewhere dry and dark, like in a drawer or cupboard.


    - Inspect your Maxigom autoflower seeds and paper towels daily to ensure they don’t dry out. If necessary, spray more water to dampen them.


    - When you see taproots, remove the seedlings and transplant them. Handle them delicately, so you don’t damage their fragile roots.


    All your Maxi Gom autoflower marijuana seeds should pop within five days when using our method. If any doesn’t sprout taproots past that time, get in touch with us. Provide us with your video and images to get your free replacement seeds.


    Maxigom autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Maxigom autoflower seeds are easy to grow, making them ideal for beginners. The ruderalis properties make the plants hardy, being able to withstand different temperatures. They thrive in almost any environment except extreme cold.


    As crops are resilient to pests and disease, they adapt well to outdoor gardens. The plants don’t grow very tall, reaching only up to 3.25 ft, making them suitable for indoor cultivation.


    Although they’re relatively easy to care for, Maxi Gom autoflower crops have branches that extend sideways, filled with thick foliage and dense colas. Providing support for the stems helps them avoid breaking under the weight of the juicy buds. 


    The strain flourishes in soil and hydroponic setups, but we recommend the latter as it accelerates the herb’s growth and produces a bigger yield. It’s more expensive to install a hydro system, but the rewards outweigh the costs.


    Cultivating Maxigom autoflower in hydro allows your plants to access nutrients without a strong root structure as the fertilizer is fed directly to them. 


    If you prefer the traditional way, use organic soil, as it boosts the strain’s terpenes, resulting in better smelling buds.


    Whichever medium you choose, when growing Maxigom autoflower indoors, make sure the following conditions are optimal: 


    - Temperature: 70 to 79°F.

    - Humidity level: 40 to 50% during the flowering stage. Lower it by 10% before harvesting. 

    - pH level: For hydro, 5.5–6.5 and soil, 6.0–7.0.


    Exercise caution when feeding your plants. Nutrients are essential, but excessive amounts can harm your crops.


    Maxi Gom autoflower is a high-yielding strain, so given proper growing conditions and care, expect a bountiful harvest of 18 oz./m2 indoors. Outdoor plants produce an impressive 4 oz. of buds per plant.


    What are the Maxigom autoflower strain genetics?


    Maxigom autoflower is the offspring of the auto versions of two renowned cultivars—Auto Critical Mass and Auto Ak47. Combining the indica and sativa traits of the former and the latter, respectively, results in a well-balanced hybrid.


    Maxigom autoflower gets its sweet flavors from both parents that make it irresistible to tokers. It inherits the euphoria and creative energy boost from Auto Critical Mass. Auto AK-47 is responsible for the uplifted mood and body relaxing sensations.


    Plants from Maxigom autoflower get their small stature from the genetics of the two cultivars, which don’t grow taller than 4.5 feet. The ruderalis properties give the herb its high tolerance to varying climate conditions and resistance to pests and disease.


    Wellness and Maxigom autoflower seeds


    Many users claim that buds from auto Maxigom marijuana seeds bring relief to people with ailments. While there isn’t medical evidence to support the reports, the herb’s uplifting buzz and blissful feelings can potentially ease stress and anxiety. 


    The strain also helps to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts, filling users with positivity. Consuming Maxi Gom autoflower in the daytime boosts productivity, helping people get lots done that usually bog their minds. 


    A cheerful disposition can go a long way to making users feel happy facing their challenges. It’s a great strain to help you unwind as you feel a gentle sense of well-being.


    While some medical users have stories about the strain alleviating pain, it’s likely that the indica effects only potentially provide mild relief. 


    Many people turn to weed like Maxigom autoflower because it's natural and has no known side effects. More clinical research is necessary before the medical profession accepts cannabis as medicine, so be cautious about replacing your prescription meds with it.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Maxigom autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    For more information on Maxigom autoflower seeds, review our experts’ answers to the following frequently asked questions. If you have further queries, contact our support team.


    What are regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?


    There are three main types of cannabis seeds. We outline the details of each below:


    - Regular seeds are natural with no genetic modification, meaning there’s a 50:50 chance of producing plants of both genders. Breeders use this type of marijuana seeds to generate new ones or create hybrids.


    - Autoflower seeds like Maxi Gom autoflower are generally easier to cultivate, producing smaller plants. They’re excellent for beginners as they flower naturally and offer quicker yields than feminized ones. Most auto strains are more resistant to pests and fungi and changes in temperature as they have genetics from a ruderalis cultivar.


    - Feminized seeds don’t have male chromosomes, offering growers a fuss-free experience without needing to segregate the genders. These cannabis seeds are favorites of cultivators who only want smokable buds.


    Where can I get free cannabis Maxigom autoflower seeds?


    Few seed banks offer free marijuana seeds, but you can get complimentary Maxigom autoflower seeds here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. 


    Visit our website and check out our cheap weed seeds page for regular Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals. When Maxi Gom autoflower seeds are on offer for a limited time, you get a free pack of cannabis seeds for every one you buy. 


    Here’s how the super promo works:


    - 4-pack offer: Buy four Maxi Gom autoflower seeds and get four free seeds of the same strain

    - 8-pack deal: Eight seeds plus another eight free seeds

    - 12-pack special: 12 seeds and another 12 free seeds


    Can a beginner grow Maxigom autoflower?


    Yes, Maxigom autoflower marijuana seeds are beginner-friendly for the following reasons:


    - Plants are resistant to fungi and pests.

    - Crops can thrive in different climates if they’re not too cold.

    - The strain transitions into the flowering phase naturally without human interference.

    - Smaller plants are easier to manage.

    - They produce quicker harvests.


    What is the Maxigom autoflower flower time?


    Plants from auto Maxigom cannabis seeds bloom for roughly 8–9 weeks. They begin flowering when they reach maturity, so you don’t have to adjust light schedules.


    Due to their ruderalis genetics, the strain flourishes in most climates, allowing you to grow them throughout the year.


    How long do Maxigom autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    The time for marijuana seeds to sprout taproots varies, but you should see results within one to five days following our germination guide. 


    We’ll replace any Maxigom autoflower seed that doesn’t pop during that period. To qualify for our guarantee, send us your video and images of the process. 


    How long does it take Maxigom autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    Maxi Gom autoflower seeds have a short life cycle of up to 12 weeks, so you don’t have to wait long for smokable nugs. Three weeks into its growth, including the germination phase, the plants automatically switch to the bud-producing phase, which takes 8–9 weeks.


    To get buds with a smooth taste, properly dry and cure them for 2–3 weeks after harvesting. This process improves the quality of the nugs.


    Grow medium: Maxigom autoflower hydro or soil?


    Whether to grow Maxigom autoflower seeds in hydroponics or soil is a matter of preference as they thrive in both mediums. The former works well with autos.


    Implementing hydro systems may be costly, but they provide nutrients directly to the plants without them needing massive roots or using extra energy. Crops develop much faster and bigger. Be careful not to overfeed them to prevent “nute burn.”


    Cultivating Maxi Gom autoflower seeds in organic soil is an alternative many growers choose because it improves the terpenes that boost bud aroma.


    Monitor and maintain optimal pH levels in both mediums—6.0–7.0 and 5.5–6.5 for soil and hydro, respectively.


    What is the average Maxigom autoflower height?


    Maxi Gom autoflower seeds are ideal for indoor gardens as they’re small and usually grow no taller than 3.25 feet. Plants have short leaves and produce heavy buds. It’s advisable to support their branches, so they don’t break from the weight of the colas.


    When grown in small spaces, applying low- or high-stress methods stimulates accelerated growth and increases yields by improving airflow and reducing humidity.


    Where can I find pictures of Maxigom autoflower marijuana?


    If you want more pictures of plants and buds from Maxigom autoflower seeds than on this page, visit Maxigom Autoflower Homegrown Diaries. 


    The site is where other cultivators of the strain document their progress and post plenty of pics and videos of their journey. We encourage you to start your own diary and share your experience with fellow growers.


    Where is the best place to buy Maxigom autoflower seeds in the USA?


    The best place to buy Maxigom autoflower seeds online is from established vendors like Homegrown Cannabis Co. We guarantee customer satisfaction with over 20 years of providing cultivators with quality marijuana seeds.


    Here are other benefits we offer buyers:


    - Our seed collection has more than 500 phenotypes, including many hard-to-find seeds.

    - We provide free seed replacements under our germination guarantee if they don’t sprout.

    - Get complimentary Maxi Gom autoflower and other seeds when they’re on offer during our regular promos.

    - Our encrypted online purchasing system safeguards your private and financial information.

    - We offer payment convenience through popular options like credit cards and cryptocurrency.

    - Enjoy fast and discreet delivery to your home.


    Customers and non-buyers have access to our extensive online resource of growing marijuana articles by experts, including tips and experiences from other gardeners.


    Are there any other names for Maxigom autoflower?


    When looking for Maxigom autoflower seeds, you’re also likely to find websites that refer to it as Maxi Gom or Maxi GOM.


    Spelling errors


    Be extra careful when spelling the name during searches:


    - Avoid typos, such as “Mazigom” or “Maxigon,” as they might lead to strange results.

    - It’s also important to use “autoflower” and not “autos,” as you may have suggestions from other websites. 


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Maxigom autoflower pics and any Maxigom autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Maxigom autoflower images, those crystals drive us wild!


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