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Matanuska Tundra Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Matanuska Tundra Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Lose the tension in the euphoric valley of bliss.
  • 16% THC for happy
  • Subtle notes of earth and woody pine.
  • Matanuska Tundra seeds give you a chance to grow this Alaskan marvel at home. Matanuska Tundra is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid cultivar with a mysterious background. Found growing in the Alaskan foothills, this is an incredibly hardy and resilient strain at home in adverse conditions. It’s perfect for beginners or novice growers, and its manageable size is ideal for space-l...Show more

    Matanuska Tundra Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 375
    Max Yield outdoor
    400 - 500
    Height indoor
    50 - 75
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Stomach ache
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Matanuska Tundra Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Matanuska Tundra seeds give you a chance to grow this Alaskan marvel at home. Matanuska Tundra is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid cultivar with a mysterious background. Found growing in the Alaskan foothills, this is an incredibly hardy and resilient strain at home in adverse conditions. It’s perfect for beginners or novice growers, and its manageable size is ideal for space-limited growers.


    Matanuska Tundra seeds develop into compact, sturdy plants reaching 1.5–2.5 feet. This bushy little strain produces generous yields given its smaller size, but its flowering time is on the longer side. These Matanuska Tundra seeds come from our feminized seeds range, meaning you’re virtually guaranteed a crop of bud-bearing females.

    Cannabis grown with Matanuska Tundra fem seeds delivers a well-balanced set of cerebral and physical effects. Expect a dose of stress-melting euphoria followed by a supremely relaxing body buzz. The physical effects become progressively more sedative, so it’s probably best to enjoy Matanuska Tundra in the evenings or nighttime.


    Keep reading to learn about the strain’s effects, medicinal applications, flavor, and fragrance. You’ll also find advice and tips for growing feminized Matanuska Tundra seeds from germination to harvest, indoors or out.


    What are Matanuska Tundra feminized cannabis seeds?


    On top of containing strong, proven genetics and high viability rates, our Matanuska Tundra seeds are feminized. These variants of cannabis seeds contain only female chromosomes, so plants grown from them develop into females 99% of the time.


    For a brief overview, check out the important stats below to understand what you’ll get from growing Matanuska Tundra fem seeds.


    - Strain Name: Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds

    - Phenotype: Hybrid

    - Genetic Background: Unknown

    - THC: 13–16%

    - CBD: 0–2%

    - Flowering Time: 8–10 weeks

    - Effects: Euphoric, calming, sedative

    - Medical applications: Tension, migraines, anxiety

    - Flavor / Aroma: Earthy, pine, floral

    - Dominant terpenes: Alpha-pinene, myrcene, humulene

    - Indoor yield: 12.5–14 oz. per m²

    - Outdoor yield: 14 oz. per plant

    - Height: 1.5–2.5 feet

    - Grow Difficulty: Beginner


    What are Matanuska Tundra feminized effects?


    Growing Matanuska Tundra seeds rewards you with a stash of potent, long-lasting cannabis. Don’t let its seemingly low amount of THC fool you; this is a powerful smoke that satisfies most tolerance levels with ease.


    The initial sativa effects of cannabis grown from feminized Matanuska Tundra seeds take some time to truly kick in. A growing sense of ease is the first sign, with a blossoming sense of euphoria and unbridled energy following. The tightly-packed, frosty buds make you feel on top of the world, with the confidence and energy to back it up.


    The endlessly positive cerebral buzz is perfect when paired with social events or chilling with friends. The boost of energy imparted and improved mental clarity gets artistic users’ creative juices flowing and provides a dose of inspiration.


    After an hour or two, the strain’s physical effects become more apparent. Soothing waves of relaxation seek out knots and tension in your body and massage them out of existence. The calming effects leave you completely at ease in a cocoon of tranquility.


    Consuming large quantities of cannabis grown from Matanuska Tundra seeds compounds its effects, especially the physical. Most smokers are left pretty incapacitated at higher levels, but its deliciously narcotic buzz means complaints are rare among those still awake.


    Matanuska Tundra seeds produce cannabis containing 13–16% THC and 0–2% CBD. THC levels are manageable enough for newcomers to enjoy this strain in moderation but should consider its cumulative properties. Veterans who feel levels are a little low are free to up their dose but should test the waters first, as this is a surprisingly potent cultivar.


    Higher doses may result in some minor, manageable side effects. Slight dizzy spells, anxiety, or mild paranoia are possible if you overdo it. Take a break if you feel you’ve reached your limit, and any unpleasant effects quickly pass. Dry, red eyes and cottonmouth are pretty common, too; take care of both by drinking plenty of water.


    What does Matanuska Tundra feminized smell like?


    Once the plants sprouted from your fem Matanuska Tundra seeds start flowering, terpene production ramps up quickly. Soon this strain’s appealing fragrance fills the air with its scent derived from the terpenes alpha-pinene, myrcene, terpineol, and humulene.


    This mix of terpenes gives fresh Matanuska Tundra flowers an earthy, floral fragrance with hints of sweetness. If you’re a fan of Kush cultivars, you’ll be familiar with its dank yet fresh aroma.


    Dried Matanuska Tundra buds develop a more complex fragrance as they cure. The overwhelming impression is still pleasant; one of freshly-turned earth and lilac flowers. Breaking apart the frosty nugs releases a cool pine needle vapor and a hint of aromatic sandalwood.


    Light up, and the room fills with thick, floral, earthy smoke. Redolent pine notes and sandalwood incense balance out the sophisticated bouquet of smells. Inhale the silvery smoke and prepare for a delicious surprise. 


    Beneath the expected earthiness and pine and floral flavors lies a subtle but distinct chocolate kick that delights the taste-buds. Exhaling leaves behind a pleasant woody, chocolatey aftertaste.


    How to germinate Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds


    Germination is the first step of your growing journey. Our fem Matanuska Tundra seeds are highly viable and premium quality, so we’re confident this process will be a breeze. If your Matanuska Tundra seeds don’t sprout, we’ll replace them free of charge under our germination guarantee.


    There are just two conditions to our guarantee. First, follow our simple germination guide here on this page. Second, use your phone to capture pictures or videos of each step. Then contact our service team in the unlikely event that a seed doesn’t sprout.


    Get your Matanuska Tundra seeds ready before getting started. You’ll need some purified water, two paper towels, and two plates. When you’ve gathered what you need, follow the steps below:


    - Use purified water to wet two paper towels. Wring out gently, leaving them moderately damp but not soaking wet.


    - Place a damp towel on a plate, and put your Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds on the towel. Leave an inch of room between each cannabis seed. Cover them with a second towel, and use the second plate as a lid for everything.


    - Find a dark, warm drawer or cupboard to store the germinating marijuana seeds. Look in on your setup every 12 hours for signs of progress. Ensure the towels never dry out for as long as the cannabis seeds germinate.


    - You may see some of your Matanuska Tundra seeds open in as little as 24 hours, but they might take up to 120 hours. When a marijuana seed pops open, move it into its starting pot, planting it with its taproot facing down.


    Our germination guide page is filled with pics and videos, so check it out if you’d like to see what each step looks like.


    Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds grow guide


    Given this strain originates in Alaska, it's no surprise that Matanuska Tundra seeds thrive in all manner of conditions. They flourish in indoor setups, and outdoor growers in the Northern Hemisphere should have no issues raising a healthy crop. Plants are small, sturdy, and bushy, requiring a low amount of plant management.


    Sow feminized Matanuska Tundra seeds in organic soil, and the resulting cannabis gains an improved fragrance and flavor, thanks to an enriched terpene profile. Hydroponic systems cost more and require more maintenance but boost vegetative growth and increase your yields.


    Making room for your Matanuska Tundra seeds inside shouldn’t present a problem, and cropping or topping is entirely unnecessary given their size. Experienced growers achieve excellent results using Sea-of-Green setups, as this strain’s size is perfect for this technique. You’ll get more plants per m2, in turn delivering higher yields per harvest.


    Maintain temperature at around 70–80°F and relative humidity at 50–60% throughout vegetative growth. Once flowering begins, reduce humidity to 40–50% and drop the temperature by 5–10°F. Prune off any large fan leaves to ensure adequate airflow and light penetration. For the final two weeks of flowering, reduce humidity by another 10%. 


    After 8–10 weeks of vegetating, you can expect another five weeks of flowering. Your crop of cannabis grown from Matanuska Tundra seeds should yield around 12.5–14 oz. /m².


    Plants grown outdoors from Matanuska fem seeds fare better in cooler environments than many other strains, which is good news for growers further north. For the best results, a warm, balmy climate with lots of sun is ideal. Keep plants well pruned and out of the rain if possible.


    If you’re sowing fem Matanuska Tundra seeds in the Northern Hemisphere, aim to harvest in October. As indoors, expect your plants to spend 8–10 weeks in vegetation and another 5 in flowering. Once mature and ready to harvest, each plant yields up to 14 oz. of cannabis in optimal conditions.


    What are Matanuska Tundra feminized strain genetics?


    The genetic background of Matanuska Tundra seeds remains unknown. The story goes that it was discovered growing wild in Alaska, but its hybrid nature means it can’t be a landrace cultivar.


    One of the more plausible theories on this strain’s origins is that it’s a cross between a Californian sativa/ruderalis hybrid and Afghani Kush. While we can’t confirm this theory, it holds some credence.


    Cannabis grown from Matanuska Tundra fem seeds exhibits a few characteristics that track with the speculation. First off, it’s remarkably short, a telltale sign of ruderalis genetics. Secondly, it possesses potent mental properties, suggesting the involvement of sativa genes. Finally, this is an extremely resinous strain, a trademark feature of Afghani Kush, the last proposed parent of Matanuska Tundra seeds.


    Whether or not the speculation is correct, the fact remains that feminized Matanuska Tundra seeds contain a superior set of premium genetics. Plants are tough, display many desirable growth characteristics, and are easy to grow virtually anywhere by growers of all skill levels.


    Wellness and Matanuska Tundra feminized


    Cannabis grown with Matanuska Tundra fem seeds offers medicinal users a range of potential benefits. Unlike purely medicinal, CBD-heavy strains, Matanuska Tundra isn’t entirely focused on physical relief. If you’re fine with a little cross-over between recreational and medicinal use, you may find this strain beneficial in aiding various issues.


    The creeping cerebral effects of cannabis grown with Matanuska Tundra seeds provide users with a steadily growing feeling of mental well-being and happiness. At the same time, it clears the mind, aids concentration, and boosts energy. These positive mental effects may help clear the gloom from your mind and put some pep in your step.


    Some users also reported that smoking Matanuska Tundra helped ease their anxiety and gave them the confidence to socialize freely. The cheerful sativa effects of this strain never get too psychoactive, leaving you feeling cheery but clear-headed.


    The intense relaxing physical properties of Matanuska Kush possess great analgesic potential. Moderate amounts may help treat pain, ease tension, and soothe cramps. Thanks to its tranquilizing qualities, it’s possibly a good choice for treating hyperactivity or nervousness.


    Cannabis grown from Matanuska Tundra seeds delivers more sedative effects as time progresses. Relaxation reaches its peak, and you’ll likely find any minor aches or pains are a distant memory. A few Matanuska Kush bowls should help you get a good night’s sleep if you've been staying up counting sheep lately.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Keep reading for some quickfire answers to common questions on growing Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds below.


    Where can I get free Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds?


    Take a look at our cheap cannabis seeds page. Here you’ll find more than reduced-price cannabis seeds. We run an endless buy-one-get-one offer with a regularly changing selection of marijuana seeds available. Check in frequently, and you might find fem Matanuska Tundra seeds in our BOGO.


    Can a beginner grow Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds?


    This is a great strain for beginners. Our fem Matanuska Tundra seeds are super resilient and incredibly hardy. Plants bounce back easily from any minor growing errors, and their diminutive height makes them easy to manage.


    What is Matanuska Tundra feminized flower time?


    You’ll need to wait 8–10 weeks for plants grown from Matanuska Tundra fem seeds to begin flowering. Give it another five weeks before you harvest. Avoid harvesting early to ensure your buds get as big and frosty as possible. Use a jeweler’s loupe to identify the best time to harvest. When around 50% of your trichomes turn a cloudy, milky color, start harvesting.


    How long do Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Your feminized Matanuska Tundra seeds should germinate in 1–5 days. Our cannabis seeds are all top-quality, possess high viability rates, and are covered under our germination guarantee. Follow our germination guide above, and you shouldn’t have any problems.


    How long does it take Matanuska Tundra feminized from seeds to harvest?


    It takes approximately 17–19 weeks for feminized Matanuska Tundra seeds to grow and mature into ripe cannabis. Keep in mind that your results may vary according to your setup, vegetative period, and photoperiod length.


    This estimate is based on the following timeline. Allow a week for your Matanuska fem seeds to germinate and three weeks to complete the seedling phase and settle into vegetative growth. The vegetative stage may be shortened or extended indoors, but most growers allow 8–10 weeks. Finally, flowering takes another five weeks, giving us a total of 17–19 weeks.


    Grow medium: Matanuska Tundra feminized hydro or soil?


    Grow Matanuska Tundra seeds in any medium, and they’ll thrive with some care. Hydroponics allows fine nutrient control, enhanced vegetative growth, and larger yields. Thanks to an enhanced terpene profile, a simple soil setup produces particularly tasty cannabis.


    What is the average Matanuska Tundra feminized height?


    Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds produce adorably small plants around 1.5–2.5 feet tall. Their compact size makes accommodating and caring for these plants almost effortless.


    Where can I find pictures of Matanuska Tundra feminized marijuana?


    You’ll find many more in our Matanuska Tundra Feminized Homegrown Diaries, along with the pictures here. If you’re looking for info or growing tips, our Homegrown Diaries are all user-created and give you an unfiltered look at what to expect from any particular cultivar.


    Don’t forget to start your own grow diary once you’ve got your Matanuska Tundra seeds. It is a cool way to remember your cultivation experience, and it’s also massively helpful to other prospective growers.


    Where is the best place to buy Matanuska Tundra feminized seeds in the USA?


    These Matanuska Tundra seeds are for sale only at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our marijuana seeds contain proven genetics to give you the best growing experience with every seed.


    Buy your Matanuska Tundra seeds from us, and we’ll get them packed discreetly and swiftly shipped out to your mailbox. Have questions about the ordering process? No worries, contact our customer service team, and they’ll be delighted to answer your queries and help out however they can.


    Do you stock other Matanuska Tundra seed variants?


    We try to stock feminized, regular, and autoflower seed variants for our strains whenever we can. Feminized Matanuska seeds are the only variant available currently.


    Feminized cannabis seeds like these Matanuska Tundra seeds don’t have any male chromosomes, so they develop into females 99.9% of the time. An all-female crop of cannabis gives you the best return on your investment with every plant producing buds. They also eliminate the stress and hassle of checking your developing plants for pollen sacs.


    Unlike feminized seeds, regular marijuana seeds have not been altered in any way. Their full set of chromosomes means they have equal chances of developing into male or female plants. Male plants won’t produce any smokable buds but are essential if you’re interested in breeding.


    If you’ve got some experience under your belt and fancy a low-maintenance, year-round growing option, consider autoflower marijuana seeds. Plants grown from auto seeds are compact, manageable, and usually faster to flower than other variants. The “auto” refers to the fact that these cannabis seeds begin flowering after a few weeks of vegetative growth regardless of photoperiod.


    Are there any other names for Matanuska Tundra feminized?


    Matanuska Tundra has some pretty creative nicknames. It’s sometimes known as Alaskan Thunderfuck or ATF for short, and also Matanuska Thunderfuck.


    Spelling errors


    As you’d expect, mistakes made when searching for this strain are pretty common. Its tricky spelling leads to frequent misspellings like Mantatuska Tundra, Manatuksa Tundra, and Matanushka Tundra. Luckily, search engines are pretty good at predicting what you’re actually looking for, so you shouldn’t have too many problems. Using its other names may also be helpful when searching.


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