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Mango Kush Regular

Mango Kush Regular

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  • Indica Dominant
  • Fruity Flavours
  • High THC
  • Wanting to go on a trip to the tropics but there's just no time or funds to do so? Well, with Mango Kush's sweet fruity scent and taste, a paradise getaway is just a hit away. On top of that, users get to savor a moderate buzz with an uplifted mood and a relaxed body. Indeed, this marijuana is an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Recreational and medical users al...Show more

    Mango Kush Regular profile

    THC Level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Height indoor
    120 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Mango Kush Regular

    Wanting to go on a trip to the tropics but there's just no time or funds to do so? Well, with Mango Kush's sweet fruity scent and taste, a paradise getaway is just a hit away. On top of that, users get to savor a moderate buzz with an uplifted mood and a relaxed body. Indeed, this marijuana is an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Recreational and medical users alike love the momentary tasty freedom it grants.

    Such a lovely strain can only come from an equally delightful pedigree. The pot's popular fragrance and flavor are from Mango, a delicious half-and-half variant. Its euphoric kick that can leave one giggling with happiness is also from this parent. Meanwhile, its ability to calm and give a subtle couch-lock is from Hindy Kush. The pure Indica herb also gifted its sweet and earthy sandalwood taste that made the hybrid even more fascinating.

    The regular Mango Kush seeds from Homegrown Cannabis are just as exciting to grow. Uncomplicated to grow and resilient to diseases, even beginners enjoy cultivating the beauty. Why buy buds when growing a humongous stash is so simple?

    Growing Mango Kush from Regular Seeds

    Cultivating Mango Kush is easy and undemanding. Even novice growers will have no problem catering to its needs and making it blossom. As the plant only grows between 120 and 150 cm, space is also never a problem. It can fit in a small grow cabinet or tent.

    The most satisfying part in growing this variant is watching it prosper into a fluffy beauty. Like a genuine Indica, it has several branches thickly covered by broad fan-like leaves. All sturdy enough to hold up its large colas, the shrub won't need any support. Appropriate trimming and pruning, though, are a must for better airflow and to keep it in shape.

    The true megastar of every cannabis is its buds, and this variant has really nice ones. Longer than usual and very dense, it is mostly green with tints of purple. A vision no doubt, its abundant amount of trichomes turn each apex into a winter vision. 

    In an indoor setting, using soil or hydro with a Sea of Green setup will allow the beauty to flourish the most. Such arrangement helps boost its yield even in small spaces. Flowering time is quite long for an Indica-leaning plant at 9 to 11 weeks. All the wait is worth it, though, as it rewards patient growers with up to 400 grams of sweet buds per square meter.

    Outdoors, the herb prefers a warm and dry weather with lots of sunlight. Having said that, it can also handle the not so snug summer of the northern hemisphere. Growers from that region must harvest around mid-October. This is to avoid the chilly winds of the coming winter from harming the buds. Should no injury befall the plants, each one can give up to 500 grams of tasty crops.

    Fragrance and Flavor

    Mango Kush has a fragrance that can capture anyone's attention. It's one of the best smelling strains ever bred and its scent can fill up a room with fruity and earthy goodness. The herb possesses a strong mango aroma with hints of banana, pine, and a bouquet of flowers. 

    The sublime perfume lingers in the air for a while as if inviting people to take a hit.

    The hybrid is an instant bestseller with tokers not only because of its fragrance but also for its flavor. As expected, the pot has a dominant mango and tropic fruits taste. With hints of pine and sandalwood, the bud isn't just all about sweetness. This unique profile welcomes users to what is about to become an incredible high. 


    Mango Kush is an easy-going hybrid with a blissful and calming high. It is the toke for users who want to wash away stress with happy thoughts and relaxation after a long, hard day at work. Euphoria will envelop them almost immediately. The exciting and elating mental activities will also cause uncontrollable fits of giggles.

    A small toke or two will induce physical tranquility that permits mobility. The weed is great for chatting away the night over some delicious dinner or a good movie with loved-ones. Also perfect for some socialization, being a wallflower is not an option with Mango Kush.

    Still an Indica-leaning variety, going for large doses will leave one couch-locked. A delightful cerebral massage will accompany the vegged out tokers. The one to two hours of reposing and catering to the munchies devouring call will pass swiftly. Eventually, the ganja's sleeping spell will take effect. Unbreakable even by true love's kiss, only the next day's bright morning sky can cut off the slumber.


    A pretty popular joint altogether, Mango Kush is also a hit in the medical cannabis community. The hybrid can provide relief from the symptoms of several ailments. Furthermore, its effects act fast and last long. 

    The joint's ability to induce happiness benefits people who need a momentary break from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic stress. These conditions are real downers. Mango Kush's buzz, though, gives users a temporary escape from their symptoms.

    Many patients also use the herb to ease nausea, prevent vomiting, and boost their appetite. With its munchies offshoot, eating becomes enjoyable again. It is the succor of individuals with eating disorders and cancer patients struggling with the side effects of chemotherapy. 

    A powerful muscle relaxant, the pot also has capable analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The agony caused by migraines, joint pains, and muscle spasms temporarily vanish. Additionally, the alleviation and relaxation also lead to a good night's slumber. Even Insomnia can't fight off the drowse, and the sleepless will happily succumb to sleep.

    As with all other strains, excessive use of Mango Kush may cause adverse reactions. To avoid any discomforts, going for small doses and keeping the pace slow should do the trick. Red and dry eyes and cottonmouth are the most common side effects. Also, easily triggered by dehydration, drinking plenty of fluids is essential.

    Although infrequent, a few may also experience slight dizziness and mild headaches. Even rarer are incidents of paranoia. Most susceptible to such concerning offshoots are newbies and THC sensitive users. Knowing restraint and one's ceiling are important. With such a pleasing to the nostrils and palate weed, it's easy to go overboard with the dosage.

    Regular Mango Kush Seeds

    With its sweet fruity scent and equally delicious kushy, tropical fruit flavor, Mango Kush assures a satisfying toking experience. Its uplifting and calming effects make it a favorite among leisure and medical users. Growers who want to add this to their collection can do so with its regular Homegrown Cannabis seeds. Resilient, sturdy, and low-maintenance, it's a joy to growers of all experience levels.