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Mamba Negra Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mamba Negra Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Like you're walking on cloud 9
  • Sink into your couch and enjoy a lazy pasttime - 18% THC
  • Apple
  • Mamba Negra seeds are a cross between Critical Mass and Skunk. The resulting crops boast mainly indica traits, calming tokers quickly after the first puff. Enjoy the delicious earthy and fruity profile while benefiting from the elevated cannabidiol levels. As your Mamba Negra feminized seeds grow, expect heavy and dense yields up to 17.5 oz. from your beginner-friendly plants. ...Show more

    Mamba Negra Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    400 - 500
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks

    Mamba Negra Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Mamba Negra seeds are a cross between Critical Mass and Skunk. The resulting crops boast mainly indica traits, calming tokers quickly after the first puff. Enjoy the delicious earthy and fruity profile while benefiting from the elevated cannabidiol levels.


    As your Mamba Negra feminized seeds grow, expect heavy and dense yields up to 17.5 oz. from your beginner-friendly plants. 


    The dried and cured buds from these feminized seeds boast 18% THC with small amounts of CBD. Enjoy balanced cerebral and physical effects to soothe your entire being after a long day. 


    If you want to know more about the potential of this medical marijuana community favorite, read on. We share more about the soothing effects, its delectable flavor and fragrance profile, and advise where to buy the best feminized Mamba Negra marijuana seeds.


    What are Mamba Negra feminized cannabis seeds?


    Breeders blended cannabis classics Critical Mass and Skunk to get feminized Mamba Negra cannabis seeds. The resulting strain boasts a range of terpenes and many potential therapeutic properties, which gained it an excellent reputation with medical tokers. 


    Fem Mamba Negra seeds grow into an all-female crop, eliminating the need to sex your plants. This factor makes them a great choice for novice cultivators, along with their high resistance to mold and other gardening challenges. 


    Enjoying a puff on the buds grown from Mamba Negra seeds provides delicious fruity flavors with an earthy spice hint. 


    Expect a lemon, apple, and blueberry bouquet to enter your nose. The tantalizing taste makes you want another toke and this strain’s ideal for that. 


    The moderate THC content means users can reap the positive effects of smoking cannabis without feeling too “high.” The claimed medicinal benefits have the potential to offer consumers relief from various ailments and maladies.


    Tokers report finding relief from chronic pain and other physical conditions. The mood-boosting properties in the buds from Mamba Negra feminized seeds may aid with anxiety and depression.  


    What are the Mamba Negra feminized seeds’ effects?


    When you smoke the nugs from feminized Mamba Negra cannabis seeds, the indica genetics shine through. As soon as you inhale the first puff, you feel uplifted, as though you’re walking on cloud 9. 


    Creative thoughts fill your head—be quick to execute any ideas before the physical stone unravels. It’s not long from the onset of effects that the cerebral buzz blends into a heavy body-relaxing high. 


    Find your favorite couch to sink into, and let the buds from our Mamba Negra feminized seeds remove any tension from your being. 


    Your body feels light, and your mind is free to enjoy any lazy pastime. Pop on your favorite tunes or that movie you’ve wanted to see for a while. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks beforehand—once the munchies hit, you won’t feel like getting out of your seat.


    As the effects start to wear off, you sense the need to head to bed. Pull yourself up the stairs and get cozy under the covers. You soon drift off to sleep uninterrupted until morning. 


    As you might expect from a cannabis smoking session, the loaded nugs from Mamba Negra seeds may produce the usual side effects. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are common. Keep your peepers moist with drops and stay hydrated. 


    If you accidentally consume more than you planned, slight anxiety or paranoia may creep in. To avoid feeling this way, keep your doses low and slow. 


    What does Mamba Negra feminized smell like?


    As flowering comes to a close and harvesting nears, the buds from feminized Mamba Negra marijuana seeds start to emit a sweet earthy scent.


    Once you cure and dry the nugs, light up to experience a delectable fruity concoction entering your nostrils. Lemon, apple, and berry aromas fuse to create a moreish fragrance with a slight skunky undertone.


    As you inhale, similar flavors glide across your tongue. Expect swirls of citrus fruits with a tasty, earthy spice, encouraging you in for another puff. The lemony taste lingers in your mouth after you exhale, leaving behind a pleasant zesty trail. 


    How to germinate Mamba Negra feminized seeds


    Before you plant your pack of Mamba Negra seeds, you need to germinate them. This growing stage is crucial to the health of your crops throughout their lifetime and gives them a boost to get started.


    Various ways exist to pop your cannabis seeds, but we prefer the paper towel technique at Homegrown Cannabis Co. This sprouting method is ideal for all gardeners as it’s budget-friendly, simple to perform, and only asks for basic household items. 


    Gather the following before you start the process:


    - Two dinner plates

    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - Purified water

    - Tweezers

    - Your pack of feminized Mamba Negra marijuana seeds


    Once you’re ready to begin, use our step-by-step instructions below for the highest success rate:


    - Grab one piece of paper towel and moisten it with the purified water. Wring out the excess liquid to stop the risk of rotting seeds.


    - Lay the paper towel on the first dinner plate and carefully remove the Mamba Negra seeds from their packet with tweezers. Place them about an inch apart on the damp paper towel. 


    - Take the second sheet of paper towel and perform step one again. Lay it across the marijuana seeds and lift both towels to drain excess water off the plate.


    - Complete the germination station by sealing it with the second dinner plate. Ensure the plates match so no light can penetrate the cannabis seeds. Move the setup somewhere warm and dark in your home. 


    - Check on the seeds and paper towels once or twice a day. If the paper towels feel dry, spray them lightly with water. When you see taproots popping out of your seeds, move them to their next medium. 


    With this method, your feminized Mamba Negra cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co should sprout in 1–5 days. In the unlikely event some don’t pop, they likely never will.


    We’re confident in the top-tier genetics and quality of our marijuana seeds. For this reason, we provide a germination guarantee with all seeds you buy from us. Document the popping process with photos and videos, and if any don’t sprout, contact us for free replacements. 


    Check out our germination guide if you prefer to see the paper towel method with images and videos.


    Mamba Negra feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Plant your feminized Mamba Negra cannabis seeds indoors or out and watch them flourish. These plants boast a high resistance to mold and pests and produce decent yields in any medium for novices and experts alike.


    Fem Mamba Negra seeds grow into relatively small crops, thanks to their indica heritage. The small stature makes them a favorite among indoor cultivators with little space. 


    When growing inside, training techniques help you get the biggest yields. A Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup allows the nugs to enjoy more light exposure and swell. Implement cropping and trimming to promote airflow and light penetration to lower levels.


    After 7–9 weeks of flowering, deep green buds with bright red hairs are ready for collecting. Expect to reap a generous 17.5 oz. per m² in a grow room or tent.


    Cultivators looking for a mold-resistant outdoor strain favor feminized Mamba Negra marijuana seeds. Sow these marijuana seeds in a Mediterranean or Continental climate to enjoy the best results.


    The lack of height means crops withstand wind damage and hold their weight until harvest. Aim to collect your buds by late September and get 14–17.5 oz. per plant outside.


    What are the Mamba Negra feminized strain genetics?


    Our top-tier Mamba Negra feminized seeds come from two legendary cannabis strains—Critical Mass and Skunk. The parents combine to create a heavy yielder that boasts resistance to mold and pests.


    Critical Mass was a 2004 Highlife Cup winner and produces some of the largest harvests on the 420 scene. This strain lends its offspring high THC levels and relaxed, sleepy effects at the end of the buzz. 


    The other parent, a red-haired Skunk, balances the sensations you enjoy when smoking by providing creativity and euphoria. This cultivar also slightly lowers the THC levels in the buds from Mamba Negra seeds.


    Wellness and Mamba Negra feminized seeds


    The calming and soothing effects of the nugs from fem Mamba Negra seeds make the strain a medical marijuana favorite. A couple of puffs of these buds could potentially provide relief from a multitude of ailments.


    Consumers report that the uplifting sensation at the onset of effects improves their mood and outlook on everything. These positive feelings may help users with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress, find relief.


    Growers with chronic pain state how growing their own Mamba Negra feminized seeds provides them with a stash of natural pain-relievers. The strain may hold anti-inflammatory properties, backing up these claims. 


    Other physical ailments the nugs from Mamba Negra seeds may help with include:


    - Migraines

    - Multiple sclerosis

    - Parkinsons

    - Fibromyalgia

    - Arthritis

    - Nausea and vomiting


    If you struggle to sleep at night, you could try a toke of this cultivar. Patients with insomnia claim this cannabis clears their minds and helps them drift off with ease after dusk and remain that way all night. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Mamba Negra feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Read through the FAQs and our expert answers below to learn more about feminized Mamba Negra marijuana seeds. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our friendly customer service team, who’ll be happy to help.


    Where can I get free cannabis Mamba Negra feminized seeds?


    Freebies are scarce in the 420 community, but we have the next best thing at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Find constant cheap weed seed offers on our site for a variety of rotating cultivars, including Mamba Negra seeds.


    Our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) deals allow you purchase twice the number of seeds for the regular price. Keep an eye on this page and click the BOGO badge when it appears to double-up on our fem Mamba Negra seeds.


    Taking advantage of this offer allows you to enjoy:


    - 4 seeds from the cultivar of your choice and 4 free.

    - 8 seeds from the cultivar of your choice and 8 free.

    - 12 seeds from the cultivar of your choice and 12 free.


    Can a beginner grow Mamba Negra feminized?


    Yes, definitely. Our Mamba Negra feminized seeds are beginner-friendly, thanks to their mold and pest resistance. The plants are small in stature, making them easy to manage and allowing you to try your hand at training techniques. With a little effort, novices enjoy decent yields. 


    What is the Mamba Negra feminized flower time?


    Once the buds from Mamba Negra seeds start to flower, it takes roughly 7–9 weeks for them to be harvest-ready. Gather yields of 14–17.5 oz. per plant outside and 17.5 oz. per m² indoors.


    After you harvest the juicy nugs, don’t forget to dry and cure them for another 2–3 weeks before consumption. This process helps enhance the terpene profile and THC levels.


    How long do Mamba Negra feminized seeds take to germinate?


    As long as you use the paper towel method mentioned above, your feminized Mamba Negra marijuana seeds should pop within 1–5 days. Some cultivators enjoy results in as little as 24 hours. If they go over 120 hours, they likely won’t sprout. 


    Don’t forget to contact our team and use the germination guarantee in the unlikely event your cannabis seeds don’t pop. Include photo and video evidence, and we’ll send free replacements. 


    How long does it take Mamba Negra feminized from seeds to harvest?


    After opening your packet of Mamba Negra feminized seeds, it should take them roughly 13–21 weeks to go from seed to harvest. Popping the seeds takes 1–5 days, and then they enter the seedling stage for 2–3 weeks. 


    Next is the vegetative period, which takes 4–8 weeks for most growers. Some gardeners extend this stage to promote higher nug production, but it isn’t necessary. Finally, the buds from Mamba Negra seeds flower for 7–9 weeks. 


    The exact seed to harvest period depends on:


    - You sowing your seeds indoors or out

    - The amount of attention you give the plants

    - The use of training techniques

    - How long you keep crops in the vegging phase


    Grow medium: Mamba Negra feminized hydro or soil?


    Mamba Negra feminized seeds are very versatile and thrive in either medium. The choice depends on your preferences and what you hope to achieve. Organic soil is cheaper, easier to use, and brings out the flavors of cannabis.  


    A hydroponics system costs more to implement but helps crops develop quicker and produce bigger yields. Your plants also enjoy the exact nutrients they need this way to boost their overall health. 


    What is the average Mamba Negra feminized height?


    The plants from feminized Mamba Negra cannabis seeds usually reach 3–6 feet. Although they can grow to above-average indica size, crops tend to remain shorter. Outdoors, plants have more room to stretch toward the sun. 


    Where can I find pictures of Mamba Negra feminized marijuana?


    Scroll to the top of this page for high-def, professional images of the plants and buds grown from Mamba Negra seeds. Alternatively, check out other growers' photos on our Mamba Negra Feminized Homegrown Diary.


    Fellow cultivators share their gardening journey with pictures on this free educational tool. They also post tips and tricks to help other growers enjoy success. Once you plant your feminized Mamba Negra cannabis seeds, create a diary to share your experience.


    How do Mamba Negra feminized seeds differ from autoflower, fast-version, and regular versions?


    Marijuana seeds come in a variety of types. The most popular among cannabis enthusiasts are autoflower, fast-version, feminized, and regular. Below we share a brief description of each to see how they differ.


    - Autoflower marijuana seeds: These non-photoperiod seeds mature at a certain age, rather than relying on a change in the light cycle. They usually contain feminized genes and produce hardy plants. Crops go through a shorter-than-average life cycle and generally provide smaller yields. 


    - Fast-version cannabis seeds: Growers looking for plants that flower the fastest opt for these seeds. The plants hold auto and photoperiod genetics, making them better suited to gardeners with experience who know how to avoid stressing plants.


    - Feminized marijuana seeds: Like Mamba Negra feminized seeds, these develop into purely female crops and are usually the top choice of novices. They switch to flowering when the light cycle switches to 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness.


    - Regular cannabis seeds: These seeds are the favorite of cannabis breeders. They produce a split of male and female plants and get used to create new strains or play with different genetics.


    Where is the best place to buy Mamba Negra feminized seeds in the USA?


    The best place to buy Mamba Negra seeds online is Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our cannabis seeds boast top-tier genetics and come with our germination guarantee. More reasons to shop at our seed bank include:


    - A range of over 500 strains in our cannabis catalog. Choose from auto, fem, fast-version, and regular variants.

    - Quick and discreet delivery across the USA.

    - Regular promotions and discounts in all the seed categories. 

    - A selection of protected payment options, including crypto.

    - An extensive blog with a range of articles, guides, and the latest marijuana news from industry experts.

    - Free access to all our educational tools, inducing Homegrown Diaries.

    - A team of friendly staff ready to help you with any doubts or queries you may have. 


    Are there any other names for Mamba Negra feminized?


    There aren’t any other official names for Mamba Negra seeds, but some enthusiasts call it by the English translation of “Black Mamba.”


    Spelling errors


    A basic spelling error can throw your search for Mamba Negra feminized seeds off-track in an instance. Don’t forget to add the feminized seeds or cannabis seeds to the end of your search, or you’ll end up with images and articles about the snake of the same name. 


    Avoid these spelling mistakes to ensure the right product turns up at your door:


    - Mambo negra

    - Mamber negra

    - Manba nerga


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