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Mamba Negra Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Mamba Negra Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • The ultimate in couch-lock
  • Mid range THC
  • Your senses will feel like you're laying on the beach on a tropical island
  • Mamba Negra auto is a delicious, highly resinous plant that leaves you feeling more relaxed than a massage. It’s a hybrid of the original Mamba Negra cultivar crossed with fan-favorite Tangie autoflower. Thanks to carefully engineered genetics, you get a fast-maturing crop that locks you into your couch for hours. Mamba Negra auto seeds produce bumper harvests of gorgeous, stic...Show more

    Mamba Negra Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks

    Mamba Negra Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Mamba Negra auto is a delicious, highly resinous plant that leaves you feeling more relaxed than a massage. It’s a hybrid of the original Mamba Negra cultivar crossed with fan-favorite Tangie autoflower. Thanks to carefully engineered genetics, you get a fast-maturing crop that locks you into your couch for hours.


    Mamba Negra auto seeds produce bumper harvests of gorgeous, sticky buds with an average THC content of 15%. 


    These seeds are great for indoor or outdoor growth, with higher yields if you cultivate them inside using the right setup. Experienced cannabis growers relish their straightforward development with little to no strenuous effort.


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., buy Mamba Negra autoflower seeds online when browsing our autoflower seeds page. We guarantee high-quality cannabis seeds in different variants, with frequent specials and a germination guarantee. 


    Keep reading to unearth everything you need to know about Mamba Negra auto seeds.


    What are Mamba Negra autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Mamba Negra auto has award-winning parents, guaranteed to give you a fantastic experience from seeds to buds. 


    It has the benefits of Tangie autoflower genetics, which means the plants automatically switch to flowering without external influence. It’s also known as Black Mamba in some parts of the world, so expect stunning results. 


    Mamba Negra auto seeds grow into robust, vibrant plants that stretch out with a beautiful, bright green display. The fully-grown crops reach up to 3.3 feet. 


    The best feature of Autoflower Mamba Negra seeds is the resinous buds they produce. Extract the sticky resin and use it for various cannabis edibles. The fruity, exotic flavors give you a taste sensation that keeps you going back for more. 


    What are the Mamba Negra autoflower seeds’ effects? 


    True to its name, Mamba Negra auto delivers powerful effects for indulging in complete relaxation at home. It wraps you in a warm cocoon of safety and ignites calming sensations throughout your body. 


    Smoke this cultivar when you don’t have anything to do—it has the potential to glue you to the couch or bed. Mamba Negra auto seeds produce the perfect accompaniment for a nightcap, as the nugs lull you into a deep, happy slumber thanks to their indica genes. 


    Consuming this strain chases away negative thoughts and replaces them with positive ones. If you don’t want to sleep yet and want to relax without feeling too drowsy, smoke one or two puffs first. 


    Mamba Negra auto contains mid-range THC levels, at about 15%. Soon after the first puff, you experience a gentle sense of mental clarity and tranquility. 


    Minimal consumption helps you enjoy the feelings without them knocking you out. Put your feet up, play your favorite music, and let the warm blanket of serenity keep you cozy for the evening.


    Autoflower Mamba Negra seeds grow into one of the most peaceful marijuana plants. Unlike the venomous Mamba snake, there’s nothing to fear about this strain. 


    You likely won’t experience any negative effects unless you overindulge. Smoking too much may have the opposite effects, increasing paranoia, anxiety, and restlessness or making you drowsy.


    Mamba Negra auto may produce other common marijuana side effects like a dry mouth and red eyes. Before settling down on the couch, grab a water bottle and stay hydrated during your smoke session. Alleviate visual symptoms with eye drops, and eat something if you feel any adverse reactions.


    What does the Mamba Negra autoflower smell like?


    Cannabis seeds from Mamba Negra autoflower grow into pleasantly aromatic plants reminiscent of a tropical vacation. Thanks to the Tangie genetics, the buds brim with fruity citrus fragrances and flavors. 


    Your neighbors might think you’re growing fruits in your garden as notes of lemons and berries float through the air. 


    Once you light up the buds from Mamba Negra auto seeds, those fruity flavors entice your tongue. Combined with distinct earthy undertones, it’s a unique taste experience. 


    The smoke is smooth and delicious, filling your airways and mouth with a fresh feeling. On exhale, you notice hints of pine and tropical goodness. Combined with the relaxing effects, you truly feel like you’re on a beach vacation.


    How to germinate Mamba Negra autoflower seeds


    Before starting your Mamba Negra autoflower grow journey, you must germinate the cannabis seeds. 


    Germination is an important step to ensure your seeds sprout. It gives them the best chance of producing a healthy, abundant crop and increases the Mamba Negra autoflower yield. 


    The paper towel technique is the easiest way to pop your seeds. Gather two paper towels, two dinner plates, a spray bottle, and tweezers. Follow the steps below for the best results.


    - Clean your hands and sterilize all the equipment.


    - Fill the spray bottle with distilled or purified water, then lightly squirt a paper towel. It should be moist enough to provide water to your autoflower Mamba Negra seeds but not too damp to drown them.


    - Use the tweezers to safely and gently lay the seeds on the paper towel. Keep them evenly spaced apart with about an inch between them.


    - Moisten the other paper towel and place it on top of the seeds.


    - Cover the setup with the second dinner plate, then move your Mamba Negra auto seeds to a warm, dark, stable environment. The best place is inside a drawer or cupboard. 


    - Cannabis seeds produce taproots after one to five days. Check on them regularly to ensure they remain moist and remove them once they pop.


    - Gently move the germinated seeds into your chosen growing medium using the tweezers.


    If your autoflower Mamba Negra seeds don’t sprout after five days, they’re most likely duds. Take advantage of Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s germination guarantee by recording a video of your attempts. 


    Follow our germination guide carefully, and if you get dud Mamba Negra auto seeds, we’ll replace them free of charge. Contact us with your video evidence, and we’ll send you replacements in a few days.


    Mamba Negra autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Cannabis cultivation is an exciting journey. Knowing how to grow Mamba Negra autoflower gives you the best chance of a smooth experience. Before starting, you need to know a few things, as growing autoflowers is a delicate process. 


    After germinating your seeds, transplant them into a growing medium that provides them with the correct cannabis nutrients. 


    Mamba Negra auto grows well indoors or out and is naturally resistant to mold. It develops faster than other marijuana strains thanks to its Tangie autoflower parent. 


    It’s best to save this cultivar for when you’re more experienced, as the quick growth means it can’t recover from rookie mistakes.


    Understanding how to grow Mamba Negra autoflower requires knowledge of the environment you live in. Plant your crop indoors if you’re in an area prone to harsh weather conditions. 


    Using low-stress training techniques helps increase the Mamba Negra autoflower yield. A Sea of Green setup is useful as you bunch several plants close together, maximizing available space.


    Introduce high relative humidity (RH) levels of 70% during the first week, then drop them down to 40% in the second and third weeks. Increase RH slightly to 48% during weeks 4–8, then keep it at 50% from weeks 9–11. 


    These humidity levels help your Mamba Negra autoflower grow strong and healthy by regulating constant respiration. As your plants mature, they require less humidity, so ensure you decrease those levels to avoid damage to your crop. 


    The fully grown plants reward you with indoor yields of about 14 oz./㎡. If you prefer growing cannabis outside, sow your seeds in April to harvest in September. Your crop thrives best in a warm, sunny environment, and the flowering time is about 10–12 weeks. The outdoor Mamba Negra autoflower yield is around 4 oz. per plant.


    When growing autoflowers, avoid high-stress training and pruning. This cultivar is quite compact and robust, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space. 


    Low-stress training helps you make the most of available space and group more Mamba Negra auto plants together. In just a few weeks, harvest thick resin-coated buds that help you unwind after a long day.


    What are the Mamba Negra autoflower strain genetics?


    Mamba Negra auto is a must-try due to its famous heritage. It’s a cross of the original Mamba Negra (Black Mamba) strain and Tangie autoflower, giving you fast-maturing crops. Go back further, and you find landraces that have won many awards in the cannabis world. 


    The original Mamba Negra strain is a hybrid of fan favorites Critical Mass and Skunk. Both have strong indica genes, which give this cultivar its relaxing qualities. With Mamba Negra auto seeds, expect the following amazing characteristics from their highly revered heritage:


    - Tangie autoflower: The addition of the beloved autoflowering Tangie genetics gives Mamba Negra its citrus profiles and fast-maturing growth. It gives the user a calming sensation that helps you drift off into a dreamy state and forget all your worries.


    - Critical Mass: Some people refer to this as the Holy Grail of marijuana due to its straightforward growth, delectable flavors, and out-of-this-world euphoric effects. It passes on these amazing qualities to Mamba Negra auto, giving you a well-rounded experience.


    - Skunk: The original Skunk strain has been around since the 1970s and is one of the most prominent parent cannabis strains. It’s responsible for Mamba Negra auto’s cerebral, uplifting effects and interesting flavor profile.


    Wellness and Mamba Negra autoflower seeds


    When you buy Mamba Negra autoflower seeds online, you soon discover it possesses several amazing benefits. 


    Some people report this cultivar may have the potential to help with certain medical applications. Its indica-dominant genetics can provide a wonderful way for you to relax and unwind.


    Some of the reported benefits may include:


    - Relief from insomnia and restlessness

    - Alleviation of tension and stress

    - Relief from muscle and joint pain 

    - Increased appetite

    - Mental and physical relaxation

    - Clearing negative thoughts and boosting moods


    Mamba Negra auto affects individuals differently. Cannabinoids in marijuana interact with receptors in your brain to stimulate various functions. While you may experience some of these benefits and effects, it’s not a guarantee. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Mamba Negra autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    We’ve covered the essential information on Mamba Negra auto seeds above, but you may still have some questions. Below, we’ve answered the most common ones to complete your knowledge. 


    Where can I get free cannabis Mamba Negra autoflower seeds?


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we run rotating buy one get one free specials on select strains. You pay less for more when you buy Mamba Negra autoflower seeds online during our BOGO promotions. 


    Order a pack of four seeds and get another four for free; order eight and get an extra eight for free. Check our cheap cannabis seeds page regularly to see when your favorite strain has a BOGO deal.


    Can a beginner grow Mamba Negra autoflower?


    Autoflower Mamba Negra seeds mature quickly and switch over to flowering automatically. Their rapid growth means they don’t have time to recover if you make mistakes. It’s better to try your hand at feminized seeds first before attempting to grow an autoflower. As you increase your knowledge and experience, you’ll be able to tackle any cultivar you want to.


    What is the Mamba Negra autoflower flower time?


    Mamba Negra auto spends about 10–12 weeks in its flowering phase. The length of time depends on the correct amount of sunlight, nutrients, and water to produce a healthy, abundant crop. Autoflowers mature faster than regular and feminized seeds, so enjoy reaping multiple harvests a year.


    How long do Mamba Negra autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Successful germination of autoflower Mamba Negra seeds takes 1–5 days using our paper towel method outlined above. As soon as your seeds pop, transplant them into a suitable growing medium. Remember to use our germination guarantee if you get dud seeds that don’t sprout, and we’ll replace them for free.


    How long does it take Mamba Negra autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    The total growing time of Mamba Negra auto seeds is about 15–24 weeks, which varies between different growers and climates. Marijuana seeds go through four different stages during their lifetime. 


    These are average times and may not be the same with every grower and crop:


    - Germination takes 1–5 days with the paper towel technique

    - The seedling stage lasts about 2–3 weeks

    - Vegetation takes about 3–8 weeks

    - Flowering occurs over 10–12 weeks before harvest


    Grow medium for Mamba Negra autoflower: hydro or soil?


    Crops of Mamba Negra autoflower grow well in either hydroponics or soil, depending on your preference. Hydroponics is a water-based growing medium that provides the correct amount of nutrients and boosts bud production. 


    It’s a bit more costly to set up than soil, which gives your plants a natural environment to grow in. Organic, nutrient-rich soil boosts the health and terpene profile of your buds. 


    What is the average Mamba Negra autoflower height?


    The compact plants of Mamba Negra autoflower grow up to 3.3 feet tall. Thanks to their small stature, a Sea of Green setup allows you to bunch several plants together. This maximizes available space and increases yields. You don’t need to prune your plants, and we recommend not using high-stress training methods on autoflowers.


    Where can I find pictures of Mamba Negra autoflower marijuana?


    There are accurate, high-quality images of Mamba Negra auto on this page. These images help you know what to expect from your crop. Visit Mamba Negra Autoflower Homegrown Diaries for more pictures and videos from other growers worldwide. Contribute your images and experience to add to this growing community of cannabis lovers.


    Where is the best place to buy Mamba Negra autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Buy Mamba Negra autoflower seeds online right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We offer top-shelf, stable genetics, and a wide selection of marijuana seeds for every preference. Above that, we pride ourselves on many exciting perks, including:


    - Competitive prices on a wide range of regular, feminized, autoflowering, and fast version cannabis seeds

    - 24/7 customer support

    - A germination guarantee on all seeds you purchase from us

    - Frequent promotions, bulk deals, and BOGO sales on select seeds

    - Easy, convenient online shopping with secure payment and fast, discreet delivery across the US

    - Blogs, resources, tips, and tricks to increase your cannabis cultivation knowledge


    What makes Mamba Negra autoflower seeds different from other variants of marijuana seeds?


    Mamba Negra auto has specially crafted genetics that causes it to start flowering automatically. It doesn’t require changes in the light schedule or user influence to do so. They mature faster than other variants, giving you THC-packed buds in just a few weeks. 


    These are the three common marijuana variants available:


    - Regular cannabis seeds: When cannabis grows naturally, it usually produces a crop with male and female plants. Breeders use these seeds to create new strains, and if you grow them, you have a 50% chance of a male or female crop. 


    - Autoflower cannabis seeds: Non-photoperiodic marijuana cultivars like autoflower Mamba Negra seeds grow rapidly and enter the flowering stage by themselves. Some autos start flowering in as little as 2–4 weeks.


    - Feminized cannabis seeds: A popular choice for many, these seeds produce only female plants. Feminized cannabis contains the nugs we harvest for their psychoactive effects when we consume them.


    Are there any other names for Mamba Negra autoflower?


    Some sites and places refer to Mamba Negra auto as ‘Black Mamba.’ When searching for this strain, ensure you find the one that’s a cross between Mamba Negra and Tangie autoflower. 


    There are feminized and CBD variants of this cultivar, so if you want the one mentioned on this page, search specifically for ‘autoflower Mamba Negra seeds’ or ‘Black Mamba autoflower seeds.’


    Spelling errors


    Spelling errors are honest mistakes we all make sometimes. When you buy Mamba Negra autoflower seeds online, take heed of the correct spelling: Mamba Negra autoflower. Avoid these potential spelling mistakes:


    - Momba Negra

    - Mamber Negra

    - Mamba Neegra

    - Mumba Negra


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