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LA Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

LA Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Can you keep a secret?
  • With 23% THC you'll be bouncing off the walls
  • Pinecones drizzled with spice
  • LA Confidential feminized seeds are sought-after by cultivators and users in the cannabis circle because of the strain's traits and benefits. The award-winning cultivar is perfect for the former, as it’s straightforward to grow and requires little maintenance because the plants are resilient to pests, molds, and disease. As a result, beginners will have no difficulty producing ...Show more

    LA Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    300 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    LA Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    LA Confidential feminized seeds are sought-after by cultivators and users in the cannabis circle because of the strain's traits and benefits. The award-winning cultivar is perfect for the former, as it’s straightforward to grow and requires little maintenance because the plants are resilient to pests, molds, and disease. As a result, beginners will have no difficulty producing a fruitful harvest.
    Using LA Confidential seeds that are feminized also cuts down a considerable portion of growers’ workload because no time and effort is spent on gender segregation. You get an all-female crop that will only produce buds.
    The strain is also a favorite of recreational and medical marijuana users. If you’re looking to relax with a happy buzz after a long hard day, the buds produced by feminized LA Confidential seeds are ideal. If you’ve got aches and pains, anxiety, or other medical conditions, look no further than the LA Confidential.
    Let’s explore the cultivar in more detail, so you’ll have your questions answered.

    What are LA Confidential feminized cannabis seeds?

    LA Confidential feminized seeds produce all-female plants of a very potent indica-dominant cultivar. The LA Confidential super strain was created in the early 2000s by South California Labs by crossing Afghani, a pure indica landrace, with OG LA Affie, a near-perfect indica. 
    The combination of such powerful genetics resulted in a cultivar with exceptional THC levels ranging from 19% to 25%. The strain also inherited the natural flavors from its parents, giving it a smooth and woody taste. It also has a skunky scent, which fortunately doesn’t last very long.
    LA Confidential seeds that are feminized will develop beautiful lime green buds with purple leaves and crystal-like trichomes depending on how they are cultivated. Its excellent traits have contributed to its success in achieving numerous cannabis awards such as:
    - Indica IC420 Breeders Cup 2005 - 1st- Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2005 - 2nd- Kush Cup Las Vegas 2007 (independent cultivator category) - 1st- Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2008 - 1st  - Battle of the Bridge 2009 (independent cultivator category) - 1st- To add to its popularity, it has celebrity fans in artists Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill.
    If you want to cultivate this acclaimed cultivar, make sure you use feminized LA Confidential seeds so you’ll get an abundant harvest with minimal effort.

    What are the LA Confidential feminized seeds effects?

    The LA Confidential is a potent strain that’s known for its intense cerebral buzz and psychedelic high. With THC levels hitting up to 25%, users are guaranteed a swift punch that can overwhelm and knock out new tokers. Even experienced smokers have to keep their consumption within their tolerance levels to enjoy its calming effects without any adverse reactions. 
    The cultivar is best taken in moderate amounts. All you need is a small bowl of buds to reap its benefits. When used moderately, the LA Confidential feminized offers users a body-calming and mind-soothing sensation. 
    You’ll feel your body going numb from head to toe within a few minutes. After that, every muscle and joint will feel at ease. Expect to melt into your couch, where you’ll continue to feel euphoric for a couple of hours before you nod off to sleep.
    You don’t want to use the cultivar when you need to get things done because it could knock you out. It’s an ideal weed to use after a hard day’s work because it also uplifts your mood and brings you positive, happy feelings.
    The LA Confidential is perfect for people experiencing a loss of appetite as it’ll make you crave the munchies. So be sure to have a bowl close to the couch. As is the case with consuming most marijuana cultivars, you should anticipate feeling your eyes and mouth getting dry. You can find relief by drinking plenty of water and applying eye drops.
    In rare instances, if you’re a new user, you might feel dizzy, but it’s only temporary. If it happens, It’ll go away after a short while. Experienced tokers suggest using a vaporizer to appreciate the taste of the cultivar fully. Be sure to unlock its flavors by grinding the nugs before you vape.

    What does the LA Confidential feminized smell like?

    The buds that the LA Confidential feminized seeds produce give out a rich earthy fragrance combined with the scent of sweet pine. You’ll also notice a skunky aroma, but it doesn’t linger. Users describe the LA Confidential as pinecones drizzled with spice.

    How to germinate LA Confidential feminized seeds

    As the germination process is key to the success of a plant’s development, our experts have prepared a step-by-step germination guide to help cultivators start on the right foot. Here’s what you need to germinate your LA Confidential feminized seeds. They are everyday items you already use at home:
    - Bottled or purified water. - Tweezers. - Paper towels.- A plate.- Your cannabis seeds.
    Step 1: Moist the two paper towels. Wring out the excess water, so they’re not soaking wet.
    Step 2: Lay one of the damp towels on the plate. Arrange your cannabis seeds on the towel. Keep each seed about an inch apart from the others.
    Step 3: Place the other paper towel over the marijuana seeds. Ensure that the seeds are moist, but there’s no excess water.
    Step 4: Keep the plate in a warm and dark space for at least 12 to 36 hours until the cannabis seeds develop taproots. Then you can plant them.
    We cannot stress enough that you must not let the marijuana seeds dry out. Check regularly to ensure they’re damp.

    LA Confidential feminized seeds grow guide

    Cultivators of all levels favor the strain because it’s resilient to environmental threats and adaptable to different growing conditions. Having a landrace parent in its genes makes it highly resistant to disease, pest infestations, and molds.
    Using LA Confidential feminized seeds makes the process more straightforward and requires low maintenance because there’s no need to segregate the plants based on gender. Instead, you’re assured of an all-female crop that produces the buds you want.
    You can cultivate the strain indoors and outdoors, although it prefers the open air. Just make sure to control the temperature and humidity because it flourishes between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
    If you live in cooler climates, you can still grow your plants outdoors as long as there’s enough sunlight. The crop can handle colder temperatures, but it’ll require some additional care and maintenance. 
    These factors are also why the LA Confidential feminized seeds are easy to cultivate. They’ll grow no matter where you live. The flowering time of this cultivar is shorter than most cannabis strains. It only takes about 6–8 weeks. Indoor yields can reach up to 18 ounces per square meter. 
    You can boost your harvest by using a screen of green (ScrOG) setup. This process involves pruning the branches because marijuana plants typically grow vertically and not broad. That way, your buds will be at a lower level than their standard height. 
    Your plant will grow in soil, or you can use a hydroponics system. Be sure to feed it lots of nutrients during its flowering phase. It needs sufficient phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to develop dense nugs with lots of resin, which is excellent for making hash.
    We also recommend that you provide your crop with marijuana fertilizer and protectors for optimal growth and protection, respectively. If you’re cultivating outdoors in the northern hemisphere, you can collect your nugs around late September to mid-October. 
    Under optimal conditions, you can expect about 21.1 ounces of buds per plant. For beginners, we suggest you use LA Confidential seeds that are feminized to give you an abundant yield without the challenges growers usually face.

    What are the LA Confidential feminized seeds genetics?

    Being the offspring of two powerful indica cultivars, it’s no wonder that the LA Confidential feminized is such a potent strain. The traits it inherited from Afghani and the near-perfect indica, OG LA Affie, have contributed to its popularity among marijuana users and success as an award-winning cultivar.

    Wellness and LA Confidential feminized seeds

    LA Confidential feminized seeds are in demand on the West Coast of the United States because of the many medical benefits it offers. Research results have shown that the cultivar offers effective relief for joint pains and swelling. Based on those reports, the LA Confidential has been prescribed to people with arthritis and inflammation.
    It’s not only effective for physical conditions. The strain’s ability to make users completely relaxed helps treat stress, depression, and anxiety. Smokers described feeling their stress being sucked out through a straw. In addition, its tranquilizing properties provide respite for people with insomnia.
    If you have any similar medical conditions, it’s essential to have your personal supply, so you don’t get stuck when dispensaries run out of the popular weed. Remember to choose LA Confidential seeds that are feminized if you decide to cultivate the strain.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Feminized LA Confidential seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    In this section, we’ll answer the typical questions we’re regularly asked. We’ve listed them verbatim to keep them authentic. If you have any other concern that’s not covered here, please check out our Homegrown Forum, where you’ll find stories and tips from other cultivators. Of course, you can also contact us.

    Where can I get free cannabis LA Confidential feminized seeds?

    While we don’t give away free seeds per se, we carry out cheap cannabis seeds offers and regular BOGO promos where you can buy a pack of seeds and get a complimentary one of similar value. You can buy LA Confidential seeds that are feminized and get a similar quantity at no cost when it’s on promotion.

    Can a beginner grow LA Confidential feminized?

    Feminized LA Confidential seeds are perfect for all growers, including beginners, because the cultivar is flexible and adaptable to different environments. You can cultivate it indoors and outdoors and in warm or cool temperatures. The cultivar is also robust and highly resistant to pests, molds, and disease as it has a landrace parent. 

    What is the LA Confidential feminized flower time?

    LA Confidential seeds that are feminized have a 6–8 week flowering time, which is a shorter period than most cannabis strains. This means you can look forward to harvesting an abundant supply of buds without having to wait a long time.

    How long do LA Confidential feminized seeds take to germinate?

    The germination process is vital in producing a healthy cannabis plant that’ll give you a bountiful harvest of nugs. Seeds will typically germinate within 12–36 hours with the right conditions. An essential factor is to keep your feminized LA Confidential seeds moist during the period. Don’t let them dry out.

    How long does it take LA Confidential feminized from seeds to harvest?

    Although the flowering period of the LA Confidential feminized seeds takes only 6–8 weeks, cannabis plants typically go through various other stages from seed to harvest. The whole growth process can take between 10–32 weeks as follows:
    - Germination: 3–10 days- Seedling: 2–3 weeks- Vegetative: 3–16 weeks- Flowering: 8–11 weeks

    Grow medium: LA Confidential feminized hydro or soil?

    LA Confidential seeds that are feminized can be cultivated in soil or using hydroponics. What’s important is that you must ensure your plants get the nutrients they need, primarily potassium (K) and phosphorus (P). You should also control the temperature and humidity as they’ll thrive if you provide them with the optimum growing conditions.

    What is the average LA Confidential feminized height?

    The average height of plants produced by feminized LA Confidential seeds is 150cm, which isn’t very tall, as some plants have been known to reach a height of 12 feet. It’s a good guide, though, if you decide whether to grow it indoors or outdoors based on the space you have.

    Where can I find pictures of LA Confidential feminized marijuana?

    Our LA Confidential feminized seeds page has many pictures of the gorgeous nugs. Then, there’s our Homegrown Forum, where proud members post snapshots of their “babes”. Be sure to seek the owner’s permission if you want to use the images for business purposes. 

    Where is the best place to buy LA Confidential feminized seeds in the USA?

    As a cultivator, it’s essential to start with high-quality LA Confidential feminized seeds, which we’ve been providing our customers for over 20 years. You can purchase our hand-picked, fast-germinating seeds at competitive prices. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors finding out about your purchase. We ship our seeds discreetly wherever you are.

    Are there any other names for LA Confidential feminized?

    Many marijuana cultivars are known in the cannabis community by different names. The LA Confidential feminized seeds are no exception, so if you come across any of these names, know that they refer to the same cultivar:
    - Cali Confidential- LA Affie strain- LA weed- LA Con strain- OG LA Affie strain- Confidential 420
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your LA Confidential feminized pics, and any LA Confidential feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough LA Confidential feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!
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