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Kabul Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Kabul Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 4
  • Ease yourself into sedation
  • Layers of pleasure await from up to 22% THC
  • Dominant terpene pinene accounts for the forest aroma and herbal flavors
  • Named like a top-secret Afghanistan operation, Kabul Confidential feminized seeds surprise with in-your-face quality. Everything about this cultivar screams excellence. It boasts a complex terpene cocktail, high resin production, and even higher yields. A stellar indica heritage propels this strain to stardom. Potency, stickiness, a spicy kick—you name it, the herb has it. Much...Show more

    Kabul Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Kabul Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Named like a top-secret Afghanistan operation, Kabul Confidential feminized seeds surprise with in-your-face quality. Everything about this cultivar screams excellence. It boasts a complex terpene cocktail, high resin production, and even higher yields.


    A stellar indica heritage propels this strain to stardom. Potency, stickiness, a spicy kick—you name it, the herb has it. Much-loved among indica enthusiasts, its marijuana seeds send you on a straightforward, fruitful cultivation journey. 


    Buds from fem Kabul Confidential seeds deliver an avalanche of soothing effects to your body and mind. Their smoke smells of fruit and incense, clearly communicating psychoactive power. The flavor and effect profiles display the best of mountain-grown ganja.


    Enjoy this top-shelf strain at home with cannabis seeds from Homegrown. A member of our feminized seed category, this variant fills your garden with bud-bearing females. Replenish your chill stash and never again find yourself frazzled by the challenges life throws your way.


    What are Kabul Confidential feminized cannabis seeds?


    Kabul Confidential feminized seeds are an L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush cross. The two landrace grandparents and potent indica-dominant parents bestow a potential for greatness onto their offspring. Seriously, we rarely see family trees as impressive as this one.


    A lovechild of two celebs, this strain has fame behind its name. Its parents boast numerous accolades and a committed following in the cannabis community. On its own, it’s still a boutique herb waiting to receive recognition, but it’s well worth keeping on your radar.


    What makes Kabul Confidential fem seeds so great? For one, they produce stunning marijuana plants. These Christmas tree-like structures sport dense bud sites and bright green leaves. The massive top cola is almost yellow by harvest time. Everything, from foliage to the very stems, shimmers from shiny trichomes.


    They remain short indoors and stretch to moderate heights without vertical space restrictions. Either way, their lateral growth is vigorous and vibrant. The strong branches effortlessly carry the weight of chunky colas.


    The aromatic bouquet is quintessentially indica with flowers of fem Kabul Confidential seeds. Its pine essence is sweet and spicy, complemented by incense and fruit notes. The smoke is powerful but not as stinky as its predecessors, a delight for old-schoolers and novices.


    The effect profile follows in the footsteps of its euphoria-inducing, body-calming parents. It’s the perfect companion for night-time sessions and lazy late afternoons, suitable for medical and recreational users alike.


    Eager to taste the crowning jewel of Afghani cannabis? You can’t go wrong with feminized Kabul Confidential seeds. Grow this straightforward crop at home and prepare for hefty harvests. Keep its buds at hand to unwind, let go, and experience the finest indica high money can buy.


    What are the effects of weed from Kabul Confidential feminized seeds?


    Kabul Confidential feminized seeds carry 14–19% THC, minimal CBD, and a rich terpene composition. As such, this weed induces a powerful yet balanced effect profile. Instead of throwing a psychoactive punch, it eases you into sedation. Layers of fun and pleasure await along the way.


    Don’t expect a mellow experience with this herb, though. Its complex chemical makeup can knock down even the most seasoned toker upon overconsumption. It’s also a bit of a creeper, making moderation key to having an enjoyable time.


    How does it feel to smoke weed from feminized Kabul Confidential seeds?


    A euphoric rush follows the first few puffs, but it’s not flashy or disorienting. The wave of good vibes empties your mind of negativity, distractions, and confusion. You’re left clear-headed and grinning, acutely aware and appreciative of your surroundings.


    The first hour is perfect for productive and creative tasks that don’t require movement. Fem Kabul Confidential seed-grown marijuana lightens your spirit, leaving you eager to immerse in hobbies. You might cook up a storm, finish up chores, paint, or play a game with a loved one.


    It’s not long before weed from Kabul Confidential fem seeds reminds you of its indica dominance, though. Higher doses intensify the initial calm, drawing you nearer to the embrace of your couch. After a while, a full-body stone laced with munchies becomes inevitable. The sedation prepares you for a night of peaceful slumber.


    What does the Kabul Confidential feminized smell like?


    Kabul Confidential feminized seeds are flavor bombs waiting to explode. Cedrene and pinene are dominant in their makeup, responsible for the prominent woody smoke. From farnesene to myrcene, numerous smaller-dose terpenes add complexity to the perfume.


    The aromatic nature becomes obvious early into flowering. Buds exude pine fragrance as they mature, showing their Hindu Kush heritage to anybody in a two-mile radius. Drying and curing bring out sandalwood and herb notes, deepening the bouquet.


    Combustion leaves you in a cloud of musky, dank smoke. It’s as if Kabul Confidential fem seed-grown buds transport you to a remote pine forest in early fall. Herbal tones lighten the creamy, thick smoke. Even novices rarely cough on the inhale.


    This classic ganja fragrance translates into the flavor. Pine, herbs, and a dash of spice greet your palate. An incense-flavored aftertaste lingers on the tongue, mixing with exotic spices for a highly memorable sensory experience.


    How to germinate Kabul Confidential feminized seeds


    Eager to cultivate Kabul Confidential feminized seeds at home? Homegrown has your back. We deliver the highest-quality cannabis seeds to every customer. Our germination guarantee is here to take care of any issue that might come up—we’re dealing with things of nature here, after all.


    Our seeds are bred with gardening prosperity in mind. Strict selection practices set you up with the most productive phenotypes. The guarantee is simply there as a fall-back mechanism and proof of our confidence in our team.


    On the rare occasion that it happens, we’ll replace any marijuana seed that hasn’t popped using our suggested germination method. This simple and efficient process triggers seed hormones, boosting their potential to thrive. Why miss out?


    Here’s how to germinate feminized Kabul Confidential seeds, step by step:


    - Gather supplies. You’ll need a plate, paper towels, a bottle of water, tweezers, and your cannabis seed pack.


    - Moisten one paper towel and lay it across the plate. Tilt it to eliminate pools of still water.


    - Use your tweezers to gently pick up a Kabul Confidential fem seed and drop it on the paper. Repeat for all seeds you want to plant, leaving an inch of space between each.


    - Cover the seeds with another moist paper towel. Let any excess liquid slide off and set the plate somewhere dark and warm, like a kitchen cupboard.


    - Check on your seeds after 24 hours. Using the tweezers, remove all that popped and now have a healthy, white taproot. Re-moisten the rest.


    - Repeat the previous step for five days or until all seeds sprout. Plant in shallow, damp soil to launch the seedling stage.


    Anything unclear? Check our germination guide. The page contains visual guidance and a video tutorial to ensure you’re getting everything right. Follow our instructions and start your journey with Kabul Confidential feminized seeds right.


    Kabul Confidential feminized cannabis seeds: Grow guide


    Plants from Kabul Confidential feminized cannabis seeds are superstars. Inclement weather, pests, disease, mold—they have nothing on these hardy herbs. Cultivation is a breezy task that promises immense awards, courtesy of their mountain origins.


    It gets even easier with the Kabul Confidential seeds’ feminized variant from Homegrown. These babies develop into an all-female garden, eliminating concerns about plant sex. Your time and resources go only to bud-bearing fems from day one.


    Use these marijuana seeds to teach yourself the ropes of cannabis cultivation on a plant that never gets stressed. Have growing experience? Send your green thumb on vacation without sacrificing yield quantity or quality.


    You can grow outdoors in almost any climate. Fem Kabul Confidential seeds prefer balmy weather, but they’re not fussy in adverse environments. Plant in fertilized soil and let your crops bask in natural sunlight, stretching to their full, five-foot-tall glory.


    Trim unproductive branches and provide shelter from strong wind to help buds fatten. Water regularly and be generous with nutrients to increase yields and resin production. Start seeds in May for an October harvest of 21 ounces per plant.


    Alternatively, keep your Kabul Confidential fem seed-grown crops in controlled conditions. Don’t worry about space, either—these beauties rarely surpass 3 feet tall indoors. Grow rooms at 75°F and 45% relative humidity leave them humming in delight.


    Regularly prune and trim to boost light exposure and airflow. The Sea of Green setup works like a charm for these crops, letting them develop an even, sticky canopy teeming in bud sites. A flowering period of 9 weeks produces a generous 17 oz./m² of flowers.


    What is the Kabul Confidential feminized strain genetics?


    We keep praising the genetics of Kabul Confidential feminized seeds. This Afghan Kush x L.A. Confidential cross is the gem of Asian cannabis, displaying tell-tale characteristics of its roots. Its heritage paints the growing and smoking experience in familiar colors for any indica buff.


    Let’s meet the parents to see what makes the offspring cultivar excellent:


    - L.A. Confidential is an OG LA Affie x Afghani cross with strong indica dominance and frosty buds. This fast-acting, well-rounded strain touches the mind and body in a swift one-two punch. Its pine aroma contains dashes of zest and spice.


    - Afghan Kush is a landrace indica from the Hindu Mountains. It’s simple to grow, supremely sticky, and surprisingly potent. Its earthy, incense-smelling smoke acts as a powerful full-body tranquilizer.


    Feminized Kabul Confidential seeds borrow the best traits of their two parents. Potent and high-yielding, sticky and simple, they’re top-tier indica in a gorgeous package. We expect them to start amassing accolades of their own in no time.


    Wellness and Kabul Confidential feminized seeds


    Kabul Confidential feminized seeds are a goldmine for the medical marijuana community. Despite the low CBD contents, they’ve been known to soothe various physical and psychological conditions. Tokers might use this herb to alleviate symptoms of:


    - Anxiety

    - ADHD

    - PTSD

    - Depression

    - Migraines

    - Insomnia

    - Nausea

    - Chronic pain

    - Injury pain


    Besides tackling ailments, fem Kabul Confidential seed-grown weed could do wonders for general well-being. Even people without diagnoses often reach for these buds for therapeutic purposes. The wellness boost is two-fold.


    This strain puts your mind at ease and releases stress from your mental space. It supplies you with the motivation to enjoy the good things in life. The mood uplift and clarity that follow lower doses could also help you work through issues.


    Kabul Confidential fem seed-grown herbs are even more helpful on the physical front. They release tension knots, encourage wholesome meals, and lull you to sleep. You wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever’s ahead.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Kabul Confidential feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    After any additional information about Kabul Confidential feminized cannabis seeds? Need a specific factoid before hitting the purchase button? Scroll down and find your questions answered all in one place.


    What are Kabul Confidential strain variants?


    Homegrown stocks only Kabul Confidential seeds’ feminized variant at the moment. Get these marijuana seeds for an all-female photoperiod garden, guaranteed to deliver a bounty of buds.


    Want to get fresh nugs sooner? Go for Afghan autoflower. The non-photoperiod variety of this landrace strain delivers similar qualities in a smaller, fast-flowering package.


    Ready to do some breeding of your own? Get your hands on some original landrace Hindu Kush regular seeds. With 50% male and 50% female, you’ll be creating your own hybrids in no time.


    Where can I get free cannabis Kabul Confidential feminized seeds?


    Kabul Confidential feminized seeds are hard to come by. That’s why you stick with Homegrown Cannabis Co. Besides delivering the best cannabis seeds across the States, we organize awesome sale events.


    Our buy one gets one free promotion gets you an extra seed pack free of charge with each purchase. The seeds on offer rotate often; you never know, Kabul Confidential feminized may appear next time.


    Can a beginner grow Kabul Confidential feminized?


    Feminized Kabul Confidential seeds are perfect for beginners. They need only standard gardening practices to grow, thrive, and produce ample harvests. 


    Grow this robust cultivar and practice the basic principles of feeding, watering, trimming, and training weed. The best part—you’ll still get heaps of top-tier flowers that astonish experts.


    What is the Kabul Confidential feminized flower time?


    Kabul Confidential feminized seed-grown plants ripen in 8–9 weeks. Outdoor crops enter flowering in August and become harvest-ready in mid to late October.


    Wait for the crop to get yellow, sticky, and fragrant before picking buds. That way, you collect them at their most potent and aromatic.


    How long do Kabul Confidential feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Our germination technique produces results in 24–120 hours. The figure varies from one Kabul Confidential fem seed to another.


    Some marijuana seeds pop right away, while others need time. Stay consistent for five days—you’re likely to see a 100% success rate. If there are any duds, contact us for replacements.


    How long does it take Kabul Confidential feminized from seed to harvest?


    Feminized Kabul Confidential seeds become harvest-ready plants in 3–6 months. The seed-to-harvest period is often shorter indoors.


    Indoor cultivators can condense the vegetative stage to several weeks and collect buds in three months. Outdoor setups have you relying on the seasons. Growers plant in early May and harvest in October.


    Grow medium: Kabul Confidential feminized in hydro or soil?


    Kabul Confidential feminized cannabis seeds flourish in soil and hydroponics alike. The choice depends on your priorities, preference, and experience levels.


    Soil is the way to go for rookies and cultivators who want to make their buds richer and stronger. Hydro growers see slightly larger harvests.


    What is the average Kabul Confidential feminized height?


    Kabul Confidential feminized seeds develop into moderately tall cannabis plants. Depending on the environment, they stretch to anywhere between 3 and 5 feet in height.


    Indoor conditions leave your crops pretty short, especially with regular trimming and pruning. Outdoor environments produce taller phenotypes, surprisingly soaring for their genetics.


    Where can I find pictures of Kabul Confidential feminized marijuana?


    Scroll up for photos of mature Kabul Confidential fem seed-grown crops and trimmed buds. We snapped high-def pics of our mature plants to get you excited about cultivation.


    Where is the best place to buy Kabul Confidential feminized seeds in the USA?


    Ready to buy Kabul Confidential feminized seeds and get growing? Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    We bring you the highest-quality marijuana seeds on the market, as well as the following perks:


    - A germination guarantee

    - A fem seed warranty

    - Safe, discreet deliveries

    - Various payment methods

    - Round-the-clock customer support


    Are there any other names for Kabul Confidential feminized?


    Kabul Confidential feminized seeds have an edgy, memorable name. As such, they earned no alternative titles in the 420 community.


    If you feel inspired and come up with a catchy nickname, let us know in the reviews! We’d love to be the place to spread your creative ideas.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Kabul Confidential feminized pics, and any Kabul Confidential feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Kabul Confidential feminized images. Those crystals drive us wild!


    If you want to stock buy bulk Kabul Confidential feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Kabul Confidential feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.


    We’re not just an American cannabis seed company. We are an American cannabis brand.