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Early Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Early Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Watch your stresses and strains disappear
  • Feel your brain dissolve into calmness with 15–22% THC
  • All the fuel and earth you'd expect from the name
  • If you're a newcomer to the cannabis world, it can be challenging to know where to start. The most difficult choice is picking a strain that's easy enough to grow but tests your skills. If you choose to go with Early Skunk feminized seeds, we can safely say you're playing the game in easy mode.  Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds offer marijuana plants with a powerful 15–22% ...Show more

    Early Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 180
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Early Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    If you're a newcomer to the cannabis world, it can be challenging to know where to start. The most difficult choice is picking a strain that's easy enough to grow but tests your skills. If you choose to go with Early Skunk feminized seeds, we can safely say you're playing the game in easy mode. 


    Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds offer marijuana plants with a powerful 15–22% THC content that can rock your evening. The uplifting high boosts your creativity and opens the doors to new sources of inspiration, quickly erasing any negative thoughts. 


    You probably expect smelly weed from a plant with a name like Early Skunk fem seeds, and you aren't wrong. However, the unique terpene profile of this plant, combining fuel, chemicals, and a skunky funk, quickly becomes one of the fastest acquired tastes you get used to. Read on to learn everything there is to know about these feminized seeds and the cultivar they develop.  


    What are Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds?


    Early Skunk feminized seeds grow into one of the most balanced marijuana strains out there. It's an indica-dominant hybrid that makes your evenings easier by letting you unload the burden of your workday with a burst of energy. It helps you gradually relax and feel chilled for the rest of the evening. 


    We know feminized Early Skunk seeds are a combo of Early Skunk with a secret hybrid. Early Skunk is created with Early Pearl and Skunk #1, and this is the side containing the flavor and scent that’s so intertwined with this cultivar. 


    One thing's for sure: this mysterious combination offers some of the sturdiest marijuana plants in existence. Be ready to deal with a massive garden, since the plants from early Skunk fem seeds can easily top at 8–9 feet tall in the open. Their build is robust, and their resilience is legendary. 


    The nugs you get from Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds come adorned with a lighter shade of green that looks uniform at first sight. Upon closer inspection, you see brownish hues creating a unique contrast on every flower. A thick layer of trichomes covers each bud, making it shine against natural light.


    Once dried, the nugs from your Early Skunk feminized seeds release a pungent aroma that quickly becomes unmistakably skunky. If you explore the scent with more attention, you'll get faint natural hints like musky soil and floral notes. One toke is enough to help you connect with nature as you feel a dash of sweet flavor that quickly fades into the earthy notes invading your senses.


    The weed obtained from Early Skunk feminized seeds is the best option to get you going when you're having a rough evening. You might be tempted to wake and bake with it, but we advise you save it for later in the day. After the mood boost, an overwhelming relaxed feeling overtakes your body, leaving you with a strong desire to get nothing but rest.  


    What are the Early Skunk feminized effects?


    The sativa genes do a great job of showing their presence. One puff of the weed from Early Skunk feminized seeds is more than enough to experience a buzzing sensation—signaling a wild ride. In a matter of minutes, you feel uplifted, energized, and focused. Your creativity spikes to levels you didn't know existed. 


    This sudden rush stays with you long enough to help you accomplish anything pending on your workstation. Without noticing, your muscles give in to a deeply relaxed feeling while your brain slowly delves into calmness. Make good use of this time, and you'll find yourself accomplishing a ton. 


    Unlike some other cultivars, the weed from Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds doesn't turn your brain into mush. However, it's good to take notice of your body's reactions. You eventually feel increasingly relaxed without the motivation to do anything other than chill and let time do its thing.


    Don't be surprised if you suddenly feel chatty and contemplative. Your perception increases positively, and everything you see or touch feels differently. Listening to music or watching a movie opens whole new threads of discussion about new meanings found in them. Don't worry about straying far from meaningful interpretation, though; the psychoactive experience keeps you grounded.


    The marijuana plants obtained from Early Skunk feminized seeds aren’t the prime choice for wellness treatments. However, users report the strain helps patients with mood stabilizers. It's incredibly easy to get rid of any form of bad mood with this cultivar. It also helps depression since the THC properties aid in balancing serotonin levels.


    Be wary of overconsumption nonetheless. The weed from Early Skunk feminized seeds can trigger paranoia, anxiety, or panic attacks if you indulge too much. You're likely to get the munchies midway through the effects, so make sure to order some takeout and keep your trusty hydration kit nearby with bottled water and eye drops.  


    What does the Early Skunk feminized smell like?


    When you sow Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds, be prepared to deal with one smelly plant. Aside from its immense size, Early Skunk also leaves a mark with a very distinct aroma mixing fuel, chemicals, earthy nature, and the defensive fluids used by a skunk. This may not sound like the most enticing combination, but you'll have to take our word for it: you'll come to love it.


    Once lit, a toke of this weed invades your nostrils with a heavy mixture of scents that take hold of your palate. Pay attention, and you'll notice a faint sweet smell, followed by the combustion of natural aromas including pinewood, floral, a touch of acidic notes, and a strong fragrance resembling a rotten carcass.  


    How to germinate Early Skunk feminized seeds


    You can enjoy wonderful rewards from your Early Skunk feminized seeds as long as you follow the germination process recommended by Homegrown Cannabis Co. The minute you get seedlings to sprout, you're halfway done with the process since this is one of the most crucial stages and needs to be handled with care. 


    Before getting started, get some dishwater soap and scrub the germination area until it's pristine. You don't want your Early Skunk feminized seeds to be contaminated by anything. Next, gather a few items from the kitchen, including:


    - A water sprayer

    - One pair of tweezers

    - Latex gloves

    - Distilled or neutral water

    - A couple of sheets of paper towel

    - Two small dinner plates


    Once you have all your utensils to hand, follow these instructions:


    - Fill up the water sprayer and use it to dampen one of the sheets of paper towel—don't let it soak, or you'll rot your seeds. Now place it on top of one of the dinner plates. 

    - Grab your Early Skunk feminized seeds package and pick each one out separately using the tweezers. 

    - Put down every Early Skunk fem seed on top of the sheet of paper towel laying on the plate, making sure they’re at least an inch apart from the other.

    - Use the water sprayer again on the second sheet of paper towel. Follow the same procedure to get it damp and use this new sheet to cover the Early Skunk feminized seeds on the dinner plate.

    - To begin the germination period, you only have to cover the Early Skunk feminized seeds with the second dinner plate to create the dark, warm environment they need to sprout.

    - Make sure to leave your Early Skunk feminized seeds resting for 1–5 days. Remember to check on them at least a couple of times a day and keep the relative humidity of the setup at 50–60% until you see results.

    - The first seedlings sprout after 48 hours; you'll notice this by seeing a small bump breaking the seed’s shell. They're indicating that it's time to be transferred to another setup to start their development period.


    If you still have questions about germinating your feminized Early Skunk seeds, make sure to check our germination guide. We explain what you need to do in each step to secure success. Homegrown Cannabis Co. can't be held accountable if you decide to use a different technique.


    Early Skunk feminized seeds grow guide


    The cultivar is an excellent entry-level seed to get started with cannabis if you're a first-timer. Early Skunk feminized seeds are blessed with one of the strongest builds of any marijuana plant on the market. The set of genes contained inside makes your garden resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. 


    Although you can choose to grow Early Skunk feminized seeds indoors, the cultivar fares far better in the open. The straightforward growth comes with a slight handicap, though. If you're limited with space, this may not be the best strain for you.


    When you buy Early Skunk feminized seeds and start in early spring, you're done by the last week of September. The garden has a flowering stage lasting 8–9 weeks, with each plant growing up to 8 feet tall on the small side. A controlled environment helps you keep their size in check, with the largest plant boasting just three feet tall with proper topping techniques applied.


    Depending on your setup choice and the growing techniques applied, you can get an abundant yield by the time you're done. An indoor garden provides over 19 oz./m², while an outdoor setup can easily yield 21 oz. of weed per plant. Use these tips to get these results with ease:  


    Growing medium


    Soil is the way to go here—there’s no contest when it comes to advantages over other mediums. Your Early Skunk feminized seeds offer their best if you use nutrient-rich soil and keep the crops well fed with water during their development period. 


    You can choose to grow your feminized Early Skunk seeds indoors—using pots with soil beats the alternative of hydroponics. If you work inside, you'll need topping and using Sea of Green to get the best yields possible. Use some carbon filters to control the aroma and LED lamps with at least 600 W of power. 


    Training methods


    We've already mentioned you get some very tall plants when you sow Early Skunk feminized seeds. If left to their own devices, they can occupy a ton of space. Support systems aren’t required since the plants have a strong build, but you'll need to apply the Sea of Green technique if you're growing indoors. If you're working in a secluded area, you'll need to learn some topping techniques.


    Sea of Green helps you make the most out of your lighting system. A steady lighting schedule of 16 x 8 is enough to keep crops happy. Remember, these plants love dry climates, so keep those lights close but not to the point of burning them.  


    Pruning methods


    You don't need much other than basic pruning techniques applied once a week. The plants you get from Early Skunk feminized seeds don't have tightly packed foliage, so ventilation isn’t an issue. However, the crops still need to be rid of yellow leaves to prevent infections or deficiencies. 


    Feeding and watering


    The plants from your feminized Early Skunk seeds need to be watered frequently. Spray them once every day as they grow. Once they reach their maximum height, water them directly on the roots. Avoid combining the watering routine with the nutrient intake to avoid a mineral overload. 


    Temperature and relative humidity


    Your Early Skunk feminized seeds love a dry, warm climate. They thrive on it. Watch them grow freely in a Mediterranean environment with steady temperatures of 70–80°F. It's not difficult to achieve such conditions indoors, but you need the right equipment to provide for them. In the following chart list, you’ll see the ideal correlation between temperature and relative humidity at each stage: 


    - Seedlings phase: 75–80°F during the daytime, 70°F at nighttime / RH at 50–65%

    - Vegetative phase: 70–80°F during the daytime, 70–75°F at nighttime / RH at 45–50%

    - Flowering phase: 70–80°F during the daytime, 70–80°F at nighttime / RH at 45–50%


    What are the Early Skunk feminized strain genetics?


    There's a delicate veil of secrecy hiding the wonderful effects of the weed obtained from Early Skunk feminized seeds. On one side, we have Early Pearl and Skunk #1. Both these cultivars contribute to the unique flavor and scent of this cultivar. On the other hand, there’s a mysterious hybrid boosting the THC content and balanced effect achieved by this plant. 


    If we take a deep dive into the genetic history of the plant, things get a little hazy, since it's not clear where Early Pearl comes from. With Skunk #1, the story is different. The strain hails from a vast catalog of landrace cultivars such as Afghani, Acapulco Gold, Thai, and Mexican sativa. Each one adds something unique to this plant's terpene and flavor profile. 


    Wellness and Early Skunk feminized seeds


    The plant from Early Skunk feminized seeds has desirable relief properties, but you have to consider your tolerance levels to THC. It's best to tread lightly if you’re not used to this component since it can easily trigger anxiety or panic attacks. 


    Even with a CBD content under 2%, the weed from Early Skunk feminized seeds can counter depression and negativity in one single sweep. The plant is also known for helping boost serotonin levels to improve your mood to an all-time high, making you feel uplifted, productive, and creative. 


    Some users have reported other sensations of relief, such as a sense of physical balance and an increased sense of serenity. Thanks to its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties, it also eases muscular aches and melts away any tension you might be experiencing after a couple of puffs. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Early Skunk feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    There's no such thing as too much knowledge. After reading this comprehensive analysis about Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds, you have some more insight into the strain. If you still have questions, though, read these FAQs and answers below:


    Where can I get free cannabis Early Skunk feminized?


    Not from any reputable source, that's for sure. The only way to get free Early Skunk feminized seeds is if someone gifts them to you. Since few people are that generous, make sure to check the BOGO deals offered at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Check this page as often as you like and look for the BOGO label signaling an excellent deal for you on this potent cultivar.  


    Can a beginner grow Early Skunk feminized?


    They sure can! Feminized Early Skunk seeds are among the top choices for entry-level cultivars, thanks to their straightforward development and easy maintenance requirements. These plants are strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions, and their harvest makes the effort worth it.   


    What is the Early Skunk feminized flower time?


    The flowering period for Early Skunk feminized cannabis seeds can last eight to nine weeks. Get started with your garden in the first weeks of spring, and be ready to harvest by the end of fall. 


    How long does Early Skunk feminized take to germinate?


    As with most marijuana seeds, your Early Skunk feminized seeds should take no more than five days to germinate properly. The first seedling should sprout after 48 hours, and all should be ready to transfer after the 5th day. 


    How long does it take Early Skunk feminized from seeds to harvest?


    The development cycle of Early Skunk feminized seeds takes around 24 weeks, give or take. The germination process takes around four weeks. The vegetative phase can easily take over ten weeks. The flowering stage can last eight to nine weeks, depending on your setup of choice. 


    Grow medium: Early Skunk feminized hydro or soil?


    Soil—no contests here. You can still choose to grow using hydroponics if you're limited with space. However, your Early Skunk feminized seeds and plants get so much from rich nutrient soil that it's hard to recommend other growing methods.  


    What is the average Early Skunk feminized height?


    Get ready to deal with some huge plants. If you leave your Early Skunk feminized seeds to grow independently, they can easily reach nine feet tall. With topping techniques in a controlled environment, they can remain around three feet tall, which is more manageable and easier to handle. 


    Where can I find pictures of Early Skunk feminized marijuana?


    You can find plenty of galleries in our Early Skunk Feminized Homegrown Diaries. Here, you can see the daily tracking and progress of other folks in the same boat as you. Alternatively, take a peek at the professional shots included on this very page to get an idea of the weed you'll get once you begin to grow.  


    How do feminized Early Skunk seeds differ from other types?


    With so many seed variants out there, it's easy to get lost, especially when they’re all so different. Here's a quick list of the most common seed variants you can get in any reputable seed bank: 


    Regular seeds

    These are seeds with untampered genes. They grow male and female flowers. They serve a purpose if you want to get more seeds or if you want to sex your plants and create new hybrids.


    Feminized seeds

    Early Skunk feminized seeds are modified only to grow female plants. They have a similar development to regular seeds, but you don't have to deal with the hassle of picking out the males.


    Autoflower seeds

    The last variant is created by adding ruderalis to other cultivars. These plants have a significant development without you changing the lighting cycle. They also have a reputation for growing faster than other variants. 


    Where is the best place to buy Early Skunk feminized in the USA?


    Get the best Early Skunk feminized seeds right here. Place your order at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and get started with one of the easiest cultivars to handle. We offer secure, fast, and discreet shipping all over the USA.


    It's simple to go to the top section of this page and click on the option "add to cart." Get your pack of Early Skunk feminized seeds and sow your garden as soon as possible. If you need some nutrients to boost your crops, we can assist. 


    Are there any other names for Early Skunk feminized?


    Not really; the strain has a unique name revealing its composed parentage. Remember that Early Pearl and Skunk are two very different strains with their own set of unique properties. You can find your Early Skunk feminized seeds by their namesake, as long as you avoid breaking the name or shortening it.  


    Spelling errors

    Getting derailed on the search for Early Skunk feminized seeds is more common than you think. A simple spelling mistake can send you to a whole different corner of the internet. You might buy something you don't want, thinking you got your cultivar of choice. To prevent this issue, avoid these spelling mistakes: 


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