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Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A classy strain with a great lineage
  • 19% THC for super long-lasting relaxation
  • Subtle
  • Death Star seeds are ideal for fans of potent nighttime weed. This indica-dominant cultivar delivers an extraterrestrial experience to your nose, tongue, brain, and body.The strain is compact, straightforward to grow, and moderately yielding. Our feminized version simplifies your cultivation journey by promising an all-female, bud-bearing garden. It’s perfect for shoppers with ...Show more

    Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Death Star Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Death Star seeds are ideal for fans of potent nighttime weed. This indica-dominant cultivar delivers an extraterrestrial experience to your nose, tongue, brain, and body.

    The strain is compact, straightforward to grow, and moderately yielding. Our feminized version simplifies your cultivation journey by promising an all-female, bud-bearing garden. It’s perfect for shoppers with personal or commercial ambitions and all skill levels.

    Choose our Death Star seeds for sale if you’re in the mood for a fragrant full-body relaxer. Fill numerous mason jars with top-tier marijuana and let its skunky sweet smoke wash away your concerns.

    Keep reading to learn about Death Star’s origin, bag appeal, medical and recreational effects, and growth patterns. We also answer some common community questions.

    What are Death Star feminized cannabis seeds?

    Death Star seeds are a cross between the sedating Sensi Star and funky Sour Diesel strains. This mix produces an indica-dominant breed with medical and recreational value. Its aroma is much-loved among old-schoolers.

    Our Death Star feminized seeds contain no male chromosomes and guarantee an all-female garden 99% of the time. Cultivation success is attainable no matter your experience level.

    Plants grown from Death Star weed seeds are galactic appearance-wise. Their base and stem develop purple hints when left in cold weather. Splashes of brassy pistils appear between the bright green sugar leaves and glisten as they ripen.

    The buds are chunky and coated with crystals. The frostiness makes the short indica crop resemble a glimmering Christmas tree. Intense diesel scents battle with fruity sweetness in the aromatic bouquet.

    Death Star feminized seeds yield weed with a powerful, smooth, and reliable effects profile. Best consumed at night, this strain awakens joy and creativity in the mind while soothing the body at a cellular level.

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. boasts a stabilized supply of this genetic blend. Our expert-sourced marijuana seeds offer consistently high-quality crops.

    What are the Death Star feminized strain effects?

    These high THC seeds produce buds with tetrahydrocannabinol levels at 18–26% with minimal CBD. As such, they pack a powerful psychoactive punch. Most tokers feel this cultivar’s influence after two to three puffs.

    The strain is a creeper and delivers a gradual onset of effects. Tension builds behind the eyelids within 15 minutes after the first puff of weed from Death Star seeds. Your limbs soon start tingling, and a joyful haze replaces negative sensations.

    Death Star belongs to our indica seeds category, and its influence is predominantly physical. It leaves your body buzzing and makes your arms and legs melt. Couch-lock and the munchies make the high a quintessential indica experience.

    The mental influence of marijuana from Death Star feminized seeds is cerebral, creative, and carefree. You’re content to lose yourself in a trippy TV show, heartfelt conversation, or a bout of introspection while riding the green wave.

    You may become drowsy as the cannabinoids leave your bloodstream. Most tokers head to bed before sobering up, as this strain helps them get enough hours of uninterrupted slumber.

    Death Star weed seed-grown buds are potent, so exercise caution while savoring them. Overindulgence might make you dizzy or put you to sleep earlier than planned. Additional side effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes, which are manageable with hydration and eye drops.

    What does Death Star feminized smell like?

    Death Star strain seeds develop into aromatic cannabis buds. The caryophyllene-forward flavor profile is spicy and intense. Growers and tokers might want to take precautions to keep the aromas discreet. Even old-schoolers often cough and experience watering eyes after the first inhale.

    Earthy and skunky scents fill the grow room in early flowering. The fruity sweetness becomes evident at harvest time, while diesel undertones emerge upon curing. The smell is reminiscent of overripe apples sold at gas stations; sour yet strangely sweet.

    Combustion makes the kerosene aroma come to life. Connoisseurs note hints of exotic spice and lemon in the rich and oily smoke.

    The fragrance translates into the flavor of Death Star seed-grown marijuana. Tastes of earth and fuel coat your tongue. Zesty notes tickle the palate on the inhale, while the exhale leaves a fresh lemon aftertaste.

    How to germinate Death Star feminized seeds

    Our expert-grown and sourced Death Star weed seeds set you up for cultivation success. We also offer a germination guarantee on all purchases. If any specimen doesn’t pop after following our sprouting method, we’ll replace it free of charge.

    We tested various germination methods and discovered the paper towel technique to be the most straightforward and efficient. It requires everyday household items and offers a near-100% success rate. Use it to eliminate duds and give each seed a chance to become a prolific crop.

    Here’s how to sprout your Death Star seeds and qualify for our germination guarantee:

    - Gather your supplies, including paper towels, two dinner plates, small tweezers, a bottle of water, and your seed pack.

    - Moisten one paper towel and gently wring out the excess liquid. Then, lay it across the plate.

    - Use your tweezers to pick up a Death Star seed and place it on the plate. Repeat for each, leaving an inch of room between them.

    - Moisten another paper towel and blanket the seeds. Tilt the plate to drain any accumulated water.

    - Lid the seeds with the other plate and leave them in a dark, warm spot. A kitchen cupboard or the top of your fridge is ideal.

    - Check on your seeds once a day. Use your tweezers to remove any that reveal taproots. Re-moisten the rest and let them sit until they sprout.

    - Repeat the previous step for five days or until all seeds pop.

    Visit our website for visual instructions and a video tutorial on germination. Use our tips to let no Death Star cannabis seed go to waste.

    Death Star feminized cannabis seeds grow guide

    Death Star is a proud member of our weed seeds for beginners category. This indica-dominant strain is mold, mildew, pest, and pathogen-resistant and requires minimal TLC to thrive. Its female genes facilitate your cultivation journey by minimizing the risk of accidental pollination.

    You can sow indoors or outdoors in most American states. In either case, crops from Death Star strain seeds rarely surpass three feet in height.

    Death Star seeds prefer balmy, sunny climates and sandy soil for outdoor cultivation. A light breeze prevents bud rot, while afternoon shade keeps your crops from overheating.

    Sow in mid-April for a mid-October harvest. Trim away the excess leaves, provide generous nutrient feedings, and gather buds before the first frost. This outdoor setting produces around 12 oz. of weed per plant.

    Death Star feminized seeds are also suited to stable indoor setups. They thrive in aerated and well-fertilized soils as well as hydroponic tanks.

    The cultivar enjoys a 70–80°F temperature range with around 50% relative humidity. Its short stature lends itself to the Sea of Green (SOG) training technique. This method keeps plants small and densely packed to optimize space usage and light penetration.

    The flowering stage is 8–9 weeks long and might necessitate a carbon filter to keep the intense smell under wraps. Indoor harvests are around 14 oz./m².

    What are the Death Star feminized strain genetics?

    Death Star seeds are a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, resulting in a genetic makeup of 25% sativa and 75% indica. Similar to many of our new marijuana strains, these buds boast rejuvenating flavors and mind-blowing effects against a musky, couch-locking base.

    Let’s meet the family:

    - Sensi Star is a moderately potent indica-dominant cultivar with soothing effects suitable for nighttime and medical consumption. Its crops are resinous and resilient, with high yields of earth-smelling buds.

    - Sour Diesel is a potent sativa-dominant strain with fast-acting cerebral effects favored among creatives. It smells of lemon and kerosene, yields round and sticky flowers, and grows best in sunny outdoor areas.

    The name-based relationship between Death seeds and Star Wars isn’t accidental. Ohio-based breeders crossed these two cultivars in the early 2000s, christening their creation after the science fiction film.

    They first revealed their cuttings to Midwestern growers in 2004, and word started to spread. High Times featured the strain in 2010, and its popularity has grown ever since.

    Death Star cannabis seeds inherit most properties from Sensi Star. They develop into tiny, bushy plants with desirable growth traits and a short flowering time. The Sour Diesel parent supplies the spicy fragrance and cerebral effects to modify the relaxing physical high.

    Wellness and Death Star feminized seeds

    Besides its incredible recreational value, Death Star ranks high in the medical seeds category. Toker patients enjoy its capability to relax the body and mind.

    Marijuana from Death Star seeds is said to relieve acute and chronic stress. Reports also suggest it might counteract some symptoms of clinical depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Tokers experience temporary relief from sadness, concern, and worry upon consumption.

    This indica-dominant strain induces munchies and may relieve nausea, promoting healthy eating habits. Its sleepy effects could aid some consumers with insomnia.

    Death Star strain seed-grown cannabis may numb pain and aid tokers with injuries, migraines, and muscle cramps. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties might soothe IBS, arthritis, and asthma symptoms.

    Higher doses may be necessary if using the strain for symptom alleviation. For this reason, only consume Death Star after finishing your daily tasks.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Death Star feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Are you looking for more information? Scroll down for frequent questions about Death Star seeds and our expert answers.

    Where can I get free Death Star feminized seeds?

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensures that growers of all budgets cultivate top-tier weed. Besides fairly-priced impeccable genetics, you can get complimentary Death Star seeds with our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) promotion.

    When it’s BOGO time, we match every order with an equal number of seeds free of charge. We rotate our best-selling strains through the limited-time event, so watch this space. Hit the purchase button when you see a BOGO badge and receive extra seeds.

    Can a beginner grow Death Star feminized seeds?

    Beginners can’t go wrong with Death Star feminized seeds. This indica-dominant strain withstands common cultivation pitfalls. It’s resistant to mildew, mold, and most pests and disease. Our female variant also reduces the risk of pollination.

    Remove excess foliage regularly and supply appropriate nutrient amounts to help your Death Star buds fatten up. If choosing this cultivar for your first grow, ensure you’re clued up on pruning and feeding marijuana.

    What is the Death Star feminized flower time?

    Crops from Death Star strain seeds spend 8–9 weeks in the flowering stage. This period requires high amounts of potassium, phosphorus, water, and light. Carbon filters and strong-smelling companion plants help keep your growing operation discreet.

    If cultivating indoors, watch the colas for signs of perfect ripeness. Curled and rusty pistils and opaque trichomes signal it’s time to harvest. Outdoor growers should collect buds in the second or third week of October.

    How long do Death Star feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Our germination method produces results in 24–120 hours. Some Death Star strain seeds pop soon after sensing heat and moisture, while others take the full five days to sprout.

    The golden rule with germination is to avoid letting the paper towel become completely dry. Contact our team for replacements if you have an unpopped specimen after about ten days.

    How long does it take Death Star feminized from seed to harvest?

    Death Star seeds take 3–6 months to become harvest-ready. The usual seed-to-yield timeline is:

    - Seedling stage: 2–3 weeks

    - Vegetative stage: 3–12 weeks

    - Flowering stage: 8–9 weeks

    Indoor cultivators may shorten the vegging phase to a month and reap buds in about 12 weeks. Outdoors, you sow in mid-April and harvest in mid-October.

    Grow medium for Death Star feminized: Hydro or soil?

    Crops from Death Star feminized seeds thrive in both soil and hydroponic setups, so your choice depends on skill and preference. The former is straightforward and produces extra-potent and aromatic buds. The latter requires additional nutrient management but increases the harvest potential.

    What is the average Death Star feminized height?

    Death Star seed-grown plants remain compact in all setups. They rarely surpass three feet in height indoors, fitting limited grow rooms. Branches stretch laterally, requiring horizontal space to reach their full potential. Outdoor growers may see four-foot-tall phenotypes.

    Where can I find pictures of Death Star feminized marijuana?

    Scroll to the top of this page for high-definition pictures of plants grown from Death Star strain seeds. We took images before harvesting and did another photoshoot with cured buds. With the right growing conditions and our quality seeds, your garden will boast similar beauty.

    Visit the Death Star Feminized Homegrown Diary to see more. Shoppers share photos of crops from our seeds on this platform. Once you start growing, create an account and join the vibrant community.

    Where is the best place to buy Death Star feminized seeds in the USA?

    There’s no better source of Death Star strain seeds for sale than Homegrown Cannabis Co. We stock four seed pack sizes to accommodate small and large-scale cultivators. The prices are as follows:

    - 4-pack: $87

    - 8-pack: $111

    - 12-pack: $148

    - 24-pack: $244

    Our expert breeding team provides stabilized genetics, while discounts and promotions support budget-conscious buying. The educational materials help you make the most of each purchase.

    Seed shoppers also enjoy the following benefits:

    - A germination guarantee and swift replacements of unproductive seeds

    - A feminized seed warranty that results in all-female gardens 99% of the time

    - Tracked shipping across the US and discreet doorstep deliveries

    - 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat

    - Diverse and secure payment methods

    Are there any other names for Death Star feminized?

    Breeders named this strain after the Star Wars space station. Enthusiasts may shorten it to DS or expand it to Star Wars Death seeds.

    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Death Star feminized pics and any Death Star feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Death Star feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!

    If you want to stock buy bulk Death Star feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Death Star feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.

    We’re not just an American cannabis seed company, we are an American cannabis brand.