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Critical Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Wake and bake with this morning kick-starter
  • 15–20% THC brings on all the sensations of a triple espresso
  • Dominant alpha-pinene delivers that walk in the forest aroma
  • The world applauded Jack Herer for being critical, so back in 2005, breeders matched and coined Critical Jack feminized seeds. This champion strain easily grows into enormous plants with massive buds, delightful effects, a unique, rich flavor profile, and high THC levels.  Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds are finally getting the critical acclaim their widespread popularit...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
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    Critical Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    The world applauded Jack Herer for being critical, so back in 2005, breeders matched and coined Critical Jack feminized seeds. This champion strain easily grows into enormous plants with massive buds, delightful effects, a unique, rich flavor profile, and high THC levels. 


    Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds are finally getting the critical acclaim their widespread popularity deserves. This is a marriage made in heaven, combining celebrated Jack Herer with rapid, prolific, and popular Critical Plus.


    Read on for all the information needed to source, germinate, grow, and harvest these feminized seeds. Before you know it, you’ll have your homegrown stash of this oustanding marijuana strain. Let’s get stuck in!


    What are Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds?


    Critical Jack feminized seeds are the lovechild of famed mega-budding Critical Plus and Cannabis Cup-winning Jack Herer. The resultant sativa-dominant strain has a lemony flavor and enormous pick-me-up qualities. The cherry on top is the astounding bounty of an enormous, rapidly-produced crop of grade-A marijuana.


    Critical Plus and Jack Herer combine some of the most sought-after genetics, thanks to their illustrious parentage. Legendary Haze, indica-powerhouse Northern Lights, two different Skunks, and Big Bud lend their diverse genes to this smooth operator.


    Creamy and zesty with tangy lemon and fresh pine, this strain delights the taste buds, too. Critical Jack feminized seeds are easy to cultivate. They grow quickly, are tough, and resistant to pests and pathogens—the buds are a popular choice at dispensaries nationwide.


    What are the Critical Jack feminized seeds effects?


    The genetic makeup and sativa-dominance of feminized Critical Jack seeds mean immediate and uplifting effects. The cerebral buzz and euphoria are controllable, allowing users to continue their daily pursuits. Most people use Critical Jack’s assistance to raise their mood during the day. 


    Others go further, employing the ‘wake-and-bake’ method to kick-start their morning. Sativa strains are more energetic, and users can maintain focus with low doses—contrary to indica cultivars that produce heavier sedative effects. 


    The instant you toke on this strain, you feel like you just knocked back a triple-espresso. A positive mindset pairs with ease of conversation and comfort in social situations. While fits of the giggles may briefly sidetrack, this cultivar is useful as it allows consumers to retain attention and clarity. Artists, writers, and coders become engrossed in their work, taking advantage by plowing through projects or daily chores. 


    These feminized Critical Jack seeds have high THC levels of 15–20%. That means overconsumption can negate drive and energy. Don’t be led to gluttony by these seductive flowers. In moderation, users experience long-lasting, wide-ranging effects. 


    What goes up must come down, and eventually, the indica calm and relaxation starts to take over. Critical Jack feminized seeds are unlikely to produce marijuana that leads to couchlock, though. High dosage is the only reason you’d get glued to your seat.


    As with all top-shelf cultivars, consumers may note mild side effects. Bloodshot eyes and a dry mouth result from dehydration. Keep a stock of eye drops and healthy thirst quenchers. Novices, in particular, should practice moderation as dizziness and modest paranoia may occur. 


    What does Critical Jack feminized smell like?


    The sweet, stunning flavor of a crop grown with fem Critical Jack seeds strengthens as the buds go through flowering. The floral aroma partners with a lemon zestiness. When the buds are dried and cured, they become a light green with vivid orange pistils. 


    Break them open to release the delectable terpene profile with pine, citrus, and skunky notes. The tangy lemony pine inhale boasts some spice, while the exhale presents hardwood and pepper tones with a smooth, skunky aftertaste. 


    The unique flavor profile combines several terpenes in varying proportions. The main ones in feminized Critical Jack seeds are:


    - Alpha pinene (25%): Alpha pinene is one of two terpenes found in large quantities in weed grown from fem Critical Jack seeds. Conifers, and especially pine trees, contain alpha-pinene.


    - Beta pinene (12%): The second dominant terpene is a monoterpene found in plants. Forest trees give off this abundant compound as a woody green pine flavor. 


    - Beta-caryophyllene (20%): The essential oil of cannabis sativa, hops, and rosemary, this terpene has potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties.


    - Beta myrcene (10%): Thought to be the predominant terpene in cannabis cultivars in North America, myrcene is widely found in plants and used for flavors and scents in chemicals.


    - Limonene (8%): Especially concentrated in the oil of orange rinds, limonene supplies citrus flavors. More precisely, it’s responsible for the tangs of lemon that typify Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds.  


    How to germinate Critical Jack feminized seeds


    The first step of growing weed involves inducing the seed to open and sprout a taproot. Seeds remain dormant until they’re in the right environment. Mimic a warm, humid, damp environment to germinate feminized Critical Jack seeds. 


    Homegrown guarantees germination if you follow the simple step-by-step guide that follows:


    You’ll need:


    - Two dinner plates

    - Paper towels

    - Critical Jack feminized seeds

    - Tweezers

    - Purified or bottled water




    - Use the bottled water to wet one of the paper towels. Wring out any excess water and lay the towel down in the middle of the plate. 

    - Use the tweezers to place the Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds on the paper towel. Make sure at least an inch of space separates them.

    - Wet the second towel, squeeze out excess, and drape over the marijuana seeds. Carefully peel up the towels to ensure there isn’t any standing water on the plate.

    - Invert the second plate and use it to enclose the medium.

    - Put the plates in a warm, humid spot that’s dark. Germination calls for darkness, not light.


    Check the seeds regularly to see if they’ve sprouted. Don’t expose them to unnecessary light, and ensure the towels don’t dry out completely. Your Critical Jack fem seeds should present a shoot within 24–120 hours (1 –5 days). If they haven’t sprouted a little white taproot after five days, your seeds aren’t viable and you can toss them out. Buy your marijuana seeds from a trusted source to limit disappointment.


    If you’d like a visual representation, a video tour of the process, or further information, take a closer look at our germination guide.


    Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Beginners, novices, and experts can grow feminized Critical Jack cannabis seeds. These magic beans develop monumental plants, producing humongous harvests in a short period. We encourage growers living in the right climates to plant outdoors for truly staggering returns.


    Outdoors, these plants develop best in a warm, dry, Mediterranean climate, but greenhouses are also great. Critical Jack feminized seeds sprout a plant that can reach beyond 10 feet tall. Long internodal spacing is typical of sativa strains, and this one’s no different.


    The flowering phase is relatively fast at 8–9 weeks. That’s all it takes for the flowers to mushroom into colossal conical colas. Depending on the local climate, growers should be ready to harvest from late September till late October. A trouble-free grow can net farmers as much as 42 ounces of high-quality cannabis per plant. 


    Growers can rear Critical Jack feminized seeds indoors, too. Unless you have a barn, use some training techniques to contain these wild plants. Topping, low-stress training, and bending are great ways to limit height. Also, remember your plants could double in size through stretching early in bloom, so pre-flowering topping is a good idea.


    The Screen of Green (ScrOG) growing method involves weaving your crop through a screen and then tying it down. This mesh makes the plants develop laterally, exposing greater areas to light and limiting height. Using this approach, indoor growers can maximize space and optimize their yield to the tune of 21 ounces of top-shelf herb per m². Indoor growers must ensure air circulation and light penetration by regular pruning and LST. 


    What are the Critical Jack feminized strain genetics?


    Critical Jack feminized seeds are a 2005 union of noted heavy-yielder Critical Plus and the much-praised Jack Herer. The sativa-dominant hybrid progeny is a champion cultivar in its own right and yields extremely heavily.


    Critical Plus is an indica-dominant mix of two strains whose names leave little to the imagination. Big Bud grows enormous flowers, and Skunk is dankness personified. Critical Plus is the resultant bumper-harvest, stinky hybrid with high THC levels. 


    Jack Herer was a pioneering activist whose unwavering support for hemp and cannabis legalization made him a pop icon. The sativa-dominant strain that bears his name was born in the late ‘80s. It combines heavyweights Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. The result is a large plant with numerous colas cloaked in sticky resin.


    Critical Jack fem seeds grow into plants that show off the best traits of their parents. Enormous buds bulge on big bent branches, sharing their lemon-pine scent and the promise of a pleasant smoke. Jack Herer bequeaths the sativa-dominance and the energetic, uplifting effects that sativa lovers the world over cherish.


    Wellness and Critical Jack feminized seeds


    Jack Herer was critical of a government that denied access to cannabis. His book “The Emperor Has no Clothes” provided extensive evidence for the potential of cannabis. The buds grown from Critical Jack fem seeds boast plenty of benefits when it comes to your wellbeing. 


    As with most sativa-dominant cultivars, these Critical Jack feminized seeds produce marijuana that improves your mood instantly. Users report uplifting effects that help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. The energetic buzz this strain gives is also an excellent antidote to fatigue.


    While CBD levels are low, the sativa-indica balance means an eventual relaxation and calm pervades. Couchlock is unlikely, but some claim the tranquility helps treat migraines. Others point to possible anti-inflammatory properties, which they say helps with arthritis. Other users toke on Critical Jack cannabis to address chronic or acute pain effects.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Critical Jack feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Critical Jack feminized seeds aren’t new. A runner-up in five different cannabis competitions early on, it took till 2016 for the public to endorse its champion pedigree. The cultivar took the first prize in the Outdoor section at the Cannabis Growers Cup in Argentina. Growers, breeders, and those in the medicinal marijuana community still have questions, though—we answer a few common ones:


    Where can I get free cannabis Critical Jack feminized seeds?


    These feminized marijuana seeds are some of the most highly-regarded due to their quick flowering phase. If you get your hands on these magical ovules without parting with cash, you’re winning big time. Most users have to buy Critical Jack feminized seeds. 


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. frequently pairs some of its best sellers with similar strains in mix packs, so look out for special offers. Also, watch out for Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) offers that make it happy hour at the seed bar. Check in daily to see when you can get your hands on double the amount of Critical Jack feminized seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Critical Jack feminized?


    Feminized strains are generally the best for beginner growers to cut their teeth. Critical Jack feminized seeds produce a tough plant that contends well with diseases and pests. It grows rapidly and generates heavy yields in a short bloom. When cultivating outdoors with obliging weather, even beginners can reap huge harvests.


    Indoor growers must restrain these unruly crops, so some skill with training techniques is helpful. Indoors, beginners may find a smaller plant more manageable. Some indoor experience helps growers accentuate the genetics of these epic cannabis seeds.


    Growers share their experiences in our Critical Jack Feminized Homegrown Diaries section. Help online peers by documenting your progress.


    What is the Critical Jack feminized flower time?


    These plants take only 8–9 weeks of flowering to produce huge buds and a hyper-heavy harvest. Indoor growers can look forward to 21 ounces of lemony marijuana per m². Outdoors, farmers can cultivate enormous ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ plants capable of producing a mind-blowing 42 ounces of prime cannabis per plant.


    How long do Critical Jack feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Most Critical Jack feminized seeds take 12–36 hours to germinate, but they can take up to five full days. If they haven’t sprouted a taproot by this time, toss the seeds out. Use the best cannabis seeds from a reputable source, and follow Homegrown’s guaranteed germination technique for best results. 


    How long does it take Critical Jack feminized from seeds to harvest?


    With autoflower seeds, growers can determine a harvest date before buying their seeds. There are some vital variables for feminized seeds, especially for outdoor grows:


    - Summer length: The earlier you plant, the longer the vegetative growth before flowering occurs. 

    - Flowering phase length: Outdoors flowering starts around the summer solstice on June 20/21. Critical Jack feminized should be ready to harvest 8–9 weeks later.

    - First frost due date: The icy phenomenon kills crops, so leave some wiggle-room if Jack Frost comes early.


    The length of the vegetative phase is a major consideration with Critical Jack feminized seeds. Outdoors, longer leads to bigger trees that should yield generously. Indoors, though, height restrictions mean you may have to shorten the phase, which could restrain final output.


    Growers can count on up to five days to germinate and up to nine weeks of flowering. The vegetative phase could be anything from 5–15 weeks.


    Grow medium: Critical Jack feminized hydro or soil?


    Most growers agree that soil mediums enhance the flavor profile while hydroponic operations reap greater yields. Hydro is also more sterile—limiting the potential for pests. 


    It may look like a no-brainer until you consider setup costs. Hydroponic setups can be expensive, and getting the nutrient balance right takes practice. Also, these particular Critical Jack feminized seeds produce sizable plants that may prove labor-intensive. You may even need to reduce the growing phase.


    This hardy strain is well-suited to its natural environment. Outdoors really shows off this cultivar’s stunning structure and awe-inspiring capacity. Organic soil is also what it evolved in. 


    What is the average Critical Jack feminized height?


    Feminized Critical Jack seeds can grow a mighty tree in the right conditions. Outdoors, it’s common to see plants grow up to 8–10 feet tall; not exactly low-profile. Keeping your crop anonymous may require tying down and other low-stress training. 


    Indoor gardeners must restrict growth to manage their space, which likely requires topping. Some cultivators even top plants on the brink of bloom to prevent this stretching.


    Where can I find pictures of Critical Jack feminized marijuana?


    Look up or down! Quality photos of marijuana grown from feminized Critical Jack seeds are right here on this very page!  


    Homegrown shares a few quality shots to give you an eyeful of the gorgeous light green buds with vibrant orange pistils. The flowering plants are vivid green with yellow pistils lending sense to the lemony-pine aroma. 


    Google is your friend, but the result-overload and lack of quality control make it difficult to know what’s real or not.


    Where is the best place to buy Critical Jack feminized seeds in the USA?


    Laws vary widely, but most US States now have legislation regulating cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. Only four states still outlaw both. If you’re in the majority or lucky, you could take a stroll down to a local dispensary to see if they have feminized Critical Jack seeds. 


    Stocks and variety can be limited in dispensaries, though, especially compared to some of the larger online seed banks. At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we’ve been sourcing, breeding, and banking seed varieties for three decades. With over 500 strains in regular, feminized, or autoflower versions, we’re sure to have what you want.  


    Are there different Critical Jack seeds?


    Feminized Critical Jack seeds are created by pollinating females—with female pollen. Only pairs of x-chromosomes mean only female offspring can result. These plants are photo-period, meaning they grow in response to the amount of sunlight they receive.


    Homegrown also has autoflower Critical Jack seeds. The light doesn’t dictate when autoflower seeds bloom. Instead, the seedlings enter flowering automatically after 3–5 weeks in the vegging phase. As a result of this abbreviated vegetative phase, the life cycle is shorter. 


    Critical Jack regular seeds are the original version of this strain and mainly get used by breeders wanting to create new cultivars.


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