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Critical Blue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Blue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 7
  • Potent buds transport you to a tropical paradise
  • Sink into the couch and watch the world go by with 23% THC
  • A succulent aroma of blueberries and citrus with a touch of pepper
  • One whiff of the gorgeous buds grown from Critical Blue feminized seeds is enough to make you an instant fan. Its fruity fragrances transform as you fill your lungs, teasing your taste buds with flavors of blueberry and citrus.You’ll need to wait slightly longer to harvest these nugs compared to other cultivars in the feminized category, but patience pays off with mammoth yield...Show more

    Critical Blue Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Critical Blue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    One whiff of the gorgeous buds grown from Critical Blue feminized seeds is enough to make you an instant fan. Its fruity fragrances transform as you fill your lungs, teasing your taste buds with flavors of blueberry and citrus.
    You’ll need to wait slightly longer to harvest these nugs compared to other cultivars in the feminized category, but patience pays off with mammoth yields. Critical Blue feminized seeds produce buds bursting in potency. They contain around 23% THC and induce a deep sense of relaxation.
    The Critical Blue strain will quickly replace your evening desserts, transporting you to a tropical paradise before bedtime.

    What are Critical Blue feminized cannabis seeds?

    Critical Blue feminized weed will indulge every one of your senses. For starters, these light green buds look incredible, displaying highlights of purple, blue, and pink hues. They’re also covered in a fuzzy white trichome blanket.
    As you open a jar of feminized Critical Blue bud, a fresh, fruity aroma fills your nostrils. This cultivar inherits its sweet fragrance from none other than Blueberry, a classic indica-dominant cultivar. 
    Allow the smooth smoke from Critical Blue feminized weed to wash over your tongue, and your tropical adventure continues. First, a tantalizing taste of berry and citrus explodes in your mouth, balanced by a spicy tang. Next, Critical Blue feminized weed reveals its true party piece. A euphoric head high, coupled with a powerful, relaxed body stone.
    The cultivar has its Critical genetics to thank for its sedating capabilities, allowing you to sink into your couch and watch the world go by. Feminized Critical Blue buds can also benefit medicinal users. They can assist with pain management, stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. These nugs also boast a mighty THC level, maxing out at around 23%, so they’re by no means a pushover.
    Growing a batch of Critical Blue feminized seeds can get tricky, especially for those new to cultivating cannabis. Put in the hard work, and you’ll get massive yields of succulent buds that’ll have you kicking back for ages. Save your Critical Blue feminized weed for lazy afternoons and evening sessions as productivity tends to dip.

    What are the effects of Critical Blue cannabis?

    Pack your bags and get ready for a blissful journey with the sweet-tasting buds from Critical Blue feminized seeds. This cultivar starts things off with a rush of euphoria as your mind takes flight. You’ll also notice a significant improvement in your mood, thanks to its uplifting capabilities.
    Although Critical Blue feminized weed mainly contains indica genes, its sativa side is still prominent. The combination of socializing and positive sensations can often lead to hilarity. Expect fits of laughter and your talkative side to make an appearance. After some time, the head high smoothes out, and you’ll notice a warm wave of relaxation spread throughout your body.
    At this point, Critical Blue feminized weed reveals its true colors. You’ll feel a powerful sedating buzz in your muscles, and your limbs become weighed down. Before long, you’ll want to find a comfy spot to unwind and allow your stress to disappear.
    You’ll need to take the dosage into account before smoking Critical Blue feminized buds as couch-lock can get heavy. Those with low tolerances can also get dizzy, paranoid, or anxious if they overindulge in this delicious cultivar. 
    Some users also report getting a dry mouth and eyes after smoking Critical Blue feminized weed. To fix these irritants, keep a bottle of cold water nearby to stay hydrated and some drops to lubricate your eyes.

    What does Critical Blue weed smell like?

    Critical Blue feminized cannabis offers a fruity flavor and fragrance that’ll have you drooling in seconds. As soon as you crack the dense buds open, they reveal a sweet, succulent aroma of blueberries and citrus fruits. You’ll also notice a slightly peppery, earthy scent in the background, expanding the overall profile of Critical Blue feminized weed.
    The mixture of pinene and myrcene terpenes found in this strain’s buds are responsible for its alluring scent. Close your eyes, and you can almost picture a tropical paradise. Remember that the strong smell tends to linger for some time. Lighting up Critical Blue feminized weed can easily reveal any sneaky smoking sessions.

    How to germinate Critical Blue feminized seeds

    The first step to abundant yields involves using a suitable germination method for your Critical Blue feminized seeds. There are various techniques out there, but many leave your cannabis seeds vulnerable and weak. To get successful results, we recommended following our simple germination guide.
    You can use this method for your feminized Critical Blue seeds regardless of your skill level or budget. All you need is a few everyday household items, such as:
    - One dinner plate- A roll of paper towel- A bottle of purified water- A clean pair of tweezers- Cannabis seeds
    Start this process by pouring water over two sheets of paper towel. Once they’re wet, gently twist them to get rid of any excess liquid. Remember to leave the sheets moist. Take one piece of paper towel and lay it on your plate. You can then place your cannabis seeds on the sheet using tweezers.
    Avoid using your hands as the oil on your fingers can cause contamination. It can slow the germination process down and lead to unfavorable results. Space out your marijuana seeds evenly and cover them with the second sheet of paper towel. Put the plate in a dark cupboard, and leave your marijuana seeds there for up to five days.
    You’ll need to regularly check on your cannabis seeds every 24 hours and ensure they stay moist. Once your marijuana seeds have a taproot measuring around a quarter inch in length, they’re ready for transplanting. Use clean tweezers to place your cannabis  seeds into holes up to half an inch deep. You can then gently cover them in your chosen growing medium.

    Grow Guide for Critical Blue feminized seeds

    As we’ve already mentioned, raising a batch of Critical Blue feminized seeds requires some experience, especially in the later growth stages. You can grow your marijuana seeds using outdoor or indoor setups and still look forward to a bountiful harvest.
    We suggest raising your feminized Critical Blue seeds in a grow tent. The level of control you have over the elements will help maximize the quality of these buds. With predominant indica genetics, these cannabis seeds produce short plants, reaching a maximum height of 2.6 feet.
    Vertical space isn't an issue when growing Critical Blue feminized seeds. Instead, you’ll need to concentrate on their rapid lateral expansion. The good news is that Critical Blue is resilient, allowing you to use high- or low-stress training to shape its vigorous growth.
    Choosing a growing medium for your feminized Critical Blue seeds comes down to what you hope to achieve. A hydroponics setup will speed up the overall development of your marijuana seeds, allowing you to collect its buds sooner. On the other hand, using soil and a quality organic fertilizer helps draw out the incredible flavors in Critical Blue feminized buds.
    You’ll need to recreate a Mediterranean climate, keeping your indoor temperature warm and your humidity low. Due to the rapid growth of Critical Blue feminized plants, you’ll also need to trim the leaves regularly. This technique helps light reach the lower branches and ensure sufficient ventilation, keeping issues like mold and mildew at bay.
    Your Critical Blue feminized crops need additional support during the flowering stage. Install a trellis net to bear the weight of the heavy buds and avoid stem stress or injury. We also suggest including an odor filter for your indoor setup to eliminate the strong aroma released by these cannabis plants.
    As your feminized Critical Blue crops reach the end of their flowering stage, subject them to colder temperatures. This process helps draw out the colors of the buds. If you prefer raising your cannabis seeds outdoors, you have to pay close attention to the weather and temperature.
    Ensure your Critical Blue feminized plants receive plenty of sunshine. You can also keep them in pots for easy moving during rough weather. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’ll want to start planting your Critical Blue feminized seeds in April.
    This cultivar has a slightly longer flowering time compared to many other strains. It takes around ten to twelve weeks. As such, you can expect to harvest your Critical Blue feminized buds by mid-October. Outdoor crops can yield as much as 27 ounces per plant. In comparison, an indoor setup produces around 18 ounces per meter squared.

    What are the genetics of the feminized Critical Blue strain?

    It’s not hard to see why feminized Critical Blue weed grabbed the attention of cannabis connoisseurs. It’s practically dripping in iconic marijuana genetics. Breeders started with an incredible indica-dominant strain known as Critical that can trigger a powerful body stone.
    Critical Blue feminized nugs also get their cerebral effects from this parent strain. Next, breeders crossed Critical with Blueberry, a legendary cultivar that’s earned awards for its sweet, fruity flavor and fragrance.
    Critical Blue feminized weed retains the best properties from both its parents. You can look forward to a sea of colorful buds as a symbol of their potency. THC levels of this cultivar range between 19% and 23%, making it particularly strong, especially for those with low tolerances. At the same time, Critical Blue feminized seeds produce cannabis with low CBD values. Tests show less than 2% of this cannabinoid present in its buds.

    Wellness and Critical Blue feminized seeds

    While Critical Blue feminized nugs contain low CBD levels, they offer some fantastic benefits for medicinal users. The anti-inflammatory capabilities of this weed work quickly on your body. These deep, calming properties can assist with easing pain and tension in your muscles.
    Ingesting Critical Blue feminized flower can also help relieve chronic migraines. What’s more, the effects induced by this cultivar can help with stress, making it a brilliant aid for anyone with anxiety or depression.
    Users report that the mild euphoric sensation can replace negative emotions and thoughts. As a result, you’ll notice your mood improve, allowing for a much lighter disposition. Critical Blue feminized weed tends to increase your desire for food. If you have a poor appetite, these buds will reignite your hunger; just remember to keep it healthy.
    You can say goodnight to insomnia and sleep disturbances with this tasty strain. A few tokes of this beauty, and you’ll find yourself in dreamland before you know it.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Critical Blue feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    No matter how experienced you are at growing cannabis, it’s common to have a few questions before committing to a batch of Critical Blue feminized seeds. Below, you’ll find answers to the list of inquiries cultivators ask us from every walk of life.

    What variations of Critical Blue cannabis are there?

    Similar to other strains available today, this cultivar comes in three varieties, including the ever-popular Critical Blue feminized seeds version. These are:
    - Critical Blue regular seeds: This pack of cannabis seeds contains a mixture of males and females, sure to excite breeders looking to create a new hybrid cultivar.
    - Critical Blue feminized seeds: It’s all about massive yields and peace of mind with this version. We take the guesswork out of growing, making life that much easier. You’ll find a collection of the finest female marijuana seeds, promising a 99% germination rate and succulent buds that’ll make your friends green with envy.
    - Critical Blue autoflower seeds: Sometimes time isn't on your side, and you need a way to speed up productivity. Thankfully, autoflower seeds can save the day. This version promises faster flowering times as it doesn’t follow a set light schedule. You’ll still get the same tantalizing buds but a slightly lower yield.

    Where can I get free cannabis Critical Blue feminized seeds?

    You can get free cannabis seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) deals often include Critical Blue feminized seeds, so check in with us regularly. You’re sure to find something that’ll make your wallet smile.

    Can a beginner grow Critical Blue feminized seeds?

    Growing Critical Blue feminized seeds requires patience and additional attention, making them better suited to experienced cultivators. At the same time, it's not impossible for beginners to get incredible results if they’re up for a challenge. Just ensure you’ve done some research before tackling this tricky cultivar.

    What is the flowering time of Critical Blue feminized plants?

    You’ll need to wait between ten and twelve weeks for your plants to flower fully. This period occurs once your Critical Blue feminized plants reach the end of their vegetation phase. While they take slightly longer than the average weed strain, the enormous yields are worth the wait.

    How long do Critical Blue feminized seeds take to germinate?

    There are various methods to get your Critical Blue feminized seeds to sprout in up to five days. Planting them in the ground will take twice as long. We highly recommend following our germination guide to ensure the best possible results in the shortest time.

    How long does it take Critical Blue feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?

    After planting your Critical Blue feminized seeds, you’ll need to wait seven months before harvesting their aromatic buds. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’ll need to sow your cannabis seeds in April. Then, by mid-October, you can start trimming the flowers and hanging them up to dry.
    Should you grow Critical Blue feminized seeds in hydro or soil?
    You can grow your feminized Critical Blue seeds in either soil or hydroponics and still get marvelous results. It comes down to what you hope to achieve. Using an organic soil medium will help enhance the flavor and fragrance of your buds. In comparison, hydroponic setups speed up the growth of your marijuana plants.

    How tall does a Critical Blue feminized plant grow?

    Due to the genetic makeup of Critical Blue feminized seeds, you can expect its plants to reach heights of 2.6 feet. Like other indica-dominant hybrids, this cultivar tends to grow laterally as opposed to vertically. The result is a short yet bushy specimen requiring regular trimming.

    Where can I find pictures of Critical Blue feminized marijuana?

    You’ll find loads of images showing Critical Blue feminized cannabis at every stage of its growth at Homegrown Cannabis Co. You can check out our forum and Critical Blue Feminized Homegrown Diaries for pictures sent in by our incredible community. 
    You can also start your diary and track the progress of your maturing plants. Plus, you’ll find plenty of cultivating tips, tricks, and expert advice.

    Where is the best place to buy Critical Blue feminized seeds in the USA?

    When it comes to ensuring you have the best results, you need to buy quality feminized Critical Blue seeds. Visit the Homegrown Cannabis Co. store and see for yourself. We pride ourselves on our service and knowledge of marijuana. We offer a wide range of cultivars and a discreet delivery service for those living in the USA.

    Are there any other names for Critical Blue feminized seeds?

    There aren’t any nicknames for Critical Blue feminized seeds—for a good reason. Breeders use both parent strains to create many other hybrids, passing down their names in the process. You’ll find many cultivars on the market called Blue or Critical. Your best bet is to dive a bit deeper and confirm the genetic heritage before proceeding with your purchase.
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