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Critical 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • All your senses awakened
  • With 20% THC
  • Myrcene delivers that unmistakable earthy scent known to cannabis lovers worldwide
  • With novel cannabis strains springing up every day, this is one breed you won't be critical of—we promise. Marijuana from Critical 47 seeds shakes the core of your being before dropping you into a well-deserved abyss of ultra relaxation. It awakens all your senses and thoroughly renews every inch of your body. It's no surprise what this strain can do, considering the superior n...Show more

    Critical 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    400 - 700
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Critical 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    With novel cannabis strains springing up every day, this is one breed you won't be critical of—we promise. Marijuana from Critical 47 seeds shakes the core of your being before dropping you into a well-deserved abyss of ultra relaxation. It awakens all your senses and thoroughly renews every inch of your body.


    It's no surprise what this strain can do, considering the superior nature of its parentage. The two sensational cultivars bequeathed their finest physiological and psychological traits to Critical 47 marijuana seeds, gifting us an outstanding protégé. For this strain, impressing diverse connoisseurs is a given—it has both medicinal and recreational devotees.


    The plants grown from this indica-dominant hybrid present you with more to marvel at. They first dazzle you with exquisite, compact physiques. The buds from Critical 47 feminized seeds then condition your mouth to water when they set in; they're huge, crystalline, highly resinous, and trichome-laden. 


    They seal the deal with a unique variety of scents and tastes intertwined with uncanny precision, creating the ultimate consumer experience.


    Critical 47 cannabis seeds are among those that made it onto the prestigious Homegrown Cannabis Co. feminized seeds collection. Cultivating them is a gratifying venture, worth all the wait and effort it demands.

    Dive into the facts below to find out why our specialists barely prevent themselves from drooling when meticulously handling the strain for you.


    What are Critical 47 feminized cannabis seeds?


    Critical 47 seeds (feminized) result from a predestined marriage between the revered AK-47 and the ingenious Critical Mass. The weed starts you off with an intense euphoric rush immediately after consumption. 


    A few moments later, another fierce wave follows—it's a call to a state of unparalleled tranquility. The sandman eventually plunges you into the depths of dreamland, delivering what's probably the best sleep you've had in a while.


    The medium THC level of the marijuana from Critical 47 seeds is as potent as they come. The 15–18% goodness renders you satisfied with just a little. It exudes a complex aroma of refreshing lemon with deep, spicy Afghan hash undertones. They tease the palate, adding to the sweet-savory fruit and cheese essence that follows.


    Feminized Critical 47 seeds assure you all-female crops with 99% success. An intermediate-level cultivator keeps up with the 5-feet-tall plants with ease and has themselves a glorious fiesta come harvest. A prosperous indoor garden yields a bountiful 15–19 oz. per plant. 


    For the outdoors, cultivation results in even more booty; 15–25 oz. for each crop. The 10–12 weeks of flowering hardly seem like much when you fixate your eyes on this prize.


    What are the effects of Critical 47 feminized seeds?


    Critical 47 marijuana seeds produce marijuana that affects both body and mind but leans more on the indica side. It's certain to hit every nerve to give fans whatever effect they're after. You become lighter, merrier, and giggly a few tokes in. 


    Intrusive and pessimistic thoughts fade away, leaving behind elevated and peaceful intentions and ideas. Colors brighten, and sensations amplify—it's suddenly easier to chat up the neighbors you avoid eye contact with.


    Afterward, the buds from fem Critical 47 seeds make you feel even floatier but more gently. Deep mellow vibrations overcome you, and a utopian calmness takes hold. It's time to sink into the sofa and indulge in a heartwarming movie marathon or listen to soothing music. 


    You feel heavier but not necessarily couch-locked, so cooking or preparing a light snack is another great option.


    Moments later, the weed from Critical 47 cannabis seeds sends you deeper into rest. It relaxes your physical and mental being with intense measure. Tense muscles slacken, brain activity tones down, and sleep is all there is to do. Don't be afraid to lose yourself to the feeling. Give your body a little rejuvenation space.


    Try not to overindulge with marijuana from Critical 47 fem seeds. It can make you paranoid, dizzy, or excessively couch-locked due to the powerful sedative qualities. A little dose is enough since it's fast-hitting and long-lasting. Remember to hydrate thoroughly to avoid dealing with cottonmouth or parched eyes.


    What does the Critical 47 feminized smell like?


    Marijuana from Critical 47 seeds has one of the most curiously assorted fragrances and flavors. It's easily detectable as the crops grow, oozing a pungent Afghan hash odor. Proximity to them reveals a striking lemon tone that already stimulates the senses.


    As the plants from Critical 47 feminized seeds begin to blossom, a sweetness adds to the smell. Drying and curing the buds enhances the bouquet. Break them apart for consumption, and their fruitiness pleasantly surprises you.

    The taste is more or less the same as the contrasting flavors battle for dominance. The tinges of cheese are the highlight of the sesh.


    How to germinate Critical 47 feminized seeds


    You don't need much to germinate your Critical 47 seeds—the process is straightforward. Diverse techniques and equipment exist to help you get the job done. While the cannabis seeds practically sprout themselves, be careful not to exert too much pressure and damage them.


    Our Homegrown Cannabis Co. experts advise using the paper towel technique outlined in our extensive germination guide. The technique is affordable, fast, and reliable. It gives your Critical 47 marijuana seeds a 99% chance of succeeding in only five days.


    You need the following for the process:


    - A hygienic workstation

    - Two large dinner plates

    - Some purified or bottled water

    - Two sheets of paper towels

    - A pair of tweezers

    - Your Critical 47 cannabis seeds


    Now follow these steps:


    Step 1: Sanitize your equipment and place everything on the table.


    Step 2: Get some moisture on one paper towel and place it on a plate. Water shouldn't drip, so wring out any excess.


    Step 3: Use the tweezers to put your Critical 47 feminized seeds on the towel. There should be about an inch of space between them.


    Step 4: Wet the next sheet and use it to cover the marijuana seeds. Soak up surplus water with extra towels.


    Step 5: Use the second dinner plate as your lid to keep the seeds dark and warm. Choose a secluded yet comfortable location to leave them in—a closet, drawer, or cupboard will do.


    Step 6: Check the Critical 47 seeds (feminized) regularly and spray some moisture to prevent them from dying. Sprouting should begin in around 3–5 days.


    Step 7: Inspect the cannabis seeds and move those with visible taproots to their respective growing locations. Patiently wait for the rest to pop.


    The germination guide has more detailed pictures for additional information. Our germination guarantee ensures we provide replacements for feminized Critical 47 seeds that fail to bud. Remember to document the procedure visually in shots and videos.


    Critical 47 feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Once you buy Critical 47 seeds from us, it's important to understand what you're in for. Cultivating them isn't necessarily difficult; the attention required makes it an intermediate-level strain.

    The plants flourish in any medium, whether in or out, reaching up to 5 feet. Enjoy your hard-earned bounty after flowering for 10–12 weeks.


    Ventilation and proper lighting are significant when growing Critical 47 feminized seeds inside. The crops have branches with thick foliage, so prune and trim to help those aspects reach the underside. 


    The Screen of Green (ScrOG) helps you control growth and height. Position your lights closer to the herbs and give enough room for sufficient air circulation. Provide support to the branches, especially during flowering, to prevent them from breaking.


    Critical 47 marijuana seeds also require a temperature at 70–80°F and humidity between 40–50%. Adjust it based on your plants' growth phase. Inspect them often for cannabis pests and diseases to remedy any issues. Receive a scrumptious yield of 15–19 oz./m2 when you harvest.


    Fem critical 47 seeds prefer Mediterranean-like and sunny Continental climates. Develop an appropriate watering schedule to help the herbs hydrate during heat waves and remain warm when they need to. Check for attack signs from pests and illnesses as well. 


    Reaping occurs from the end of September to the middle of October in the Northern Hemisphere, giving you a plentiful 15–25 oz. per crop.


    What is the Critical 47 feminized strain genetics?


    The merger between the masterpieces, AK-47 and Critical Mass, might have been fated. The success that is Critical 47 seeds exhibit their premium attributes, and tokers can't get enough of them. Let's find out what makes this genealogy special.


    AK-47 traces its roots to legendary Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani landrace strains in the 90s. The sativa-dominant cultivar boasts over 15 awards, making it one of the giants in the cannabis world. Critical 47 cannabis seeds’ buds acquire the signature euphoric punch and positive vibrations—plus the luscious cheese and fruity bouquet—from it.


    Critical Mass also has epic origins—it's a product of the landrace Afghani and superior Skunk #1. It's an indica-dominant superstar that's helped bring forth various cultivars in the industry. The breed graces Critical 47 seeds (feminized) with enchanting sedative capabilities and the exhilarating Afghan hash and citrus feel.


    Wellness and Critical 47 feminized seeds


    Marijuana grown with Critical 47 seeds doesn't come short in the wellness department. The low CBD level—less than 2%—doesn't affect its ability to deliver relief. Its indica profile and the terpenes caryophyllene and a-myrcene help boost its potential therapeutic value. 


    Medicinal users report both short-term and long-term ease from several bodily and psychological conditions.


    Pot from Critical 47 fem seeds has a positive hold on your mind, so it's a quick pick-me-up during the blues. It raises spirits and shields you from negative thoughts, which could make it beneficial against mood disorders. The optimistic inspirations may help calm:


    - PTSD

    - Severe stress

    - Anxiety

    - Depression

    - Demotivation


    Since weed from Critical 47 feminized cannabis seeds later relaxes stiff nerves and muscles, it may soothe various physical soreness. Some of them include:


    - Dysmenorrhea

    - Arthritis

    - Convulsions

    - Migraines

    - Different types of muscle discomfort


    The resulting lazy properties possibly assist in calming irregularities like sleeplessness. The intake of cannabis from fem Critical 47 seeds also restores your appetite with munchies. It may help curb vomiting and nausea and regulate eating disorders.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Critical 47 feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    That's all the details that come with growing Critical 47 seeds. We know some concepts might need some getting used to, so check out these frequently asked questions for further clarification. Have any inquiries? Reach out to our 24/7 customer support team.


    Where can I get free cannabis Critical 47 feminized seeds?


    You can find complimentary fem Critical 47 seeds right here. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has an excellent Buy One Get One Free page where we display diverse deals. Get cheap marijuana seeds equal to your initial purchase, depending on the existing offer. Note that the bargains frequently change and constantly revolve around different cultivars.


    Check the site often to up your chances of getting free Critical 47 fem seeds. Your best bet? Subscribe to our newsletter for immediate notification on the latest freebies. Our giveaways are as pristine as always, so there are zero quality issues.


    Can a beginner grow Critical 47 feminized?


    Beginners could attempt growing Critical 47 feminized cannabis seeds, but we wouldn't suggest it. The hotshot is a bit demanding, and the robust plants need constant hands-on involvement to flourish. Friendlier cultivars are best in helping newbies gain and refine their marijuana cultivation skills—they'll be up to the task after a few harvests.


    What is the Critical 47 feminized flower time?


    The herbs from Critical 47 seeds should blossom in about 10–12 weeks. If you'd like to shorten the time, initiate the phase early by shortening the light cycle. Since this stresses the plants, be careful not to damage them and lose your produce.


    The flowering period is delicate, so cannabis appreciates the extra support in dealing with pests, diseases, and unfavorable environmental conditions. For an indoor grow, expect a fruitful 15–19 oz. per plant. Yields for each shoot up to a bountiful 15–25 oz. outdoors.


    How long do Critical 47 feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Critical 47 marijuana seeds typically pop around five days (120 hours). It depends on the budding method and surroundings, so stick to our germination guide for the best possible results.

    Sometimes marijuana seeds from one packet sprout on different days. Move the speedy ones to their growing areas and wait for the remaining ones. Provide sufficient moisture to prevent them from drying out.


    Record photos and videos of the paper towel technique as our germination guarantee states. You're eligible for a substitution in case any don't sprout.


    How long does it take Critical 47 feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Critical 47 cannabis seeds should take a little over six months to harvest. Depending on the quality of the environment and growing techniques used, the time can either stretch or shorten. Here's a breakdown of the standard timeline:


    - Germination: about a week

    - Seedling and vegging: approximately 8–12 weeks

    - Flowering: around 10–12 weeks


    Factors affecting the growth speed of your Critical 47 feminized seeds include medium, nutrients provided, and the lighting cycle. Try to have your marijuana garden in a constant ideal state to keep the odds in your favor.


    Grow medium: Critical 47 feminized hydro or soil?


    Critical 47 seeds (feminized) flourish in any medium. We recommend using soil for a few reasons. It's cheap, no experience is needed, and it intensifies the bud's terpene composition, bringing forth its true taste and power.


    There are advantages to hydroponics as well. It's highly convenient, ensures more robust growth, and is safer when it comes to pests and illnesses. It costs a bit more to get it up and running, not to mention a certain level of skills, though. Whatever the case, take good care of your feminized Critical 47 seeds to encourage greater growth.


    How do Critical 47 feminized cannabis seeds differ from other variants?


    Fem Critical 47 seeds develop differently to other types of seeds available. Let's explore them all:


    Autoflower seeds: since the marijuana seeds don't depend on light cycles, harvest occurs throughout the year. Unlike Critical 47 fem seeds, autoflowers reduce flowering time by 1–2 weeks. They're ideal for stealth grows or areas with unpredictable climatic conditions.


    CBD seeds: CBD is non-psychoactive, so the weed won't alter your brain functions as with Critical 47 feminized cannabis seeds. They allow you to get all marijuana perks without questioning if your couch is floating. They're perfect for medicinal use because they may relieve you from several discomforts when used in the right dosage.


    Regular marijuana seeds: unlike Critical 47 feminized seeds, these grow into male and female crops. You can cross-pollinate various cultivars and make awesome hybrids.


    Fast version cannabis seeds: These are photoperiod seeds manipulated to shorten the blooming phase by two weeks. They’re great for the impatient weed lovers out there.


    What is the average Critical 47 feminized height?


    The strain's indica nature influences its physical traits. Its height is medium, around 5 feet, with dense foliage. The compactness of the plants from Critical 47 seeds requires your assistance to get fresh air and enough light to their bottom parts. Trim and prune regularly, safely lower the bulbs, or install an air conditioner to keep that in check.


    Screen of Green (ScrOG) is a conventional training method that'll help you manage the structure and boost yields.


    Where can I find pictures of Critical 47 feminized marijuana?


    Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. for top-notch pictures of the stellar weed from Critical 47 marijuana seeds. Get a feel of what cultivating the strain is like from our quality images on this page.

    The Critical 47 Feminized Homegrown Diaries also has shots of this masterpiece from growers just like you. It's a space where enthusiasts visually present various cultivation experiences. Get access to these diverse photos and upload yours as well.


    Where is the best place to buy Critical 47 feminized seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the perfect online seed bank to find Critical 47 seeds for sale. We're with you every step of the way, from the moment you secure your marijuana seeds and during the journey. 


    We quickly and discreetly ship superior cannabis seeds anywhere in the United States. Our payment options have top-tier security, and the customer service team is ready for you round the clock.


    Buy Critical 47 seeds from us and get access to the community forum for a wholesome growing venture. Freely discuss thoughts and share experiences with fellow cultivators. Track your steps with the Homegrown Diaries to gauge your progress and highlight the best approaches.


    Are there any other names for Critical 47 feminized?


    Critical 47 cannabis seeds are also known as C-47 seeds, or by the parentage, Critical x AK-47. If you come across cultivars with similar names, double-check the genetics to ensure it's what you need. Be especially careful with variants that have Critical, AK47, 47, or Mass in their names.


    Spelling errors


    A missing letter might not hinder an online search for Critical 47 feminized seeds. Even so, here are a few misspellings to avoid:


    - Criticall 47

    - Crytical 47

    - Critikal 47

    - Kritical 47

    - Krytikal 47


    Note that leaving out the word cannabis, strain, or marijuana—anything that specifies what you need—can be frustrating too. Stay vigilant and confirm the genes of the names that confuse you.


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