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Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Crystal clear high and a soft
  • Energizing
  • Sweet apple and tropical flavors.
  • Cinderella 99 seeds produce a fast flowering, hardy strain; it's easy to cultivate and packs plenty of punch. Psychedelic in nature, Cinderella 99 makes good on its promise of total relaxation and enhanced senses. It's no surprise that the Cinderella 99 strain seeds were one of the contenders for the "Top ten strains of 2009" list, run by High Times Magazine.  Cinderella 99 fem...Show more

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    THC Level
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    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    80 - 100
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Cinderella 99 seeds produce a fast flowering, hardy strain; it's easy to cultivate and packs plenty of punch. Psychedelic in nature, Cinderella 99 makes good on its promise of total relaxation and enhanced senses. It's no surprise that the Cinderella 99 strain seeds were one of the contenders for the "Top ten strains of 2009" list, run by High Times Magazine. 


    Cinderella 99 feminized seeds are ones you want to cultivate in your garden. If you're keen to start planting, buy your premium feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. today.  


    What are Cinderella 99 feminized cannabis seeds?


    Cinderella 99 is a sativa dominant hybrid, also known as Cindy or C99. It starts slow but hits hard, surprising users with its intensity. 


    The strong hybrid has an interesting gene pool boasting the legendary Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk mix. The Cinderella 99 seeds develop well indoors and are perfectly suited for hydroponics. They do well outdoors, as long as the climate is temperate. 


    Quick flowering times are another reason this strain is so popular with growers. A sturdy plant with an amazing flower to leaf ratio. Cinderella 99 feminized seeds grow into plants that aren't dense with foliage but make up for that with an abundance of glistening buds. 


    Its light green colors are distinct, offset with bright orange pistils dotted everywhere. They're not easy to find since the Cinderella 99 female seeds are highly demanded. If you happen to find some, snap up a whole bunch quickly. 


    Read further to discover why this fairytale strain is worth your time and effort. 


    What are the Cinderella 99 feminized seeds effects?


    The effects of Cinderella 99 take some time to show. This slow start is deceptive as the strain packs a hefty punch even though the THC levels are at a mild 13-17%, with a low CBD base of less than 2%. 


    It fools smokers into using more of the strain, and once it kicks in, it overwhelms their minds. Psychedelic sensations take over, and many report that they can see music and hear colors. It’s one of the reasons that cannabis from Cinderella 99 seeds is so popular with growers.


    In moderation, users can expect a euphoric experience combined with a positivity and happiness tail end. It's a popular daytime blend with an energy-packed cycle time of 90–100 minutes. It leaves users feeling that they can do anything physically and motivates them to take on any task.


    The harvests of Cinderella 99 feminized seeds certainly clear the mind while boosting enthusiasm. You might want to try the blend at home first since having a stupid grin from ear to ear could send out weird vibes to the boss. It could get especially awkward when you get the giggles to match the Cheshire Cat smile. 


    There have been reports of mild aphrodisiac qualities from the crops of Cinderella 99 seeds hybrid. Even though the physical sensation is relaxing, it's in no way debilitating, with no couch look symptoms. It’s a nicely balanced all-over body buzz with a slight psychedelic twist. 


    The psychoactive effects can be unexpected for people who might have taken too much Cinderella 99 accidentally. Some users have reported experiencing brighter or more vivid colors and amplified sounds. You can also experience random thought patterns moving through your mind at superspeed. 


    Try a new strain at home before using it in public or with other people. This experimentation lets you gauge how your body reacts to the plants grown from Cinderella 99 strain seeds. 


    There are some potential side-effects which could include the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes. Keep a water bottle on hand, and some eye drops to help ease the symptoms. Higher doses of Cinderella 99 may leave you feeling a little dizzy and, in some cases, mildly paranoid. 


    What do the Cinderella 99 feminized seeds smell like?


    The Cinderella 99 feminized seeds strain, once cured and dried, gives off a refreshing citrus aroma at the start. It's followed by an earthy scent and then leaves a lingering fruity fragrance in the air. Once lit, pineapple comes through pretty strong. 


    These are the only top notes, and there's a lot more to this intricate hybrid. The combination of various terpenes creates a scent mix of sugary sweetness and, oddly enough, rotten meat. 


    Cinderella 99 seeds contain three dominant terpenes, which determine the taste and scent of the matured plants. Sour fruits tantalize the tongue, but the presence of caryophyllene brings through the hint of spiced, overaged meat. 


    Limonene boosts the palate with tropical flavors. Fortunately, both the aroma and taste are balanced out by the sweetness of myrcene, making for an overall pleasant sensory experience.


    How to germinate Cinderella 99 feminized seeds


    Germination is the first step in growing cannabis crops. When you're ready with your Cinderella 99 feminized seeds, follow the steps below. The plate and paper towel method is relatively simple, and you're bound to have success if you follow the instructions. 


    Even if you're a newbie, this technique is easy to follow. If you prefer visual instructions, then take a look at our germination guide for more details. You can scale up the number of plates and paper towels to match the number of seeds you want to germinate.


    What you need:


    - Premium paper towels 

    - Distilled water (room temperature)

    - Plates of the same size

    - Tweezers

    - Cinderella 99 feminized seeds




    - Moisten one paper towel and put it on a plate. Make sure that it's wet but not dripping.

    - Drop the Cinderella 99 female seeds on the towel about 1" apart using the tweezers.

    - Wet the second towel and lay it over the first, covering the seeds.

    - Using a second plate, cover the layers.

    - Store the plate sets in a cool, dark room to germinate. Ideally, the area should be between 70–85°F.

    - Check up on the plates daily to ensure that the towels remain moist.

    - You should start seeing tap roots emerge as early as 24 hours. If nothing happens, be patient. - Sometimes, it can take up to five days for the Cinderella 99 fem seeds to sprout. 

    - Once the taproots appear, you can move the tiny seedlings to their permanent grow area.


    Our cannabis seeds are of the highest quality, and we are so confident in our products that we offer a germination guarantee to growers. If you didn't get the best results after following the above instructions carefully, you could claim Cinderella 99 replacement seeds. Remember to document your progress with photographs for supporting evidence of the claim. 


    Cinderella 99 feminized seeds grow guide


    The genius behind Cinderella 99 strain seeds developed them to do very well in a hydroponic setup. The hydro environment speeds up the growth rate of the crops. Part of the reason the Cinderella 99 seeds do well indoors is that growers can control the climate. 


    Humidity and temperature are vital in the right amounts for healthy crops. A rule of thumb is to give your plants around a gallon of water per day. Marijuana seeds and plants prefer temperatures of between 68–77 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Once your Cinderella 99 seeds have sprouted, you can further enhance the growth speed by using a 1000w light source. Cannabis plants are happiest with 10–12 hours of light per day.


    Even though Cinderella 99 feminized seeds do best indoors, the hardy plant can flourish in soil. The minerals in the soil bring out the intensity of the flavors. If you do set up your plantation outside, remember that harvest time falls around the end of September and the start of October. Be sure to keep your crops in a sheltered space with a lot of sunshine and enough warmth. 


    Where you grow your plants depends on your goal: speed or intense flavor. Another deciding factor for growers of where to plant their crops is the yield. Indoor crops can yield as much as 17.5–21.5 ounces/㎡ and outdoors yields are between 21.5–28 ounces per plant. 


    Even though the Cinderella 99 seeds develop pretty easily into healthy plants, it doesn't mean there aren't some challenges. The plant gets easily stressed if there's too much pruning. It's best to keep the physical handling of the bushes to a minimum. Besides, the plant has a sparse supply of foliage, and trimming is likely unnecessary unless you're dealing with a fungal infection. 


    A common issue with Cinderella 99 seeds plants is that the lateral branches are long and thin, with the crops not taller than three feet. This decreased girth makes the boughs weak, and sometimes they struggle to take the weight of the dense buds. 


    Cinderella 99 seeds crops have a high resistance to mold, disease, mildew, and pests. It's great news for growers as you don't have to be too concerned with infections. However, it would be best if you still kept an eye out for anything strange. The sooner you address any issues, the more likely you’ll heal your plants.  


    What are the Cinderella 99 feminized seeds strain genetics?


    Our Cinderella 99 fem seeds combine two well-known and loved cannabis strains—Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. 


    Jack Herer, aka The Jack, is a potent strain known for its healing properties created by a cannabis author and activist. It first appeared in the 90s in the Netherlands, recognized for its medicinal properties. The spicy strain has won numerous awards for its potency and superior qualities. Bringing the sativa dominance into C99, it's an energy booster and destresser. 


    The Shiva Skunk cultivar is one of the most powerful of its kind, adding the 15% indica portion to the Cinderella 99 seeds makeup. Calming and energizing, the strain brings a sweet aroma with the typical pungent skunky notes. 


    Cinderella 99 seeds take the best from both parents, as experienced by growers and users of the final product.        


    Wellness and Cinderella 99 feminized seeds


    People using cannabis for medicinal and health purposes prefer Cinderella 99 feminized seeds due to the rapid flowering time. The strain is known to help combat many physical and mental issues. 


    Some of the issues that C99 allegedly assists with include:


    - Stress

    - Fatigue

    - Pain

    - Anxiety and depression


    The mood-boosting strain helps people cope with mental and emotional issues. Due to its uplifting properties, the cannabis hybrid assists patients suffering from stress, anxiety, and ADHD. There have also been cases where some people suffering from chronic fatigue disorder have seen positive results. 


    Physically, users claim that plants grown from Cinderella 99 feminized seeds help relieve migraines and mild bodily pain. Specifically, the strain alleviates joint pain, muscle cramping, and arthritis symptoms. 


    It's also suitable for people who suffer from eating disorders like anorexia since it increases appetite. Patients undergoing chemotherapy cancer treatments found it beneficial in helping them combat nausea from their medication.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Cinderella 99 feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Whether you're an experienced grower or are just starting your cannabis growing journey, you may still have some questions about Cinderella 99 seeds. Take a look at the most commonly asked ones below to find the answer you're looking for. 


    What’s the difference between regular, autoflower, and feminized Cinderella 99 seeds?


    Cinderella 99 fem seeds are available in three variants; regular, feminized, and autoflower. The regular seeds produce female and male plants, usually at 50% split. Our Cinderella 99 feminized seeds are developed to express female buds only, which means larger usable yields. 


    Regular and feminized seeds are dependent on changing light to flower. Autoflower cannabis seeds are different because they can progress into the flowering stage without a change in light. They also have a quicker growth cycle. However, the auto variants are more challenging to grow, and novices should rather try feminized Cinderella 99 seeds to start with. 


    Currently, at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we stock Cinderella 99 fem seeds and fast versions.


    Where can I get free cannabis Cinderella 99 feminized seeds?


    Visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. and buy Cinderella 99 seeds online at affordable prices. We often have BOGO offers, where various seeds are on sale during the year. Visit our cheap seeds page often to find out if Cinderella 99 seeds are available on the buy-one-get-one-free special. 


    Can a beginner grow Cinderella 99 feminized seeds?


    Cinderella 99 feminized seeds are great for inexperienced growers. One reason is their strong resistance to pests, disease, mildew, and mold. Of course, ease of growth also depends on the quality of seeds, so be sure to buy the best Cinderella 99 seeds right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    What are the Cinderella 99 feminized seeds flower time?


    Cinderella 99 feminized seeds have a relatively short flowering time of 60–65 days. If you're an experienced grower, you could play around with the timings for indoor setups and maybe get them to flower earlier.


    How long do Cinderella 99 feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Marijuana seeds can germinate within 24 hours, and then you'll see the taproots appear. However, some of your Cinderella 99 fem seeds could take as long as five days to sprout. Keep them warm and moist, and soon enough, they'll start developing. 


    Don’t forget our germination guarantee in the unlikely event that a seed doesn’t pop.


    How long does it take Cinderella 99 feminized seeds from seeds to harvest?


    The time between seed and harvest of Cinderella 99 seeds depends on the environment the crops are grown in. Most growers find that it can take anywhere from 16–32 weeks for the cycle to complete.


    The growth cycle is divided into four stages. 


    Germination takes 3–10 daysSeedling stage lasts 2–3 weeksVegetative phase follows at around 3–16 weeksFlowering stage is the final one lasting 8–9 weeks


    Grow medium: Cinderella 99 feminized seeds hydro or soil?


    Feminized Cinderella 99 seeds were bred for indoor grow setups. The strain will thrive best in the hydroponic environment with temperature and humidity controls. If you live in a very temperate climate, you can plant your Cinderella 99 strain seeds outside.


    What is the average Cinderella 99 feminized seeds height?


    The plants that develop from Cinderella 99 seeds don't grow beyond 3.5 feet. Their short stature is what makes them ideal for indoor growing. The crops could grow taller if anchored outdoors, but the plant is generally known to be short and squat.


    Where can I find pictures of Cinderella 99 feminized seeds marijuana?


    At the top of our Cinderella 99 seeds feminized page, you'll find many images displaying these stunning marijuana plants. Alternatively, visit the Cinderella 99 seeds Homegrown Diaries, where you'll find user photos of Cinderella 99 seeds harvests. 


    Once you’ve planted your own, why not consider creating a diary of your own and share your success with our community.


    Where is the best place to buy Cinderella 99 feminized seeds in the USA?


    When you're ready to buy Cinderella 99 seeds, there is only one place you should consider. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a premium online supplier of the best quality seeds for growers. With fast and discreet delivery and efficient after-sales support, you wouldn't want to buy your seeds anywhere else.


    Are there any other names for Cinderella 99 feminized seeds?


    Cinderella 99 strain seeds are also known as Cindy, Cindy 99, or C99. and of course, several hybrids include Cinderella 99 as a parent strain. People often get confused between the original strain and various blends. 


    Spelling errors


    When searching for the correct cannabis seeds variant, it's important to spell the name correctly. Remember to enter the name followed by the type of seed you're looking for, whether it's 'regular,' 'feminized,' or 'autoflower.' This specification will give you more accurate search results. 


    Some common misspellings of Cinderella 99 seeds include:


    - Cinderela 99

    - C'99

    - Ciderella 99 


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