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Chocolope Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Chocolope Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 10
  • Wake up! This one's a ZINGER!!!
  • You're flying with up to 20% THC
  • The caryophyllene enriches delicious chocolate flavors
  • Chocolope Kush seeds are a glorious reward designed to deliver a full experience of THC and incredibly fragrant weed. Its effects do a fantastic job of bringing out the best features from parents. This strain is a tremendous member of our feminized seeds category, producing female plants only.  Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds reward you with a prosperous harvest after a decent am...Show more

    Chocolope Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    40 - 90
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Chocolope Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Chocolope Kush seeds are a glorious reward designed to deliver a full experience of THC and incredibly fragrant weed. Its effects do a fantastic job of bringing out the best features from parents. This strain is a tremendous member of our feminized seeds category, producing female plants only. 


    Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds reward you with a prosperous harvest after a decent amount of effort and care. The fresh buds emit sweet, earthy, and chocolate aromas promising to bring you a unique high.


    Buy Chocolope Kush fem seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. with full guidelines. Soon, your garden will be filled up with this happy green color after germinating your seeds. Read on to discover all you need to know about this tantalizing strain.


    What are Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds?


    Chocolope Kush marijuana seeds are a blend of two outstanding parent strains: Chocolope and the legendary Kosher Kush. This combination brings you the best sativa and indica experience in seed form. 


    Chocolope Kush seeds are mostly sativa dominant though their appearance is more like an indica—bushy and in need of some trimming.


    This strain produces 15–20% THC in ideal conditions, bringing a pleasant experience to any consumer. Feminized Chocolope Kush seeds are a great gift for Chocolope lovers to experience Kush’s famed potency.


    The effects of Chocolope Kush are a lot like Chocolope—active and sativa—with physical relaxation contributed by the Kush side. Even better, it provides a blast of euphoria and eases tension in the body. Your fingers and toes get the tingly feeling of floating in heaven.


    Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds are easy to grow and suitable for a greenhouse, indoor or outdoor. This strain maintains the fast-flowering feature of its parents, producing fresh, delicious buds in only 8–10 weeks.


    Our fem Chocolope Kush seeds for sale are a must-have for cannabis lovers. Loads of fresh, delicious buds are all yours only a few months after purchasing Chocolope Kush feminized seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    What are the Chocolope Kush seeds’ effects?


    It's not easy to mention Chocolope Kush without mentioning its famed fragrance and flavors. This hybrid delivers a high that’s smoother than most other strains. The mellow chocolate, vanilla, and fruit aromas play a big part in this experience.


    Like other hybrids, the effects from Chocolope Kush feminized seeds' buds slide in, starting with its sativa side. You begin to feel elated. The intensity then grows, causing you to feel highly euphoric. No matter how tired you were, now you're ready to take off.


    After smoking buds from our Chocolope Kush seeds, creativity soars. Pick up your musical instrument and make some fun notes, or pull out your unfinished painting and give it a go.


    In the next stage, the physical stone takes over. The great balance of cerebral and body high now makes you feel relaxed but not to the level of being immobile. Chilling with some mellow music, especially on a rainy day, brings you the feeling of escaping from this planet.


    On some rare occasions, smoking weed from Chocolope Kush seeds induces cottonmouth and dry, bloodshot eyes. Controlling the amount of weed you consume and drinking a lot of water helps cope with these minor problems. 


    What does the Chocolope Kush smell like?


    Chocolope Kush's pungent odor is an extraordinary mix of kush and other earthy odors, but what makes it unique is the contribution of chocolate. A sweet blend of chocolate, coffee, pine, and nuts takes over as soon as it's inhaled.


    There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying those joints on a relaxing day. Chocolope Kush marijuana seeds’ buds bring you a feeling of having warm chocolate with an earthy scent from the soil after a summer rain. 


    How to germinate Chocolope Kush seeds?


    The journey starts from the moment you have your cannabis seeds in your hand. Germinating your fem Chocolope Kush seeds  is the first step to a prosperous harvest coming your way.


    Besides boosting success rates, sprouting cannabis seeds our way gives you access to our germination guarantee. Our cannabis seeds are prime-quality, but nature can be changeable sometimes. 


    If you follow our guidelines with photographic evidence, you'll get free replacements for seeds that don’t pop.


    Here's how you germinate your Chocolope Kush seeds using the Homegrown Cannabis Co. method. Look for these things around your kitchen: A dinner plate, two paper towels, tweezers, a glass of water, and cannabis seeds:


    - Slightly dampen one paper towel and lay it across the plate. Remember not to soak it.


    - Gently pick up Chocolope Kush seeds with tweezers and drop them on the plate. Make sure to give each around an inch of free space.


    - Dampen the other paper towel and cover it over the seeds. Pick up the whole setup and drain any still water pools.


    - Put the plate somewhere dark and warm, like a kitchen cupboard or a bottom drawer.


    - Check on your seeds daily. Each time, remove all that sprouted white taproots. Re-moisten the rest of the cannabis seeds and let the plate sit for another day.


    - Repeat this step for five days or until all Chocolope Kush seeds sprout.


    Visit our germination guide for more information. Our website walks you through all steps with visual instructions and a supportive tutorial. Follow our guidelines for Chocolope Kush feminized seeds success.


    Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds grow guide


    Growing Chocolope Kush marijuana seeds is a joyful journey for intermediate and senior cultivators alike. This strain requires experience to grow indoors or outdoors, but it rewards expert hands with great large buds dripping in trichomes. 


    These seeds love a Mediterranean-like climate and do best at 68–80 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 50–55 degrees Fahrenheit in the nighttime.


    We encourage Chocolope Kush seeds cultivators to manage the vegetative stages by regularly topping to boost branch growth. Then pinch the branches back when they start developing to avoid them getting too long. 


    Flowering happens in 8–10 weeks when snowy, light green flowers appear with a sweet smell. Now's the perfect time to trim and remove the dead leaves from the bottom part of the crops.


    The medium size of this strain makes it thrive either indoors or outdoors. The heights Chocolope Kush can reach are between 1–4 ft. At the mature stage, indoor cultivators yield 21oz / m² indoor / 25oz per plant outdoors.


    Chocolope Kush seeds are absolutely a pleasure to grow for such a quick reward. Following these guidelines, cultivators can experience one of the most flavorful strains in the cannabis kingdom. 


    What are the Chocolope Kush strain genetics?


    Chocolope Kush feminized seeds are a cross between Chocolope and the fabulous Kosher Kush. 


    Chocolope Kush seeds inherit most of the comparable quality, producing heavy, sticky buds with fruity aromas of Kush. The concentration reaches 15–20 % THC, which helps bring euphoric effects.


    Wellness and Chocolope Kush seeds


    There’s a good reason for legalizing the use of cannabis in many countries nowadays. With how marijuana affects your body physically and psychologically, Chocolope Kush lovers use this weed to help:


    - Appetite loss

    - Depression

    - Release constant pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties

    - Sleep disorders

    - Release stress or anxiety 


    In other words, Chocolope Kush seeds’ buds energize your body and uplift your mood. Conditions like ADD/ADHD (attention-deficit disorder), anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, cancer, and migraines may benefit from this treatment according to tokers.


    In some rare cases, Chocolope Kush consumers experience dry eyes or mouth if they don't stay hydrated before and during its use. Drinking water in the hours that follow helps cope with this easily.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Chocolope Kush marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Without further ado, here are some common FAQs we regularly field regarding Chocolope Kush seeds.


    What are the variants of Chocolope Kush seeds?


    There are two variants of feminized Chocolope Kush seeds: Auto Chocolope Kush and regular Chocolope Kush. These variants produce weed with the same effects but slightly differ in the cultivation process. But that’s not all:


    - Auto Chocolope Kush: Preserving all the qualities of the feminized version, auto cannabis seeds flower automatically. Incredible harvests come in spring and summer outdoors or all year round with artificial light indoors. 


    - Regular Chocolope Kush: Regular cannabis seeds are used for breeding, experimenting, and vigorous growth. They provide a 50/50 chance of being male or female.


    Where can I get free cannabis Chocolope Kush seeds?


    Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds are worth purchasing, but it’s better when you can get them for free. Check out our limited-time offers to buy one get one free (BOGO) on various strains.


    Who knows, you may see Chocolope Kush on there any time you visit. We add additional cannabis seeds to 4, 8, 10, or 24-packs, fully free.


    The more you purchase, the more you benefit. All best-selling seeds tend to gather here eventually. Watch our cheap weed seeds page and keep an eye out for the BOGO badge to get free seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Chocolope Kush?


    Growing Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds requires a certain level of experience. Farmers who want to experience more flavorful cannabis strains love growing Chocolope Kush, while beginners need more work.


    Although we provide full guidelines to grow this strain and a germination guarantee, gaining some cultivation experience with other strains beforehand helps release some stress for when you try out feminized Chocolope Kush seeds.


    What is the Chocolope Kush flower time?


    Either indoors or outdoors, Chocolope Kush feminized seeds grow faster than lots of other strains. Flowering happens in nine weeks when dense and dark buds with white crystals show up, promising a fruity harvest. 


    Because indoor and outdoor yields are not much different, many cultivators choose to grow fem Chocolope Kush seeds indoors to take more control of their harvest. 


    How long do Chocolope Kush seeds take to germinate?


    Our germination method results in 24-120 hours before seeds pop. This time frame changes between one Chocolope Kush seed and the next. Some seeds germinate very quickly after the sense of humidity and temperature, while others need some time to produce taproots.


    Nature can be unstable, so we encourage Chocolope Kush cultivators to follow our germination guide thoroughly. Take pictures to ensure our germination guarantee holds.


    Providing an ideal environment for your Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds boosts them to quickly crack out of their protective shells. This process finishes in five days with your full attention and care. 


    How long does it take Chocolope Kush from seeds to harvest?


    It typically takes feminized Chocolope Kush seeds nine weeks to flower and nine more weeks until harvest. The four months from seeds to harvest reward cultivators with 21oz / m² indoors and 25oz per plant outdoors.


    Chocolope Kush marijuana seeds deliver a wealth of buds on a single main cola. Taking advantage of this feature, many experienced cultivators prefer to grow this strain in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup.


    Grow medium for Chocolope Kush: hydro or soil?


    Chocolope Kush is best sown in either. Whether growing this strain in soil or hydroponics, indoors or outdoors, Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds love warm sunlight. In this case, artificial lighting will help faster growth.


    Hydroponic marijuana cultivation is more tricky than growing in soil, requiring nutrients, light, and ventilation customization. Growing fem Chocolope Kush seeds in soil is easier overall, but hydro provides better yields. 


    What is the average Chocolope Kush height?


    While growing outdoors, these plants will reach heights of an amazing 8 feet; when grown indoors, Chocolope Kush reaches 5–6 feet. The height makes this strain suitable for growing in various indoor and outdoor environments.


    If you grow Chocolope Kush feminized seeds outdoors, patios or balconies are ideal. Remember to follow the grow guide to trim or cut off your crops when it comes time for the best cultivation result.


    Where can I find pictures of Chocolope Kush marijuana?


    Chocolope Kush is sativa dominant though its appearance is more indica. You can see how these plants look in the pictures on this web page while learning all about Chocolope Kush seeds.


    Join the Chocolope Kush Homegrown Diary to find out more answers and lovely pictures about this amazing strain. 


    Our diary is an energetic space where growers share their daily experiences while growing Chocolope Kush cannabis seeds, among others. Set up your profile and join our active community!


    Where is the best place to buy Chocolope Kush seeds in the USA?


    Now you’ve learned all about Chocolope Kush seeds, you’ll want to start growing. If you're looking for an ideal and reliable companion, look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    Purchasing marijuana seeds with us has the following benefits:


    - A germination guarantee

    - A female seed warranty

    - Fast and discreet delivery

    - Safe and varied payment methods

    - 24/7 customer support

    - Professional growing guides


    Are there any other names for Chocolope Kush?


    The easiest way to remember this strain is to remember its parents. This strain shows up with familiar names such as Chocolope Kush feminized, feminized Chocolope Kush, Chocolope x Kush, fem Chocolope Kush. 


    The best part about growing your Chocolope Kush seeds is that it’s a low-cost investment with high returns. No doubt why this strain has become more popular and loved by many weed lovers all over the world.


    Spelling errors


    Chocolope Kush is a unique name, and you’re unlikely to see it sold under any other moniker. We’ve found only a few common misspellings in our research, such as Chocolape Kush, Chocolatope Kush, and Choclope Kush.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Chocolope Kush pics and any Chocolope Kush seeds growth reports you might have. We can't get enough Chocolope Kush images; those crystals drive us wild!


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