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Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 9
  • A super cheesy Auto with a powerful punch.
  • 20% THC is a POTENT percentage.
  • Skunky cheese flavors with an earthy sophistication.
  • It’s no secret that different cannabis cultivars offer a range of tantalizing flavors and fragrances. But nothing comes close to leaving a mark on your memory like the buds from Cheese autoflower seeds. This sacred strain is described as an indica-dominant hybrid and can relax the busiest of minds. Fans of this cheddar-infused treat have relayed on its calming qualities since t...Show more

    Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    25 - 60
    Max Yield outdoor
    40 - 135
    Height indoor
    60 - 130
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    It’s no secret that different cannabis cultivars offer a range of tantalizing flavors and fragrances. But nothing comes close to leaving a mark on your memory like the buds from Cheese autoflower seeds.


    This sacred strain is described as an indica-dominant hybrid and can relax the busiest of minds. Fans of this cheddar-infused treat have relayed on its calming qualities since the 80s, making it a true classic in our autoflower category. Why not treat your soul to a taste of tranquility by ordering your autoflower cheese seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.?


    What are Cheese autoflower cannabis seeds?


    The mere mention of auto Cheese seeds and their mesmerizing flowers is enough to put a smile on anyone who's come across them. These incredible buds have the ability to silence stress within moments and promise an evening of deep relaxation.


    The original version of these marijuana seeds is a phenotype of none other than Skunk #1. Breeders then combined this iconic hybrid with another auto strain to create the celebrated Cheese autoflower seeds available today.


    This calming cannabis is a feast for the eyes displaying gorgeous green hues. Buds are covered in tightly-woven orange hairs and covered in amber trichomes. And if their appearance doesn’t remind you of cheese, their fragrance sure will.


    Most marijuana fans save these tasty treats for chilled evenings with friends. They allow you to kick back and laugh at life while enjoying each precious moment. A few puffs will see you into the night, thanks to its 10–15% THC content. It then lays you to bed at the end of your evening for a restful sleep. 


    Raising autoflower Cheese seeds is a bit more tricky than the feminized version but is easily mastered with enough effort. Plants require minimal space to grow and promise generous yields within record time.


    What are the effects of Cheese autoflower cannabis?


    Anyone looking to enjoy a blissful evening will adore the effects of the buds from Cheese autoflower seeds. This indica-dominant cultivar has medium THC levels and can easily send your mind and body into a pleasurable state.


    As you inhale the tangy smoke from these nugs, a sense of euphoria ignites a smile on your face. Negative thoughts and stress disappear within minutes, making way for a happy and carefree attitude.


    The indica side of autoflower Cheese seeds announces itself early, spreading a relaxing sensation throughout your body. Rather than feeling tired and lazy, these buds induce a creative and motivated mindset.


    You’re able to focus on the task at hand or get stuck in riveting conversations with friends and family. Many fans of this strain also report uncontrollable bouts of laughter at even the most mundane topics. 


    As time passes, the marijuana from these cannabis seeds tends to increase your appetite. Grab a few healthy snacks and find a comfortable spot on the couch to satiate your hunger in complete comfort.


    The calm, relaxing feelings become stronger towards the end of your high, driving you deeper into the sofa. Soon sedation takes over entirely. The only thing left for you to do is close your eyes and drift off to sleep.


    It’s important to monitor your consumption of cannabis from auto Cheese seeds. Anyone with a low tolerance can overstimulate their senses when enjoyed in higher doses. These adverse reactions include slight anxiety and paranoia and will pass after a few minutes.


    What does Cheese autoflower marijuana smell like?


    With a name like autoflower Cheese seeds, it comes as no surprise that these flowers embody this dairy delicacy to a tee. Breaking these buds open releases a powerful cheddar-like fragrance into the air. There’s also a hint of sweet earth, acting as a precursor of flavors to come.


    You can only fully appreciate the taste of these resinous nugs when you take your first toke. A cloud of thick creamy smoke fills your mouth and teases your tongue with the taste of mature cheese. It also has a slight skunky profile with hints of butter.


    The buds from Cheese autoflower seeds have one last trick up their sleeves. As you exhale, you’re left with a sweet herbal aftertaste on your pallet and a desire for another slice of perfection.


    These unforgettable flavors are due to the amazing mixture of terpenes found in these buds. Lab tests show that myrcene dominates these aromatic chemicals, like most marijuana hybrids available. It’s also found in things like mangos, lemongrass, and thyme.


    Further research also indicates that this flavorful compound holds medical benefits too. It tends to assist with calming your mind and body, furthering the wellness benefits of auto Cheese seeds.


    How to germinate Cheese autoflower seeds


    Before you can enjoy the soothing qualities of this cannabis cultivar in all its splendor, you need to germinate auto Cheese seeds. There are a few ways to accomplish this task, each with varying levels of difficulty and efficacy.


    One of the most common ways beginners begin this process is by burying them in the ground. While it mimics the natural process, this option takes up to ten days before you see any signs of growth. There’s also a chance you don’t keep your cannabis seeds moist enough, delaying crops even longer.


    Thankfully, there’s another way to sprout Cheese auto seeds, and it promises dependable results every time. Most experienced cultivators know it as the paper towel method and promises germination within five days.


    Anyone can utilize this technique effectively, even if it’s your first time cultivating cannabis. This method is a crucial part of our guarantee. Proof of its use is necessary if you want a refund in case of ungerminated seeds.


    All you need to perform this procedure are your autoflower Cheese seeds and a few everyday items, such as:


    - Two ceramic plates

    - A bowl

    - A bottle of water

    - Tweezers

    - A roll of paper towel


    If you’re not familiar with our germination guide, you can use these easy-to-follow instructions:


    - Pour a bottle of mineral or spring water into a bowl.


    - Tear off two paper towel sheets and allow both to soak until completely wet.


    - Gently take each piece out and squeeze it to remove excess water, but leave them moist.


    - Lay one sheet flat on a ceramic plate.


    - Pick up your Cheese autoflower seeds using tweezers and place them on the wet paper towel.


    - Spread your marijuana seeds out, and then cover them with the second moist paper towel.


    - Turn a second ceramic plate upside down and place it on top of the cannabis seeds to block out light.


    - Leave the plates in a cool, dry cupboard for five days.


    - Monitor the moisture levels of the paper towels, adding additional water if they become dry.


    - When a white taproot emerges from your autoflower Cheese seeds, you can move them into pots.


    Cheese autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    If it’s your first time growing marijuana, it’s best to avoid cultivating Cheese autoflower seeds until you’re familiar with the feminized version. Any novice mistakes can easily ruin your hard work and time, resulting in underwhelming harvests, if any at all.


    Experienced cultivators will have no problem cultivating this classic. Crops maintain their renowned ability to fend off pests and diseases. They can also survive colder temperatures allowing you to plant them indoors and outdoors.


    Choosing a growing medium for your auto Cheese seeds is very simple because it flourishes in soil and hydro. The latter lets you control the percentage of minerals going to your crops, allowing you to speed up growth. On the other hand, soil boosts terpene production, giving your flowers a stronger flavor and fragrance.


    Plants from Cheese auto seeds reach heights of over four feet. Avoid topping or training your crops as it puts unnecessary stress on them. Pruning is another method that’s not required, meaning these plants are almost maintenance-free.


    Indoor setups promise the best results year-round, making it the optimal choice. Maintain temperatures between 68–78 degrees Fahrenheit and keep the humidity levels between 40–50%. A light schedule of 18–24 hours allows your crops to grow to perfection and flower within 7–8 weeks.


    Autoflower Cheese seeds raised indoors promise yields of around 16 oz./m². In comparison, an outdoor harvest will measure 6–8 oz/plant. No matter where you decide to grow this celebrated cultivar, get ready for an experience you’ll never forget.


    What are the genetics of the autoflower Cheese strain?


    If you didn’t know already, the original Cheese strain is a direct descendant of the iconic cultivar known as Skunk #1. These marijuana seeds gained widespread attention in the UK throughout the 80s, eventually making their way into the US.


    Cultivators quickly learned that this cultivar was nothing like they’d encountered before. Plants thrived in almost any environment and produced high yields in record time. What’s more, these crops would forgive amateur mistakes, making them perfect for beginners.


    Breeders soon altered the genetics of these cannabis seeds to ensure every plant could produce flowers. This feminized version became even more popular than the regular type as it removed the minor hassle of sexing your crops.


    Further advancements came when breeders added Critical+ auto genetics to the mix giving birth to autoflower Cheese seeds. As a result, these plants no longer had a dependency on light to begin flowering.


    Although potential harvests for auto marijuana seeds are smaller than the feminized version, cultivators can grow multiple crops. Plus, the lightning-fast growing times mean you’ll never run out of relaxing reefer.


    The precise cannabinoid ratio within these nugs depends on the growing environment they’re raised in. Tests show these flowers to hold 10–15% THC, placing them on the medium potency scale. You can also expect around 1% CBD within these buds.


    Wellness and Cheese autoflower seeds


    The natural world is full of incredible remedies that can heal our bodies and soothe our minds. Cheese autoflower seeds are a perfect example of these wellness benefits, using their unique qualities to assist in a range of therapeutic ways.


    Anyone can find relief from muscle spasms and joint pain after smoking this tangy herb. These buds target any type of physical discomfort, easing tension within minutes. Patients with arthritis can also utilize these nugs to enjoy their evenings undisturbed. 


    The key to this cultivar’s potential pain-relieving properties is thanks to its anti-inflammatory capabilities. As a result, buds grown from autoflower Cheese seeds can assist anyone with a headache or chronic migraines.


    Further wellness benefits include this pleasurable strain’s tendency to increase your desire for nutritional food. Patients looking to combat a lack of appetite can use these nugs to eat and remove the feeling of nausea.


    Many medicinal fans of these marijuana seeds can utilize the potent flowers to get a good night’s rest. The indica genetics and sedating effects of these buds can quiet the busiest mind and send you softly to sleep.


    These healing herbs can also lower the stress in your mind. Your perception changes after a few puffs, alleviating signs of anxiety and depression. Anyone can enjoy their evenings in an uplifted mood without any negativity dragging them down.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Cheese autoflower seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    We have no doubt you’ll love the autoflower Cheese seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. At the same time, it’s perfectly normal to have a few additional queries before ordering a batch. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions surrounding this marijuana cultivar to put your mind at ease.


    What variations of Cheese cannabis are there?


    When it comes to growing this iconic strain, there are multiple versions to choose from, including Cheese autoflower seeds. Each of these cultivar types offers unique benefits, attracting cultivators of every skill level. Below, you’ll find a brief description of each of these three variations:


    - Regular seeds: If you’re looking for the most natural version of this cultivar, here it is. There’s a 50% chance marijuana seeds become males, so you’ll need to remove them from your garden to maximize yields.


    - Feminized seeds: Beginners and experienced growers looking to remove a substantial cultivating headache love this version.Thanks to altered genetics, these cannabis seeds become flower-producing plants 99% of the time.


    - Autoflower seeds: Skilled cultivators looking to produce harvests all year round will love this version. The combination of ruderalis genetics allows plants to start blooming no matter how much light they get..


    Where can I get free Cheese autoflower seeds?


    Double the value of your Cheese auto seeds with our buy one, get one free offers at Homegrown Cannabis Co. You’ll discover a range of limited-time deals and special promos in our BOGOs section, so keep an eye out for any updates. Order either 4, 8, 12 or 24 marijuana seeds when this deal is active and receive twice as many upon delivery. Check out our store daily to see when you can get your favorite cannabis cultivar for free.


    Can a beginner grow Cheese autoflower seeds?


    It’s not impossible for a beginner to raise autoflower Cheese seeds, but it can get tricky if it's your first time. We recommend learning how to cultivate feminized crops before attempting this faster-flowering version. Plants can resist harmful pests and colder temperatures, making them reasonably straightforward to care for. At the same time, these cannabis crops won’t forgive any novice mistakes, leading to less than desirable yields.


    What is the flowering time of Cheese autoflower?


    Once your Cheese autoflower seeds start growing, expect plants to begin flowering after 7–8 weeks. During this period, you should give your crops extra care and attention to ensure quality harvests. You don’t need to decrease the amount of light you expose your plants to on a daily basis. Instead, you’ll need to add larger amounts of blooming nutrients at feeding times and lower the percentage of nitrogen.


    How long do Cheese autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    It takes five days for auto Cheese seeds to start sprouting if you use the paper towel technique. There are a few other germination options, but none are as efficient or quick as this tried and tested technique. Anyone can complete this procedure at home with a few easily obtainable items. It ensures strong plants and is an essential part of our germination guarantee in case of a refund.


    How long does it take Cheese autoflower to go from seed to harvest?


    You need to wait 12–14 weeks once your Cheese auto seeds start germinating before you can collect the buds. After harvesting these flowers, you’ll need to dry them for another week before you can enjoy them rolled up in a joint. We recommend adding another two weeks of curing to your schedule if you want to get the most out of these relaxing buds. The exact time needed before you collect these flowers comes down to multiple factors, including your climate and growing setup.


    Grow medium: Cheese autoflower hydro or soil?


    Autoflower Cheese seeds will thrive in most growing mediums, allowing you to pick either hydro or soil. Both options offer unique benefits; so you’ll need to figure out what you want from your grow and your experience level. Mineral-rich soil is by far the easier alternative, making it a solid option for beginners. This type of substrate also boosts the flavor profile of the buds. In comparison, hydro speeds up growth during the vegging stage. While everyone wants their nugs sooner, it takes some skill to perfect the nutrient levels.


    What is the average height of Cheese autoflower plants?


    Cannabis cultivators growing Cheese autoflower seeds can expect their crops to reach a max height of four feet. These plants remain short in stature due to their indica characteristics and ruderalis genetics. It’s best not to top or trim your autoflower crops at all, as these techniques can decrease potential yields. Luckily, this cultivar’s small frame allows it to grow easily in compact spaces, making these maintenance methods irrelevant.


    Where can I find pictures of Cheese autoflower marijuana?


    Navigate to a Cheese autoflower Homegrown Diary for a collection of pictures displaying this cannabis strain in all its glory. You’ll find images of these plants at every stage, including the gorgeous buds they create. Each one of the diaries belongs to one of our community members growing these cannabis seeds. Use these images to compare your crops and see if you’re on the right track. You can also start your own diary and monitor your plant’s progress. 


    Where is the best place to buy Cheese autoflower seeds in the USA?


    If you haven’t figured it out yet, the best way to buy auto Cheese seeds is through Homegrown Cannabis Co. While there are a few reputable online stores offering great deals, none support you through your grow as we do. We have over 450 different cannabis strains available, each stored correctly to ensure the highest quality. Pick from one of our multiple safe payment options, sit back, and relax. Take us up on our discreet delivery service to keep everything under wraps.


    Are there any other names for Cheese autoflower?


    Cheese autoflower seeds have been a dependable option for old-school growers for years, earning them a few nicknames along the way. Some have come to call them: Mr. Cheese and Cheesy. As more hybrids enter the cannabis market, we find it’s easier if we simply stick to the name that started it all. 


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