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CBD White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A mind-clearing buzz
  • 1:1 ratio CBD to THC can enhance your sensory awareness
  • Linalool delivers floral notes with sweet and sour citrus
  • The multiple Cannabis Cup award-winner and world-renowned cultivar—White Widow—is a sensation in the weed world. Combining its distinguished genetics with a CBD-rich strain gives medical patients the chance to experience its magnificent abilities. White Widow CBD seeds are completed with a balanced CBD to THC ratio (1:1). All of the goodness from the mother strain without the h...Show more

    CBD White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    550 - 600
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Stomach ache
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    CBD White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    The multiple Cannabis Cup award-winner and world-renowned cultivar—White Widow—is a sensation in the weed world. Combining its distinguished genetics with a CBD-rich strain gives medical patients the chance to experience its magnificent abilities. White Widow CBD seeds are completed with a balanced CBD to THC ratio (1:1). All of the goodness from the mother strain without the heavy psychoactive properties.


    This hybrid graces any growing space with a showcase of thick trichome-covered colas and colossal yields. Cultivating the plants is easy; they forgive novice mistakes and are suitable for beginners. The compact structure of crops produced from White Widow CBD cannabis seeds allows for growing indoors or out. Exquisite fruity, citrusy, and spicy flavors manifest on the inhale while the scents of sweet flowers flow through the exhale.


    The CBD-enhanced version of White Widow is tailor-made for cannabis enthusiasts looking for healing. The joyful mood persists, but the physical effects take precedence. White Widow CBD marijuana seeds are a must-have for those days when you need vital inspiration without the strong sensations. Grow your seed stash with CBD seeds and learn how beneficial this cultivar is to both recreational users and medical patients.


    What are White Widow CBD cannabis seeds?


    The effects of the original White Widow display a lot of therapeutic properties. Cannabis breeders took advantage of these qualities and created a cannabidiol-enriched version. White Widow CBD cannabis seeds are hybrids with a balanced CBD and THC ratio of 1:1 of 5.5%. The equalized cannabinoids deliver powerful healing benefits and pleasant, blissful, and relaxed sensations.


    The THC levels aren't as high as its forerunner’s—White Widow, so the emphasis of this cultivar is on its soothing properties. These White Widow CBD seeds are feminized—providing 99.9% guaranteed female plants in your garden. 


    They boast the appealing physical features of White Widow with frosty-looking colas covered in thick trichome-coated buds. The leaves are emerald green, broad, and plump, with short internodal spacing between branches. These cannabis seeds produce amazingly dense and thick buds drenched in resin.


    Growing feminized White Widow CBD seeds is beginner-friendly due to their resistance to common cannabis pests. Favorable to all growing mediums, growers find it more convenient to raise these crops in a controlled environment.


    The use of organic soil amplifies the potency of the terpenes in White Widow CBD fem seeds. It potentially improves the lemon, citrus, and fruity flavors and aromas. Thanks to the CBD enrichment, medical patients benefit from White Widow’s outstanding qualities.


    What are the White Widow CBD seeds’ effects?


    Puffing on the buds produced from White Widow CBD marijuana seeds leaves medical patients comfortable and satisfied. It's an ideal cultivar to toke on at any time of the day since it doesn't stimulate a lot of mind-bending perceptions. The modest THC levels activate a gentle cerebral buzz, promoting clear and focused thoughts while enhancing sensory awareness.


    After a few puffs on a blunt with buds produced from White Widow CBD feminized seeds, you'll experience the initial captivating buzz. Any sad feelings instantly exit your mind, leaving you with blissful sentiments and focused energy. The sensations are mellow and inspirational, giving you a sudden urge to get things done. 


    As your mind revels, your body graciously succumbs to strong feelings of tranquility. It eliminates any lingering aches or pains from your physical self. A night of peaceful sleep is inevitable as your body surrenders to a joyful state of relaxation.


    As reported by consumers, White Widow CBD cannabis seeds produce buds that hold exceptional pain management properties. The terpenes contribute to the medicinal properties of the cultivar with anti-inflammatory qualities.


    Since the THC isn't dominant, the side effects tokers experience are merely cottonmouth and dry eyes. Staying hydrated throughout your smoking sesh alleviates these mildly uncomfortable occurrences.


    What does the White Widow CBD smell like?


    Tokers revel in tangy fragrances when heating buds produced from White Widow CBD cannabis seeds. Sweet and sour citrus aromas are the dominant scents, with undertones of floral notes upon every exhale. Fruity and lemony flavors dance around the nerves, with lingering spicy tastes upon every inhale.


    The rich terpene profile sets up buds from our White Widow CBD feminized seeds with a rich infusion of flavors and aromas. The leading essences are instantly notable upon each puff. Still, subtle notes also manifest thanks to terpenes like: 


    - Alpha-Pinene: Sweet, woody, herbal, and citrus

    - Guaiol: Piney and floral

    - Isopulegol: Minty, woody, and grassy


    How to germinate White Widow CBD seeds


    Successful germination of your White Widow CBD seeds provides your crops with the best start in life. Cannabis seeds are left in their hibernation stage until exposed to the required warmth and moisture. Set the right environment to begin their life cycle.


    Get the healthiest seeds exclusively from our Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store. Any other seeds that aren't brown with firm outer casings won't easily germinate and provide weak plants.


    Your White Widow CBD marijuana seeds require consistent amounts of air, water, warmth, and darkness to pop successfully. Monitor the stability of temperatures and humidity levels throughout the process because irregular patterns hinder germination. 


    - Ideal germination temperatures: 70–77℉

    - Ideal Relative humidity: 70–90%.


    The growing environment must be moist and never soaked. Make sure that your hands and the tools you use to handle the White Widow CBD seeds are always clean. Exposing seeds to any form of germs alters their growth patterns.


    Follow the approved paper towel method below for optimal results. Document the process using photographs or videos to capture every step. We require these to accompany any claims for replacements in the unfortunate event that some of your White Widow CBD fem seeds don't germinate.


    For the tried and tested paper towel germination method, have the following tools at hand:


    - Two paper towels

    - Purified water in a spray bottle

    - Two dinner plates

    - Your cannabis seeds

    - Tweezers.


    Once you've got everything:


    - Spray the paper towels using the purified water in the spray bottle, ensuring they're moist enough but not drenched.


    - Place one paper towel onto a dinner plate. 


    - Use the tweezers to evenly spread out your White Widow CBD feminized seeds across the towel.


    - Cover the seeds with the other paper towel and use the other plate to close them up, creating a warm and dark environment. Ensure that no excess water is beneath the towels.


    - Put the marijuana seeds in a cupboard or drawer and leave them there for 24–120 hours. Check up on your seeds at regular intervals. If the paper towels seem dry, moisten them with the purified water in the spray bottle.


    - Within 1–5 days, a taproot appears, your seeds have successfully germinated, and they’re now ready to be planted.


    Use clean tweezers to move your White Widow CBD marijuana seeds into the soil. Handle them with utmost care to prevent any hindrance to the taproot. Check out our germination guide for clear images or a quick video of the process.


    White Widow CBD cannabis seeds grow guide


    Once your White Widow CBD feminized seeds have sprouted after germination and the first few serrated fan leaves appear, they’ve entered the vegetation phase. Your crops remain in this stage for approximately six weeks with an 18/6 (18 hours of light/6 hours of darkness) light schedule. At this point, they divert all their energy to growing thick, sturdy stems and wide dark green fan leaves.


    After six weeks of vegging, change to a 12/12 light cycle for the plants to begin flowering. Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s White Widow CBD seeds are feminized, giving you 99.9% female plants. During the early stages of flowering, little white hairs called pistils appear at the intersections of the stem and branches (nodes). Close to the end of week three, buds sites develop at the nodes of the plants.


    The foliage of White Widow CBD crops is dense and requires regular trimming. While pruning the leaves, avoid accidentally cutting any pre-flowers along with the fan leaves. It's detrimental to the crops' bud production as the flowers may not grow back. The frosty trichome-covered resinous buds are large and fat: the colas often require additional support structures.


    Plants grown from White Widow CBD marijuana seeds are a pleasure to cultivate for beginners. They're resistant to most cannabis pests and diseases and make room for novice mistakes. Avoid moisture build-up by keeping relative humidity levels regulated at 40–50%, especially during flowering. It prevents mold and powdery mildew from growing between the leaves and buds.


    The plants thrive in a controlled or outdoor setup. Growers prefer raising their fem White Widow CBD seeds indoors using the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method and organic soil. The ScrOG setup is a low-stress training technique that allows you to maximize your growing space. It exposes an entire plant to more light and encourages the development of more buds sites.


    Organic soil enhances the terpenes in White Widow CBD seeds. Combine your ScrOG with hydroponics to boost the plants' growth rate and provide the roots with direct nutrient access. For indoor growing, keep the temperatures at 70–79℉. After 8–9 weeks of flowering and at the height of 4ft, expect a generous yield production of 18 oz./m².


    Outdoors, the crops grown from White Widow CBD feminized seeds prefer warm, Mediterranean climates. Optimizing the space in a greenhouse benefits your crops as it provides a controlled environment with natural sunlight. These plants tolerate colder climates well, as long as the temperatures don't drop below 50℉. With sufficient exposure to natural light, you'll be harvesting bountiful yields of 18–53 oz./plant in mid-October.


    Harvest your plants grown from White Widow CBD seeds at the optimal time. Check the trichomes on the colas with a magnifying glass to examine the resin glands. If the little heads are still transparent, the buds haven't reached their full potency. Once they turn a milky white color, they've reached the highest CBD level and are ready to harvest. The pistils on the buds grown from feminized White Widow CBD seeds appear dark and curled when they're ready.


    Stay mindful of the pH levels in your growing medium:


    - Soil pH levels: 6.0–7.0

    - Hydroponics pH levels: 5.5–6.5


    What are the White Widow CBD strain genetics?


    White Widow CBD seeds were created by crossing the genetics of the original and highly respected White Widow and a CBD-rich feminized cultivar. The CBD enhanced version of White Widow amplifies the reported healing properties and makes it a favored strain among medical patients.


    White Widow is a multiple Cannabis Cup award winner for being one of the most potent strains to have grown out of the Netherlands. The flexible growing characteristics and significant relaxing sensations are thanks to the pure genetics of this parent. Crossing the best qualities of a Brazilian sativa with a South Indian indica gave rise to this indica-heavy cultivar.


    White Widow CBD marijuana seeds possess all the distinguished qualities of White Widow with a gentle balance of psychoactive effects. The CBD-rich portion graciously stimulates blissful and relaxed sensations.


    Wellness and White Widow CBD seeds


    The buds produced from White Widow CBD seeds contain substantial pain relief qualities. Puffing on a blunt eliminates any persistent pain and uncomfortable feelings. According to consumer reviews, it alleviates symptoms associated with:


    - PMS

    - Migraines

    - Multiple sclerosis

    - Rheumatoid arthritis

    - Insomnia


    The elated sensation experienced when toking on the buds of fem White Widow CBD seeds wanes off feelings of depression. The anti-depressant component regulates the serotonin in the brain, allowing smokers to feel happy. The cannabidiol in these cannabis seeds enhances focused energy and blissful thoughts.


    As reported, this cultivar is good for cannabis fans who struggle with:


    - Depression

    - Anxiety

    - Stress

    - Bipolar disorder

    - ADHD


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    White Widow CBD marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Below, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about White Widow CBD marijuana seeds.


    Where can I get free cannabis White Widow CBD seeds?


    With an unparalleled cultivar like White Widow CBD, fellow growers won't easily give them away for free. Visit trusted seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. and take advantage of our cheap weed seeds and the Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) promotions. Here you'll find a variety of marijuana strains to choose from, each coming with a set of free seeds.


    If White Widow CBD cannabis seeds aren't available at the time, why not try out other White Widow variants?


    What are other variants of White Widow CBD seeds?


    The buds cultivated from White Widow CBD seeds are also available in feminized, autoflower, and regular variants. Feminized seeds grow into female plants that produce delectable buds at harvest time. The White Widow CBD version is feminized and photoperiod. They need their light cycle changed during the veg stage from 18/6 to 12/12 to begin flowering. 


    Autoflower seeds reward you with budding colas at harvest time, but they don't need to change their light cycle to begin flowering. With regular seeds, growers risk the odds of growing both male and female plants. These seeds are mostly used for crossbreeding to create new strains.


    Can a beginner grow White Widow CBD?


    Growing White Widow CBD seeds is easy, and their resilient nature makes them suitable for beginners. Growers of all stripes find it a joy to raise if they maintain their cultivating needs and regularly trim the foliage to avoid pests and diseases.


    What is the White Widow CBD flower time?


    Your plants transition into their flowering stage once your light cycle is reduced from 18/6 to 12/12. The crops produced from fem White Widow CBD seeds advance through this phase in about 8–9 weeks. During this time, shimmering trichomes and resinous buds adorn the frosty-coated colas. 


    How long do White Widow CBD seeds take to germinate?


    Apply our approved paper towel germination method and watch your White Widow CBD cannabis seeds present their taproot in 1–5 days. Ensure that temperatures and relative humidity levels are stable during this time.


    Remember to document your process with photographs or videos to claim for any seeds that don't germinate successfully.


    How long does it take White Widow CBD from seed to harvest?


    Provided you raise your crops under optimal growing conditions under an 18/6 light cycle, White Widow CBD marijuana seeds are fully grown within nineteen weeks.


    - Germination: 24–120 hours

    - Seedling stage: Week 1–3

    - Vegetation stage: Week 4–9

    - Flowering stage: Week 10–18

    - Harvesting: Week 18–19


    Grow medium: White Widow CBD hydro or soil?


    Grow your crops produced from White Widow CBD seeds in hydroponics or organic soil. Both mediums benefit the growth of your plants. Cultivating in hydro permits faster growth patterns while the roots are directly in contact with the nutrient mixes. Using organic soil improves the quality of the terpenes in the marijuana seeds. It enhances the flavors and aromas of your smoke.


    What is the average White Widow CBD height?


    Crops produced from White Widow CBD marijuana seeds are around 3–4 ft. ScrOGging your crops allows them to focus more on bud production than vertical growth. Outdoors under natural sunlight, some cultivators see their crops grow 4–8 ft.


    Where can I find pictures of White Widow CBD marijuana?


    Find pictures of the matured crops grown from White Widow CBD seeds right here on the Homegrown Cannabis Co. website. We have clear images of the marijuana seeds, the full-grown plants with their stunning colas, and the curated buds. Also, catch a short video of the cultivars' facts.


    If you want more, why not follow our social channels? Better yet, you can even document your growing experience on the White Widow CBD Homegrown Diaries page.


    Where is the best place to buy White Widow CBD seeds in the USA?


    The only place to buy White Widow CBD feminized seeds in the USA is at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our user-friendly website ensures your needs are attended to from seed to harvest. We've got you covered with safe and discreet shipping options if discretion is important to you.


    Are there any other names for White Widow CBD?


    This particular strain we're discussing is White Widow CBD seeds 1:1. You'll also find White Widow CBD 10:1 in the Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store. The variables aren't much different, but the CBD to THC ratio varies wildly. Feel free to check all the White Widow cultivars out there.


    Spelling errors


    Type in the correct words when searching for White Widow CBD seeds. Sometimes the spelling is altered on websites directing you to inferior products. Some spelling errors that occur are:


    - White Wido CBD 

    - Wite Widow CBD


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