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CBD OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A mellow buzz with classic kush flavors.
  • 15% CBD to 1% THC delivers a super-mellow buzz.
  • Lemon flavors with a herbal lemon and pine tang.
  • CBD OG Kush feminized seeds give you the chance to grow this specially developed CBD-heavy spin on the legendary OG Kush. This strain has much higher levels of CBD and lower amounts of THC than its regular variant. Medicinal users or beginners can now experience the fragrance and flavors of OG Kush with a more subtle set of effects that won’t overwhelm them. Growing feminized C...Show more

    CBD OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    CBD OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    CBD OG Kush feminized seeds give you the chance to grow this specially developed CBD-heavy spin on the legendary OG Kush. This strain has much higher levels of CBD and lower amounts of THC than its regular variant.

    Medicinal users or beginners can now experience the fragrance and flavors of OG Kush with a more subtle set of effects that won’t overwhelm them.


    Growing feminized CBD OG Kush seeds is best undertaken by experienced cultivators. This sensitive and delicate strain requires careful management to get the best results. To make things easier, these are feminized seeds, meaning you’re virtually guaranteed an all-female crop from your marijuana seeds.


    This particular strain rewards you for your efforts with moderately high yields of exquisite OG Kush cannabis. With its focus on delivering CBD, effects are less psychoactive. Smoking delivers a subtle dose of euphoria to lift your mood without fogging your mind. A delightful feeling of calm and physical serenity follows, leaving you thoroughly relaxed for hours.


    Read on for more on this unique addition to the Kush family of cultivars. You’ll find details on this strain’s effects, flavor, fragrance, and medicinal applications. There are also some essential tips on growing your own fem CBD OG Kush seeds, including our easy-to-follow germination guide.


    What are CBD OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds?


    CBD OG Kush seeds are feminized. These variants of marijuana seeds don’t contain a male Y-chromosome, so they sprout into female plants in virtually every instance. If you’re looking to maximize yields, feminized cannabis seeds are ideal. By eliminating the possibility of unproductive males, you free up time, space, and resources for more bud-bearing females in your setup.


    Just here for the facts? No problem. This quick breakdown should give you an idea of what you’ll get by growing CBD OG Kush feminized seeds.


    - Strain Name: CBD OG Kush feminized seeds

    - Phenotype: Sativa dominant

    - Genetic Background: OG Kush CBD x OG Kush CBD (High CBD variants)

    - THC: 6–8%

    - CBD: 8–10%

    - Flowering Time: 65 days

    - Effects: Relaxing, calming, sedative

    - Medical applications: Pain, tension, insomnia

    - Flavor / Aroma: Earthy, Kush, citrus

    - Dominant terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene

    - Indoor yield: 14 oz. /m²

    - Outdoor yield: 16 oz. per plant

    - Height: Medium–tall

    - Grow Difficulty: Experienced


    What are CBD OG Kush feminized effects?


    While growing CBD OG Kush feminized seeds may not be best suited to beginners, they’re more than welcome when it comes to smoking. Reduced THC and plenty of CBD make this strain ultra-smooth, enjoyable, accessible, and rarely overwhelming. The focus is on the physical, but CBD OG Kush retains enough cerebral effects to make for a mellow, positive smoking experience.


    Cannabis grown from CBD OG Kush fem seeds is perfect for users who don’t mind a little recreation slipping into their medication. Smoking the fragrant buds gives you a little bump of euphoria and mental clarity. You’ll feel calmly uplifted and confident without the mental haze of regular OG Kush.


    Socializing is enhanced under the light, bubbly effects of CBD OG Kush, allowing for stimulating, cohesive conversations. Artistic users reported an increase in concentration and mental focus, helping to facilitate creativity.


    The mellow cerebral side of cannabis grown with fem CBD OG Kush seeds puts you in the perfect mindset to enjoy its calming physical properties. Moderate amounts soothe and relax without causing couch lock or impairing your movement.


    At higher intake levels, you’ll feel comfortable and chilled but still able to move around. Keep smoking, and the laid-back buzz gradually becomes more sedative. While it won’t knock you out immediately, if you’re already tired, it can tip the balance, sending you into a deep, peaceful sleep.


    Cannabis grown with CBD OG Kush feminized seeds contains 6–8% THC and 8–10% CBD. These modest THC levels are very welcoming to beginners, while its CBD content gives it reported analgesic properties.


    Another benefit of this strain is that side effects are virtually non-existent. Smoke in moderation, and you shouldn’t have any issues aside from the usual dry eyes or cottonmouth. In rare cases, absolute beginners who consume large amounts may experience mild dizziness or anxiety, but it’s highly unlikely under normal circumstances.


    What does CBD OG Kush feminized smell like?


    Cannabis grown with CBD OG Kush fem seeds contains a complex cocktail of terpenes that come together to create an unforgettable fragrance. Caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene are the dominant ones that give CBD OG Kush its signature scent. Lesser amounts of pinene, humulene, and ocimene round out the bouquet.


    Once your fem CBD OG Kush seed-grown cannabis begins flowering, it fills the air with a delightful smell. Notes of deliciously sweet citrus and musky earth mingle to create a rich, ripe, alluring fragrance.


    Once harvested and cured, the fragrance intensifies and gains complexity. Alongside the earth and citrus notes are undertones of pine, aromatic wood, and a hint of spice. Break open the dried buds, and they exude an even more powerful vapor that fills the nose.


    Spark up, and the smooth, full-bodied smoke sends its fragrance swirling upwards, filling the room with its earthy, citrus perfume. Those hints of pine and wood are more apparent, helping to fill out the bouquet even more.


    When inhaled, its sweet citrus properties dominate the flavor. Sweet orange and tart lemon notes dance on the tongue with each pull, mingling with a deep earthiness. There’s a spiciness on exhale, leaving behind an aftertaste of citrus, pine, and wood.


    How to germinate CBD OG Kush feminized seeds


    Once you have your fem CBD OG Kush seeds, you’ll want to start the germination process. All our cannabis seeds are highly viable, so germinating them should be a breeze. We’re so confident in our marijuana seeds we’ll replace any unopened seeds under our germination guide.


    To avail of our guarantee, all we ask is that you follow our germination guide below exactly and document each step using photos or video footage.


    You’ll need some purified water, two plates, and some paper towels to get started. You’re best off not using mains/tap water for germinating cannabis seeds. Chlorine and other trace elements in mains water negatively impact germination rates. 


    When you’re ready, follow these steps:


    - Use purified water to wet two paper towels. Gently wring out any excess liquid, leaving them damp, not soaked.


    - Lay one of the damp towels on a plate. Take your CBD OG Kush feminized seeds and arrange them on the plate, with an inch space between each one. Cover the marijuana seeds with the second damp towel. Use the second plate as a lid to close the seeds inside. Enclosing the seeds this way helps maintain a humid environment around the cannabis seeds.


    - Find somewhere dark and warm for your seeds and leave them alone for 12–24 hours. Check on their progress every 12 hours, ensuring the towels stay damp throughout.


    - Your fem CBD OG Kush seeds should start germinating within a day or two. Some thicker seeds may take longer to open but should germinate within five days. As soon as you see white taproots emerge from a seed, transfer it to its starting pot and place it in your nursery.


    Our dedicated germination guide has plenty of photos and videos explaining the process if you'd like to see what each stage looks like.


    CBD OG Kush feminized seeds grow guide


    You’ll need some experience under your belt before growing CBD OG Kush fem seeds. Improperly cared for plants are susceptible to mildew and pests. Plants display a sativa profile, with slender branches and well-spaced internodes, reaching moderate heights during vegetative growth. Indoor growers need to account for this strain’s tendency to stretch once flowering begins.


    Feminized CBD OG Kush seeds grow in any medium. Use organic soil to boost the terpene profile of your cannabis, but consider adding perlite to avoid waterlogging. Hydroponic systems cost more and require more work to set up but give you a high level of control over nutrient delivery.


    The sensitive nature of plants grown with CBD OG Kush fem seeds means most growers opt for indoor cultivation. Keeping a clean and consistent environment is key in avoiding problems caused by humidity or pests. Maintain temperatures in your grow room at 69.8–78.8°F and limit relative humidity to 50–60%. Consider adding a natural fungicide or a compost tea to ward off mold and mildew if you’re using soil.


    Keep your CBD OG Kush plants well-trimmed and pruned through their 65-day flowering period to ensure adequate airflow around the developing buds. Once it’s time to harvest, a well-tended indoor garden of plants grown from CBD OG Kush fem seeds provides around 14 oz./m².


    To get the most from your fem CBD OG Kush seeds outdoors, you’ll need a warm, dry, Mediterranean-style climate with plenty of sun. Planting in individual pots allows you to easily move your plants out of the rain while also helping prevent the spread of soilborne pathogens. Prune regularly, provide structural support for the more delicate limbs, and remain vigilant for pests, mold, or mildew signs.


    Plants grown with fem CBD OG Kush seeds spend around nine weeks flowering outdoors. If you’re growing in the Northern Hemisphere, aim to harvest around mid-October. Under optimal conditions and the care of an experienced grower, each plant yields up to 16 oz. of cannabis.


    What are CBD OG Kush feminized strain genetics?


    The exact makeup of these CBD OG Kush fem seeds is unknown, but there are a few theories. Most likely, these cannabis seeds are the result of a long selective breeding process. By choosing to repeatedly breed together OG Kush plants containing high amounts of CBD, breeders created CBD OG Kush.


    It’s also possible that there’s an unknown high-CBD parent involved. While it’s possible, this cultivar’s distinct OG Kush characteristics mean our money is on the selective breeding theory.


    Cannabis grown with CBD OG Kush fem seeds retains all OG Kush’s full-bodied flavors and fragrances. Where it differs is in its cannabinoid content and, as a result, its effects. CBD levels are 8–16 times higher, giving this strain massive medicinal potential. Conversely, THC levels are much lower at just 6–8%, tempering its psychoactive properties significantly.


    Wellness and CBD OG Kush feminized seeds


    Kush cultivars have always been popular with the medicinal crowd, but their potent psychoactive effects may prove too much for some. Cannabis grown with fem CBD OG Kush seeds delivers a much gentler set of cerebral effects that won’t leave you mentally impaired.


    The subtle uplifting qualities of this cultivar might help improve your mood and get you out of an emotional slump. You may also find cannabis grown with fem CBD OG Kush seeds helps improve focus and concentration. Some users report this strain helps ease social anxiety and nervousness.


    Grow fem CBD OG Kush seeds, and you’ll have a personal apothecary filled with stress-relieving, calming buds. High amounts of CBD and a range of beneficial terpenes give this strain enormous therapeutic potential. The deeply relaxing physical effects may help ease muscular tension, pain, and cramps.


    The soothing qualities of CBD OG Kush may also help loosen tight muscles after sports or physical therapy. Higher doses produce a more sedative effect, helpful in treating sleeplessness. If you haven’t had the best appetite, this strain might be helpful as many users report feeling hungry after smoking.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    CBD OG Kush feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    If you have more questions, check below for common queries about growing CBD OG Kush feminized seeds.


    Where can I get free CBD OG Kush feminized seeds?


    Head over to our cheap seeds page, and you’ll find our ever-changing buy-one-get-one offers along with reduced price cannabis seeds. Stick this page in your bookmarks and check back regularly; if you’re lucky, you might get some free CBD OG Kush feminized seeds.


    Can a beginner grow CBD OG Kush feminized seeds?


    We strongly recommend having a decent amount of experience before growing fem CBD OG Kush seeds. This strain is environment-sensitive, and suboptimal care may increase its susceptibility to mildew and pest infestations.


    What is CBD OG Kush feminized flower time?


    Plants grown from CBD OG Kush fem seeds spend around 65 days flowering. The final couple of weeks see buds increase in size and potency, so be patient and avoid harvesting early.


    How long do CBD OG Kush feminized seeds take to germinate?


    We pride ourselves on selling only high-quality, highly viable cannabis. These CBD Og Kush fem seeds are no exception and should germinate in 1–5 days.


    Follow our germination guide precisely, record your progress, and in the unlikely event of a bad seed, we’ll replace it under our guarantee.


    How long does it take CBD OG Kush feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Factors like environment, photoperiod, and nutrition all affect the growing time of a plant, making it difficult to give an exact answer. However, with a little calculation, we can provide an estimated timeline for growing CBD OG Kush feminized seeds to harvest.


    Germination takes up to a week, and the initial seedling phase lasts around three weeks. Allow an average of 8–10 weeks for vegetative growth and another nine weeks for flowering. Add these together, and you have an estimated time of 21–23 weeks.


    Grow medium: CBD OG Kush feminized hydro or soil?


    CBD OG Kush fem seeds happily grow in both soil and soil-less setups. Soil keeps things simple and enhances the taste and smell of the cannabis. Hydroponic systems give your plants an explosive growth boost and increase your yields but are more expensive to set up.


    What is the average CBD OG Kush feminized height?


    CBD OG Kush feminized seeds produce moderately tall plants reaching around four feet during veg but stretching up to six during flowering. Outdoors, with plenty of sun, they’ll easily reach six feet or more.


    Where can I find pictures of CBD OG Kush feminized marijuana?


    You’ll find some excellent shots of plants grown from CBD OG Kush fem seeds right here on this page. Our CBD OG Kush feminized Homegrown Diaries is the other place to find them. If you’re planning on growing this strain, why not sign up and log your progress?


    Our user-made Homegrown Diaries are a fantastic resource for new and expert growers alike. Track the progress of other users against your own, get valuable growing advice, and a unique insight into the cultivation process.


    Where is the best place to buy CBD OG Kush feminized seeds in the USA?


    You’re only able to buy these CBD OG Kush feminized seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. These exclusive cannabis seeds are highly viable and contain stable, proven genetics.


    Once you place your order, we'll discreetly pack your marijuana seeds and have them swiftly shipped to your mailing address. Our customer service team is on hand to answer any queries you have before, during, or after making your order.


    Do you stock other CBD OG Kush seed variants?


    We try to provide cannabis seed variants for as many of our strains as possible. Our CBD OG Kush fem seeds are a new addition to our store and are only available in feminized form for now. Curious about marijuana seed variants? Read on for a brief explanation.


    Cannabis is sexually dimorphic, and regular cannabis seeds can develop into either male or female plants. While male plants won’t produce flowers, they’re useful for breeding purposes, either creating new hybrids or amassing a stock of seeds.


    Feminized marijuana seeds eliminate dimorphic tendencies by removing the male chromosome. If you want an all-female, bud-producing crop of cannabis, feminized cannabis seeds are ideal. Thanks to their high return on investment, feminized marijuana seeds are some of our most popular.


    Autoflower cannabis seeds are the result of crossing strains with a ruderalis cultivar. Autoflowering cannabis doesn’t rely on photoperiod to begin flowering; it grows shorter and flowers faster than other variants. Yields are usually lower with auto variants, but the potential for multiple and year-round harvests offsets this.


    Are there any other names for CBD OG Kush feminized?


    We’re not aware of any other names for this strain, but you might come across it being referred to as OG Kush CBD.


    Spelling errors


    We don’t see too many spelling mistakes in peoples’ searches for CBD OG Kush fem seeds. Occasionally, there’s the odd typo that reads “CDB OG Kush,” but that’s about it. Minor mistakes like this shouldn’t throw off your search too much anyway.


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