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CBD Carmagnola Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Carmagnola Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A super-rewarding medical marvel.
  • 9:1 Ratio of CBD to THC for a magical
  • Hearty apple flavors with sweet pineapple after-notes.
  • Take a trip to Old Town, Italy, by growing CBD Carmagnola seeds in your backyard. High CBD strains are becoming increasingly popular, and this cultivar ticks all the boxes—generous yield, easy growing, and low THC levels.  If you're searching for feminized seeds that generate buds with soothing yet uplifting effects, look no further than CBD Carmagnola. This cultivar is a gem i...Show more

    CBD Carmagnola Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    300 - 400
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 600
    Height indoor
    200 - 210
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    CBD Carmagnola Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Take a trip to Old Town, Italy, by growing CBD Carmagnola seeds in your backyard. High CBD strains are becoming increasingly popular, and this cultivar ticks all the boxes—generous yield, easy growing, and low THC levels. 


    If you're searching for feminized seeds that generate buds with soothing yet uplifting effects, look no further than CBD Carmagnola. This cultivar is a gem in the medicinal cannabis world, thanks to its gentle waves that take effect without creating a psychoactive buzz. 


    Information on feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds is just as limited as finding the strain itself. We've got all the details on this one-of-a-kind cultivar, so keep reading to learn more about its effect, origins, and growing tips. 


    What are CBD Carmagnola feminized cannabis seeds?


    CBD Carmagnola seeds have been providing versatile buds since the 1960s. Originally, people used them for teas, concentrates, and even as a tobacco substitute. This rare Italian landrace is sought after by many cannabis enthusiasts for its unique tropical vapor and relaxing buzz. 


    The buds from feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds have an impressive 27:1 cannabinoid profile making this a diamond strain in the medicinal cannabis world. Users claim it relieves stress, improves focus, and soothes pain. 


    This cultivar is an ideal everyday toke, providing an intense full-body relaxation without tranquilizing you. The effects are non-psychedelic and won't affect productivity negatively. A few puffs of the nugs from fem Carmagnola CBD seeds keep you alert throughout the day. 


    The fruity, citrusy smoke elevates your mood, calms your body, and focuses your mind. It allows you to fulfill your daily duties while relishing the mellow buzz. 


    The nugs from Carmagnola CBD feminized seeds are perfect for beginners, medicinal users, and recreational smokers looking for a mild strain to puff throughout the day.


    Feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds might pose a challenge to newbie growers. The plants are prone to overstretching, requiring low-stress training (LST) to tame them. However, feminized seeds are less complicated to grow since you don't have to spot males. 


    In their homeland of Italy, CBD Carmagnola seeds were easy to find as locals valued them for years. Outside of their country of origin, these cannabis seeds are extremely difficult to come by.


    Thanks to Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can grow this rare cultivar in your backyard. Our feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds are popular because they give cultivators like you a huge harvest of trichome studded, medical-grade buds. 


    What are the CBD Carmagnola feminized seeds effects?


    Carmagnolia is like a hot cup of tea on a winter's evening—uplifting, soothing, and gentle. This strain is for you if you need a pick-me-up toke without the psychoactive effects.


    The buds from feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds strike a perfect balance between energizing and relaxing. Smoking this strain in the afternoon or early evening lets you enjoy the full range of effects, including the mildly sedating waves, which are best before bedtime. 


    It instantly elevates your mood from the first puff as happiness and positive thinking replace racing thoughts and stress. This effect is mild, creating a sense of contentment rather than an intense feeling of euphoria.


    As your mood uplifts, the buds from CBD Carmagnola seeds clear out clouds and procrastination, helping you focus and stay in the present. 


    It stimulates creativity by delivering a clear-headed, mellow buzz. This cultivar is an excellent pick for artistic types looking to remove writer's block or other hindrances when working. 


    The nugs from fem Carmagnola CBD seeds stand out for their ability to clear the mind and completely relax the body simultaneously. As your thinking becomes more focused and you achieve ultimate mental clarity, a warm sensation caresses you from head to toe. 


    The relaxing waves gently run through your body, removing tension and leaving you feeling light as a feather. It does this without couch-locking you, so you can still perform activities requiring basic mobility. 


    Although the nugs from feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds won't glue you to your couch, it's best for afternoon use, especially with less experienced smokers. As the effects fade, a mild sedative buzz kicks in, enabling you to have a blissful sleep or simply relax. 


    As a high CBD cultivar, side effects are rare and mild. If you overdo it, you may experience red eyes, drowsiness, or a strong sedative effect. 


    Stay hydrated and know your tolerance levels to avoid adverse reactions. As this is a non-psychedelic cultivar, paranoia isn't a concern. The worst that happens is you get extra beauty sleep—no complaints there. 


    What does the CBD Carmagnola feminized smell like?


    The buds from CBD Carmagnola seeds may have originated in Italy, but they smell like the islands of Hawaii. The tart, fruity aroma of freshly cut pineapple bursts into the air as you grind the nugs. 


    Once lit, the scent of musty, recently rained on earth comforts your senses and fulfills your petrichor desires. Still, the sweet, tropical aroma prevails, complemented by the warm, loam-like notes. 


    When you puff a joint with the buds from feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds, your palate delights at the sweet, tangy flavor. The smoke is thick and creamy, yet hints of lemon freshness keep it light and airy. 


    All cannabis strains get their aromatics from their dominant terpenes, and the nugs from fem Carmagnola CBD seeds pack more than 12. Here are the top three terpenoids giving this Italian cultivar its tropical island flavor: 


    - Alpha cedrene: warm, woody scent like a freshly lit fireplace 

    - Alpha pinene: refreshing, earthy aroma like walking through a pine forest 

    - Beta-caryophyllene: sweet, spicy, and comforting aroma like a sweet potato pie fresh out of the oven 


    How to germinate CBD Carmagnola feminized seeds


    Germination is the foundational step for growing feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds. This simple process turns the seed into a seedling so that you can plant it in the growing medium of your suiting. 


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we've selected the best germination method to give you the greatest results from your fem Carmagnola CBD seeds. 


    Our expert growers found the paper plate method renders the highest success rate. This technique requires the least amount of effort, is suitable for growers of all levels, and you only need a few basic items that you probably have lying around your house. Here's how to do it:


    You need:


    - A clean plate

    - Purified water 

    - Paper towels

    - Tweezers

    - CBD Carmagnola seeds


    Then, follow these instructions: 


    - Dampen the paper towels and make sure to squeeze out any excess moisture. 


    - Put one of the damp paper towels on the plate. 


    - Place the marijuana seeds on the plate, ensuring at least one inch of space between each seed.


    - Use the remaining paper towel to cover the plate.


    - Store it in a warm, dry place for about 24–120 hours.


    - Ensure there's no water pooling on the plate. 


    - Keep your eye out for sprouts which typically develop within 1–5 days. 


    - Once you spot taproots, your feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds are ready to transplant. 


    Make sure you're gentle when transferring the popped marijuana seeds to the growing medium. Use tweezers or earbuds to prevent accidents. 


    We offer a germination guarantee as long as you follow our germination guide. Take pictures of yourself following our recommended paper plate method. If you have any unpopped cannabis seeds, we send you replacements for free.


    CBD Carmagnola feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds grow into an all-female, bud-bearing army of monster plants. They can hit up to 21 feet if you leave them to grow freely, so they're nurtured best in the hands of growers with some experience. 


    These plants are hardy and survive almost any climate. Their hardiness makes them popular for guerilla growth. Carmagnola CBD feminized seeds thrive in well-known tough climates like Southern Europe and North America. 


    Regular pruning and trimming once your plants start vegging helps keep them from overstretching during flowering. Since they're huge, these plants are prone to water and nutrient loss, so defoliation sends more energy to the flowers, giving you plump smokables. 


    Growing feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds indoors gives you the ultimate resin production because you can control the climate. For best results, maintain temperatures around 70–79°F and relative humidity between 40–50% during the first 5–7 weeks of flowering. 


    A few weeks before harvest, lower the humidity levels to 30–40% to increase your buds' potency, aroma, and visual appeal. Use low-stress training techniques like Sea of Green to keep the height under control, and after 8–9 weeks of flowering, you get 14 oz. per m² indoors. 


    Plant between April and June if you choose to grow feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds outdoors. One possible challenge you face with growing this plant outside is keeping it inconspicuous. 


    Use LST techniques to keep them from overstretching. Grow indoors if you've got nosy neighbors. Outdoors, harvest is typically around early October, and you get a bounty of up to 25 oz. per plant.


    What are the CBD Carmagnola feminized strain genetics?


    This Italian landrace originates from Carmagnola—a metropolitan city famous for its agricultural prosperity. Thanks to its rich soil, the town produces an incredible amount of vegetables and cereals. 


    Feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds were originally grown from a strong hemp lineage as fiber plants. The locals used it to create fabrics, and the leaves were used in teas and added to various dishes. 


    As high CBD and low THC strains became increasingly desired by the public, especially the medicinal cannabis community, CBD Carmagnola found its spotlight. The strain was almost impossible to find in America until seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. offered it 


    Our CBD Carmagnola seeds have Kush CBD genetics complementing the excellence of this sativa dominant landrace. This parent strain is an award-winning cultivar known for its easy growing, hardy nature, and gentle euphoric effects. 


    Wellness and CBD Carmagnola feminized seeds


    The CBD content of 9–12% and minuscule THC range of 0.1–0.2% make this an impressive high CBD cultivar. Medicinal users typically want cannabis that won't interfere with day-to-day activities. The buds from fem Carmagnola CBD seeds tick all the boxes for a medical strain. 


    People with ADHD may find relief from the mind-clearing effects of this sativa cultivar. It helps you focus without creating intense cerebral waves common with high THC strains.


    The buds from feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds create an uplifting buzz that may benefit people with depression. A few puffs of the strain improve your mood, leaving you happier and more motivated.


    People who experience chronic pain take opioids to soothe the ailments, but they cause sedation, which affects functioning. This cultivar might offer relief without the intense sleepiness that comes from taking pain tablets. 


    The buds from Carmagnola CBD feminized seeds relieve tension and might help alleviate stress and cope with taxing work environments. Its low THC levels and high CBD may also benefit people with anxiety as it doesn’t lead to paranoia—even in stronger doses. 


    Although the nugs from CBD Carmagnola seeds aren't strong enough to tranquilize you, as the effects fade, it creates a deeply relaxing buzz. The gentle, calming waves may help those with insomnia wind down enough to get some restful sleep. 


    It's not just the CBD and THC that make cannabis a popular medicinal herb; the terpenes offer a wide range of proposed benefits. Many terpenoids in the buds from fem Carmagnola CBD seeds are sold in the form of health teas and concentrates. 


    Alpha cedrene is believed to have antiseptic and mucolytic properties, making it possibly beneficial for strengthening the immune system and improving lung function. 


    The buds from CBD Carmagnola seeds have terpenes that may have anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic benefits. This cultivar is also commonly used to relieve arthritis and muscle spasms and is believed to improve hypertension symptoms too. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    CBD Carmagnola feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    If you still have questions about CBD Carmagnola seeds, read through our FAQ section for our client's common inquiries and our expert responses. 


    Where can I get free cannabis CBD Carmagnola feminized seeds?


    Here at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we offer a Buy One Get One free (BOGO) deal. Under this section, you purchase one set of marijuana seeds of your choice, and we send you another set for free. You can find everything from unique landraces like feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds and other popular strains. 


    Ensure you check the BOGO category routinely because we frequently rotate the cheap cannabis seeds on offer.


    Can a beginner grow CBD Carmagnola feminized?


    Feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds are best for growers with some experience. These plants are hardy and thrive in any climate, so they're easy to cultivate but tough to control. They’re prone to overstretching, so you need some knowledge of low-stress training to keep them from getting overwhelmingly tall.


    What is the CBD Carmagnola feminized flower time?


    The nugs from feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds flower for 8–9 weeks. Give your plants adequate nutrition and lighting, and use LST techniques for a fruitful flowering phase. You could also try light manipulation by tricking your plants into entering the stage quicker; however, that may affect overall harvest quality. 


    How long do CBD Carmagnola feminized seeds take to germinate? 


    Your Homegrown Cannabis Co. CBD Carmagnola seeds germinate within 1–5 days. Remember, we offer a germination guarantee to all our customers. To qualify, all you have to do is take pictures, proving you followed our germination guide. If you have any unpopped seeds, simply send us the images showing you using the paper plate technique, and we’ll send you free replacements. 


    How long does it take CBD Carmagnola feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds take up to 32 weeks from seed to harvest. The flowering phase lasts for 8–9 weeks. You can speed up the process by using light manipulation techniques when growing indoors. To get a quicker harvest and high-quality buds, defoliate regularly and prevent your plants from over-stretching periods. 


    Grow medium for CBD Carmagnola feminized: hydro or soil?


    CBD Carmagnola seeds grow into hardy plants thriving in both mediums. The decision between hydro and soil comes down to your personal growing needs. If you want to speed up the process and enjoy a huge harvest, opt for hydroponic growing. Cultivating in soil gives you the most aromatic buds. 


    What is the average CBD Carmagnola feminized height?


    The average height the plants from feminized CBD Carmagnola cannabis seeds reach is 6.5–19 feet. If left to grow freely, they reach up to 21 feet. To prevent overstretching, use LST techniques or a Screen of Green net, so the height of the plants doesn't affect the quality of the nugs. 


    Where can I find pictures of CBD Carmagnola feminized marijuana?


    You can find pictures of Carmagnola CBD feminized seeds, dried buds, and healthy plants on this page. Alternatively, check out our CBD Carmagnola Feminized Homegrown Diaries for images of cannabis plants and cured buds from our satisfied customers. Once you buy marijuana seeds from us, you can also share photos of your growing journey in the diary. 


    How do CBD Carmagnola feminized seeds differ from other variants? 


    There are three common categories available, each offering its own unique benefits to growers with different needs:


    - Auto-flowering marijuana seeds enter the flowering phase after a set amount of time without you switching light cycles to trigger it. 


    - Feminized seeds like fem Carmagnola CBD seeds blossom into all-female plants covered in juicy smokables. 


    - Regular seeds include males and females, ideal for growers experimenting with breeding new strains.


    Where is the best place to buy CBD Carmagnola feminized seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown cannabis is the best place to purchase feminized CBD Carmagnola marijuana seeds because:


    - We're an all-American company associated with famous growers like Kyle Kushman.

    - We've built a community of 420 gardeners sharing tips and journeys with each other to create the greatest harvest possible. When you buy cannabis seeds from us, you join our fraternity of growers like yourself. 

    - All our marijuana seeds come from a stable line of genetics, giving you consistent results. 


    Are there any other names for CBD Carmagnola feminized?


    Yes. The buds from Carmagnola CBD feminized seeds are sometimes referred to as the 'Old Italian' strain. They're named after Carmagnola, a town in Italy where these plants originate from. 


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