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CBD Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Heavy yields of pefectly balanced buds.
  • 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC for equal parts focus and buzz.
  • Earthy
  • CBD Black Domina seeds match spectacular indica-strong genetics with an unspecified high cannabidiol (CBD) strain. The result is a gorgeous deep-green plant with equal measures of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD and splotches of black that explain the cool moniker. The effects are mildly psychoactive, but the cannabidiol content is the star of this show.  THC supplies a psyc...Show more

    CBD Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    CBD Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    CBD Black Domina seeds match spectacular indica-strong genetics with an unspecified high cannabidiol (CBD) strain. The result is a gorgeous deep-green plant with equal measures of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD and splotches of black that explain the cool moniker. The effects are mildly psychoactive, but the cannabidiol content is the star of this show. 


    THC supplies a psychoactive buzz, but CBD doesn’t. While the jury is still out on what CBD can do, scientists are currently exploring its efficacy through several human medical trials. 


    While they’re trying to separate myth from fact, the medicinal marijuana community remains intrigued by this 1:1 ratio between THC and CBD. CBD Black Domina seeds show the abundant potential of cannabis products to treat various maladies. 


    If you’re looking for reliable information on high-CBD seeds, you’re in the right place. Tag along as we explain how to source, sprout, grow, and dry these CBD-strong newcomers.


    What are CBD Black Domina cannabis seeds?


    CBD Black Domina cannabis seeds are feminized, which means growers can worry less about males compromising the harvest. 


    When pollination occurs, the females stop producing the yearned for buds and focus on seed production for the next generation. It’s the last thing gardeners want, so feminized seeds make a grower’s life much easier.


    These CBD Black Domina marijuana seeds were created by melding the broad genetics of Black Domina and an unknown high-CBD strain. 


    Black Domina is an epic strain made up of Northern Lights, Ortega, Afghan, and Hash Plant. Its effects carry over to the CBD version, and users feel sleepy, hungry, and relaxed. 


    These plants are excellent for oil extraction due to heavy resin production. The plants get coated in a heavy blanket of trichomes and a bounty of cannabinoids that offer reported relief. THC and CBD are only two of over 120 different cannabinoids contained within the flowers.


    What are CBD Black Domina seeds’ effects?


    With THC levels in the buds of feminized CBD Black Domina seeds on the low side, the cerebral buzz is minimal unless you’ve limited experience. While 10% is deemed low for THC, it’s a decent portion of CBD. 


    Experts believe cannabidiol addresses problems with stress and anxiety, allowing you to chill out and relax. The narcotic effect is powerful, with some users likening it to opiates. 


    Initially, a warm euphoria radiates from your center and envelopes the body, leaving you calm and comfortable. Users target feminized CBD Black Domina seeds due to their ability to soothe anxiety, lift depression, and improve mood. 


    Many high-THC cultivars have the unintended effect of making users jittery, self-conscious, or even overwhelmed. It raises their anxiety instead of the opposite. Marijuana grown with these CBD Black Domina feminized seeds won’t. 


    While a brief period of cerebral euphoria is likely, most depend on the onset of relaxation or sedation. It might begin with a minor tingling or some heat, but it soon spreads to the extremities. 


    Soon, you’ll be arranging your comfort area and getting horizontal. Drowsiness is a regularly noted effect of CBD Black Domina seeds, and it encourages the next phase: sleep.


    What does the CBD Black Domina smell like?


    Growing rooms full of plants grown from CBD Black Domina marijuana seeds exhibit a woody, peppery aroma to complement the dark color. Mostly on the mustier spectrum, this strain smells like a forest after rain. 


    It also throws out a few hints of fruit and sweetness, but the abundant beta-caryophyllene terpenes dominate with spice. 


    When combusted, users note a tinge of earthiness and the smell of wild fungi. It also releases an aftertaste that hints at black pepper. The flavor is delectable and encourages you to take another puff.


    How to germinate CBD Black Domina seeds


    Germination is the first step in the life cycle, and failure to sprout hinders your efforts before they start. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has decades of experience with cannabis cultivation. 


    We’re willing to guarantee our seeds if you follow our super-simple germination method to the letter. We’ll replace them free of charge if they don’t. 


    The paper towel method is easy and cost-effective, with most materials likely found around the house. You’ll need:


    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - Twin dinner plates 

    - Purified water (a spray bottle is best)

    - CBD Black Domina feminized seeds

    - Tweezers




    - Use the purified water to wet the first paper towel. It should be damp but not soaked. Squeeze out any excess and lay it flat on a dinner plate. Ensure there’s no standing water.


    - Use the tweezers to place the CBD Black Domina cannabis seeds on the damp towel, leaving at least an inch of space between them. Using your hands can transfer pathogens that may compromise germination.


    - Take the second paper towel and dampen it. Then drape it over the seeds, covering them.

    - Invert the second dinner plate and match its rims to the first. They should match well and let no light in.


    - Put the plates in a warm, dark, accessible environment like a drawer or cupboard. Germination requires an absence of light. Be careful not to expose the cannabis seeds when you check on them. 


    - Make sure the paper towels don’t dry out completely. Spray them when needed.


    Most cannabis seeds take 24–120 hours (1–5 days) to germinate. Replant them in their permanent medium once the tiny white taproot is about a centimeter long (half an inch). 


    If you’re still unsure of any step in the sprouting process, use our super-simple germination guide to answer any questions or quell any uncertainty. Remember to document your attempts to sprout CBD Black Domina seeds to back up any possible claims.  


    CBD Black Domina cannabis seeds grow guide


    These feminized marijuana seeds are easy to grow, and even novices can produce generous yields. You don’t need to sex crops, and indoor growers can rest assured knowing the chances of a stray male are vanishingly small (99% produce female plants). 


    Grow your CBD Black Domina seeds indoors or out or in a greenhouse. The plants are naturally resistant to many pathogens and grow bunches of compact, dark plum and green buds.


    CBD Black Domina feminized seeds are tailor-made for indoor grows as the shrubs max out around four feet. 


    This strain thrives in a temperature range of 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit. Relative humidity (RH) should hover at 60% during the vegetative phase when you start to see hints of the varied color of this stunning plant. 


    It grows a massive main cola in a typical indica Christmas tree shape. Buds grow dense and thick, but the deep green and almost black tones give this cultivar oodles of bag appeal. 


    Cultivators can batch-grow using the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques to increase output. Light trimming might be necessary to improve airflow and light penetration, especially at the lower reaches.


    These are feminized cannabis seeds, so you must switch the lighting regimen to 12 hours on and 12 off to initiate flowering indoors. Reduce the RH to 40–50% when the crop enters bloom, and keep an eye out for mold and mildew. 


    Flowering should last 7–9 weeks, by which time the trichomes should be evolving from clear to milky. These cannabis seeds can generate a generous harvest of up to 16 ounces per square meter in prime conditions.


    Outdoors, CBD Black Domina feminized seeds enjoy temperate, continental, or Mediterranean climates with a lot of sun. 


    Try to find a sunny spot out of the wind. Check your trichomes when harvest comes around in early to mid-October in the Northern Hemisphere. Impressive yields of over 21 ounces per plant are possible.


    What are the CBD Black Domina strain genetics?


    CBD Black Domina cannabis seeds are a marriage of the exotic genes of Black Domina to the high CBD levels of a mysterious variant. Most experts expect this was an industrial hemp strain likely produced for fiber. 


    Hemp has inflated CBD levels, but THC must be below 0.3% for it to qualify. The result of this match is high-cannabidiol levels of 10% that mirror THC levels 1:1.


    The original Black Domina seeds are an indica-heavy hybrid of Northern Lights, Afghani, Ortega, and Hash Plant. Northern Lights is the iconic indica superstrain concocted by matching landrace Afghani with a dash of Thai sativa. 


    Afghani has some of the purest genetics around and is 100% pure indica landrace. Renowned breeder Shantibaba created the Ortega strain in the ‘80s by blending the pure indica genetics of Northern Lights #1 and #5. 


    Hash Plant is a cross with an 80:20 indica dominance. The parents are familiar—yet more Northern Lights and Afghani.


    All the NL and Afghani means CBD Black Domina seeds produce plants with elevated resin levels, making these plants excellent for oil extraction. 


    Wellness and CBD Black Domina seeds


    CBD Black Domina seeds are a high-CBD strain of great interest to medicinal marijuana adherents. 


    Potential uses for cannabidiol (CBD) are diverse, with some reports even claiming it can kill certain cancer cells and shrink tumors. Scientists are putting CBD through its paces in medical trials, so more accurate data should be forthcoming soon.


    THC levels of 10% are moderate, so psychoactive effects are reduced but remain significant, especially for novices. The initial onslaught may underwhelm experienced smokers, but this is a great place to start research for beginners with CBD needs. 


    This cannabinoid isn’t psychoactive but is a source of fascination to scientists who are testing numerous claims: These include medical trial evaluation for empirical evidence that CBD is:


    - Anti-inflammatory 

    - Anti-depressant

    - Anti-oxidant

    - Neuro-protective 

    - Analgesic (has pain killing effects)


    Indica-strong, high-CBD cannabis like this is often reported to provide relaxation or calm. CBD Black Domina feminized seeds produce cannabis that users suggest aids in treating stress, anxiety, and depression. 


    Insomniacs steal a few hours to switch off and gain the relief of rejuvenating sleep with this cultivar. Users also report that heavy tranquility helps address and ease chronic and acute pain symptoms. 


    Some relate assistance in treating the effects of arthritis and migraine. High CBD strains also have prospects for dealing with spasticity from neurological conditions, tremors, and more.


    Like most high-quality cultivars, cases of the munchies are likely with weed grown from Black Domina cannabis seeds. 


    Users who have issues with nausea or eating disorders describe increased appetite, which allows them to sustain themselves. Store some healthy snacks around the house if you’re worried you may blow your diet.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    CBD Black Domina marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Higher CBD strains are a welcome addition to the library of cannabis seed stocks due to their possible health benefits. Many people are curious to know what CBD can do for them and whether CBD Black Domina marijuana seeds are the answer. 


    We respond to some of your pressing questions below with the help of our expert team:


    Where can I get free cannabis CBD Black Domina seeds?


    Getting rare CBD Black Domina seeds for free would be an amazing score, but it’s unlikely. Some great deals can be unearthed with a little digging, though.


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has several special offers, including Buy One Get One free (BOGO) bargains. We also have myriad mix packs which match similar strains at discounted rates. Be sure to keep an eye on our cheap weed seeds page.


    Can a beginner grow CBD Black Domina?


    Feminized CBD Black Domina seeds are easy to grow, and all gardeners can attempt them, including newbies. Indeed, we recommend feminized seeds to novices and beginners because they’re reliable and simplify the process. 


    With feminized seeds, growers don’t need to perform laborious and tricky sexing. They also avoid the wasteful destruction of male plants that may result when cultivating regular cannabis seeds. 


    What is the CBD Black Domina flower time?


    These CBD Black Domina cannabis seeds take 7–9 weeks of flowering before the trichomes start changing appearance. When more than 50% have turned cloudy, it’s time to harvest your crop. If your trichomes change to amber, the THC levels are diminishing. Some growers harvest late as they hope to corral a heavy sedative effect.


    How long do CBD Black Domina seeds take to germinate?


    Cannabis seeds generally take 24–120 hours (1–5 days) to sprout the small white taproot, and CBD Black Domina seeds are no different. Carefully follow our guaranteed ‘paper towel’ method for best results. Remember to document your efforts to back up a claim so that Homegrown Cannabis Co. can dispatch your free replacements ASAP. 


    How long does it take CBD Black Domina from seeds to harvest?


    These cannabis seeds take 14–21 weeks to make it through the four lifecycle phases. Germination takes 1–5 days. The seedling stage is 2–3 weeks, and the vegetative stage lasts 3–16 weeks. Most growers keep this within 4–8 weeks.


    CBD Black Domina seeds flower for 7–9 weeks. Outdoor growers should aim to harvest in mid-October in the Northern Hemisphere.


    Grow medium for CBD Black Domina: hydro or soil?


    Growers have great success growing feminized CBD Black Domina seeds with both mediums. Hydroponic grows take time, effort, and expense to set up, but they eventually lead to savings in nutrients and even water. 


    Hydro presents a more sterile environment for your crop, which provides less opportunity for attack by pests and pathogens. Hydro takes some experience, especially with getting the nutrient mix right, but the real score with this medium is the yields—which are clearly heavier. 


    Organic soil mediums are the natural home for all seeds, and most gardeners have experience with it. Soil is cheaper and impacts the flavor profile, rounding and accentuating your cannabis’ taste. 


    What is the average CBD Black Domina height?


    Feminized CBD Black Domina seeds grow into plants that seldom reach above four feet in height and are usually shorter (36–48 inches). Outdoors, plants usually grow larger in optimum conditions, especially with a longer vegetative phase. 


    Where can I find pictures of CBD Black Domina marijuana?


    Right here on this very page. We have photos of the growing plant and the dried, cured buds you can produce yourself. This cultivar is a true beauty, with splotches of night and layers of green. Matched with the bright orange pistils, the buds formed by CBD Black Domina seeds are a veritable color explosion.


    If you’re still not satiated, check out the progress of your peers worldwide in our CBD Black Domina Feminized Homegrown Diaries. Cultivators upload weekly updates with pictures to document their progress from germination to harvest and beyond. 


    Where is the best place to buy CBD Black Domina seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy these marijuana seeds. We’re one of the largest seed banks in the United States, with nearly 500 epic strains on tap. With decades of experience in cannabis cultivation and seed development, we have all your growing needs and queries covered. 


    We have fem CBD Black Domina seeds for sale, and we deliver discreetly and swiftly nationwide. You could be germinating your fresh cannabis seeds by the end of the week. 


    How do Black Domina feminized seeds differ from other variants?


    CBD Black Domina are feminized seeds. These produce female plants at a rate above 99% and move through the growth phases depending on the light they receive. 


    Genetically-engineered feminized seeds are for growers hoping to maximize output and minimize effort. You won't need to sex these photoperiod crops.


    Regular seeds are the most natural form and produce male or female plants at a 50:50 clip. Also reliant on the seasons to progress, male plants can pollinate the females and generate seed production instead of the coveted buds—ideal for breeders. 


    Autoflower seeds use cannabis ruderalis genetics to flower automatically after a certain period. They pay no attention to the amount of light they get. These crops remain small and produce fewer buds. 


    Are there any other names for CBD Black Domina?


    It doesn’t appear so, though there’s one with a name that’s similar enough to be confusing. CBD Satin Black Domina (a.k.a. Sensi #743) is a similar strain but its THC:CBD ratio is 2:1. It’s also a pure indica, bred by Sensi Seeds.


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    Avoid the following mistakes:

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    - CBD Black Dominus seeds

    - CBD Black Domena seeds


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