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Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Balanced effects and beautiful flavors.
  • 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC for a focused
  • Spicy orange citrus from a thick
  • Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds are a rebooted, double-dipped, orange dream cultivar that bestows sky-high cannabidiol (CBD) levels. This strain uses the stunning, original Carmen genes, blending and boosting their contents, effects, and flavors. While THC levels are typically modest maxing out at around 15%, users still note appreciable psychoactive reverberations. With these cannab...Show more

    Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    300 - 350
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    80 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Carmen 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds are a rebooted, double-dipped, orange dream cultivar that bestows sky-high cannabidiol (CBD) levels. This strain uses the stunning, original Carmen genes, blending and boosting their contents, effects, and flavors.


    While THC levels are typically modest maxing out at around 15%, users still note appreciable psychoactive reverberations. With these cannabis seeds, CBD aficionados can match high CBD to laid-back THC values, getting the best of both worlds.


    Both of these cannabinoids have varied, compatible effects that could assist in treating several ailments, physical, mental, or psychological. Wellness practitioners expect these feminized seeds to be a game-changer for medical marijuana adherents.


    We run the rule over this high-CBD newcomer. Read on to learn whether these Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds could benefit you. 


    What are Carmen 2.0 feminized cannabis seeds?


    Fem Carmen 2.0 seeds are an upgrade on the original Carmen, which surprised breeders with rich CBD content aligned with low THC levels. Horticulturists quickly moved to double up on the cannabidiol content by cross-breeding Carmen X Carmen.


    The result is an even higher CBD-heavy cultivar with not-insignificant THC values. The 10–20% CBD volume means this creation shows great promise and huge potential for treating various issues.


    Inflated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) values reach moderate levels that could provide relief from stress and anxiety. The flavors and aromas of this strain all tend towards orange and other citruses, giving it a sweet, inviting taste that can precipitate overconsumption.


    What are the Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds effects?


    These fem Carmen 2.0 seeds produce marijuana with wide-ranging reactions. The THC levels are low to medium at 10–15% but sufficient to present a soothing, cerebral buzz. That’s ample for those hoping to harness the potential positive impact on mental health issues.


    The psychoactive effect is limited but hardly absent, with novice users likely to discern some mind-altering Carmen 2.0 seeds effects. The uplifting consequences provide happiness and relaxation to ease any stress.


    More experienced users may find the orange-flavored buds underwhelming, with a minimal ‘high.’ They also perceive an absence of any paranoia, anxiety, and other negative complaints typical of higher THC strains.


    Some tokers report help in treating muscle tension, inflammation, and stress. The CBD belatedly works its way to the endocannabinoid receptors, where the real magic starts. 


    Cannabis grown with fem Carmen 2.0 seeds may present some mild side effects. Many users claim cases of cottonmouth; ensure you have some tasty beverages handy to slake your thirst.


    Others note bloodshot eyes are a regular occurrence. Keep a stash of eye drops in your medicine cabinet to whiten your eyes and quiet this dead giveaway.


    Also, be prepared for cases of the munchies. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can act as appetite stimulants, so keep some healthy snacks handy.


    Like most cannabis strains, users can expect to feel sluggish, tired, and eventually sleepy. As a result, Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds produce marijuana that may prove useful for insomniacs.


    What does the Carmen 2.0 feminized smell like?


    Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds produce a harvest with a distinctly sweet and fruity flavor. The terpene combination generates a citrus aroma that users liken to oranges, mandarins, and tangerines. Growers get treated to additional hints of berries.


    The flavor carries over to combustion—tokers experience a mash-up of fruit and sweetness that provides a taste explosion. The berries extend to the exhale, and sweet flavors dominate. This delicious cultivar invariably leads to further tokes as the taste is incredibly more-ish. 


    Feminized Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds produce buds with high concentrations of three terpenes in particular:


    - Linalool: Provides citrus flavors with a piquant tropical taint. The varied aromas also include wood and floral notes, especially lavender.

    - Limonene:This flavor is found in citrus oils and carries a predominant orange taste and smell.

    - Alpha pinene: A colorless liquid, alpha pinene has a powerful odor of peppery pine and further citrus notes.


    How to germinate Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds


    The first step on your journey to these gorgeous high-CBD buds is the germination of your fem Carmen 2.0 seeds. 


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has decades of experience in every facet of cannabis cultivation. We guarantee our seeds will sprout with our paper towel method. 


    Document your efforts with video or images so that we may immediately forward your replacements in the unlikely event of failure.


    Most materials are likely around the house, making this technique simple and cost-effective. You need:


    - Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds

    - Two dinner plates

    - Two paper towels

    - Purified or bottled water (a spray nozzle is efficient)

    - Tweezers




    - Take one paper towel and spray it with the purified water. The towel should be damp but not soaked. Squeeze out any excess liquid and lay it flat in the center of the plate. Ensure there is no standing water on the plate. 


    - Use the tweezers to place the Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds on the paper towel, leaving at least an inch of space between them.


    - Repeat the process with the second paper towel, again spraying with the bottled water and removing any excess. Then, lay the towel over the cannabis seeds, encasing them.


    - Flip over the second plate and match the rim to the first. The plates should enclose the medium, leaving the seeds in darkness. Stray light could affect their chances of popping.


    - Place the germination medium in a warm, dark, humid spot that’s easily accessible. A drawer or cupboard works well. 


    - Check on the Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds regularly to see if they have sprouted the tiny white taproot. Ensure the paper towels don’t dry out completely, as moisture is vital to awaking the marijuana seeds from their dormancy. 


    - Wait until the taproot is about a centimeter long (half an inch) before transplanting it into its permanent growing space. 


    Non-purified water has contaminants that could adversely affect your seeds and prevent germination. Don’t cut corners at this stage.   


    Use the tweezers as your hands can transfer pathogens to the seeds, which may also inhibit sprouting. Your cannabis seeds should sprout within 24–120 hours (1–5 days). 


    If your fem Carmen 2.0 seeds don’t sprout, forward your documentation immediately so that we can dispatch your replacements.


    If you are still unsure of any step in the process, access our germination guide. It shows the chronological progression with pictures, and there’s even a video to ease any concerns you may have.


    Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds grow guide


    These feminized Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds can be grown inside, outside, or in a greenhouse. Most cultivators of this strain choose the indoor option as it provides more control of the environment, translating to more bountiful, higher-quality yields.


    These cannabis seeds are genetically modified to produce only female plants above a 99% rate. Female marijuana plants churn out the flowers that most cannabis enthusiasts enjoy combusting. 


    Indoor growers keep the temperatures between 70–80 degrees during the seedling stage, with relative humidity (RH) set at a hefty 70%. As soon as the vegetative stage kicks in, reduce the RH, as anything over 60% can damage the plants.


    While the temperature remains elevated throughout the vegetative stage, taper the RH down gradually. To avoid bud-rot and moisture retention, aim to reduce RH to 40% by the onset of the flowering stage. 


    These fem Carmen 2.0 seeds grow photoperiod plants. Indoor growers need to change the light rationing to 12 hours on, 12 off to induce blossoming.


    Lower RH levels at this time improve yield, flavor, and appearance at the business end of the season. After 7–9 weeks of flowering, indoor gardeners can look forward to a generous harvest of 14–17.5 ounces per square meter.


    To grow these Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds, outdoor farmers need warm, sunny, and dry conditions. Mediterranean, continental, or temperate climes are best.  


    Plant your seedlings around early to mid-May in the Northern Hemisphere, depending on your latitude and local circumstances. Planting too early could result in the plants dying due to overly cool soil or air temperatures.


    Photoperiod plants follow the seasons outdoors, instinctively entering bloom when days and nights approach equality as autumn approaches. 


    Outdoor growers can reap a massive 21 ounces of mandarin-flavored weed in prime surroundings. Around early October, the trichomes should start to turn cloudy, denoting readiness. 


    What are the Carmen 2.0 feminized strain genetics?


    The original Carmen strain provided a stunning return of 12.5% CBD and up to 8.5% THC, surprising even its breeders. Predictably they decided to up the ante, crossing the mysterious original Carmen with either a potent clone or another parent plant. 


    The mix resulted in Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds. This hybrid cultivar boasts up to 15% THC, but, for once, most users pay comparatively little attention to these respectable tallies. 


    The outrageous 10–20% cannabidiol (CBD) content sets this strain apart. It earmarks fem Carmen 2.0 seeds as a hybrid cultivar with massive potential for the medical cannabis community. 


    Wellness and Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds


    The first iteration of the Carmen cannabis strain was a revelation, stunning breeders with impressive CBD levels and low THC. These buds provide both psychoactive and healing reactions.


    Fem Carmen 2.0 seeds have medium THC levels of 10–15% that could provide mood-improving, anti-psychotic, and antidepressant values. The calming also shows potential in the treatment of stress and anxiety.


    The sky-high cannabidiol (CBD) volumes of 10–20% mean this cultivar could revise the possibilities in medical marijuana circles. Studies show that CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, conceivably affecting chronic pain issues.


    Some users claim assistance in dealing with inflammation, migraines, nerve- and back pain, and muscle tension. Others report positive repercussions in the treatment of arthritis, while insomniacs note feasible results in managing their sleeping patterns.


    CBD from marijuana grown with feminized Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds may present mild side effects. Some users describe symptoms like dry mouth, light-headedness, and drowsiness.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Carmen 2.0 feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    We address several of our users’ most pressing questions about Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds below:


    Where can I get free cannabis Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds?


    These highly-evolved Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds are a relative newcomer, so getting freebies is unlikely unless a friend donates a few. There are ways to reduce the expense, though.


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers an extensive and continually expanding list of Buy One Get One free (BOGO) deals that reduce your expenditure by half. We also have a section of Mix Packs, matching similar strains at reduced rates.


    We also frequently add fresh cultivars to our cheap cannabis seeds page. While the price is fractional, the quality (and our germination guarantee) remains.


    Can a beginner grow Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds?


    Novices or first-timers may not reap the rewards that more experienced gardeners do with Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds. It requires familiarity and excellent harvest timing to obtain the high-CBD output and impressive, tasty mandarin terpene production.


    It's theoretically possible but unlikely that a first-time grower will unlock the mighty CBD potential.


    What is the Carmen 2.0 feminized flower time?


    Feminized Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds rapidly progress through the flowering stage, concluding within 7–9 weeks. Growers need to check out the trichomes with a magnifying glass at this time. When more than 50% have turned cloudy, it's time.


    How long do Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds take to germinate?


    Most cannabis seeds take 24–120 hours (1–5 days) to sprout the small white taproot. Remember to use Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s guaranteed germination method to give your Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds the best start to life. Document your efforts with pictures or video to back up any potential claim.


    How long does it take Carmen 2.0 feminized from seeds to harvest?


    These fem Carmen 2.0 seeds can take 10–25 weeks to complete the four growing phases. 


    - Germination: 1–5 days

    - Seedling and vegetative stage: 3–16 weeks

    - Flowering phase: 7–9 weeks


    Grow medium for Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds: hydro or soil?


    Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds grow well in both hydroponic setups and organic soil. While hydro can certainly increase your yields, soil mediums accentuate the flavor profile of the vital terpenes. 


    The terpenes dictate the flavor and impact the therapeutic effects. Terpene production is key to unlocking and maximizing its exciting potential with this strain.


    What is the average Carmen 2.0 feminized height?


    This small to medium-sized balanced hybrid usually maxes out at around four feet indoors. Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds produce a plant that may reach significantly higher in the great outdoors, often breaching five feet.


    Are there different versions of Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds?


    No. These Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds are feminized, meaning they are genetically modified and only produce females, just what most growers looking to maximize yields want. They are also photoperiod plants, progressing according to the light they receive.


    Regular cannabis seeds are 100% natural, resulting in either male or female plants at a 50:50 clip. Male plants can pollinate the females, halting flower production to focus on seed creation. Breeders use male plants to birth new cultivars.


    Autoflowering marijuana seeds pay no attention to the amount of light they receive. Instead, they enter flowering automatically at a genetically dictated maturity. Auto seeds usually have a limited vegetative phase to make the most of short windows of good weather.


    Where can I find pictures of Carmen 2.0 feminized marijuana?


    We present a few high-quality images of the cannabis grown with fem Carmen 2.0 seeds right here on this very page. Check out those bounteous yellow-flecked colas blanketed in white pistils. You should spot the carpet of crystalline terpenes in the close-up.


    There are also a couple of shots of the dried and cured result. The orange-tinged buds with yellow and light-green notes will leave you drooling. Don't miss out on resident-expert Kyle Kushman's quick facts video, either. 


    Additionally, pop over to Carmen 2.0 feminized Homegrown Diaries. There, you can examine how your homegrown peers worldwide are managing their Carmen 2.0 crops. They update their progress weekly with pictures of this gorgeous cultivar.


    Where is the best place to buy carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds in the USA?


    The best place to purchase Carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds is a respected and respectable online seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co. With over 500 epic strains on tap, we're sure to have just what you're looking for. 


    Our website is a library of information on every conceivable aspect of cannabis cultivation. We also ship discreetly, nationwide within days. Trust Homegrown Cannabis Co. with making your cannabis hardware requirements a stress-free interaction. 


    Are there any other names for Carmen 2.0 feminized cannabis seeds?


    Carmen is a well-known strain globally. To date, there are no nicknames.


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