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California Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

California Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Hints of mint make this genuine taste sensation.
  • Enter a world of peace and tranquility with California Dream seeds and the irresistible cannabis they produce. This indica-heavy hybrid has made a name for itself by offering balanced yet pleasurable effects to your mind and body. Coming home to a jar full of these juicy buds is the perfect way to end a long day. Their refreshing flavors and motivating qualities keep your thoug...Show more

    California Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    California Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Enter a world of peace and tranquility with California Dream seeds and the irresistible cannabis they produce. This indica-heavy hybrid has made a name for itself by offering balanced yet pleasurable effects to your mind and body.


    Coming home to a jar full of these juicy buds is the perfect way to end a long day. Their refreshing flavors and motivating qualities keep your thoughts positive while ensuring you stay mellow and calm.


    Marijuana from California Dream seeds isn’t the most potent option we have available from our feminized seeds category. But their easy growing requirements and overly generous yields make up for it a hundred times over.


    What are California Dream feminized cannabis seeds?


    California Dream feminized seeds act as Mother Nature’s stress-relievers, helping those who consume their buds enter a deeply relaxed state. This indica-dominant strain comes from breeders mixing two landrace cultivars to create the ultimate evening blend.


    Once germinated, these cannabis seeds turn into vibrant green crops that remain short in stature. Stems stretch out laterally, creating a thick canopy of dark leaves. Once plants begin flowering, bright green nugs form along the branches like emerald gems.


    The easiest way to identify marijuana from California Dream seeds is its signature fragrance. A refreshing blend of pine, citrus, and hash smells instantly fill a room and drive your taste buds wild.


    Cultivators of all skill levels can raise these cannabis seeds with ease. They grow in almost any environment, have a short flowering time, and produce massive yields without requiring a lot of maintenance.


    What are the effects of California Dream feminized cannabis?


    Enjoying cannabis from California Dream seeds is best suited to evening sessions and lazy afternoons. Rather than sending you straight to sleep, these buds take their time, slowly easing you into a tranquil state.


    After smoking this marijuana strain, fans first notice an initial blast of euphoria, hitting with the first toke. Negativity and self-doubt vanish without a trace, leaving you feeling uplifted and ecstatic about life.


    In small doses, marijuana from feminized California Dream seeds has an energizing effect thanks to its sativa background. Fans claim to feel a surge of motivation coarse through their bodies, giving them the drive to complete any remaining tasks.


    This cultivar’s flavorful flowers are also known to increase your creative side while ensuring your mind remains clear and focused. These effects make this cannabis strain a brilliant option for anyone involved with art or watching a cinematic movie.


    The calming properties of cannabis from California Dream feminized seeds intensify as time passes by. A relaxing sensation moves around your body, releasing tension from your head to your toes. At this point, you’ll want to find a soft spot on the sofa to curl up in comfort.


    Higher doses of this delicious marijuana strain will accelerate the progression of these sedating qualities. Eventually, your eyelids become too heavy to keep open, and you’re transported to the land of Nod.


    It’s easy to find yourself smoking more than you intended when buds taste this good. User’s with a low marijuana tolerance may experience slight anxiety and dizziness. Luckily, these mild adverse effects brought on by consuming too much cannabis from California Dream seeds won’t last long.


    What does California Dream feminized marijuana smell like?


    The moment you open a jar of buds from California Dream feminized seeds, the room fills with a fantastic fragrance. You’ll initially notice a strong skunky aroma that doesn't overpower your senses. As you grind up the nugs, a more apparent citrus and mint smell pierces the air and invigorates your senses.


    Smoking these dried flowers releases a refreshing herbal flavor on your tongue as the smooth smoke flows into your lungs. The best way to describe the taste is a combination of pine and earthy notes.


    A sweet, earthy aftertaste remains in your mouth as you exhale and allow the tantalizing smoke to escape. The strong odor from burning buds from California Dream seeds is impossible to hide. Make sure you're in a well-ventilated area if you plan on enjoying a discreet smoking session.


    The complex flavor profile of this strain is due to a special blend of fragrant terpenes within each flower. The most dominant of these chemicals is called myrcene, and it’s said to have an earthy smell similar to lemongrass, thyme, and mangos.


    Some researchers also believe this particular terpene encourages feelings of relaxation and calm when consumed. As a result, these chemicals also play a role in the effects of cannabis from feminized California Dream seeds.


    How to germinate California Dream feminized seeds


    Germination describes the initial process where California Dream seeds come to life and start to grow. To improve their odds of success, we ask all our customers to use the paper towel method.


    If you’ve never heard of it before, we suggest reading our comprehensive germination guide. This procedure is also an essential part of our guarantee, so remember to document the process with a camera.


    The paper towel technique is quick and simple to perform, making it perfect for cultivators of all skill levels. It requires a few everyday items and promises to germinate feminized California Dream seeds in less than five days. Here's what you’ll need to perform the procedure:


    - A paper towel roll

    - Sterile tweezers

    - One ceramic bowl

    - Two ceramic plates

    - A bottle of purified water


    After collecting all the items above, set aside 5–10 min and follow these simple instructions to germinate California Dream seeds:


    - Pour purified water into a ceramic bowl. (Tip: Add a few drops of our Germ Genie to infuse the solution with helpful minerals.)


    - Tear off two separate paper towel sheets and soak them in the liquid.


    - Take out both pieces and squeeze them gently to remove most of the water.


    - Fold a single sheet of moist paper once or twice and then lay it flat on a ceramic plate.


    - Use tweezers to pick up your California Dream feminized seeds and place them on top of the wet sheet.


    - Ensure your marijuana seeds are spaced out and cover them with the second moist paper towel piece.


    - Cover everything with another ceramic plate to block out the light and put them in a cool, dark cupboard.


    - Check on your feminized California Dream seeds every day to ensure they don’t dry out.


    - Within five days, you’ll see white tap roots emerge from your marijuana seeds, indicating they're ready to transfer to their growing medium.


    California Dream feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    One of the many reasons California Dream seeds are so popular amongst recreational cultivators is because they’re easy to raise. These plants come from rugged landrace cultivars, giving them the ability to survive harsh conditions and inevitable mistakes made by beginners.


    These crops will also resist many common pathogens and pests while offering massive yields when they’re grown outdoors. To improve the quality of your buds, cultivate cannabis seeds indoors under controlled conditions.


    Picking the best growing medium for feminized California Dream seeds is tough because they work well in almost any substrate. We recommend first-time cultivators use soil because it’s easy to manage and contains essential nutrients to improve a plant’s strength. It's also a brilliant option to enhance the flavor and fragrance of buds.


    Experienced growers can take things up a notch by raising these cannabis seeds with a hydroponics setup. This method allows you to fully control the nutrient intake of your plants, increasing growth and potential yield.


    Picking out a fabric pot will benefit your California Dream feminized seeds in the long run. The material allows the roots of crops to breathe better, improving the overall health of plants. Use a large pot to propagate marijuana seeds instead of small ones to avoid having to damage roots during transplanting.


    Many newcomers to cannabis cultivation end up overwatering their plants, causing crops to become sick. We suggest checking the soil’s moisture with your finger before giving them water. When the medium is dry up until your knuckle, you can feed your plants.


    Adding an organic or salt-based fertilizer to your feeding schedule is as important as taking your own vitamins. These necessary minerals ensure that your California Dream seeds have everything they need at every stage of their lives. Follow a mixing guide to avoid subjecting crops to nutrient burn.


    Since these plants stop growing at around four feet, there’s no need to train them. If vertical space is limited in your setup, use high or low-stress training to maintain a manageable size. Topping crops is another way of eliminating apical dominance and encouraging more budding sites.


    Remember that the crops grown from feminized California Dream seed have thick vegetation. It’s vital you regularly trim the older leaves from the lower sections of plants to maintain sufficient ventilation. This technique also helps to decrease the chances of mold and mildew set in.


    If you plan on raising multiple marijuana seeds at once, the Sea of Green method pairs well with this cannabis strain. It encourages bigger yields and helps maximize the available space in your grow tent.


    Indoor setups need to stay in a temperature range of 68–76 degrees Fahrenheit for California Dream seeds to thrive. Keep the humidity levels below 50% once plants begin vegetating to avoid moisture-related issues.


    These particular cannabis crops have an average flowering time of nine weeks. Provided you maintain the optimal conditions, plants promise to produce yields of up to 21 oz./m². In comparison, an outdoor setup offers harvests measuring 21–25 oz./plant.


    If you decide to go the outdoors route, start germinating your feminized California Dream seeds in April. Plants will soak up the summer sun and, by October, will develop big, sticky buds, ready for collection.


    What are the genetics of the feminized California Dream strain?


    California Dream seeds entered the marijuana market when breeders mixed two landrace cultivars: Mexican and Afghani. These two parent strains come from opposite sides of the world and offer completely different effects.

    Afghani is the most dominant of these two iconic strains in this cannabis fusion. It takes users on a blissful journey with its potent flowers and passes down these deeply calming effects to its child. This parent is also responsible for the earthy taste left in your mouth by these buds.


    The Mexican landrace influences the initial cerebral rush experienced when consuming cannabis from California Dream feminized seeds. It’s also from this parent that the buds get their subtle tar-like flavor.


    Breeders then took this marijuana mixture to the next level by altering the genetics to ensure there’s a 99% chance of sprouting females. This feminized version makes cannabis cultivation easier than ever while promising bigger yields.


    Multiple in-house tests reveal between 13–17% THC within the buds from feminized California Dream seeds. We’ve also recorded an average CBD content of 0.2%, potentially offering medicinal benefits.


    Wellness and California Dream feminized seeds


    California Dream seeds and their relaxing buds could potentially offer medicinal patients a number of wellness benefits. Currently, people utilize this marijuana strain for various therapeutic applications targeting stress.


    This marijuana strain helps bring about a positive mindset in its users while eliminating any signs of negativity. These uplifting properties may assist anyone with any form of anxiety and depression.


    Another potential benefit of consuming cannabis from feminized California Dream seeds is its anti-inflammatory qualities. These buds can possibly support patients experiencing joint tension, arthritis, muscle spasms, cramps, or chronic migraine.


    It’s common to feel a sudden desire for food after a few pulls of this marijuana cultivar and its delicious flowers. Some patients claim to utilize these effects as a way to combat a poor appetite while fending off nausea.


    California Dream feminized seeds have one last wellness trick up their sleeve. These deeply relaxing buds tend to bring about a sedated sensation. Some patients reportedly use them to treat insomnia and wake up feeling refreshed.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    California Dream feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Want to clarify anything before completing your purchase? We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about California Dream seeds below to ensure you’re 100% happy with your order.


    What variations of California Dream seeds are there?


    There are three unique versions of California Dream seeds, each offering cultivators different benefits. Below, we briefly explain each type to help you pick the best option for your lifestyle:


    - Regular seeds: There’s a 50% chance marijuana plants will become flower-bearing females. Male crops are only useful to breeders, so remove them from your garden before they ruin your harvest.


    - Feminized seeds: This version is by far the most popular as it offers a 99% chance of producing female plants. California Dream fem seeds are perfect for beginners, removing the need for sexing crops while producing bigger yields.


    - Autoflower seeds: The addition of ruderalis genes allows plants to start flowering regardless of their light schedule. Thanks to their accelerated growth, experienced cultivators can raise multiple harvests in a year.


    We currently only stock feminized California Dream seeds in our store.


    Where can I get free California Dream feminized seeds?


    We'll double your order for free when you buy feminized California Dream seeds from our BOGOs section. These limited-time deals regularly change, so check it out every week to see what amazing promotions we’re running.


    Can a beginner grow California Dream feminized seeds?


    Anyone can raise California Dream seeds due to this marijuana strain’s rugged and hardy genetics. Plants can survive most outdoor conditions and flourish in any growing medium, making them perfect for beginners.


    Our feminized cannabis seeds also offer a 99% success rate, removing the worry of male crops. First-time cultivators don’t need to fret about pests or diseases either, enjoying maintenance-free plants and overly-generous yields.


    What is the flowering time of California Dream feminized plants?


    Once California Dream feminized seeds have sprouted and vegetated, plants will need to flower for another nine weeks. During this time, crops will grow taller and begin developing those sticky buds you’re after.


    Remember to change to nutrients without nitrogen once crops begin flowering. Instead, concentrate on providing lots of phosphorus and potassium to fatten up the nugs. It’s also a good idea to decrease the length of time your lights are on for optimal results.


    How long do California Dream feminized seeds take to germinate?


    It can take up to five days to germinate feminized California Dream seeds using the paper towel technique. Anyone can complete this procedure, even if it’s your first time cultivating cannabis, and it promises the most effective results.


    We ask all our customers to utilize this method as it forms an essential part of our germination guarantee. If our marijuana seeds don’t sprout as promised, we’ll replace them for you.


    How long does it take California Dream feminized to go from seed to harvest?


    After germinating California Dream seeds, you’ll need to wait another 26–30 weeks before harvesting those sticky nugs. A few factors influence this time frame, including your growing medium and indoor conditions.


    Outdoor growers should plant these cannabis seeds in April, making use of the warm months in the Northern Hemisphere. Start harvesting your buds in October before the first frost hits your garden.


    Grow medium: California Dream feminized hydro or soil?


    Feminized California Dream seeds grow well in soil or hydroponics, leaving the choice up to you. Take into account your skill level, intended setup, and the benefits of these two mediums.


    Soil is a brilliant option for beginners as it's easy to work with and contains nutrients to make up for inconsistent feeding. It’s also the best way to enhance the flavor and fragrance of buds from California Dream feminized seeds.


    A hydroponics setup allows you to control the mineral intake of plants for accelerated growth. It's better suited to experienced cultivators as you’re fully responsible for feeding and must pay extra attention to humidity levels.


    What is the average height of a California Dream feminized plant?


    It’s rare to see plants from California Dream seeds grow more than four feet vertically. Instead, this cultivar’s indica heritage encourages lateral growth with a thick canopy of leaves.


    Remember to account for a sudden growth spurt when crops start to flower by adjusting the height of your lights. If you want to limit the size of your plants and eliminate apical dominance, topping is a solid solution.


    Where can I find pictures of California Dream feminized marijuana?


    Check out a California Dream Feminized Homegrown Diary to see images of this sought-after cannabis cultivar. You’ll find a collection of photos documenting the growth of these crops from germination to harvest. 


    There’s also a free grow guide for feminized California Dream seeds available to you. Start your own diary to track the progress of plants and compare your crops with others in our community.


    Where is the best place to buy California Dream feminized seeds in the USA?


    You deserve the best, so why settle for less? Stick with Homegrown Cannabis Co., and we’ll keep you stocked up with the best California Dream feminized seeds money can buy.


    We have over 400 other incredible marijuana strains for sale when you want to try something different. Our online store offers a variety of payment methods and a discrete delivery service for our discerning customers.


    Are there any other names for California Dream feminized?


    Some fans of this deeply relaxing marijuana strain refer to it as Cali Dream for short. Make sure you use its original name to ensure you don’t confuse it with another marijuana option.


    Spelling errors


    The spelling of California Dream seeds is often mixed up with similar-sounding strains or the classic song. Make sure you double-check your search for any errors to avoid buying the wrong cultivar.


    Here are a few common mistakes people make when trying to buy these marijuana seeds:


    - Cali nights cannabis seeds

    - Calafornia Dream

    - Blue Dream

    - Cali Kush marijuana seeds

    - California Dreaming


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