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Bruce Banner Regular Cannabis Seeds

Bruce Banner Regular Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 9
  • Huge
  • 27% THC will never let you down.
  • Big bells and sweet smells
  • Calling all phenotype hunters: Hulk-smash your way through the doors of perception with our Bruce Banner regular seeds. Mind-boggling THC levels? Check. Monster yields? Check. Mouth-watering terpenes profile? Check. If you’re a crazy genius looking to create a new strain, or if you just fancy a robust mother clone to keep you going, you’ve come to the right place.Regular Bruce ...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
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    Bruce Banner Regular Cannabis Seeds

    Calling all phenotype hunters: Hulk-smash your way through the doors of perception with our Bruce Banner regular seeds. Mind-boggling THC levels? Check. Monster yields? Check. Mouth-watering terpenes profile? Check. If you’re a crazy genius looking to create a new strain, or if you just fancy a robust mother clone to keep you going, you’ve come to the right place.
    Regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds are some of the most sought-after in our regular seeds inventory. Growers can’t get enough of its hulking green buds entwined with gorgeous orange pistils.
    Male plants grown from Bruce Banner regular seeds can pollinate any other strain you’ve got handy, potentially birthing even more powerful and flavorful cultivars. Read on to discover everything you need to know about this mighty strain, its endless potential, and why expert growers keep coming back to buy more Bruce Banner regular seeds.

    What are Bruce Banner regular cannabis seeds?

    Bruce Banner regular seeds started with the good folks at Dark Horse Genetics. They crafted this luscious cultivar by breeding the hybrid Strawberry Diesel with the indica-dominant OG Kush, creating a sativa-leaning hybrid that’s the best of both worlds.
    With a ratio of 60% sativa to 40% indica, females from our regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds tend toward the cerebral, uplifting effects of a sativa without neglecting the heavy-hitting body slams the best indicas offer.
    These features helped Bruce Banner crack the top ten in High Times magazine’s 25 Greatest Strains of All Time. Its parent—OG Kush—came first. Plants grown from our Bruce Banner regular seeds contain some of the highest THC levels on earth—anywhere between 25–32%.
    Couple this with gargantuan yields of up to 21 ounces per square meter indoors and per plant outdoors, and it’s easy to see why this strain is a go-to for breeders. These seeds are also regular, meaning that each plant you grow has a 50/50 chance of being male or female. 
    While most growers opt for feminized or autoflowering seeds because they offer all females or a quicker turnaround, we find members of our community buy Bruce Banner regular seeds because:
    - They prefer old-school growing, just as nature intended. Until the feminized revolution in the 90s, regular cannabis seeds were the norm, and weeding out the males was just a standard part of the grow-op, like switching from veg to flower.
    - They’re prospective breeders looking to take advantage of its spectacular phenotypes. Be it yields, THC levels, or terpenes profile, there are many traits creators of new strains covet.
    - They’re playing the long game and are looking for a hardy mother plant for clones. Feminized and autoflowering varieties are widely seen as one-shot grows, so expert cultivators stick to regular marijuana seeds to grow plants for cloning.
    Despite its phenomenal THC content, Bruce Banner is still a manageable smoke, thanks partly to its hybrid genetics. You’ll be coming back for hit after hit of this big green monster.
    If you’re looking for a powerful morning strain to launch you straight into your creative zone, or if you’re a medical user hoping not to sacrifice THC levels for medicinal properties, Bruce Banner has you covered. Impressed yet? We’ve only scratched the surface of Bruce Banner regular seeds—let’s delve into the nitty-gritty.

    What are Bruce Banner regular’s effects?

    If you have a project to complete and plenty of time on your hands, this strain’s a spectacular wake ‘n’ bake for creative types. After your first toke of buds grown from your regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds, you’ll feel a powerful, immediate rush of cerebral clarity. 
    It’s like something has blown all the cobwebs out of your ears, and you may find yourself giggling uncontrollably. Soon after, a wave of mellow energy rushes through your body, compelling you to get creative. Whether you’re writing, painting, or crafting ridiculously complex recipes for your significant other, it all feels like a breeze.
    Our Bruce Banner regular buds bestow the kind of mellow, feel-good energy needed to tackle social occasions, and it’s also a fantastic choice if you require a booster before heading out. Bruce Banner’s not done with you yet, though. 
    Eventually, a tingling sensation begins to wrap itself around your body as its indica lineage announces itself. A gentle bubble slowly enwraps you, shielding you from negative thoughts and bad vibes. It’s like wearing a suit of positivity, allowing you to bear the brunt of life’s foibles with a cheerful attitude.
    The physical effects of Bruce Banner regular manifest: close your eyes, give in to the sensations, and allow a deep sense of relaxation to suffuse every orifice in your body. At this point, all worries, fears, and pains melt away, leaving you in a blissfully tranquil state—body and mind— where anything’s possible. 
    Buds from our regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds just keep on giving. Hours after smoking, you’ll feel the fuzzy aftereffects linger on in your body. By now you’ll be congratulating yourself for purchasing the best cannabis seeds you’ve ever had.

    What do Bruce Banner regular plants smell like?

    The aroma of plants grown from Bruce Banner regular seeds is complex and especially pungent. Cracking open a jar infuses whatever room you’re in with a heady mix of sweetness and diesel.
    OG Kush is a seriously skunky strain, announcing its potency in waves of powerful earthy and diesel-y scents. It passed on this trait to Bruce Banner regular. As soon as these regular cannabis seeds begin to flower, make sure you’ve got proper ventilation in your grow room set up because the overwhelming smell can quickly fill a house.
    Connoisseurs will pick up on subtle fruity and floral undertones. This is where its Strawberry Diesel antecedent fits in, tempering the dank stench into something more palatable—the faint aroma of a punnet of strawberries. This combination leaves those in search of a more holistic smoking experience impressed. 
    It’s not just the THC levels (spectacular as they are) that matter in plants from Bruce Banner regular seeds—it’s the experience. Regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds sprout buds that don’t taste as dank as they smell. 
    The first whiff that hits you upon lighting is a pleasing citrusy note, courtesy of its orange terpene. Buckle up, though, because upon ingesting, you’ll feel the dank, diesel taste coat the back of your throat and tickle your taste buds. 
    Expect this taste to linger on the palate long after you exhale. While its tastes and scents can be a bit overpowering for newbies, veterans adore its idiosyncratic properties and keep coming back to buy Bruce Banner regular seeds.

    How to germinate Bruce Banner regular seeds

    When you purchase your regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds with us, they come with a germination guarantee. In the rare event they don’t sprout, we’ve got you covered—as long as you follow our germination guide. 
    While you’ll likely encounter a plethora of germination methods online, we only recommend our tried-and-tested approach for optimal results. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make your seeds sprout. Instead, you’ll need to gather the following everyday objects in your home:
    - Two plates.- Some paper towels.- Bottled water.- Tweezers.- Bruce Banner regular cannabis seeds.
    Once you’ve gathered the lot, follow our list step by step:
    - Place a paper towel on a plate, and moisten it with bottled water. Don’t saturate it too much, wring out any excess water, and pour out any free-standing water left on your plate.
    - Carefully clinch a cannabis seed with tweezers and place it on the paper towel.
    - Repeat for each marijuana seed, taking care to leave about an inch between them.
    - When all cannabis seeds are on the plate, cover it with another paper towel.
    - Carefully place the second plate facedown on the first one to create a dome.
    - Put the plates in a warm, dry place—a cupboard or on top of a fridge works well.
    - Check after 24 hours. If any of your regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds have sprouted taproots, it’s time to transplant them to their next home with your tweezers.
    - Repeat step seven for up to five days, by which time all should have sprouted.
    If the marijuana seeds still haven’t sprouted after five days, you’ve probably got a dud—it sucks, but nature’s unpredictable. Don’t fear, though, because if you’ve followed our germination guide and provide sufficient evidence, we’ll gladly cover your losses and replace any Bruce Banner regular seeds that don’t sprout.

    Bruce Banner regular seeds grow guide

    We hope you love topping, trimming, and pruning because if you want to get the most from your regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds, you’ll be doing a lot of it. This intermediate-level strain’s hardy genetics endow it with resistance to mold and mildew, making problems like bud rot a relatively minor concern.
    Being a hybrid, plants from your Bruce Banner regular seeds will grow thick, bushy colas typical of indicas. This feature means you should be topping your plants regularly, exposing them to as much light as possible. 
    Removing fan leaves also helps circulate more air and around its dense bud sites. Its sativa lineage is evident in its height, which can quickly shoot upwards of two meters. So you may want to measure your grow room if you’re opting to cultivate indoors.
    Indoor gardens or greenhouse users should also consider utilizing the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method for these marijuana seeds; some low-stress training can do wonders for your final yield. Remember to keep your grow room’s temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
    This time is also best for implementing any high-stress training methods. Your plants will still have plenty of time to recover. Feed generously. While we don’t recommend dousing most strains with nutes, we find that CalMag and phosphorus help satiate this beast’s appetite.
    Because these are Bruce Banner regular seeds, you’ll need to separate your males and females before they enter the flowering phase. After all, you wouldn’t want to smoke some seedy buds, would you?
    Whip out your magnifying glass and examine your plants’ nodes. You’ll find them on the base of the stem. If you see ball-like lumps, these are pollen sacs, and you’ve got a male on your hands. But if you see tiny, hair-like sprouts, these are the stigmas typical of females. So separate them immediately, unless your only goal is to create more Bruce Banner regular seeds, that is.
    The flowering stage typically lasts around 9–10 weeks. Don’t be surprised if your grow room starts leaking smells profusely. You’ll need a strong air filtration system if you want to keep this grow a secret from your neighbors.
    The strikingly green leaves will no doubt hit you as you realize another contributing feature towards Bruce Banner regular’s name. The beautiful burnt-orange pistils that weave in and around the buds hint at the THC-infused firestorm swirling inside.
    With our regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds, optimal growing conditions, and plenty of TLC, you can grow a phenomenal 21 ounces of tight nugs per meter square indoors or 21 ounces per plant outdoors. Plan an October harvest if cultivating outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere.

    What are the Bruce Banner regular strain’s genetics?

    Bruce Banner regular seeds were bred from two top-shelf cultivars: OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. OG Kush needs no introduction. It’s a heavy-hitting, stress-extinguishing superstar with so many Cannabis Cup wins it would be a platinum-selling artist if it were human. Its indica-dominant goodness is evident in its bushy stature and body buzz.
    Strawberry Diesel lends the gorgeous strawberry and floral flavors, courtesy of one of its parents—Strawberry Cough. This perfectly balanced hybrid is admired for its energizing effects too, and it’s beloved by creative types worldwide. Together, these strains combined to give birth to the very regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds we’re offering today.

    Wellness and Bruce Banner regular seeds

    In the days of yore, only high-CBD strains were considered for wellness properties. Bruce Banner regular upends that tradition. Medicinal users seek out this strain for its painkilling properties. The indica side of Bruce Banner regular provides immediate relief for any physical aches and pains. So if you’re suffering from migraines or arthritis, you can kiss that pain goodbye.
    Once the more cerebral effects wear off, its long-lasting body buzz can lull you gently into a soft sleep, providing comfort to its insomniac users. Plants grown from Bruce Banner regular seeds really stand out, however, regarding their healing mental effects.
    This strain has become the go-to for medical users who want to combat anxiety without sacrificing a solid dose of THC. You may be swirling in a torrent of negative emotions, but by the time you’ve finished a couple of tokes, you’ll be as calm and mild-mannered as the strain’s namesake.
    Bruce Banner regular doesn’t make you shy away from life, though; it helps you grab the bull by the horns and motivates you to become your best possible self. Users with fatigue also love this strain, as its uplifting effects help them tap into wellsprings of energy they never knew they had.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Bruce Banner regular seeds FAQs

    We receive plenty of queries from our community regarding our strains. So many, in fact, that we’ve compiled a list of the most common ones regarding Bruce Banner regular seeds below.

    What’s the difference between Bruce Banner regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?

    In a nutshell: regular’s for prospective breeders and cloners, feminized’s for all-female plants and their accompanying monster yields, and autos are for a quicker turnaround and suitable for novice growers. This strain’s enduring popularity ensures we’ve got each type available.
    - Bruce Banner reg: for nature lovers, breeders, and cloners, these photoperiod cannabis seeds grow just as nature intended. 
    - Bruce Banner fem: these marijuana seeds may also be photoperiod, but they’re all guaranteed to grow into bud-producing females for monster yields.
    - Bruce Banner auto: for marginally smaller yields, you won’t have to worry about shifting your light schedule from veg to flower with this variety because it blooms automatically.

    Where can I get free cannabis Bruce Banner regular seeds?

    We often chuck in some free seeds with your order. Check out our cheap cannabis seeds and Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offers, updated regularly here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. The seeds vary all the time, and Bruce Banner regular seeds regularly feature in our BOGO offers. It’s frequently updated, so be sure to check often and your turn will come eventually.

    Can a beginner grow Bruce Banner regular?

    It can be done, but not without a struggle. The amount of TLC regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds need ought to make you think twice. Topping, training, pruning, and weeding out males combine to make this strain a challenge for newbies. There are certainly easier strains for first-time growers.
    If you’re new to growing and determined to cultivate Bruce Banner, we suggest that you opt for Bruce Banner auto seeds. They’re shorter and easier to prune, have no meddlesome males, and flower automatically regardless of light schedule or time of year. 

    What is the Bruce Banner regular flower time?

    Bruce Banner regular seeds flowers for 9–10 weeks, or anywhere between 63–70 days. You’ll know they’re ready when the plants’ trichomes begin to turn a little cloudy.

    How long do Bruce Banner regular seeds take to germinate?

    If you follow our germination guide, all your Bruce Banner regular seeds should sprout a taproot and be ready for planting within five days. Make sure you check your seeds every 24 hours and keep your paper towels moist but not saturated. 

    How long does it take Bruce Banner regular from seeds to harvest?

    With about two weeks for seedling and germination, an average of six weeks of veg, and an average of nine weeks for flowering, you can expect to harvest these beautifully green beasts after 17 weeks, or 119 days. Of course, you can grow most regular marijuana seeds for shorter or longer periods, depending on your preferences and setup, and Bruce Banner regular seeds are no different.

    Grow medium: Bruce Banner regular hydro or soil?

    You’re in luck because regular Bruce Banner marijuana seeds thrive equally in soil and hydro setups. If you’re growing in soil, remember to feed your plants generously as they have a monstrous appetite. For all the hydro growers out there, we’ve heard great things about how coco coir suits this strain. 

    What is the average Bruce Banner regular height?

    Our Bruce Banner regular seeds are typical photoperiod sativas—they reach for the stars. They can even reach beyond seven feet in the right conditions. If you’re growing outdoors and hoping to be discreet, make sure your Bruce Banner regular plants are surrounded by thick shrubbery or far away from the eyelines of any nosy neighbor.

    Where can I find pictures of Bruce Banner regular marijuana?

    What, the pics on this page aren’t good enough for you? Don’t worry—we’ve plenty more. You can always see what our fellow community members have sprouted in our very own Bruce Banner Homegrown Diary. 
    It’s also the place to ask questions and glean tips and tricks to help you on your very own growing journey. We also hope you take the time to post your own pics of your grow so others can learn from your experience.

    Where is the best place to buy Bruce Banner regular seeds in the USA?

    Of all the places you could order from, we here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. are proud of offering premium-quality regular Bruce Banner seeds for sale—at accessible prices to boot. What’s more, we also offer discreet shipping, speedy delivery, and a world-beating germination guarantee. 
    With all this available, why on earth would you order your Bruce Banner regular seeds from anywhere else? Remember to add your review after harvesting your Bruce Banner crop—real growers like yourself are our backbone, and we thrive on your feedback.

    Are there any other names for Bruce Banner regular?

    This strain’s name is pretty unique, so you won’t encounter many bizarre nicknames. Sometimes an unknowledgeable seller may append an ‘OG’ or a ‘Kush’ to the name, but we found instances of this to be pretty rare. That said, remember not to confuse it with its related strains Bruce Banner #3 or Bruce Banner 2.0 because they vary in some key features.
    Spelling errors
    Misspellings are rare—just remember to add a keyword like ‘strain’ or ‘seeds’ when Googling so you don’t end up sifting through page after page of comic book info!
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Bruce Banner regular pics, and any Bruce Banner regular seeds grow reports you might have. Sign up for our Bruce Banner Homegrown Diary and share your progress with the community. We can’t get enough Bruce Banner images; those crystals drive us wild!
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