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Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 8
  • A full-bodied
  • 23% THC for long-lasting bliss.
  • Sweet fruit seasoned with peppery myrcene.
  • Blue Haze feminized seeds have quickly become the indica champion in the eyes of many cannabis growers. This fruity cultivar owes its award-winning genetics to its two incredible parents, inheriting tantalizing flavors and uplifting capabilities.While growing Blue Haze feminized seeds comes with unique challenges, the bountiful harvests make them a popular choice in the feminiz...Show more

    Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 550
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Blue cheese
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Blue Haze feminized seeds have quickly become the indica champion in the eyes of many cannabis growers. This fruity cultivar owes its award-winning genetics to its two incredible parents, inheriting tantalizing flavors and uplifting capabilities.
    While growing Blue Haze feminized seeds comes with unique challenges, the bountiful harvests make them a popular choice in the feminized seeds category. With up to 26% THC, recreational and medicinal users will find that it pairs well with any evening activity.

    What are Blue Haze feminized cannabis seeds?

    Blue Haze feminized seeds produce incredible cannabis buds that offer many uplifting capabilities that'll keep you coming back for more. Although it mainly contains indica genes, this award-winning cultivar gives you the best of both worlds, affecting your mind and body.
    However you consume the flowers from Blue Haze feminized seeds, its positive journey will leave a smile on your face. Plus, the lasting fruity flavors that linger on your tongue are sure to put you in a good mood.
    True to its name, Blue Haze feminized cannabis has plenty of bag appeal. These tightly packed buds display the traditional light green hues along with vibrant shades of purple and blue. 
    You'll also find a thick blanket of clear trichomes, producing a high resin count. What's more, its highly acclaimed genetics have led to Blue Haze feminized marijuana earning multiple accolades. 
    It's even managed to make it as a High Times Cannabis Cup champion—the perfect reason to get your hands on these weed seeds. Setting the bar at a whopping 26% THC, those with low tolerances should approach this cultivar cautiously. 
    With such potent levels, it's no wonder why Blue Haze feminized seeds top the charts of our high THC seed section. With such power comes great responsibility. Those new to cultivating cannabis should steer clear of Blue Haze feminized seeds. 
    These girls require constant care and vast amounts of attention. Instead, a novice should add these marijuana seeds to their cultivating bucket list.
    If you believe you have what it takes to grow Blue Haze feminized seeds, we're happy to say they can survive in both an outdoor and indoor environment. We recommend the latter due to their fragile nature and the control you have over the climate.
    The flowers from Blue Haze feminized seeds don't just help you feel amazing; they also contain a wealth of health benefits. This cultivar has shown to help with things like migraines and cramps and assist with depression, stress, and insomnia.
    While the initial boost of energy caused by Blue Haze feminized weed allows you to complete any task, it's best to keep them for evenings. The long-lasting high tends to leave you sleepy like many other indica heavy hybrids.

    What are the effects of Blue Haze cannabis?

    Even though the bud from Blue Haze feminized seeds holds a majority of indica genetics, you can look forward to a balanced high. This means that it’ll affect your mind and body, taking you on a relaxing yet stimulating trip.
    After inhaling its sweet, smooth smoke, you'll notice a warm feeling that moves up through your body and into your head. While Blue Haze feminized weed contains a potent cocktail of THC, the high gradually sets in, promoting an uplifted mood and mental clarity.
    Within a few minutes, this euphoric state sends your mind soaring while still maintaining a level of focus. Many users also describe a boost in their energy, allowing you to continue completing creative tasks like drawing or writing.
    You could say that the flowers from Blue Haze feminized seeds act as a social lubricant, causing a talkative effect. It's during this phase that you may seek the company of friends, prompting you to discuss a wide variety of topics.
    Once the euphoric sensation starts to wear off, it opens the door to pure relaxation. It's at this point that the indica side of Blue Haze feminized cannabis welcomes you into its calming embrace.
    Your body becomes weightless with a warm wave of tranquility washing away any tension or stress held in your muscles. The relaxing effects of the bud grown from Blue Haze feminized seeds sometimes create the desire to find a peaceful spot and watch the world go by. 
    Eventually, your eyelids will become heavy, transporting you straight to dreamland. You can avoid this final stage by lowering your dosage depending on your tolerance. In any case, we suggest keeping the bud from Blue Haze feminized seeds for the end of your day.

    What does Blue Haze weed smell like?

    Blue Haze feminized weed emits a delicious fragrance that's bound to excite your senses. As soon as you light this cultivar up, it fills the air around you with the sweet smell of fresh blueberries that'll get everyone's attention.
    As the aromatic smoke from Blue Haze feminized cannabis begins to disperse, its sugary profile transforms into an earthy odor with a spicy kick. You may also notice a subtle blue cheese tang in the background until it vanishes completely.
    This desirable fragrance comes from the high percentage of myrcene terpenes found in the bud of Blue Haze feminized seeds. Remember to add an odor filter to your grow tent to avoid this powerful smell from alerting any weed thieves or unhappy neighbors.

    How to germinate Blue Haze feminized seeds

    When it comes to ensuring you get the most from your cannabis harvest, you need to start by germinating your Blue Haze feminized seeds correctly. Thankfully, there are various techniques you can utilize to achieve favorable results.
    Some cultivators expose their marijuana seeds to intense lights, while others prefer to place them directly into a growing medium. The latter method is by far the easiest, but you run the risk of underdeveloped Blue Haze feminized seeds.
    We recommend a technique known as the wet paper towel method that provides the best results. We've put together an easy germination guide that takes you through each step involved in this technique. If followed correctly, it’ll have your Blue Haze feminized seeds growing in five days.
    You'll need to keep a close eye on your feminized blue haze marijuana seeds during this time, ensuring that they stay moist. After five days, the taproot reaches around a quarter inch in length. You can then move your cannabis seeds to your chosen growing medium.
    The best part about this recommended technique is that you'll only need a few items easily found around the house. This feature makes the method perfect for cultivators regardless of their budget.
    All you'll need is the following:
    - A bottle of purified water- A roll of paper towel- Tweezers- A dinner plate

    Grow Guide for Blue Haze feminized seeds

    As we've previously mentioned, successfully cultivating Blue Haze feminized seeds is no simple feat. This cannabis plant is susceptible to environmental changes and requires constant care and attention. 
    It's for this reason that we recommend only experienced growers attempt to raise Blue Haze feminized seeds. Thankfully, this cultivar rewards all your hard work with high yields bursting with goodness. 
    Although Blue Haze feminized seeds can grow outdoors, we suggest using the indoor method for the best results. You'll have more control over the elements, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your crops.
    Blue Haze feminized seeds produce plants with thick foliage, reaching a maximum height of 1.5 meters. This characteristic means that vertical space shouldn't become an issue. You should still trim the dense leaves to help light and air get to the lower branches. 
    You'll want to keep the temperature in your grow tent around 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. You should also maintain the relative humidity between 40% and 50% to ensure that mold doesn't appear on your crop of Blue Haze feminized seeds.
    You can raise your Blue Haze feminized seeds in most growing mediums. Soil is a reliable choice as it contains the necessary minerals for your plants. At the same time, you could utilize hydroponics to increase the flavor and fragrance of your buds.
    We also recommend using the Sea of Green method to promote faster growth and better yields. You must erect a structure that supports the heavy colas during the flowering phase of Blue Haze feminized seeds. 
    This structure ensures that the branches don't break. Cultivators need to expose their Blue Haze feminized crops to colder temperatures in the later stages of flowering. 
    This technique helps draw out those magnificent purple and blue colors in the bud. If you maintain an optimal growing environment for your Blue Haze feminized seeds, you can expect a flowering time between eight and ten weeks. 
    After which, you can look forward to a yield of around 21 ounces per square meter indoors. If you'd prefer to cultivate your Blue Haze feminized seeds outdoors, you should find an area with a climate similar to the Mediterranean. 
    Also, consider using pots for your cannabis seeds, as this allows you to move your plants indoors if the weather becomes hazardous. As for your growing schedule, plan on planting your Blue Haze feminized seeds by April. 
    Your crops will make the most of the summer sun, converting its rays into much-needed energy. You can then harvest your Blue Haze feminized crops by October if you live in the northern hemisphere. In an outdoor environment, this marijuana cultivar produces a yield of around 19 ounces per plant.

    What are the genetics of the feminized Blue Haze strain?

    Blue Haze feminized seeds are a relatively new addition to the marijuana market compared to other renowned cultivars. Still, it's amassed an almost cult-like following since its creation, receiving multiple accolades, including a win at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup.
    You could say that many expected the achievements of Blue Haze feminized seeds and their flowers. This cultivar is essentially a mixture of two award-winning cannabis varieties, with each one passing down its best traits.
    Breeders took the seductively smooth Blueberry strain and used it as their mother plant. This cultivar is directly responsible for the sweet flavors produced by the bud from Blue Haze feminized seeds. 
    It's also where this cultivar gets its heavy indica roots. They then crossed Blueberry with Amnesia Haze, a sativa-dominant cultivar that has gained recognition worldwide for its energizing capabilities. 
    In fact, it's these very same effects that you'll initially experience after consuming Blue Haze feminized cannabis. The result of mixing these two prestigious cultivars saw the birth of Blue Haze feminized seeds. 
    Due to the make-up of the mother plant, this tantalizing plant contains a ratio of 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics.

    Wellness and Blue Haze feminized seeds

    As we've mentioned, the flowers grown from feminized blue haze marijuana seeds provide an assortment of health benefits. It's for this reason that this cultivar has become a hit amongst recreational and medicinal users alike.
    For starters, the uplifting mental capabilities of Blue Haze feminized weed are perfect for inducing a positive mindset. This effect makes it a brilliant tool in combating depression and anxiety.
    The calming properties found in Blue Haze feminized seeds could help your body unwind and release any tension held in your muscles. Users have found that these effects are known to assist with stress, migraines, and cramps.
    Depending on your dosage, the bud grown from Blue Haze feminized seeds can lead to a sedated sensation, especially towards the end of your high. This sleepy side-effect helps those with insomnia, tucking you in and ensuring you get a restful sleep.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Blue Haze feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Before you decide to buy a pack of Blue Haze feminized seeds, it's only natural to have a few questions. To help ease your mind and make your choice that much easier, we've put together a list of the most common questions asked by growers of every skill level.

    Which variations of Blue Haze cannabis are there?

    There are three versions of this cultivar available on the cannabis market, including Blue Haze feminized seeds. Each variation of this marijuana type offers a unique trait, attracting all sorts of cultivators. These are:
    - Blue Haze regular seeds: This pack contains a mixture of male and female seeds just as mother nature intended. It's a fantastic option for breeders and pheno-hunters looking to create their own indica hybrid blend.
    - Blue Haze feminized seeds: If you're looking for huge yields of delicious buds, this is the pack for you. It contains a collection of the finest female seeds promising a 99% germination rate, giving you peace of mind.
    - Blue Haze autoflower seeds: Sometimes, time isn't on your side, and you need an option to fit in with your busy schedule. Luckily, you can speed up the flowering time of your crops by buying this autoflower option and get your buds sooner.

    Where can I get free cannabis Blue Haze feminized seeds?

    The chances that you find a pack of free Blue Haze feminized seeds is next to impossible. Unless you have a friend growing this cultivar or receive a batch as a gift, you'll need to purchase them. Check out our cheap cannabis seeds section for regular special deals and low prices. 

    Can a beginner grow Blue Haze feminized seeds?

    Blue Haze feminized seeds require incredible amounts of attention and care due to their fragile nature. While this cultivar produces some incredible bud, beginners will likely struggle to raise this marijuana plant. We recommend starting with an option from our easy-to-grow seeds category.

    What is the flowering time of Blue Haze feminized seeds?

    Blue Haze feminized seeds have a flowering time of between eight and ten weeks. During this period, the cannabis plant begins producing the sought-after flowers that it's become famous for. After this time, you can harvest your crops and start drying out the buds.

    How long do Blue Haze feminized seeds take to germinate?

    For the most part, Blue Haze feminized seeds take up to five days to begin germinating. To guarantee successful results, ensure that you buy quality cannabis seeds. We also recommend that you follow our germination guide to start your crops off on the right foot.

    How long does it take Blue Haze feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?

    As long as you ensure that you provide your Blue Haze feminized seeds with optimal conditions, you can expect a harvest after six months when grown outdoors. You can speed this time up by moving your crops to an indoor tent allowing you to control the climate.

    Should you grow Blue Haze feminized seeds in hydro or soil?

    Choosing the right growing medium is a vital step for any cannabis cultivator. Luckily, Blue Haze feminized seeds respond well to both soil and hydroponic options. Whatever you choose, make sure to keep an eye on the pH levels to avoid any growing issues.

    How tall do Blue Haze feminized seeds grow?

    The maximum height that Blue Haze feminized seeds can grow depends heavily on the environment you raise them in. On average, you can expect your plants to reach around 59 inches, while limited vertical space can decrease their overall stature.

    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from Blue Haze feminized seeds?

    There are many different ways to find pictures of Blue Haze feminized seeds and the succulent buds they create. One of the easiest methods you can utilize is a quick google search. You can also see images sent to us from our customers who have raised these beauties, documenting each step.

    Where is the best place to buy Blue Haze feminized seeds in the USA?

    Thanks to the popularity of this potent indica cultivar, you'll find packs of Blue Haze feminized seeds at most licensed dispensaries. Alternatively, you can purchase these weed seeds online at Homegrown Cannabis Co., skipping the queues and getting discreet delivery.

    Are there any other names for Blue Haze feminized seeds?

    Due to the popularity of Blue Haze feminized cannabis, fans of this cultivar have started calling it Blueberry Haze. The name isn't as catchy as the original, but it pays homage to its fruity parent and its incredibly delicious flavor profile.
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