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Big Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Big Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Staggering yields!
  • Awesome Earthy & Spicy flavors!
  • Ideal for late evening consumption
  • The famous quote ‘big things come in small packages’ aptly applies to Big Bud autoflower seeds. This strain’s female equivalent is renowned for its large, beautiful buds and staggering yields. The 1989’s High Times Cannabis Cup 1st place indica winner is now available as autoflower seeds.Discover the amazing effects of this THC-powered auto strain and how it may benefit your we...Show more

    Big Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10_auto_indoor Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Big Bud Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    The famous quote ‘big things come in small packages’ aptly applies to Big Bud autoflower seeds. This strain’s female equivalent is renowned for its large, beautiful buds and staggering yields. The 1989’s High Times Cannabis Cup 1st place indica winner is now available as autoflower seeds.

    Discover the amazing effects of this THC-powered auto strain and how it may benefit your well-being. Uncover its extraordinary heritage, fragrances, and flavors, and the best place to buy these popular cannabis seeds. Learn how to cultivate these marijuana seeds and what yields to expect at harvest time.

    This auto variant has much to live up to when you compare it to its cup-winning feminized counterpart. Are you ready to debunk the myth that bigger is better? Before diving into their powerful effects, let’s start and look briefly at what Big Bud autoflower seeds are.

    What are Big Bud autoflower seeds?

    Big Bud autoflower seeds are popular among chilled-out cannabis enthusiasts because they grow into stunning indica-dominant marijuana plants. The 80% indica and 20% sativa ratio allows for a little cerebral burst before the body relaxation swoops over you.

    These autoflower marijuana seeds grow fast, enabling you to enjoy multiple harvests a year. Cultivate them indoors for higher yields and protect them from adverse and unpredictable weather patterns.

    The 18–22% THC content may challenge some novice tokers, but veterans can handle the power. The CBD is minimal, but the strain’s impressive terpene profile may provide many health benefits to medicinal patients.

    These cannabis plants are medium-sized and bushy in appearance. Their deep green foliage and prominent central colas emit intense skunky aromas towards the end of their vegging phase.

    True to its name, Big Bud autoflower plants produce large buds oozing sticky resin in their flowering stage. Harnessing this gooey substance opens the possibility of creating many cannabinoid products like oils, creams, and edibles.

    The cannabis from Big Bud auto seeds is the perfect nighttime treat at the end of a hard day’s work. One toke or two is all you need to start enjoying its cerebral and physical effects.

    What are the effects of Big Bud autoflower seeds?

    The weed from Big Bud autoflower seeds is ideal for late evening consumption because of its heavy body stone. The sativa makes its presence known as a swift cerebral buzz kicks in after the first toke.

    The initial jolt in energy briefly increases productivity for several minutes and boosts your mood. Uplifting sensations swell inside, making you project your happiness to the world in the form of a big smile.

    The indica quickly begins to work its magic as waves of relaxation help loosen every muscle in your body. A calming blanket engulfs your being and entices you to sit back and melt into your couch.

    A rather lazy feeling takes hold as you feel the need to indulge in some quality television. Use this chilled-out effect and enjoy your favorite shows with some healthy snacks to sedate the predictable munchies.

    Enjoy the enhanced trippy visuals and sounds courtesy of Big Bud autoflower seeds. Then, be ready for bed when your eyelids are almost impossible to keep open, and you fall into a deep night’s sleep.

    The high THC content may prove too much for beginner tokers. Overindulging this weed may cause severe couch lock and brief dizzy spells. Keep cottonmouth at bay by drinking cool water, and use an optic spray to relieve your eyes of any irritation.

    What does Big Bud autoflower smell like?

    Big Bud autoflower cannabis plants excrete potent skunky and musky aromas when they flower. Sweet fruity and floral notes also accompany the powerful, prominent fragrance.

    The scents become more pronounced when the buds are dried and cured after harvest. The weed from Big Bud autoflower seeds also contains subtle hints of spice and pine.

    The flavor is similar to the fragrance but more intense. Expect delicious sugary herbal and fruit notes dancing on your tongue on the inhale. Coniferous pine, spicy, and earthy aftertastes linger on the palate on the exhale.

    How to germinate Big Bud autoflower seeds

    The first step in a cannabis plant’s life cycle is germination. It’s a crucial process for your Big Bud autoflower seeds’ development.

    We suggest sprouting your cannabis seeds indoors. A greenhouse is an ideal place to protect them from adverse weather conditions.

    Autoflower plants have a faster life cycle than other variants. It doesn’t matter what month you start germinating these marijuana seeds, providing you have a decent indoor setup.

    We recommend the damp paper towel method for the best results here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. You need the following items before you start:

    - A small pair of tweezers

    - Your Big Bud autoflower seeds

    - Two kitchen towels

    - Two large dinner plates

    - A spray bottle containing purified water

    Carefully follow our steps below to start your Big Bud auto seeds germination journey:

    - Moisten two kitchen towels with the spray bottle. Carefully ring out any excess water from the towels.

    - Place one of the damp paper towels flat onto the surface of a dinner plate.

    - Transfer the Big Bud auto seeds onto the moist towel with the tweezers. Ensure they’re an inch apart.

    - Cover the marijuana seeds with the second damp paper towel and add some more purified water. Discard any freestanding water from the plate.

    - Cover your setup with the second dinner plate and store it in a warm, dark place like a kitchen drawer.

    - Your cannabis seeds can start sprouting little taproots from their shells in as little as 24 hours. Check on them regularly to ensure they stay moist.

    - Transfer them into their new medium using the tweezers when healthy taproots sprout.

    - Your Big Bud autoflower seeds are unlikely to pop their shells after five days.

    Follow our helpful online germination guide for step-by-step instructions. There are images and a short video to get you started.

    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we replace any of our high-quality marijuana seeds in the unlikely event they don’t germinate. Document your attempts with videos and pictures because we may ask for supporting evidence when assessing replacement claims.

    Big Bud autoflower seeds grow guide

    Big Bud autoflower seeds grow into sturdy medium-sized plants in sunny environments with stable weather conditions. In addition, their indica heritage enables them to tolerate harsher outdoor climates in the northern hemisphere.

    Unlike photoperiod plants from feminized marijuana seeds, Big Bud autoflower crops age as they grow. Therefore, they are best cultivated indoors with high-quality LED lamps and adjustable temperatures for higher yields.

    Experienced growers will have no problem attending to the plants’ gigantic buds in the late flowering stage. However, beginner growers may lack the knowledge to support the large flowers and maintain their dense foliage.

    Rectifying cultivating mishaps can be challenging because of the plant’s short life cycle. Don’t worry, as our Homegrown Forum can help budding gardeners find their green thumb. It’s packed with lots of practical information and tips to enhance your first Big Bud autoflower journey.

    Use fertilized and nutrient-rich soil to grow Big Bud auto seeds outside. Trim the outer leaves surrounding the flowers to increase air circulation and shield them from adverse weather conditions. In 7–10 weeks, expect to gather yields of up to 4 oz. per plant outdoors.

    Keep your lights at 18/6 indoors and temperatures between 73–82℉ for your Big Bud auto plants to thrive. Ensure your grow room is well-ventilated, or use a fan to reduce the threat of mold. Mask the powerful flower aromas by using carbon filters and odor-neutralizers.

    Applying the Sea of Green (SOG) technique helps to increase your final yield output. It also optimizes your growth space and triggers the flowering phase a little earlier for speedier harvests.

    Expect generous yields of 10–18 oz./m² indoors of large resin-soaked Big Bud auto flowers every harvest.

    What are the Big Bud autoflower genetics?

    Big Bud autoflower is very similar to its High Times Cannabis Cup famed parent. They are both indica-dominant variants that produce gigantic skunky-fragranced buds.

    Big Bud feminized boasts an extraordinary heritage that includes an Afghan indica, Northern Lights, and the renowned Skunk #1 strain. A combination of the female version and a ruderalis strain gave birth to Big Bud autoflower.

    The ruderalis species contributes its ability to flower by age and short plant height to Big Bud autoflower seeds. In addition, Big Bud fem passes on its impressive terpene profile, including myrcene, alpha-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene.

    Wellness and Big Bud autoflower seeds

    Although Big Bud autoflower cannabis doesn’t contain much CBD, its high THC content may help assist some medical conditions. In addition, its rich terpene profile may also provide some health benefits.

    The mild but effective cerebral buzz may help calm the mind and wash away negative feelings. It may be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and depression in small doses.

    The relaxing all-over body effects might aid people who have arthritis. The cannabis from Big Bud autoflower seeds may also assist folks with conditions like fibromyalgia and insomnia.

    Big Bud auto marijuana may also aid people with eating disorders. It could increase your appetite and reduce nausea, allowing you to enjoy food again.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Big Bud autoflower seeds: frequently asked questions

    Here are some common questions about these popular autoflower marijuana seeds if you want to learn more about them.

    Where can I get free cannabis Big Bud autoflower seeds?

    Sourcing premium Big Bud autoflower seeds for free is almost impossible. Even if you manage to find them for nothing, they may disappoint you.

    Stick with Homegrown Cannabis Co. to avoid poor germination rates and disappointing yields. Check our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) page, as you may see this popular autoflower feature soon.

    Can a beginner grow Big Bud autoflower?

    Big Bud autoflower plants are usually easy to grow indoors with high-quality lights and proper ventilation. However, their dense, large flowers and short blooming time may challenge beginner cultivators

    Are you a new grower and want to cultivate Big Bud autoflower seeds? If so, check out our Homegrown forum for tips and tricks to increase your success.

    What is the Big Bud autoflower flower time?

    Big Bud autoflower seeds’ plants can start showcasing their buds in as little as three weeks. The average flowering time is usually 4–5 weeks for this variant.

    Speed up the flowering stage by applying the SOG growing method indoors for earlier flowers and high yields.

    How long do Big Bud autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Big Bud auto seeds take 1–5 days to pop their shells using the damp paper towel method. Ensure they stay moist and follow our germination guide for the best results.

    Remember our germination guarantee. We replace any of our premium cannabis seeds in the likely event they fail to sprout.

    How long does it take Big Bud autoflower to grow from seed to harvest?

    It can take 7–10 weeks for your Big Bud autoflower seeds to reach full maturity. Remember, these marijuana plants grow as they age and don’t rely on light-flipping schedules. Here’s a quick breakdown of the times during their crucial growing stages:

    - Germination: 1–5 days

    - Vegetative phase: 3–4 weeks

    - Flowering stage: 4–5 weeks

    Grow medium for Big Bud autoflower: Hydro or soil?

    The marijuana crops from Big Bud auto seeds grow well in hydroponics and soil mediums. A decent hydro setup will distribute nutrients equally to their root systems.

    Soil mediums help enhance Big Bud cannabis plants’ already-rich terpene fragrance and flavor profile. The natural earth helps boost the strength of its sweet and skunky notes.

    What is the average Big Bud autoflower height?

    The marijuana plants from Big Bud autoflower seeds can reach 3–4ft high. They can grow taller outdoors in the natural environment without pruning or topping. Using small soil pots also restricts their vertical growth.

    Applying the SOG technique indoors helps to control their height while optimizing your grow room.

    Where can I find pictures of Big Bud autoflower marijuana?

    It’s easy to search for these pictures online, but it’s better to get a first-hand glimpse of their growing journey. Check out our Big Bud Autoflower Homegrown Diary for the best images of these beautiful cannabis plants.

    Are you planning on taking a green journey with Big Bud auto seeds? If so, create a Homegrown Diary today and share your cultivating experiences with other growers

    Where is the best place to buy Big Bud autoflower seeds in the USA?

    Undoubtedly, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy Big Bud autoflower seeds. We offer premium cannabis seeds for fantastic value with fast, discreet shipping. We offer discounts on bulk purchases and excellent offers on your favorite marijuana strains.

    Our Homegrown blogs supply you with everything you need to know about cannabis plants. Our Homegrown forum also provides further growing tips and tricks to enhance your green journey.

    Are there any other names for Big Bud autoflower?

    Big Bud autoflower seeds’ cannabis plants have no alternative titles, but its feminized counterpart has some other names. For example, some cannabis enthusiasts call it ‘Bigger Bud’ and ‘Big Bud XXL’ as a nod to its gigantic flowers.

    Don’t confuse this variant with ‘Afghan Big Bud’ because it’s a different stain with contrasting looks and effects.

    Spelling errors

    Here are some Big Bud Autoflower spelling mistakes we found during our research:

    - Big Budd autoflower

    - Big Bug autoflower

    - Big Bud autoflowr

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