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Animal Mints Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Animal Mints Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Hints of mint with apple flavors
  • High THC
  • Caryophyllene dominant
  • Feminized Animal Mints seeds grow into a rare and tantalizing cannabis strain. These buds are the best of both worlds with balanced sativa and indica genetics. They boast incredibly high THC levels, attracting tokers of all kinds.Enjoy the creativity-inducing effects with relaxing and tranquil after-sensations of this hybrid marijuana strain. Animal Mints can grow up to 4.9 fee...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Animal Mints Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Feminized Animal Mints seeds grow into a rare and tantalizing cannabis strain. These buds are the best of both worlds with balanced sativa and indica genetics. They boast incredibly high THC levels, attracting tokers of all kinds.

    Enjoy the creativity-inducing effects with relaxing and tranquil after-sensations of this hybrid marijuana strain. Animal Mints can grow up to 4.9 feet tall and delivers impressive yields.

    Discover all you need to know about this strain below. Learn the effects, fragrances, tastes, potential medicinal benefits, yields, and how to grow it.

    What are Animal Mints feminized cannabis seeds?

    Animal Mints strain seeds have an impressive lineage: Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies. They produce a balanced, 50/50 hybrid, with boastfully high THC levels of 25–32%.

    The buds are fluffy and resemble popcorn. Light amber hairs decorate the forest green nugs, and tiny crystal trichomes dot the flowers among the sticky resin.

    Enjoy giggly and creative effects at first, calming you down afterward with tranquil and sleepy sensations. Breathe in mint and apple flavors, exhaling notes of cookie dough and diesel.

    Feminized Animal Mints is best for intermediate marijuana cultivators. It’s relatively resistant to mold and pests, but you need to monitor its nutrient intake. It rewards you for your efforts, boasting high yields with plenty of ripe nugs.

    Animal Mints is one of the strongest strains out there. It’s perfect for veteran users searching for a new punch.

    What are the effects of the Animal Mints feminized strain?

    Animal Mints is the one if you’ve been searching for a strain that gets you completely stoned but still allows you to experience creative bursts. Expect a spell of giggles as well.

    Animal Mints has an incredibly lofty THC level, reaching epic highs of up to 32%. The CBD content is average, sitting at about 1%. With 50/50 sativa and indica genetics, this strain is a must-have.

    The initial high kicks in quickly with euphoric and cerebral uplifting effects. The sensations are powerful, and you feel a flow of creativity coursing through you.

    Unwind after a long day with the buds grown from Animal Mints seeds. The joyous emotions wash away all the day’s tension, filling you with relaxation. Set yourself up to dig into a passion project or sit back with snacks and a movie.

    The sensations settle down into an intense, calm, numbing body high. You feel happily sedated, your mind filled with bliss. The potent indica genetics bring on sleepiness and a sense of fading in and out.

    Cuddle on the couch with a loved one or alone with your favorite treats, as Animal Mints brings on the munchies. Take time for inward reflection as your mind numbs and you feel buzzing throughout your body.

    We recommend novice tokers take it slow with Animal Mints. The strain is potent and hits hard, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Consume in moderation to avoid paranoia, dizziness, and intense fatigue.

    What does the Animal Mints strain smell like?

    Caryophyllene is Animal Mints’ dominant terpene, giving the buds peppery aromas. Myrcene brings a herbal twist to the mix, with pinene topping it off with pine scents and flavors.

    You won’t want to leave your grow room when these buds mature. Their earthy-pine flavors become increasingly potent as the nugs become bigger and stickier. Breathe in the sharp, mint fragrances as you crush the flowers, ready to smoke or bake.

    Inhale flavors of menthol and spicy mint. The taste of apple lingers on your tongue as the smoke enters your lungs. Appreciate the subtle notes of pine and pecan, with faint diesel undertones.

    Exhale sweet cookie dough flavors, filling the room with minty clouds. Notes of pepper and earth remain on your lips after you breathe out.

    How to germinate Animal Mints feminized seeds

    At Homegrown, all our weed seeds come with a germination guarantee. If you follow the germination steps and there are still no taproots, contact us, and we’ll set you up with a replacement pack. Remember to document your process.

    Here are the straightforward steps to germinating your Animal Mints seeds with the recommended paper towel method:

    Grab the necessities: two paper plates, two dinner plates, tweezers, filtered water, and your pack of Animal Mints marijuana seeds.

    Place one paper towel on the first plate. Moisten it and remove excess water.

    Carefully set down the cannabis seeds using tweezers, keeping them about one inch apart.

    Repeat the moist paper towel process and place it over the marijuana seeds as a cover.

    Tilt the plate to remove excess water and use the second plate as a makeshift lid.

    Place in a dark, warm environment, like a kitchen cupboard.

    Check your cannabis seeds daily, and once they sprout quarter-inch-long taproots, place them in your medium of choice.

    Germination takes around 1–5 days, but some marijuana seeds take their time to pop, so patience is key. If there are no signs of taproots after about a week, contact our support team.

    Animal Mints feminized cannabis seeds grow guide

    We recommend growing Animal Mints strain seeds if you have some experience. Taking care of this strain can be tricky at times, but perseverance trumps all. The first step is to maintain a warm, dry, Mediterranean environment.

    Animal Mints plants can grow to 3–4 feet indoors and 4–5 feet outdoors. Prune and top your crops to keep them at a steady height to prevent them from falling over.

    Practice regular maintenance methods: the Sea of Green (SOG) technique is always a good idea. Encourage your plants to grow horizontally, creating a large canopy of leaves. The SOG method also promotes larger yields in the long run.

    Animal Mints require sufficient nutrients to grow big and strong. Keep a balanced NPK level of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Consider adding iron, magnesium, or calcium for extra supplementation once the seedling phase is over.

    Find soil that includes perlite, worm casting, peat moss, or bone meal. Regular plant food is also a good choice to feed your feminized Animal Mints crops.

    We recommend growing Animal Mints strain seeds indoors to take better care of the plants. Avoid light leaks, and use 600-watt HPS lamps for efficient illumination. Opt for well-aerated pots and use indoor fans to maintain airflow.

    Use an AC if the temperature is too high and a humidifier if it’s too low. Ensure proper breathing space for the plants to avoid mold and pests. While Animal Mints is fairly resistant to decay, it’s always best to stay on the safe side.

    During the seedling phase, maintain average temperatures of 75–85°F and relative humidity (RH) of 70%. Gradually drop these amounts as the plant goes through the vegetative and flowering stages.

    The flowering time for Animal Mints is 8–10 weeks. If you change the lighting from 18 hours to 12 during the vegging stage, you may be able to reach the flowering phase quicker. These plants are photoperiod, so altering the illumination can change how fast they grow.

    Animal Mints plants boast generous yields. Expect 15–16 oz./m² indoors and 15–20 oz./plant outdoors.

    What are the Animal Mints feminized strain genetics?

    Breeders mixed Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies to create this hybrid.

    Animal Cookies, also known as Animal Crackers, is a hybrid strain providing relaxed, sleepy, and hungry effects. It has sweet, pungent, and earthy scents and flavors.

    SinMint Cookies is another hybrid, giving tingly, relaxed, and euphoric sensations. This strain has minty, menthol, and nutty fragrances and tastes.

    Some claim Animal Mints is the product of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. The jury favors the previously mentioned strains as Animal Mints’ parents

    Wellness and Animal Mints feminized seeds

    Tokers praise the buds grown from Animal Mints seeds for their euphoric and relaxing effects. Some 420 enthusiasts claim this strain has medicinal properties along with these recreational uses.

    Research shows Animal Mints may aid in stress relief. Since this strain’s indica genetics provide blissful feelings, it might prove helpful in treating anxiety and emotional tension.

    The sativa genetics bring about feelings of creativity and an energy boost. These effects might treat depressive moods and potentially reduce symptoms such as uneasiness.

    Animal Mints has high THC levels, which may contribute to easing body aches and pains. You might experience alleviation of chronic pain, cramps, and muscle spasms. Since the strain provides sedative sensations, consuming it might help ease insomnia.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Animal Mints feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Do you have more queries about the Animal Mints feminized strain? Read further for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Where can I get free Animal Mints feminized cannabis seeds?

    Look no further than the Homegrown store to find Animal Mints seeds for sale. We have around-the-clock deals updated regularly. Keep an eye out for the Buy One Get One free (BOGO) badge to claim extra weed seeds with each order.

    Can a beginner grow Animal Mints feminized?

    We recommend intermediate growers take a stab at Animal Mints seeds. If you’re a beginner and feeling adventurous, you can try cultivating these cannabis seeds yourself, but ensure you have the necessary knowledge.

    What is the Animal Mints feminized flower time?

    Animal Mints crops go through the flowering stage for 8–10 weeks. Since this strain is photoperiod, you could get to the flowering phase quicker by altering the lighting during the vegging stage.

    How long do Animal Mints feminized seeds take to germinate?

    If you follow our trusty paper towel method, your Animal Mints strain seeds should germinate within 1–5 days. Remember that we have a strict replacement guarantee if your marijuana seeds don’t pop after following our recommended steps.

    Never let the paper towels dry, as a lack of moisture will halt germination. Some cannabis seeds take longer to sprout compared to others, so stay patient.

    How long does it take Animal Mints feminized from seed to harvest?

    Depending on how long your Animal Mints crops stay in the vegging stage, the seed-to-harvest time is generally 3–6 months. Indoors, the buds’ flowering phase is 8–10 weeks. Outdoors, harvest is in mid-October.

    Here are the main stages these marijuana seeds go through:

    Germination: 1–5 days

    Seedling stage: 2–3 weeks

    Vegetative stage: 3–12 weeks

    Flowering stage: 8–10 weeks

    Grow medium for Animal Mints feminized: Hydro or soil?

    Whether you grow your Animal Mints seeds in hydro or soil is up to you. Most cultivators prefer the soil method, as it’s often the cheaper and more straightforward option. The hydro route may offer larger yields, but the setup can be pricey.

    What is the average Animal Mints feminized height?

    Animal Mints plants can stretch to 3–4 feet tall if grown indoors. Outside, expect them to reach 4–5 feet in height. Leave enough space to allow the crops ample room to thrive.

    Practicing topping and pruning methods may shorten the height if that’s what you’re aiming for. Use low-stress training in a grow tent to control the size of the crops.

    Where can I find pictures of Animal Mints feminized marijuana?

    Scroll up to find high-resolution pictures of Animal Mints marijuana. View our gallery, which includes images of the germination process, seedling phase, vegging and flowering stages, and the tasty-looking, fully developed buds.

    Head to Homegrown Diaries to find photos from other cultivators like you. Share your own details of your growing journey with people worldwide.

    Where is the best place to buy Animal Mints feminized seeds in the USA?

    Now that you’re clued up on the feminized Animal Mints strain, you may want to try growing it. The Homegrown store is the best place to find top-quality marijuana seeds.

    We have benefits that customers love, including discreet delivery straight to your door and regular deals and discounts. There’s 24/7 phone, email, and chat customer support with tracked shipping across the USA. We also offer various encrypted payment methods.

    Here are the affordable prices for Animal Mints seeds for sale:

    4-pack: $87

    8-pack: $111

    12-pack: $148

    24-pack: $244

    Are there any other names for Animal Mints feminized?

    Apple Mints is also stylized as Animal Mintz. The name references the parent strains and the flavors this variant has.

    Join the Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Animal Mints feminized pics and any Animal Mints feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough of Animal Mints feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!   If you want to stock buy bulk Animal Mints feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Animal Mints feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.