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1st Time Grow (Misc)

White Widow Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
03.31.2022 was planted
Updated 1 month ago
room type
GGT 2x4
GGT 2x4
grow tent
3 Week (04.14.2022) Vegetation

Photos and Videos

ACDC/"Jolly Green Giant" (CBD-only feminized sample seeds from expo)
Deelite Auto
White Widow Auto

Impressions about plant

As a novice grower, I have made many mistakes. I bought a grow kit hoping that it would simplify things, and it did but not to the degree that I wished. Below are my all my details thus far. Note that my grow timing might be off since it says that I am at "3 weeks"; I planted the germinated seeds on 1 April.


I bought seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The only exception is the ACDC (CBD-only) strain was a sample pack from an expo. I am growing different strains under the same conditions. My hope was that by selecting all autoflower varieties (other than the CDB one) that this would allow the seeds to grow under similar conditions.
- 2 White Widow Autos
- 1 Blueberry Auto
- 1 Deelite Auto
- 1 ACDC/"Jolly Green Giant" (CBD-only / feminized)


I used multiple instructions to bridge the gap where I was confused or felt that information was missing.
I bought my seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co, so I am using:
- Homegrown Cannabis Co: "How to Grow Cannabis Indoors with Kyle Kushman"
-- https://homegrowncannabisco.com/grow-your-own-with-kyle-kushman/how-to-grow-marijuana/how-to-grow-cannabis-indoors/
I bought my grow kit from SuperCloset, so I also am using:
- SuperCloset: "Grow Like a SuperPro Video Series"
-- https://supercloset.com/instructional-manuals-and-videos/


- SuperCloset: SuperRoom 2ft x 4ft Soil Grow Tent Kit
- Light: Kind LED x420
-- CURRENTLY: Channel 1 (Full-Spectrum) @ 50% intensity for 18hr ON / 6hr OFF daily


- Lotus Grow: mixed at Week 1/2 (Soil) concentration of 3.6 grams/gallon
-- only watered with this twice (1 & 10 April) before stopping since the seedlings are still too young per guides
- Feeding schedule: https://lotusnutrients.com/pages/easy-guide-and-recommended-hydroponic-feeding-schedule


I am watering as needed by checking soil moisture meter (probing down to bottom of container) for a "Dry" reading of 1-2. This allows the soil to cycle from wet to dry before I water again (and hopefully to prevent overwatering).
- HydroFarm 2-way Meter


1) I allowed my seedlings to stretch from window lighting when they first sprouted. I mitigated this with stakes and ties to hold them up and placed them under my grow light, which has helped them to straighten and stand up.

2) I watered the seedlings with nutrients too early. I was following Lotus' feed schedule (where it says Week 1 for "Well-Rooted Seedlings"). This apparently does not mean week 1 of the seedling's life, but after they have become well-rooted.

3) Currently, my seedlings have been yellowing and drooping. After trying to troubleshoot and diagnose my problem, I believe it to be a combination of too much light and overwatering. I have slowed down the watering schedule and use a soil moisture meter to check soil wetness before drying.
However, I still believe my light is too hot or intense, which is causing the current problems. I have dialed down the Full-Spectrum light from 100% -> 75% -> 50%, where 50% is where it is at now.

Any help, advice, or recommendations would be appreciated.

Grow Conditions

4 inch
85 °F
Day air temperature
75 °F
Night air temperature
No smell
225 PPM
18 hrs
Light schedule
6.5 PPM
45 %
Air humidity
36 inch
Lamp to plant distance